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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,663) by Bill from the UK
Hmmm. Not sure where you got that information from Randy, but the Glitter booklet says "All My Life" was written by Rick James and nobody else. I stand corrected on "Almost Home", please forgive me.
(Friday 5 May 2023; 17:16)
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Hopelessly Devoted to You (102,662) by Bill from the UK
At long last, Mariah and Olivia Newton-John's duet is available for the first time on ONJ's album Just the Two of Us. Annoyingly, it is still the edited version from the Around the World DVD, and not the full length version.
(Friday 5 May 2023; 09:03)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,657) by Bill from the UK
All My Life from Glitter and Almost Home were also original songs that Mariah didn't write.
(Thursday 4 May 2023; 23:34)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,648) by Bill from the UK
Randy, I love that you will always fly the "Right to Dream" flag.
(Wednesday 3 May 2023; 20:25)
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What is your initial fan story? (102,625) by Bill from the UK
My brother was watching the MTV countdown and I walked into the room as "Dreamlover" came on. I stood there, "mesmerised". The song, her voice, the video, her look. I fell in love that day and life was never the same again. I had no idea what a huge part of my life, and my heart, she would go on to take.
(Monday 24 April 2023; 22:43)
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Legacy (102,607) by Bill from the UK
I even question how good the whistle register is these days. She hasn't done a live whistle in maybe, what, 10 years? The worst thing is how it birthed a bunch of awful "singers" on YouTube who think by screeching and sticking a finger in their ear that they are able to effectively use that register. The finger-in-the-ear gimmick is just that, a gimmick. In live performances from 1990-1992, she only occasionally did it, and it was usually when she was pitchy (which makes sense). But then she started to dub and lip sync her performances from 1996ish, so now it's all theatrics to mask the fact she's obviously lip syncing them.

The yaas queens also make those stupid videos on YouTube with a heading like "Mariah Carey Can't Sing" and then try to disprove it by showcasing lipped performances as apparently live, or flashing up a "G5" for a nano-second as she barks out a note. When Mariah retires/is no longer with us, those videos will be overshadowing performances like "If It's Over" and her perfect 1990-1995 run.

As much as I think AIWFCIY is the best thing she's ever done, I also agree that she's more than just that. Will she become another Bing Crosby? I can't even think of a single song he's done other than "White Christmas", though he's probably released about 30 albums.

I heard "Vision of Love" on the radio when I was driving the other day and almost mounted the curb in my state of disbelief. Firstly because the only song other than AIWFCIY to get played on UK mainstream radio is "Hero" and maybe "I'll Be There". But it was incredible to hear it live on the radio. It sounded beautiful as the radio adds that certain brightness and magic to songs.

I don't think I've even answered your question, but there we go.
(Saturday 22 April 2023; 13:29)
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Female singers (102,575) by Bill from the UK
"Marrying Tommy was a massive mistake because it meant she had zero separation between her personal and professional life, a recipe for burnout. And when it became clear that Tommy was sabotaging her during the 1998-2001 period, she had to work that much harder."

No one likes to say it, but the other side to this is that marrying Tommy made her lose a lot of credibility. There was a question mark over her success because she was cleverly married to the boss of the record company. If Tommy could quite easily sabotage her career, he could quite easily make her successful.

Her most successful years 1993-1997. The years she was Tommy's wife? 1993-1997.
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 20:19)
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New Mariah titles (one word) (102,548) by Bill from the UK
Lol yeh. Because she's never mentioned that before.
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 15:27)
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New album titles, what's your fave? (102,532) by Bill from the UK
Galactic Diva gets my vote. A space themed album from Mariah would be epic haha.
(Tuesday 11 April 2023; 18:42)
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New album titles, what's your fave? (102,528) by Bill from the UK
I asked ChatGPT to come up with some potential album titles for Mariah's next album, here's what it came up with:

"Eternal Love Affair"
"Heavenly Highs"
"Diamond Dreams"
"Cosmic Serenade"
"Supernova Symphony"
"Celestial Rhapsody"
"Galactic Diva"
"Majestic Melodies"
"Orbiting Oasis"
"Stellar Sonata"

What's your fave?
(Tuesday 11 April 2023; 14:17)
Edward (102,471) by Bill from the UK
Happy Anniversary Edward.
(Wednesday 5 April 2023; 15:37)
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Observation (102,433) by Bill from the UK
Michael Jordan doesn't use studio trickery and smoke and mirrors to pretend he still can jump though.
(Sunday 2 April 2023; 00:46)
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Mariah vs MC (102,400) by Bill from the UK
Whatever happened to her voice in 1997 happened. With the loss of the ability to sing her songs well and fluidly like she did in prior years, the focus had to shift. So, musically the songs became less demanding vocally, the "I'm a songwriter first" narrative was cranked up to the max, and she became more concerned with her look than her voice. She should have said at the time what had happened to her voice and adapted her back catalogue and future songs accordingly. Instead she chose to prolong the facade with studio trickery, dubbing and lip syncing and now it's all gone too far. Those who know, know. Mariah Carey 1990-1996. 1997 onwards, someone else.
(Sunday 26 March 2023; 13:33)
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Biggest non #1 hit after 33 years (102,380) by Bill from the UK
"Without You" was #1 in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
(Thursday 23 March 2023; 13:18)
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Ain't No Other Fan (102,337) by Bill from the UK
This is a pretty idiotic suggestion. Smoking of any kind is well known for having extremely adverse effects on the vocal cords, lungs, and throat and can lead to long-term throat and lung injury. Shortness of breath, constant dehydration, loss of vocal range, and even irreversible damage are all other negative by-products of smoking.
(Saturday 11 March 2023; 07:04)
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Chaka Khan (102,285) by Bill from the UK
"Like in Loverboy Mariah should live the motto of 'hate on me as much as you want to, you can't do what the [...] I do, bishes be emulating me dailyyyy'."

That's probably why nobody likes her.
(Saturday 4 March 2023; 12:37)
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Rolling Stone's 200 Greatest Singers (102,002) by Bill from the UK
I agree, but glad to see they didn't overlook Mariah and ranked her appropriately. She absolutely should be in the top ten, but, so should Celine.
(Monday 2 January 2023; 15:52)
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Rolling Stone's 200 Greatest Singers (101,999) by Bill from the UK
Mariah ranks #5 in the list. Aretha first, Whitney second. Celine? Nowhere to be found.
(Monday 2 January 2023; 14:46)
Thank you for 25 years (101,995) by Bill from the UK
Wow, 25 years of this website. Thank you for everything. The discography, the news, the message board. I can only imagine the time and money that goes into keeping this fansite running. It is the best one, thanks so much for everything over all these years Eric and a Happy New Year to you and all the visitors to the site. Love you all.
(Sunday 1 January 2023; 01:47)
Top posters (101,917) by Bill from the UK
Jeez I need to chill out.
(Tuesday 20 December 2022; 10:47)
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So what (101,890) by Bill from the UK
You know when Mariah started out she was often proclaimed as "the next Whitney". With enabling fans such as yourself, she may well be.
(Sunday 18 December 2022; 10:38)
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Christmas wrapping (101,886) by Bill from the UK
What I will say, is that the cover of Christmas Wrapping was actually good and fits the remnants of her voice. Although it wasn't a live recording, the fact it had no melisma, no belting, no boring old whistles which frankly I'm sick of now, was refreshing and, after 25 years, something different.

If MC reinvented herself and just sang melodious tunes with no unnecessary exaggerated showmanship and fake vocal gymnastics she can't replicate live, it'd go down a storm.
(Sunday 18 December 2022; 00:33)
Why is everyone surprised? (101,871) by Bill from the UK
Warning, warning. Delusional Enabling Lamb alert. The phrases "yaas queen", "she doesn't owe you anything", "she has nothing to prove" and "she was sick" have been detected within the vicinity. Everybody stand clear.
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 13:07)
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Why repeat and highlight the painfully obvious? (101,865) by Bill from the UK
You'll continue to see these comments for as long as she's "performing" (for want of a better word), until she comes clean and stops pretending to be a world class singer when she isn't. So, get used to it.
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 05:56)
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Why is everyone surprised? (101,854) by Bill from the UK
That's a fair point you raised at the end there. As it's been so long, is she supposed to say she's been fooling everybody for 25 years? I think we just value Mariah's voice, legacy and music more than she does. She clearly cares more about how she looks, the bank balance, and her endorsements over her voice, her music, and her legacy. It is incredibly sad, but perhaps she simply does not care about it as much as we do.
(Friday 16 December 2022; 15:45)
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