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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Supreme songbird (101,850) by Bill from the UK
Just when I thought nothing could be worse than that dreadful remake of this song she did last year.
(Friday 16 December 2022; 11:53)
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Hero live MSG 2022 (101,849) by Bill from the UK
I wish you hadn't shared that. I just burst into tears. This is heartbreaking. Something is really, really wrong. What on earth has happened?
(Friday 16 December 2022; 11:51)
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Toronto shows (101,815) by Bill from the UK
The thing you're missing, is that someone has to say something, and we older fans do because we have followed her career with love and devotion since the beginning. No one in her camp is telling her to lay off the alcohol and weed, as it is crippling her voice and legacy. Not Bryan, not Trey, not Mary Ann. Why stop their paycheck? But any friend that loved and cared about her would see the self sabotage and do something about it. But, carry on shouting "yas queen" until she goes the way of Whitney. It will be on your head when that happens, for enabling and supporting and cheering on her demise. None of us are enjoying coming here to say this, but we love her too much to stand by and watch it unfold in front of our eyes.
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 15:31)
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Who was actually there? Toronto shows (101,814) by Bill from the UK
The benefit of phone recordings is that they remove the reverb. So it becomes abundantly clear when the lip syncing and pre-records kick in. Usually though we are put on notice as Mariah will fiddle with the malfunctioning ear piece (which I think is actually her cue to the sound technician), and then waggle her head when she mimes the note. If you enjoyed the concert good for you, but any spectator can see it was one of her worst yet. Hardly phenomenal as you put it. That status is reserved for the Daydream Tour stop at London on June 23rd 1996. What an evening that was. Sorry you missed out.
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 14:51)
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Toronto shows (101,813) by Bill from the UK
Terna you're completely right. How quickly everybody forgets that it was us original fans from the beginning that got her all those number ones, alongside her "own G4 and the Benz with the doors that lift up from the floor". She wouldn't be where she is today were it not for our love and support. And yes, she does score a number one every year. With a track from 1994 with 1994 vocals. Otherwise, she hasn't had a hit since Obsessed. And don't come at me with Big Energy. That was Genius of Love, with a rap, and featured Mariah on a remix.
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 14:37)
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Toronto shows (101,807) by Bill from the UK
Hah. It always makes me laugh when the age old excuse of her singing for 30 years is why her voice started going south (in 1997) to the point where she can no longer get through an entire song without playback, backing singer masking, breathing issues, flat and shouty notes etc. This is said even though hundreds upon hundreds of other singers that have been singing just as long sound fine, with minimal voice deterioration. Those that experienced it, shock horror, were heavy smokers, drinkers and drug users. Wake up and join the dots.
(Tuesday 13 December 2022; 10:31)
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Nodules and whistles (101,790) by Bill from the UK
The thing is her voice got worse every year since 1990. Never thought I'd be praying for 2018 vocals but here I am doing just that. 2023 will be worse than 2022 for all the reasons you mention. The concerts won't stop as it's a lucrative scam. The ticket prices are astronomical and what you get in exchange is lip syncing, pre-records, awful vocals when live, and jibberish in between the songs.

And yes, the squealing she does to prove she can still hit high notes is becoming as excruciating as the finger being stuck in her ear for theatrics.
(Monday 12 December 2022; 15:28)
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Toronto shows (101,789) by Bill from the UK
I did suspect Away In A Manger was lipped, but held my tongue. But yes, on closer inspection it is very obviously the case. Shame, but I suppose MC knew that performance might get some media attention.
(Monday 12 December 2022; 15:24)
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Toronto shows (101,786) by Bill from the UK
"My All" was probably the worst I've ever heard her sing. If you can call it that.
(Monday 12 December 2022; 11:58)
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Mariah duet with Monroe (101,776) by Bill from the UK
Wow, Monroe's voice is lovely. Very sweet and pleasant tone she has. That was a really cute duet between them. I hope it makes it onto the next Christmas album.
(Saturday 10 December 2022; 22:23)
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Mariah on Colbert (101,769) by Bill from the UK
It was a car crash.
(Saturday 10 December 2022; 12:41)
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Moet and Chandon performance (101,753) by Bill from the UK
At the risk of sounding positive, I do agree she sounded better at this performance than the last time I saw a live performance (Saudi Arabia). I noticed she wasn't wearing a corset so perhaps it really is a valid excuse she uses haha.
(Thursday 8 December 2022; 11:09)
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Charmbracelet - 20 years (101,744) by Bill from the UK
Yes, my Charmbracelet on my playlist is a heavily edited version of the album:

1. Through the Rain (radio edit)
2. The One (without rap)
3. I Know What You Want
4. Yours
5. I Only Wanted
6. Clown
7. My Saving Grace
8. Bringin' on the Heartbreak (AC version)
9. Miss You
10. Sunflowers
11. Through the Rain (remix)

My version is a bit more concise and digestible and removes the bland whisper-heavy tracks. I remember when I first listened to CB on the day of release, it was the only album of hers where I was actually frustrated half way through. By the 16th chorus of Lullaby I was like, just shut up already.

The whole era was a bit of a miss. Lyrically the album is great, I'd put it up there with Butterfly personally, but everything seemed a bit half baked.
(Tuesday 6 December 2022; 17:40)
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Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,721) by Bill from the UK
We can add exercise bikes to the list now lol.
(Friday 2 December 2022; 16:55)
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QOC (101,720) by Bill from the UK
Correct. They are realistic.
(Friday 2 December 2022; 14:26)
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QOC (101,709) by Bill from the UK
It was about where on earth you got the notion she "graciously stepped aside" on the matter. That's your interpretation based on the fact her legal team didn't respond within the time limit, nowhere has that been stated. Not by Mariah, her representatives, or any publication. As always you make up little embellishments to strengthen your opinion/narrative.

What probably happened, and I am speculating here, is that Mariah's team saw all the backlash from her attempt to trademark a phrase, as virtually every publication that wrote about it saw it for the money grab it was, and realised it would be more damaging to her brand than beneficial if she were to pursue it.
(Wednesday 30 November 2022; 14:28)
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Macy's performance (101,677) by Bill from the UK
I know, I am truly so grateful I saw her during her indisputable best. It was one of the best nights of my life. Mariah was at her peak, as were her vocals, her music, her looks, her confidence, and my love for her.
(Friday 25 November 2022; 20:15)
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Macy's performance (101,673) by Bill from the UK
Who'd have thought MC would lip sync. Colour me stunned. You're looking at $150-200 for one ticket to the Christmas concert. Plus travel and hotel if you're not based in New York. If you want to pay that much to watch her lip sync, get her hair and make up fixed on stage, bemoan the lighting, stick a finger in her ear, ramble on about her ensemble, drink champagne, and bark out an off key "EH" every so often, that's your prerogative.

Thank God I saw her in 1996 on the Daydream tour when she was actually a competent and capable singer.
(Friday 25 November 2022; 15:19)
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QOC (101,666) by Bill from the UK
As always, state your sources.
(Thursday 24 November 2022; 14:36)
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QOC (101,651) by Bill from the UK
It's actually more a super villain move than anything.
(Saturday 19 November 2022; 16:18)
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QOC (101,640) by Bill from the UK
I disagree. It was ridiculous and nothing but a money grab. She can be called it (and will be) but she has no business owning the rights to it. Absolutely abhorrent.
(Wednesday 16 November 2022; 16:21)
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Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,545) by Bill from the UK
Quite. She is the Olympian who can no longer compete. She's spent the best part of 30 years telling anyone who'd listen that she's a songwriter first and prefers songwriting to singing. Well, she may have squandered her vocal gift God gave her, but she still has her songwriting talent. Just hang up the malfunctioning ear piece once and for all and retire with some dignity.

You all have no idea how much it pains me to write this. But I think this may be the last straw for me. I will love her forever, but I cannot enable this anymore.
(Tuesday 25 October 2022; 19:43)
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Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,528) by Bill from the UK
Quite. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I could have sang better than Mariah did. Honestly. That is what is really worrying. Someone whose voice was completely untouchable, and as Tommy said when he discovered her, "she is the best singer I have ever heard", to actually being one of the worst singers still performing, is almost incredible. It's so sad to witness. She can live off AIWFCIY's annual royalties, so why does she need the "money grab"? Retire from singing and write songs for others and focus on your other projects. The dolls have stopped dancing now.
(Monday 24 October 2022; 13:24)
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Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,523) by Bill from the UK
I've seen most of the clips. My All was particularly bad as she lipped the chorus and, of course, carried on miming when they playback stopped and had to awkwardly start singing. It was an embarrassment, and a disaster. None of Mariah's peers or anyone of her status would have done such a performance. Frankly I don't really know why she bothers. She has her money, she has her legacy, she has her records. Why put herself, and us, through these dreadful performances time and time again.
(Monday 24 October 2022; 00:20)
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Soundtracks (101,495) by Bill from the UK
I thought I was wrong once but turns out I was mistaken.
(Thursday 20 October 2022; 08:13)
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