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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Who is she kidding? (102,884) by Bill from the UK
Agree, the Mariah impersonator was great.
(Wednesday 14 June 2023; 12:53)
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MB30 (102,881) by Bill from the UK
Apparently Mariah is dropping some surprises for Music Box's 30th anniversary (August 31st). Could it be we finally, finally get the Music Box Tour footage on DVD/Blu-ray quality and/or audio? The scrapped AYNAF video? More outtakes not included on The Rarities?

I hope it doesn't get botched like the Butterfly anniversary.
(Tuesday 13 June 2023; 22:28)
Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,857) by Bill from the UK
I think my point is more around being objective and holding the mirror up. Mariah's success in those other markets is mirrored or bettered by the others on the list, let's not forget that.

Many of the females on the list claim to be the best selling lol.

I agree Madonna isn't looking her best lately, but hey, who is? I mean I'm not even a fan of hers but I recognise she was a trailblazer and a lot of her songs will forever be part of pop culture. I know she doesn't like Mariah and Mariah doesn't like her, but that doesn't mean her accomplishments should be ignored. She's as bone fide a songwriter as Mariah is, perhaps more so?

What irks me is the refusal, by some, to believe that anyone could possibly be better than Mariah at anything at all, ever. Purely because she has 20 number ones in one country.
(Thursday 8 June 2023; 22:10)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,854) by Bill from the UK
Lol, fair, but the other "so called" popular females (Madonna et al might object to that turn of phrase hah) have flexes equally as impressive in other areas. I think this is my point, there's a big wide world of other successes out there beyond US Billboard #1s and Christmas time.
(Thursday 8 June 2023; 15:00)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,849) by Bill from the UK
I thought you were moving on? Anyway all I said was the delusionals say "yaas queen", which they do. Whether they are gay or straight or anything in-between makes no difference to you, me, or anyone else. Stop taking things personally and reading things that aren't there.
(Wednesday 7 June 2023; 19:24)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,845) by Bill from the UK
I'm amazed my comments about a Forbes list caused so much offence to you. I think you're taking my messages personally which isn't the intention, and I certainly never mocked anybody's sexuality, nor would I ever.
(Wednesday 7 June 2023; 10:02)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,843) by Bill from the UK
I completely agree. For three years, Mariah was incredibly popular across the globe and no one really compared. However, those three years plus her US-only number one records does not mean she is the most popular female singer ever/today and should therefore be sitting atop every single list ever, unfortunately. As fans of hers, we are mired in her success and statistics, but looking at it objectively, it's clear and obvious as to why she wouldn't feature on that list and the others didn't. It's nothing for anyone to be upset about, there's nothing to be done about it. Ask yourself what has she done since last Christmas? The Christmas before that? The Christmas before that? A couple of lipped concerts and an endorsement for McDonalds.
(Wednesday 7 June 2023; 08:16)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,831) by Bill from the UK
Mocking sexual preferences? What on earth are you talking about. We're talking about why Mariah is not on the Forbes list and I've presented logical facts as to why she isn't rather than the standard "she's had more number ones than anybody therefore she is the best" argument that always gets thrown around here by the delusionals.
(Tuesday 6 June 2023; 14:20)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,829) by Bill from the UK
You're welcome. Facts always triumph over opinions.
(Tuesday 6 June 2023; 12:35)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,828) by Bill from the UK
The downfall can be traced much further back, but she was fortunate to have a comeback. Memoirs was a bit of a misstep and she's never had a top ten since that album. The problem is she doesn't have the voice anymore without studio engineering so she's only really got her songwriting. That, unfortunately, has been in a bit of a rut since 1997, and has gone steadily downhill since she began incorporating nonsense in her lyrics like "corny like Fritos" and comparing herself to a chandelier etc.
(Tuesday 6 June 2023; 12:34)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,827) by Bill from the UK
Yes, but that is only a US perspective. One Sweet Day was not a huge hit anywhere else except the US. It was a normal top ten across other territories. Most of her earlier number ones didn't even chart strongly across the world, whereas Madonna for example had global success with her music from the very beginning.

And I don't know if you pay attention to today's charts, but Taylor and Beyonce are far, far more popular than Mariah was during her peak. Again, globally, not just US-centric.

And again, Mariah's success in the mid-90s wouldn't be enough to have her on the list. During that peak she did, what, less than 10 concert dates? Madonna and Dolly probably did hundreds in that same period.
(Tuesday 6 June 2023; 06:57)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,822) by Bill from the UK
I mean I was literally the only person that commented on the original article so gathered it was directed at me. But yeh, sorry, as great as Mariah was, she's nowhere near as rich and popular as the ladies in the Forbes article. This is why she isn't on the list lol. Keep slaying.
(Monday 5 June 2023; 16:31)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,818) by Bill from the UK
I'm not sure if you're referring to my post, but how was I negative and mad lol? All I said was that those artists on the Forbes list are massive and it is probably right. Whitney isn't on the list, and she's about the same level of popularity as Mariah in the world, so it makes sense.

And yes Mariah has had a million number ones, but that can't always be the trump card you lay to try to win an argument. More people have heard of and know songs like Jolene and Papa Don't Preach over Thank God I Found You and I Don't Wanna Cry.

As I said, Mariah has had a fantastic career, no one would ever doubt that, but you have to be more measured and realistic when analysing and reflecting on her career against her peers, especially in these later years where she is finding it increasingly difficult to hold on to her "greatest voice of a generation" tag.

I'll write your next post for you: she has nothing to prove, if you don't like her why do you hang around here, get a life, yaas queen, slay.
(Monday 5 June 2023; 08:19)
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Forbes richest women, no Mariah (102,813) by Bill from the UK
It's probably right. All those artists you listed are incredibly popular, absolute juggernauts of the industry. Way more popular than Mariah was during her peak. The only real comparable is Celine. Her career is longer, her hits bigger, her tours and residencies gross more, and her sales likely bigger at this point. Mariah's career is great, but others have had better ones.
(Sunday 4 June 2023; 09:38)
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Randy follow up (102,794) by Bill from the UK
It's difficult to trust Wikipedia as that also said Mariah wrote All My Life when she didn't. Anyone can add nonsense to an article. I find it odd Mariah would say, in her own words, that she didn't write the song and also didn't like it when she, according to some, did write and produce it?
(Wednesday 31 May 2023; 09:56)
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Randy follow up (102,792) by Bill from the UK
Source? I quoted directly from Mariah's book.
(Tuesday 30 May 2023; 18:33)
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Best song intro (102,782) by Bill from the UK
Tina Arena is fantastic, especially her "Don't Ask" and "In Deep" albums, but I don't think she sounds or looks enough like Mariah to be able to do a convincing portrayal. As she also sings French language songs, I thought she'd be perfect to play Celine one of these days.
(Sunday 28 May 2023; 16:48)
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Rainbow was bigger than Daydream (102,749) by Bill from the UK
Whilst Rainbow did indeed have great opening first week sales, Daydream remains Mariah's second-biggest seller after Music Box. I also don't think the singles from Rainbow had the lasting impact that Fantasy, Always Be My Baby and One Sweet Day had. And although the Rainbow tour was a lot of fun, it can't compare to the Daydream tour.

Rainbow is great and underrated, but there is some filler, and the recording/mastering is one of her worst ever. Plus it's the home for Did I Do That, and the less said about that monstrosity the better.
(Sunday 21 May 2023; 07:51)
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Favorite 90s singles cover (102,734) by Bill from the UK
Haha. I forgot it, then added it last minute and my messages got combined lol. But yes, #11.
(Monday 15 May 2023; 14:57)
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Favorite 90s singles cover (102,730) by Bill from the UK
So many to choose and so many are great. My faves:

1. Vision of Love
2. Can't Let Go
3. Dreamlover
4. Without You
5. Anytime You Need a Friend
6. All I Want for Christmas Is You
7. Fantasy
8. Open Arms
9. Always Be My Baby
10. Always Be My Baby UK exclusive cover

Of those ten, my absolute best is probably Without You. Maybe Can't Let Go. And Make It Happen.
(Monday 15 May 2023; 03:26)
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Randy follow up (102,693) by Bill from the UK
Hi Randy, not that I'm one to spend my life trying to disprove others, but I knew deep down in my soul something was telling me Mariah didn't write "Almost Home" and I finally remembered. It was in her memoir, she wrote this:

"I love to collaborate with people, but in the rare instances when I've done other people's songs, I haven't liked it. There was a Disney song I did five, six years ago called "Almost Home", and I never really liked it. No offence to whoever wrote it, and I did it because Disney wanted me to do it, but it didn't feel like me at all."

So where does this leave us with our tally?
(Monday 8 May 2023; 23:38)
Good Lord, just enjoy the show (102,688) by Bill from the UK
Point out a part of the show that was enjoyable and I'll go check it out.
(Monday 8 May 2023; 14:53)
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New low? (102,686) by Bill from the UK
All of your message Terna makes sense and comes from a place of love. The only area I'd differ is on the surgery. At this point, what on earth is there left to lose? Her voice has gone. You, me, even J. Lo could have gone up on that stage and delivered better vocals than Mariah did. Everything good is lipped, everything live is either flat, off key, or sounds painful. Boyz II Men gave a dignified, decent performance, and sounded absolutely fine 25 odd years after Madison Square Garden. Mariah was absolutely dreadful by comparison.

We are all hurting here, and it seems the lipped Vision of Love was the eye opener for many. Some of us, myself included, have been beating this drum for a long time. The reality is, her voice has gone. How she lost it so rapidly doesn't really matter. Her options now are surgery, or resign.
(Monday 8 May 2023; 13:46)
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The whistle or the complete voice? (102,671) by Bill from the UK
I'd rather she didn't lip anything if I'm honest. All I want is for her to sing a song live end to end like she was able to 1990-1996.

No one would mind or be disappointed if she announced her upper register was no longer available going forward given her age. It is nothing more than a gimmick now as I've said previously, any studio notes are heavily engineered and she hasn't hit a live one in decades, so really, what is the point of them?

As for surgery, there is the rumour that she had surgery after the Daydream tour and that is why her voice was never the same from 1997 onwards. We will never know the actual truth of the matter because Mariah refuses to acknowledge there is anything wrong, or that anything has changed.

This leads to perhaps unfair speculation. She squandered her gift through drinking, she squandered her gift through drugs, she squandered her gift by not looking after her voice properly etc. It could be a medical issue, it could be she has a degenerative illness (which would explain why she can't move on stage unaided), it could be a whole host of reasons. Point is, until she does that candid to-camera confession and opens up, we won't ever know.

I get lambasted on here by the Yass Queen Gang, but honestly, I love her too much. I would cry with relief and love and support her and champion her more than I ever have done previously if she only was brave enough to open her heart and let us in.

I can only speak for myself, but I love her more than whistle notes and number one records. I love her for who she is and what she has brought to my life. All I ever want is for her to be happy, healthy, and loved. She has given me so much, and all I can ever give her back is my love.

If only she'd let me.
(Sunday 7 May 2023; 15:35)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,663) by Bill from the UK
Hmmm. Not sure where you got that information from Randy, but the Glitter booklet says "All My Life" was written by Rick James and nobody else. I stand corrected on "Almost Home", please forgive me.
(Friday 5 May 2023; 17:16)
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