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Name: Bill
Country: the UK
I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.
Re: End of the affair (96,243) (96,244) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 11:35)
Well I was always told if it is somebody's perception, then it is real to them. Therefore, if it is real to Mariah, then I believe that she believes it to be the truth. In the grand scheme of things what some geeky remix obsessed pedantic fuddy duddy like me thinks or believes doesn't really matter, it's not my story to tell.

To your point around Mariah standing still during Testimony, yes, that happened and was noticeable. But I remember also reading a story where someone was talking about Mariah being at some party. She got up to go to the dance floor and Tommy sent her back to sit alone by herself as "Mariah shouldn't and doesn't dance".

The memoir shows how much the actions of others have impacted Mariah hugely, even small things (your left side is better). For all we know it could have been residual insecurities around that comment that was made about her. And let's not forget the moment in her memoir where her grandmother forced her to dance to prove she was black. We don't really know the whole picture and what was racing through her mind that night, or what insecurities she was dealing with at the time. If her voice wasn't on point, did she really want to make it worse by awkwardly dancing and having that judged by everybody as well?

The memoir has certainly given me new perspectives on all her actions, and my overarching response to most criticisms now is that we should cut her some slack and forgive her missteps and not be so hard on her. She's had it hard enough already and her fans should be the last people to contribute to that.

I still will not hold back around awful musical choices like Why You Mad and Infinity, as she can do much better, but to judge her as a person and her actions, put simply, it's not my place.
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Re: End of the affair (96,226) (96,231) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 23:33)
I agree, I certainly wouldn't say this was Mariah actively lying to her fanbase, more that these experiences are incredibly personal, private, and difficult to talk about. My friends and family certainly don't know all my troubles, nor would I ever wish to burden them with them either. Given how harrowing and awful these experiences were, and that many involved her family, it is completely understandable to me why she wouldn't be talking about this publicly.

But, for those of us familiar with her discography, she has been telling these stories, vicariously through her music. It was all there, in black and white, right before our eyes and ears. Now those songs are interwoven throughout the memoir to further illustrate that. Close My Eyes, Looking In, Petals, The Roof, Outside etc.
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Re: The Rarities album (96,224) (96,230) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 23:25)
Yes I noticed that as well and it made my list in my Log of Inaccuracies which I will be sharing once I've done my second pass through of the memoir.
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Re: Next single from The Rarities (96,185) (96,193) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 11:36)
(gasp) Well you'll have a lovely Christmas I'm sure, I think all the content is great, surprising how some of these tracks never made it onto the albums when other more questionable numbers did.

And big congrats on your impending new arrival.
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Re: Deflated and angry (96,184) (96,192) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 11:32)
Well said Jade, always so measured. If you go, I go. (Said in the same way Annie Wilkes says "if I die, you die" in Misery.)
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Re: End of the affair (96,170) (96,189) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 09:17)
Prior to this message, you had nothing but praise for Mariah, the memoir, and its content. What changed?
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Re: The duets (96,175) (96,188) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 09:10)
Yes, I was going to suggest off the back of the original post that a second disc of the released duets is also included. I'd also add the Tony Bennett one she did as well.

I'd then go so far as to have a "live" third disc. I mean if you're going to do a Duets compilation, then let's go all out. This would include the following:

1. We're Not Making Love Anymore (Michael Bolton)
2. Chain of Fools (Aretha)
3. Hopelessly Devoted to You (Olivia Newton John)
4. Hero (Pavarotti)
5. Got to Be Real (Patti LaBelle)
6. When Christmas Comes (John Legend)
7. Supremes Medley (Diana Ross)
8. Whenever You Call (Brian McKnight)
9. Endless Love (Luther Vandross)
10. Natural Woman (with the Divas, included purely so we can spend a few more days arguing about Celine Dion)
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Hopes for Glitter EPs (96,163) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 13 October 2020; 16:45)
Hi all. I am hoping Mariah treats us to some Glitter Remix Eps for MC30 - I'm unsure exactly if Mariah buying the rights for Glitter extended out to the remixes. Here's hoping it did, as there was a large serving for Loverboy, some of which (the club mixes) were particularly well done.

1. Candy Version
2. Candy Version Instrumental*
3. Firecracker Version
4. Remix
5. Remix Instrumental*
6. MJ Cole Remix
7. MJ Cole Radio Edit
8. MJ Cole London Dub
9. MJ Cole Instrumental
10. Club of Love Remix
11. Club of Love Radio Edit
12. Dreamy Club of Love Radio Edit
13. Dub of Love Remix
14. Drums of Love
15. David Morales Radio Club Mix [P]
16. David Morales Alternative Radio Mix [P]

Going by previous releases, it's debatable as to whether the Instrumentals for the Candy and Remix versions will be included on the EP. I'm also highly doubtful as to whether the two Morales promo radio mixes will appear either, which would be a bit of a let-down, as they are hard to track down.

Never Too Far
1. Edit
2. Never Too Far / Hero Medley
3. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Extended Mix) [P]
4. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Radio Mix) [P]
5. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Radio Mix with Intro) [P]
6. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Al. B Rich Inspiration Mix - Radio Edit) [P]
7. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Al. B Rich Inspiration Mix - X-tended Mix) [P]
8. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Mike Rizzo Extended Club Recall Mix) [P]
9. Never Too Far / Hero Medley (Mike Rizzo Radio Recall Mix) [P]

I'm really hopeful these all appear. The Medley is beautiful, and the remixes were great, especially the Rich Inspiration versions. They are hard to find as well so it would great to see them for streaming and purchase finally.

Don't Stop
1. Radio Edit
2. Instrumental

1. Radio Edit
2. Instrumental

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
1. Radio Edit 3:26 [P]
2. Radio Edit 4:16

Unlikely these will come on an EP package. The Radio Edit for Don't Stop simply removes some of Mystikal's profanities, whereas the Radio Edit for Reflections tidies up the overlap between All My Life, Reflections and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life from the album (the tracks segue together).

The Radio Edits for Last Night I'm sceptical about. The first edit was a rare promo-only mix unique to one territory, and the second slightly longer edit appeared on that strange Reflections CD from the Far East which still may or may not be a bootleg. Instrumentals have been hit and miss as to whether they are released, so - unless a joint EP is made for these tracks, doubt we will see any of them unfortunately.
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Article: Mariah opens up about New Year's Eve meltdown (96,161) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 13 October 2020; 16:31)
This article is a mix up between the Glitter exhaustion episode and the NYE performance. How did this get published lol.
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Re: Trash (96,131) (96,143) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 12 October 2020; 23:12)
I didn't know that, thank you for telling me.
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Re: Trash (96,135) (96,142) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 12 October 2020; 23:12)
Falling Into You is the only Celine Dion song I listen to, and, in fact, love. There's just something about it.
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Re: Next single from The Rarities (96,117) (96,129) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 12 October 2020; 19:36)
Mesmerized and Here We Go Around Again for the nostalgia. How about you Jade?
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Re: Trash (96,115) (96,124) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 12 October 2020; 18:41)
It's clear from the memoir that Mariah does identify as predominantly black, but this has been evident for years in her musical leanings, her style, the company she keeps, and the way she speaks and conducts herself. What was interesting for me was that every reference to "black" was capitalised throughout the memoir, yet "white" wasn't. I'm not really sure yet how I feel about that.

Ultimately, it is Mariah's perception, and is therefore real to her and is her truth from her perspective.
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Re: Trash (96,095) (96,101) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 11 October 2020; 13:18)
No I agree, Mariah wouldn't be able to perform at the level Aretha was that night, I was more spinning it around and putting it in context for Mariah's fans perspectives, as to why some may find Celine's performance that night disrespectful.
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Article: The Rarities liner notes (96,090) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 11 October 2020; 00:07)
Wow I made the main page, thank you.
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Re: Trash (96,070) (96,082) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 18:58)
Yes Todd, absolutely. Imagine if there was a Divas show today, with Ariana, Taylor, Myley, Katy, and Mariah as the "senior" diva a la Ms. Franklin. Now imagine the horror that would be espoused if during the closing number of either Hero, All I Want for Christmas Is You, We Belong Together, or some other song hugely associated with Mariah, Ariana stepped up in Mariah's face and stole the climactic note and outsang her. Imagine if, say, Taylor held back and said later she thought Ariana was a bit disrespectful. We'd all agree with Taylor wouldn't we. Even if Katy Perry later said separately that it was a classy way to handle Mariah. We'd still be pissed.
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Liner Notes (96,079) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 17:16)
I know some of you have opted to stream or have a digital copy of The Rarities. I have collated the paragraphs of text Mariah wrote for each track for if anybody wanted to read them.

For good measure, I've also included the paragraphs for #1 to Infinity. In the UK, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry and Thank God I Found You were axed in favour of Without You, Endless Love and Against All Odds, so I have also included their write ups too.


Here We Go Around Again
This was track #1 on my very first demo tape that has never before been shared with the world. I always liked it and did want it to be included on my first album. I don't remember why it wasn't, except we felt that we never quite captured the magic of that first demo. This recording is as close as we got.

Can You Hear Me
Working with the legendary Barry Mann was truly an honour. We recorded this demo in the hopes that la Streisand (a.k.a. Babs) would perform it. That didn't happen, but I just recently unearthed this rarity - our writing demo - and wanted to share it with you.

Do You Think of Me
This is one of my favourite songs from the Music Box sessions that ended up as a B-side on the "Dreamlover" single. I'm told it's a fan favourite so I wanted to include it on The Rarities.

Everything Fades Away
One of the more personal songs I wrote during this era. This was a B-side on the "Hero" single and never got the attention I feel it deserves. I guess the label didn't quite know how to categorise it musically at the time, but it's an early indicator of a place I would end up exploring further down the road.

All I Live For
I totally forgot about this track until we just found it in the depths of the vault. Hope you like it. Sooooo 90s...

One Night
An early collaboration with JD that both of us forgot about. Listed in the vault as "I Don't Know" because I didn't know what to call it, it collected dust until we brought it back to life. I think it's fun.

Slipping Away
Fans have been asking for "Justice for Slipping Away" for so long and now, here it is... sort of. I worked on this track with Dave "Jam" Hall when we were working on "Fantasy". We included it as a B-side on the "Always Be My Baby" single, and I hope it gets some love from new listeners.

Out Here On My Own
I won my first "trophy" singing this song as a little girl. You can read the whole story about this song in my memoir, in the chapter "Light of My Life." I decided to record it for Glitter, but for some reason, it didn't make the final cut.

Loverboy (Firecracker Original Version)
The long-lost original version of "Loverboy" before we had to change the sample and re-record the entire song. The full story is detailed in my memoir, in the chapter "Firecracker."

I Pray
I wrote this song for a beautiful young singer. Writing for a talented 12 year-old child was a nice and freeing experience because it was a way to channel a pure feeling of hope and optimism. Love you Lina.

Cool On You
I used to listen to this all the time but then it got lost somehow and finally resurfaced in my vault. I don't even think Jermaine remembers this writing session LOL. Also known as "Do the Coat", "Kick Rocks" and "Eat Dirt."

I always enjoy a live studio session with the wonderful, multi-talented Loris Holland. This cool, retro 70's throwback is from one of those occasions. It never saw the light of day until now.

Lullaby of Birdland
A rare live performance of one of my favourite songs. This recording divinely fell into place after I had already written about the experience of singing this song with jazz musicians as a little girl in my memoir (chapter "Light of My Life"). Some of my favourite moments were improvising with the late Big Jim Wright on the piano and this is one example of that. Listen to him go.

Save the Day
I started writing this years ago, and the message rings true now more than ever: "we're all in this together." The Fugees' rendition of "Killing Me Softly" with Ms. Lauryn Hill's powerful vocals has always been one of my favourite recordings. I really enjoyed merging our voices together on this record.

Close My Eyes
After working through some emotional introspective moments for my memoir. I decided to revisit one of the most personal songs I've ever written.


Vision of Love
I never expected this song to be a big hit, because it was so different than the songs that were popular in that time period. I started writing this song on the keyboard alone, which is a rarity because I'm not a great piano player to say the least :~) The song is very special to me because it encapsulates the story of my dream of becoming a recording artist, although most people interpret it as a love song.

Love Takes Time
This song came about when a record label executive told me that most of my songs were "urban leaning" and we didn't have a "pop ballad" to follow "Vision of Love." I sat down and wrote "Love Takes Time" in about an hour in a little studio in the back of the woodshed where I wrote most of my demos in.

This was one of my favourite songs when I was writing it for my demo. I remember being a kid and listening to it over and over on the subway after the studio sessions. I wish I could press rewind and delete some of the moments from the video and some of the overproduction on the debut album. That's why I included the version from MTV Unplugged on this album.

I Don't Wanna Cry
This song was my first collaboration with Narada Michael Walden. The label was very excited for me to work with him because of his collaborations with hugely successful vocalists. We wrote "I Don't Wanna Cry" together and it was very important for me to keep my identity as a songwriter. I was very grateful to him for the work we did together.

This collaboration with Cole and Clivilles started my professional love affair with the late great David Cole. They made a great team but David and I had a really special musical connection. We worked on so many remixes that I still love to this day. I really miss him and am so grateful for our friendship and our collaborations. RIP.

I'll Be There
We were rehearsing for MTV Unplugged and I was going to perform "Vanishing" from my first album. The label came to me and said, "MTV really want you to perform a remake." It was the night before the show at rehearsal. My friend and background vocalist, the talented Trey Lorenz was there and we both are huge fans of Motown and the Jackson 5. I had the idea to sing "I'll Be There" and Trey was nice enough to accompany me. We never ever expected the song to be released as a single, let alone become a #1 record.

I was working with Dave "Jam" Hall who was working with mainly hip-hop artists and we were "digging in the crates" and decided to use the loop from "Blind Alley" which was sampled by several big hip-hop artists. I loved the freedom of writing on top of that beat and bringing it into what most people consider a pop record.

I guess this is the song that people associate with me the most. Over the years I've grown to love performing it. I sing it differently each time because I am singing it directly to people's hearts. Through the years, people have told me that this song helped get them through difficult moments in their lives. When I sing this song, it seems as though it is a moving experience for myself and the audience together.

Without You
My mother used to sing Harry Nilsson's "Without You" to me when I was a baby. I think she even sang it when she was pregnant with me. Years later I heard the song when I was sitting in a restaurant and realised that it could be a worldwide hit all over again for a new generation of people who had not heard it yet. That's where the idea to remake "Without You" came from.

Endless Love
I remember hearing "Endless Love" when I was a little girl, and I loved the duet between Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. It was an honour to sing with the great Luther Vandross.

This record was a major turning point in my career as a recording artist. The collaboration with both Bad Boy and ODB was so unexpected yet exactly what I really wanted to be doing for myself. This song remains one of my proudest and happiest moments. If I wanted to be cocky, I would say that this song helped pave the way for a specific genre of rap collaborations that followed. And many careers that were made on this specific model. Whenever I hear the song, it still makes me smile. I freaking love it. RIP ODB.

One Sweet Day
This is a very, very special song to me. I knew that the best collaboration for me would be to work with Boyz II Men. They are such a talented group of male vocalists. This collaboration came at such a perfect time in the song's evolution. When we first got together, Nate was working on a song with a similar subject matter, and ironically enough, very similar melody as well. We decided to document the writing and singing and recording of the song because we had a feeling we wouldn't be able to get back together with our hectic schedules, thus the video in the recording studio and all the real moments you see when you watch it. As a songwriter, I'm very grateful to the millions of people who tell me that the song has changed their lives and helped them get through the difficulty of losing a loved one. I know a lot of people have very strong memories associated with this song. I certainly do.

Always Be My Baby
It never ceases to amaze me how the audience responds to this song when I sing it live. It is such a feel good record and the audience really loves to participate with me. It still sounds so good when I hear it on the radio. I think it really stands the test of time.

The song represents a real transition in my life. In many ways, I was really coming into myself when I wrote it and I think the video also surprised a few people ;) Needless to say, it was one of the happiest times of my life both personally and professionally, as tumultuous as it was.

My All
"My All" is one of the more passionate songs in my catalogue. I really love singing it.. It takes me back to a really specific moment in my life where I fell in love with love.

This was one of my many collaborations with DJ Clue, only this time the song became a main version - not a remix. I was thrilled that the incomparable Jay-Z was a part of it. It features a sample of Stacy Lattishaw's "Attack of the Name Game." I feel like all of the elements work so well because the song has both an edge and a mass appeal sound. The video, directed by my dear friend Brett Ratner, pushed it over the top and helped give me my fourteenth #1.

Thank God I Found You
I worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry lewis who are incredible producers and I was honoured to work with them. We collaborated in a way that was not one of your typical collaborations. The songs and the interludes from this album are some of my best work. This was a collaboration of my voice mixed with Joe, one of my favourite R&B singers ever and the boys from 98 Degrees. I am very grateful for the success of this song.

Against All Odds
"Against All Odds" was one of my favourite songs growing up, Phil Collins is a fantastic writer and an incredible artist. I was very happy to perform the song with Westlife. I remember recording in Capri, which was one of the first times I met Simon Cowell. He saw me producing in the studio and we worked very well together, all of us there in the beautiful studio in Capri where I recorded so many songs. I'm really proud of the fact that this song went to number one in England.

We Belong Together
Obviously this song was an undeniable hit that reintroduced me to the world at a crucial time when I felt very vulnerable. I put all of my emotions into all of it. I love singing this song in concert and seeing the audience reaction as they sing along to the lyrics. It feels like we are singing the soundtrack to my life together, in union, just me and my fans.

Don't Forget About Us
When we decided to re-release "The Emancipation of Mimi" album, LA Reid felt that we needed to have another mid-tempo ballad to go along with this new, special platinum edition. I really love this record because I feel it's got so man dynamics and it speaks directly to the person I'm writing to. It still allows people to interpret the song their own way and to connect with whoever they may be feeling they need to talk to when they listen to the song. I feel like that's what makes it a #1 song. I love the beat, I love the track, I love the musicality of this piece. It's definitely a personal favourite of mine.

Touch My Body
I remember walking into the studio and meeting The Dream and Tricky for the first time. Dream just started humming some melodies: "mmm mmm my body my body mmm mmm my body"... it was vert interesting and pretty smurfing hilarious. The track was inspired by early '90s hip-hop; it's a feel good record. We were all really feeling the same type of vibe with regard to the beat and how the song should evolve. We then finished the lyrics with Crystal Johnson, a fav collaborator of mine. We had so much fun writing this song because there are so many little private jokes and yet such overt ones as well. To all of our surprise, this is the song that broke Elvis' record of #1 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. I'm still kinda in shock about it. As magical as it is to be a part of history in this way, it is indescribable and extremely humbling as well.

Here I am, back at Sony Music, and we've come all circle. Sony was where I signed my first record deal when I was just a teenage girl, clutching my demo of many of the songs that are featured here now. "Infinity" felt like the right new song to add to my 18 original #1 hits. I went into the studio with some amazing collaborators and those sessions were literally the most fun experience I've had in years. And when I sang "Infinity", I felt free. I thought it was a perfect bookend to "Vision of Love" and truly encapsulates my career. "Infinity" represents my infinite musical journey that has now brought me back home. I hope you like... it feels really good to me :)
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Billboard's 100 best MC songs (96,074) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 13:13)
Billboard critics have ranked what they believe are Mariah's 100 greatest songs. Read it here.
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Rainbow EPs and recap (96,064) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 21:22)
Hey all, my weekly feature returns, I hope you are excited. An impressive showing from the Rainbow EPs, with only some (very) minor omissions.

Before we begin, let's take a moment to admire the cover art. I think the Rainbow era had some of the best photographs and picture sleeves of any Mariah era. I'm especially glad the pink sleeve (the "Valentines EP" sleeve) was chosen for Can't Take That Away, instead of the alternative cover of Mariah in the garden. I'm also very glad Thank God I Found You opted for the blue sleeve with the white top, rather than the braided hair/black hat affair. Against All Odds' cover is simply stunning.

Most of us will be aware that Heartbreaker, Thank God I Found You and Can't Take That Away already had EPs available on most streaming platforms, albeit not as complete as the ones we have just been gifted. I hope these will soon be retired so as not to confuse people, as there is no need for them now.

Heartbreaker was missing two edits. Although billed on many releases as the "Album Version", most single releases contained, in fact, a shortened (4:18) version, which shortened the breaks between the verses and removed one of the closing choruses. There was also a promotional only edit of the "Ain't No Fun" remix, which removed the first 15 or so seconds and opened with a fade-in. I was pleased to see the live "Love Hangover" version included, and of course, the "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" club mixes are some of her best.

Thank God I Found You also saw an edit not included - the "Make It Last Remix Edit w/o Rap". No big deal as we were treated to the gorgeous Make It Last Instrumental and my favourite one, the StarGate Radio Edit.

Can't Take That Away was complete - hooray.

Against All Odds, for all intents and purposes, was also complete as the only remixes missing were the "Westlife Only" version (and who wants to hear that), and a Backing Track and Instrumental from promotional releases. Great to see the Pound Boys remixes available, as they are perfect for the stair master lol. The Deep Dub was previously only available on promotional releases, so great to have this streaming.

Of course, shall we have a moment of silence of Crybaby. It was a long shot that the promotional Radio Edit would appear anywhere. Much like most tracks that only had a Radio Edit commissioned, it has not appeared. A real shame as this was only available on a very hard to find (and hard to afford) promo CD from the US.

In terms of my missing remixes log, I have adapted it slightly. I have, for now, removed the Merry Christmas remixes as I am hopeful these will appear nearer the time. I have also separated out the list into genuine missed remixes, vs. Edits & Instrumentals. When divided in this way, not that many true remixes have been missed.

As a reminder for the below, a [P] designates a promotional only remix, and an asterisk (*) indicates a remix previously only available on a vinyl release.

Missed Remixes Log
Medley (Prisoner/All In Your Mind/Someday)
Endless Love (Mariah Only)
Endless Love (Luther Only)
Fantasy (Puffy's Mix)
Always Be My Baby (Reggae Soul Mix)
Always Be My Baby (Reggae Soul Dub)
Always Be My Baby (Reggae Soul Acapella)*
Butterfly (Sambatterfly) [P]
Butterfly (TV Track) [P]
Butterfly (TV Track Short) [P]
My All (Full Crew Main Mix)
My All (Full Crew Main Mix Without Rap)* [P]
When You Believe (TV Track)
Against All Odds (Westlife Only)

Missed Remixes Log - Edits & Instrumentals
I Don’t Wanna Cry (Radio Edit) [P]
Can’t Let Go (Edit)
Can’t Let Go (Edit - No Intro) [P]
Make It Happen (Extended Version - Radio Edit) [P]
Endless Love (Instrumental)
Honey (Smooth Version No Intro) [P]
My All (Full Crew Main Mix Instrumental)* [P]
Sweetheart (The Story Instrumental)
Sweetheart (Instrumental) [P]
When You Believe (Instrumental)
I Still Believe (Damizza Remix Instrumental)*
I Still Believe (Stevie J. Remix Instrumental)*
I Still Believe (Damizza Remix Edit)
I Still Believe (Stevie J. Remix Edit) [P]
Heartbreaker (Album Version - Edit)
Heartbreaker (Remix Edit) [P]
Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix Edit w/o Rap)
Against All Odds (Instrumental)
Against All Odds (Backing Track) [P]
Crybaby (Radio Edit) [P]
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Re: The Rarities liner notes (96,057) (96,060) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 19:55)
Incredibly frustrated. There's at least one error in every single Mariah lyric jacket, either lyrics misprinted or design inconsistency etc.
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Re: Trash (96,048) (96,058) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 19:33)
Whilst I do agree that Celine's behaviour at the Divas concert can be interpreted as disrespectful towards Aretha, it had nothing to do with ethnicity, culture or race. Celine was caught up in the moment and went with it. She shouldn't have to apologise for being a good singer. Shania, Gloria, and Carole are relatively weak singers, and Mariah's voice was at the point of no return by 1998. Celine was the only one that could hold her own against Aretha.

Aretha invited the Divas to sing, and only Celine stepped up. Now, you can tell Aretha was getting pissed towards the end, as she's up in Celine's face proclaiming "Do you know the Lord?", indicating that Celine has no business singing a gospel song as she doesn't claim Christ (as far as I am aware). And then right at the end, Aretha even as libs "showing off now" to Celine, which was true. She was. Here's the clip.

She pulled Mariah from the background into the foreground to sing with her, Mariah sang a couple of riffs and then stepped back again leaving Aretha by herself at the front. She's asking the others to come forward, Celine is the only one that responds, goes a bit too far, and right at the end Aretha says "showing off now y'all" which was, by my perception, a dig at Celine.
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Re: Swan song (96,026) (96,037) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 11:06)
This is heartbreaking, but it is understandable. I'm sure many of us here feel similar or can relate to some of your points.

Wishing you all the best in your journey. Keep dreaming Randy. That is your right.
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Re: One Night (96,033) (96,036) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 11:03)
Yes, something about One Night doesn't quite gel. It's good, but it just seems a bit odd. The intro is amazing, up there with You Don't Know What To Do and You're So Cold etc. The intro would have worked as just an Interlude I think.
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Rainbow EPs (96,024) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 18:16)
The Rainbow EPs will be arriving this Friday. Rejoice. I need to dig out my original post and see what makes the cut and what doesn't.

1. Remix
2. No Rap Version
3. Love Hangover Version
4. Junior's Club Mix
5. Junior's Dub Mix
6. Junior's Hard Mix

Thank God I Found You
1. Make It Last Remix
2. Make It Last Remix Edit
3. Make It Last Remix w/o Rap
4. Make It Last Remix Instrumental
5. Celebratory Mix
6. StarGate Radio Edit

Great news - twisty top picture sleeve rather than braided hair and hat picture sleeve.

Can't Take That Away
1. Radio Edit
2. Morales Club Mix Edit
3. Morales Club Mix
4. Morales Revival Triumphant Mix
5. Morales Instrumental

This is using the (much better) pink sleeve rather than the "garden of Eden" sleeve.

Against All Odds
1. Westlife Version
2. Mariah Only
3. Pound Boys Radio Edit
4. Pound Boys Main Mix
5. Pound Boys Deep Dub
6. Pound Boys Dub

I'll do my usual full analysis over the weekend. Betcha can't wait.
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Re: Fave five The Rarities songs (96,000) (96,001) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 7 October 2020; 10:01)
Yay a list. My top 5, currently, are:

1. Loverboy Firecracker Version
2. Out Here On My Own
3. Mesmerized
4. Here We Go Around Again
5. Can You Hear Me
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