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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Re: Fave live performances (97,923) (97,930) by Bill from the UK
Always here for a list. In no particular order:

1. If It's Over at the Grammy's in 1992.
2. I'll Be There on Top of the Pops in 1992.
3. America the Beautiful at the NBA Finals in 1990.
4. Hark the Herald Angels Sing on GMA 1991.
5. Joy to the World at St. John the Divine 1994.

The entire London concert of the Daydream tour in Wembley Arena in 1996, which I attended.
(Tuesday 4 May 2021; 19:46)
Re: Breakdown ad libs (97,838) (97,840) by Bill from the UK
Honey that I know that you want me for me, I can be what you want, I can be what you need.
(Thursday 15 April 2021; 22:09)
Re: Breakdown ad libs (97,832) (97,833) by Bill from the UK
She says "What I say at the beginning of Honey is honey you can have me when you want me" but really quickly, Bone Thugs style.
(Thursday 15 April 2021; 16:09)
Re: Best opening line (97,828) (97,831) by Bill from the UK
It's actually "Honey when you walk by every night".
(Thursday 15 April 2021; 13:17)
Re: Best opening line (97,827) (97,829) by Bill from the UK
Yeh, thing is she doesn't though. You are actually wrong on this (I know you never can hold the mirror up, so I can understand the denial), but I await the day when you hear it like everybody else here and it clicks for you as it did me and the others.

I suppose you have to ask yourself these questions:

1. Mariah is a known perfectionist, especially in the studio. A large selection of producers have stated this over the last 30 years. Is it feasible that she would mess up her own opening line on what was going to be the launch pad single for a new phase of her career on the permanent, forevermore album version, yet sing it correctly every other time?

2. Mariah is a songwriter and likes to constantly remind everyone of this fact. How likely is it that she would deviate from her own lyrics that she wrote, again for the permanent forevermore album version of the song, yet clearly open with "Honey you can" on every other rendition of the song she has ever done.

3. According to Puff Daddy, Mariah recorded over 50 takes of Honey so he could choose the best parts for the song. In all 50 takes, is it likely that Mariah would sing a different lyric for one time, and that ends up being the one that Puff selected, that went through production by both him and Mariah and mastering all the way through to release with nobody realising.

4. "Now you can have me when you want me" is not a line ever uttered in any remix, either as the opening, or as a refrain. The So So Def Remix in fact repeats the "honey you can have me when you want me" line from the four minute mark to the outro of the song. Indeed, it opens with "Oh honey (so so def), you can have me...", as does the Morales remix.

5. The first pressing of the Daydream album had incorrect lyrics for One Sweet Day printed. The second pressing quickly corrected this soon after the release. No second pressing or re-issue of Butterfly has ever changed the opening line to "Now you can have me". The promo CDs issued at the time also included the lyrics which also stated "Honey you can have me". All official lyric sources do not concur with you I'm afraid.

To help you out, the easiest way to hear it is to focus on the beat after the "oh oh oh" part before the opening verse. It goes "oh oh oh (beat) 'ney you can have me...". The (beat) is when she utters the "ho" part, albeit at the back of her throat somewhat, and it sounds raspy. So it's like "h'neeh you can have me when you want me".

I do admit it isn't clear. At all. I can understand how you can mishear it, as I was in the group of people who once scratched their heads over that line as well, but mishear it you have I'm afraid.
(Thursday 15 April 2021; 10:44)
Re: Best opening line (97,824) (97,826) by Bill from the UK
Lol, you did though. She says "Honey you can have me when you want me", clear as day. The studio version, remixes, live performances, and lyrics all support this. You did mishear it, but it's understandable after you explained being hard of hearing, as I also misheard it for several years. What she does is sort of skip the "o" so it's more like "h'ney you can have..." and as I explained the "ho" bit sort of catches in her throat a bit. It's not her cleanest or clearest opening, but she definitely does not sing "now".
(Wednesday 14 April 2021; 20:20)
Re: Best opening line (97,815) (97,821) by Bill from the UK
You misheard a lyric, it happens, I don't see why you have to call me boring though. We all do it, especially as Mariah's enunciation isn't always that great at times. I was coming here to add but see others have already got there before me, but it's even more prominent in the re-sung remixes. Once you do hear it though it becomes quite obvious.

Also I didn't know you were hard of hearing so I am sorry if my headphone comment was insensitive.
(Wednesday 14 April 2021; 11:37)
Re: Best opening line (97,810) (97,812) by Bill from the UK
I mean, it's actually "honey" though. The lyric booklet confirms as do all the live performances where you can hear it more clearly so (ellipses) yeah.

Invest in some headphones that don't come free with your phone.
(Tuesday 13 April 2021; 23:47)
Re: Best opening line (97,802) (97,806) by Bill from the UK
It's actually "Honey you can have me when you want me", not "now". But her voice sort of catches on the "ho" syllable and you mainly hear the "ney", so understand how it can be misheard.

The beauty of having a good sound set up and speakers etc. is that you notice these things. For years I thought she sang "yeah, you can have me when you want me".
(Tuesday 13 April 2021; 16:53)
Re: Best opening line (97,784) (97,786) by Bill from the UK
If Mariah and Bryan ever break up, all eyes will be on you haha.
(Friday 9 April 2021; 14:52)
Re: Best opening line (97,776) (97,778) by Bill from the UK
Agree. "It wasn't raining yet, but it was definitely, a little misty in that warm November night" is by far her best opening line.
(Thursday 8 April 2021; 16:44)
Re: Mariah's "real birthdate" (97,721) (97,722) by Bill from the UK
Alison wrote a book called Mariah and Me which Mariah's legal team prevented from being published.

This article from 2000 about the book is quite telling. Alison appears to back up the claims that would appear in Mariah's memoir twenty years later, that Morgan was indeed violent towards his family.
(Wednesday 31 March 2021; 00:58)
Re: Mariah's "real birthdate" (97,713) (97,719) by Bill from the UK
She was 100% born in 1969 and this is why she never acknowledges her age. Rather than lie, she simply avoids answering it. I guess it was better from a publicity viewpoint to be born "in the 70s", or it was an error at first which never got corrected. Patricia saying it was 1970 was going along with the fabrication. It is statistically impossible that another Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Carey from the same town in Long Island had a baby called Mariah the exact day a year earlier.
(Tuesday 30 March 2021; 14:40)
Re: Recounting the first bought album experience (97,660) (97,668) by Bill from the UK
Great story and idea. So here's my tale. Picture it: I was 10 and my brother used to religiously watch the MTV Chart Countdown every week. We had just got Sky TV and it was an absolute novelty to have more than 4 TV channels haha. I remember wandering into the living room in the summer of 1993. Sunlight was beaming through the patio windows, my brother was lying on the floor in front of the TV, head cupped in his hands, watching the TV. I had wandered in because I heard this voice. Y'all know where I'm going with this. Up until then, the only female singers I was aware of was Euro Dance acts, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Dreamlover was playing, and it was love at first sight. Her voice, her look, the song. That was it.

I remember seeing the Dreamlover cassette single in a local record shop but didn't have the 99p (lol) to buy it. Hero then started to get aired and I was just as in love with that song. I remember then seeing Music Box in the store and I would go in after school whenever I could and just gaze at the picture and try to memorise the tracklisting. The album seemed so classy when compared to 2 Unlimited and Ace of Base lol.

Without You then appeared in early 1994 and it was the cassette single was the first Mariah item I ever got. I remember loving the sepia cover and how beautiful she looked, and also being floored by Never Forget You.

I saved and saved my pocket money until I had the £7.99 to buy the cassette album. At the time, my room was being redecorated, so I was in a sleeping bag in my brother's room. I remember having a little kids torch under the cover at night as I listened to the album over and over on my Walkman. I thought it was her first and only album until I saw the page in the booklet advertising her other albums. I was in Woolworths and looked at the CDs and saw Emotions and Unplugged. For my Birthday I asked for those on cassette and was delighted when I got them.

I could go on for hours about my early Mariah time. Everything was such a new discovery and such a joy. What a time to be alive.
(Monday 22 March 2021; 20:22)
Re: Someone make a list (97,649) (97,657) by Bill from the UK
Back in the studio with JD? Shoot me.
(Monday 22 March 2021; 01:34)
Re: Defamation (97,622) (97,623) by Bill from the UK
Just highlighting the quote was incorrect. Nothing more.
(Friday 19 March 2021; 13:58)
Re: Defamation (97,616) (97,617) by Bill from the UK
For the record Nelson George's comment in his review of Mariah's album was that she was a "white girl who can sing", not a "white girl who sings black".
(Friday 19 March 2021; 00:15)
Re: Rumours (97,569) (97,570) by Bill from the UK
I can just imagine the opening flutes of the theme beginning and then an intrusive "y'all know who this is" from JD.
(Friday 12 March 2021; 14:09)
Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,421) (97,422) by Bill from the UK
Ooh a list.

1. MTV Unplugged EP
2. Merry Christmas
3. The Rarities
4. Emotions
5. Mariah Carey
6. Daydream
7. Music Box
8. Butterfly
9. Rainbow
10. The Emancipation of Mimi
11. Glitter
12. Caution
13. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
14. Me I Am Mariah
15. E=MC2
16. Charmbracelet
17. Merry Christmas II You
(Saturday 20 February 2021; 23:29)
Re: Raindream? (97,359) (97,365) by Bill from the UK
The best she's looked in decades. Mariah, whatever you did, keep doing it.
(Saturday 13 February 2021; 17:39)
Hello (97,213) by Bill from the UK
Guess who's back in the [censored] house? With two big tig ol' bitties for your mouth?

Well, I did come here to post about the new EP releases and continue my mind numbingly boring series on that, but I see we're all still squabbling and arguing with each other, so I'll try again in a few more months lol.

Hope you've all been well.
(Wednesday 27 January 2021; 14:56)
Re: Let's get back to being fans (96,315) (96,326) by Bill from the UK
I think I gave reasonable counter arguments to your post, but all you did was post Celine Dion in MC Hammer parachute pants.
(Saturday 17 October 2020; 17:51)
Re: Review of the memoir and The Rarities (96,310) (96,324) by Bill from the UK
I always enjoy your articles, thank you very much for sharing. A great read.
(Saturday 17 October 2020; 08:49)
Re: MC30 (96,282) (96,296) by Bill from the UK
Mariah's just uploaded HD TOTP performances for Emotions, Without You, and Endless Love with Luther. Not sure if this is all she's doing this Friday but glad some of the TOTP gaps have been filled.
(Friday 16 October 2020; 18:03)
Re: Migrate (96,280) (96,289) by Bill from the UK
I trust your friend also said it should have been a single.
(Friday 16 October 2020; 14:53)


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