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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

The Art of Letting Go (103,758) by Bill from the UK
I'm sure I'm not alone in having an impending sense of dread, rather than excitement, about the upcoming Christmas concerts. At this point we know the drill. 95% lipped performances with the occasional "eh" barked out, peppered with a couple of verses being "spoken melodically" for good measure. The focus will be on the hair, make up, breasts, and shimmering gown or, heaven forbid, a return to those hideous leotards.

YouTube will be littered with comments from the delusionals saying it's live, she has a cold, she has nothing to prove, she's preserving her voice etc. That last one always gets me lol. What on earth is she preserving her voice for, if not when performing live in concert? I mean, she's been preserving her voice since 1997. It's preserved for heaven's sake.

My advice as Mariah's manager? Cancel the concerts, retire gracefully, and focus on re-releasing back catalogue specials. Start with The Rarities II You (I Lose Control, We're Not Making Love Anymore, There for Me, and Randy's Theme all should have been represented on the original), find and release your infamous demo tape so we can experience what Tommy did in the limo that fateful night, HD the crap out of the Music Box, Daydream (especially London, which I attended), Butterfly, Rainbow and Charmbracelet Tour footage, and please, seek permission from the estate of Prince to release your Glitter-era duet.

Stagger that out over the next few years with "30" releases of the studio albums as their anniversaries hit and everyone will forget about the dreadful performances of the last 10-15 years which are now greatly outweighing the good.
(Sunday 15 October 2023; 10:01)
Qatar wedding performance (103,692) by Bill from the UK
Exactly. It's like Leonardo DiCaprio standing ramrod straight on a film set, mouthing phrases he uttered in films of the past. He's an actor, so he acts. Mariah's a singer, so she should sing. If she can't, come clean and sing in a comfortable range, or retire, and live off your legacy.
(Monday 9 October 2023; 16:18)
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Well, I guess I'll shut up then (103,650) by Bill from the UK
"What other female artist has a Christmas classic that will be her biggest income booster for years to come?"

Brenda Lee with Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree. I don't know any other song of hers. Never have, never will. I'm sure she's made loads of albums and recorded hundreds of songs, but this is her legacy. It's an absolutely sensational song though, so well done to her.
(Tuesday 3 October 2023; 20:01)
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Is it time to get rid of physical media? (103,626) by Bill from the UK
One day some major outage, malicious or accidental, will happen. When you send me a letter asking for my copy of the Right to Dream promo CD, I'll post it to you.
(Sunday 1 October 2023; 19:21)
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Drake gets his 12th number one (103,588) by Bill from the UK
Records are meant to be broken, just like Mariah did. She'll still have the title for Female Solo Artist With the Most Number Ones Where the First Number One Was Called "Vision of Love".
(Wednesday 27 September 2023; 12:48)
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I Don't Wanna Cry (103,567) by Bill from the UK
I will leave this earth a happy man if I hear I Lose Control and anything else from the debut era that's not been released.

As for IDWC, the live version on the Daydream tour is always how I imagined she wanted to approach the song. The album version is nice, but the 1996 live version is show stopping.
(Sunday 24 September 2023; 23:53)
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Music Box (103,556) by Bill from the UK
Interestingly, the non-MB30 edition of Music Box, that was on streaming services at the US 10-track edition, has now added "Everything Fades Away" as the 11th track. I can only speak for UK streaming, would be interested to see what, if anything, has been done across the pond.
(Saturday 23 September 2023; 11:40)
MB30 - reflections (103,518) by Bill from the UK
The pre-records for Without You actually began in 1994 for the Christmas TOTP performance. Then again at MSG in 1895, the Tokyo Dome dates of the Daydream tour in 1996, and then from Butterfly tour onwards.
(Sunday 17 September 2023; 02:22)
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MB30 - reflections (103,478) by Bill from the UK
Now some time has passed, here are my thoughts.

Disc 1:
I've always loved the album, and never understood the group of fans that dismissed it. It's beautifully sung, expertly recorded, it showed more nuances to her voice than before, and her "pen game" as you kids call it these days for some reason, was superb. A 23 year-old writing Anytime You Need a Friend, Never Forget You, Hero, Dreamlover, Everything Fades Away? Wow. Speaking of Everything Fades Away, it was pleasing Mariah included this on the 'original' album. I know over the years each side of the pond has stated their case for the better finish to the album. Perhaps we can agree that All I've Ever Wanted is a gorgeous finale and send off, whereas Everything Fades Away is the hauntingly beautiful epilogue? Looking at this site's discography, more versions of the album included it than didn't, and it seems like Mariah herself views it as the true ending to the album.

Disc 2:
Okay wow. It's strange how on The Rarities, All I Live For was just, there. It was a pleasant little bop, but I was like "yeah, I get why it was left off." How is the extended version like a thousand times better? Honestly it elevates the song to a whole new level, and her vocals are astonishing. Great to see Luther added, as I always viewed Endless Love as part of the Music Box era, and was surprised the album never got re-issued to include it after it did so well. Workin' Hard and My Prayer I can't keep away from. I adore them. I am so sad they were locked up in the vault for 30 years, but look at them now having their day in the sun. The TOTP performances and remixes I am happy with, especially as the two full-length 10-minute epic and iconic club mixes were included. The only small hang up I have is with Hero (2009 Version). Firstly, it was recorded in 2008, so let's get that out the way. Second, I think I would have preferred the Spanish version to be included as it was 'of the time', whereas this was a good stretch afterwards, so it feels somewhat out of place. Everything else is from the period (save the two new mixes). I detested the re-recording when it came out to promote The Ballads, but as I have mellowed I see it was what it was. It's fine now, I'm at peace with it, but yeh. It's the only point where I pause briefly.

Disc 3:
We all love Proctor's Theatre don't we. What a concert. For many of us, the first one we saw. I also had two worn out VHS in my time, and then switched to the DVD when that was issued. It is my go-to 'comfort' concert. Whenever I've had a bad day and I need lifting up, or I'm perturbed by the world and all what's going on, I watch it. It takes me back to childhood, the wonder that was early Mariah, the nostalgia I wallow in, the happy memories it invokes. Like a few of you, every move, hand gesture, giggle, is committed to memory. Having it on audio is so, so good.

Again, I never had an issue with the original cover. It was a bit botched on the cassette version as she was half a head, but the CD always looked beautiful. It gave a Marilyn Monroe vibe, and had a certain simplicity to it. The uncropped version is equally as nice though. If anyone's gone into panic mode over the physical release having a big border around the original cover, this is a slip case that will reveal the uncropped cover beneath it.

But thank you Mariah, for everything. 10/10.
(Thursday 14 September 2023; 10:08)
Since we're wondering (103,476) by Bill from the UK
Yes, the physical formats are not due until February 2024. I suppose they will take the pre-orders and then ascertain how many to manufacture. If anyone ordered through MC's store, you can cancel and re-order through Amazon where you get free shipping if you have Prime.
(Thursday 14 September 2023; 09:53)
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My Prayer (103,452) by Bill from the UK
I'll you all something for free. My Prayer hits differently in the wee small hours of the morning, three glasses of wine deep, when you're scrolling your ex's Instagram feed.
(Tuesday 12 September 2023; 08:13)
MB30 (103,441) by Bill from the UK
"These new from-the-vault songs sound horrifically dated."

They're 30 years old, were you expecting 2023 production standards?
(Monday 11 September 2023; 18:39)
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My tracklist order for MC30 (103,434) by Bill from the UK
Switch the last two around and it's perfect.
(Monday 11 September 2023; 08:47)
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It's here (103,361) by Bill from the UK
Yes Eddie, it is a cover of the old 50s song and she sings it amazingly. Honestly her voice is exceptional. I've played it like 1000 times already.

All I Live For is a completely different take than the version on The Rarities and her voice is incredible. The whole package is just brilliant.
(Friday 8 September 2023; 01:36)
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It's here (103,353) by Bill from the UK
Workin' Hard is phenomenal, and I have no words for My Prayer. I am crying, her voice is sensational. How, how has this stayed locked up for 30 years? Oh Mariah I love you so much.
(Friday 8 September 2023; 01:05)
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Release date (103,346) by Bill from the UK
I'm praying for the tour footage/audio to be released too. Why oh why would you keep that in the vault?
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 23:56)
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Release date (103,343) by Bill from the UK
Technically midnight tonight is tomorrow. She's posted a snippet of Workin' Hard on her insta. Wow. To think we'd have another Carey-Cole-Clivilles track in our collections all these years later. What a treat.
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 22:21)
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Disc two (103,326) by Bill from the UK
I hope so, I'm definitely staying up until midnight tomorrow and hope to listen to it at 00:01.
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 00:31)
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Disc two (103,319) by Bill from the UK
Full tracklisting for the bonus disc:

1. All I Live For (extended version)
2. Endless Love (duet with Luther Vandross)
3. Do You Think of Me
4. Workin' Hard
5. My Prayer
6. Hero (2009 version)
7. Anytime You Need a Friend (extended mix)
8. Music Box (a capella)
9. Dreamlover (live from Top of the Pops)
10. Without You (live from Top of the Pops)
11. Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
12. Anytime You Need a Friend (C&C Club Version)
13. Anytime You Need a Friend (Soul Convention Remix)
14. I've Been Thinking About You (Terry Hunter Remix)
15. Workin' Hard (Terry Hunter Remix)

This indicates that Everything Fades Away may be placed as track 11 on the regular album (its rightful place). I cannot wait for Friday.
(Wednesday 6 September 2023; 23:31)
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Music Box vs. My Prayer (103,304) by Bill from the UK
I like this theory.
(Monday 4 September 2023; 19:13)
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Re-recording Music Box 30 (103,297) by Bill from the UK
Please no. Why paint the peacock?
(Monday 4 September 2023; 00:17)
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Music Box 30th anniversary revealed (103,291) by Bill from the UK
I don't have that version my friend, but that's because it's a lot of snake oil. It won't sound any better than the CD. CD audio (16bit/44.1khz) is better than the top range of human hearing (but a substantial margin), so much like the gold "hi-res" stamp you see, it's marketing with no discernable difference. The fact the K2 CDs play on a regular CD player, which cannot encode any better than the Redbook standard, is testament to that.

The only true difference can be heard on the SACD/HDCD format, which you need to play on special decoders/systems. You will hear nuances in the music and perhaps elements deeper in the mix brought to life a bit more. To my knowledge only #1's and Divas Live has been released on that format from Mariah's catalogue.

Any difference you hear on the K2 version will likely be down to the mastering, and in most cases it's "louder" only. So, put in your regular Music Box CD and turn up the volume dial and you'll have the same outcome.

We are fortunate Mariah recorded her albums in top quality Sony studios (up until Rainbow), the CDs all sound fantastic and are the absolute best they can be.
(Sunday 3 September 2023; 10:58)
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Music Box 30th anniversary revealed (103,288) by Bill from the UK
Me too. I just keep praying I don't die before Friday so I get to experience it.
(Saturday 2 September 2023; 14:00)
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Music Box 30th anniversary revealed (103,285) by Bill from the UK
I'm not sure, but presumably through her website and, for an artist if her standing, I'd imagine it would be on Amazon and so on. The trailer does say there is an "expanded digital version" which I am assuming is the 3xCD version. It's next week, so I'm surprised it's not yet available to pre-order anywhere.
(Saturday 2 September 2023; 13:01)
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Music Box 30th anniversary revealed (103,278) by Bill from the UK
The 3CD edition is encouraging, as that indicates 1 disc for the album, another for the Thanksgiving audio, and the other for the bonus tracks. I'd imagine it'd include the three tracks from The Rarities, plus the four she's shown on her social media accounts. That leaves plenty of room for other surprises which I am pumped about. Also, the clip on Instagram had footage from the Music Box tour. Could it be, finally, we receive this gem? That is "my prayer".
(Friday 1 September 2023; 15:00)
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