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Name: Bill
Country: the UK
It wasn't raining yet
But it was definitely
A little misty on that
Warm November night.
You give good love (40,669) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 20 January 2014; 20:46)
It amazes me how some people have already hung, drawn and quartered Mariah for a rumoured cover! I think the lack of an album is sending some people stir crazy. Less than a month now until the new song, I can't wait! Are you hoping for a ballad, up-tempo, mellow R&B number, or something completely new?
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(40,622) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 17 January 2014; 20:43)
Like if you've had enough of this stupid debate about what Mariah posted on Twitter.
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NYE performance (40,376) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 2 January 2014; 23:56)
Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I hope it brings you peace and happiness. It's nice to read the comments about Mariah's performance of TAOLG on NYE but, forgive me, but wasn't this performance lipped? I don't believe this was 100% live.
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Buble special (40,253) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 19 December 2013; 7:16)
I've just seen it on YouTube. Great duet, even though I can't stand Michael Buble (how someone who just speaks their songs got so popular is beyond me). Mariah did a good performance, and has improved leaps and bounds since the car crash of the tree lighting ceremony. I hope that was something of a wake up call for her.
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Lamb O Chop (40,184) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 11 December 2013; 20:21)
Hi. Yes I do know the difference between an excuse and a reason. A reason is based on something factual. The reason boiling water is scalding is because it is 100 degrees. An excuse is something based on something with no supportive evidence. Mariah's performance was bad because it was cold. Nope, not going to fly with me, I'm sorry. It was bad because she was either unprepared or did not care for her voice properly. Celine has been singing as long as Mariah has. They are around the same age and have been singing all their lives. Celine is sensible with her voice and as such it has been preserved relatively well. Mariah wasn't, and it hasn't. Believe me, as a fan of her music and a follower of her career, I hate seeing her go the way of Whitney. I'd love for Daydream tour vocals to be back, but it's not going to happen if she continues drinking in excess.
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Excuses, excuses (40,163) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 10 December 2013; 8:58)
I think everybody is dancing around the obvious here. No "lamb" wants to admit it, but there is a very heavy suggestion that Mariah has a drinking problem. Her public appearances are very odd and the most telling sign is of course the state of her voice. There is absolutely no reason why she cannot sing well, because every so often she does a great performance. It is entirely self inflicted and if she was more responsible and stopped the daily "splashes" she'd be fine. Every singer in the world, except Mariah it would seem, knows alcohol is one of the worst things for your singing voice. If she wants to carry on then so be it, she can do what she wants, but please stop these lame half-baked excuses. Plenty of mediocre singers perform perfectly well in cold weather people! Singing for three minutes should be a walk in the park for a singer of Mariah's calibre.
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Rocking around the Christmas III (40,046) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 2 December 2013; 22:25)
Lol, great album title! The Perfect Year was by Dina Carroll, not Diana. I am a huge fan of hers, even though she only made two albums. Mariah fans should check her out as I'm sure you'll like Perfect Year and Don't Be A Stranger. She was a wonderful singer, I hope the rumours of her putting out a new album are true. I've always wished Mariah would sing Cold Cold Christmas by Dana, and Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant. Even though she isn't from the deep south, it's still a lovely song.
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Hark (40,040) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 1 December 2013; 15:39)
That performance was from December 1991, not 1994. I have the video of it. I'm excited for the Buble duet, I hope she doesn't mess it up. I think she needs to stop focus on new material in December as AIWFCIY is in heavy rotation and will distract people from her new stuff.
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enwar (39,951) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 22 November 2013; 16:56)
I think he was being facetious.
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Minaj? No (39,946) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 22 November 2013; 14:32)
TAOLG isn't about Minaj. Why would Mariah waste her time and give publicity to somebody like that? It's about Tommy, because at the improvisation on Jimmy Fallon she said as much in the ad-libs, about being forced to wear long dresses and all that stuff she still has a hang up about. Memoirs indicated that she sure can hold a grudge, so now she's acknowledging that and how she is letting go. I actually thought the song could be taken both ways, i.e. Tommy letting go of her. We all know after their divorce he actively tried to derail her career (and succeeded, somewhat), so now that the tables have turned somewhat, maybe he needs to let go of her. Or they both do.
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TAOLG (39,765) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 12 November 2013; 21:37)
We had a discussion as fans a while back about songs we skip. Some of us were shocked by each others choices, and new music from Mariah will always divide a fanbase as vast as Mariah's. Personally I love the song, and I like the fact it's not a calculated radio friendly teen appeal song, as frankly she's too old for all that. If she is indeed "letting go" of aiming for a #1 with every release, as somebody suggested, then good for her. It's what I've been hoping for as trying to shoe horn your song into whatever is current must be stifling creatively surely? The thing is a lot of fans want Mariah to be a success, which isn't a bad thing at all, but no artist will ever remain at the top of the charts throughout their entire career. Because Mariah had such a long string of success and bounced back with TEOM, people kind of expect her to be successful chart wise, but maybe those days are gone. Maybe now we can have more creative, personal songs now the pressure to succeed is off. Mariah has nothing to prove.
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The Art of Letting Go - wow (39,710) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 11 November 2013; 17:45)
Wow. I loved the song, this is a wonderful record. I noted down the lyrics, can anybody help me with the lyric I didn't get?
I'm making a statement
Of my own opinion
Just a brief little reminder
To help myself remember
I no longer live
In your dominion
You're just?
Nothing more than a liability
Got a bundle of your possessions
Outside the kitchen window right now
Letting go
Letting go ain't easy
It's exceedingly hurtful
Somebody you used to know is flinging your world around
And they watch as you're falling down
Falling down
Evidently your words were
Merely lies
Reverberating in my ears
And the echo won't subside
There's a deep deep loss of hope
And the anger burns in me
I hope you don't get no ideas about reuniting baby
Cause that's the last thing I truly need
Your audacity is too much to be believed
So go to "Mimi" on your contacts, press delete
Letting go aint easy
It's just exceedingly hurtful
Cause somebody you used to know
Is flinging your world around
And they watch as you're falling down
Baby letting go
Ain't easy
Baby letting go
It ain't easy
Cause somebody you used to know
Is flinging your world around
And you know what?
They watch as you're falling down
It ain't easy baby
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B, the necklace (39,705) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 10 November 2013; 19:13)
I remember hearing or reading somewhere that the heart necklace was worn as a good luck charm early on, and if it wasn't visible, it would be in a pocket or something. I think I read she had it turned into a ring or something. I can't wait for TAOLG tomorrow.
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Billy / Molly interview (39,679) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 6 November 2013; 23:34)
Billy, thank you for sharing that link to the 1997 interview, that was very insightful and fun to watch. Very intrigued that Close My Eyes was originally going to close the album, and hearing how Mariah liked the sparseness of My All and that she wanted Whenever You Call to not be overblown like her other ballads marries up with Walter's recent interview where he said those songs, to him, sounded unfinished. Great stuff, thanks again.
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Brad (39,644) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 3 November 2013; 10:28)
You make a great point Brad, as long as Mariah continues to make music (even three year agonising waits between records) then I will be happy. For me, I am not that interested in chart positions either. Of course some fans want to see her succeed, and there is nothing wrong with that, and even more so when the artist you support found success with nearly everything she released in her earlier years. But if techno music is what it takes to reach number 1, wouldn't we all rather Mariah stick to her style and sound rather than jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of a hit? She has 18 number ones and absolutely nothing to prove.
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Memoirs article (39,634) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 1 November 2013; 20:00)
The article on MOAIA was interesting, but Foreigner sang IWTKWLI, not Journey (that was Open Arms). I do agree that Obsessed was an appalling choice for a lead single, as it sticks out like a sore thumb on an otherwise mellow album. Betcha Gon' Know, HATEU, Ribbon and IWTKWLI were all great, but never really got their shot. A real shame.
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My concert (39,619) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 31 October 2013; 7:52)
1. Vision of love
2. Hero
3. Always be my baby
4. I'll be there
5. Fantasy
6. Never forget you
7. Ribbon
8. The wind
9. The roof
10. All I want for Christmas is you
It's great the cover has generated so much debate (never seen it like this on this board before), but it's just the single cover. The album cover, if different, is what I'm really excited to see.
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TAOLG picture (39,588) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 29 October 2013; 7:58)
Beautiful picture, reminds me of the My All video (though now with a bigger cleavage lol). I can't wait to hear this track.
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Emotions (39,521) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 19 October 2013; 17:26)
It's great to see all the Emotions love. I completely agree that this is her most underrated album, and what's more upsetting is that it features absolutely fantastic vocals. Every song is a winner, and she has such class, maturity and dignity. I love the soulful numbers, and the quiet storm way the album ends. Til The End Of Time and The Wind make for such a dramatic and atmospheric closing. I also loved the cover shot, those sepia hues and her throwing her hair back. Just stunning.
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Walter Afanasieff interview (39,471) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 14 October 2013; 0:45)
Pauly and Monks have to be the most obnoxious hosts I've ever listened to. If it wasn't for Walter, I wouldn't have sat through one minute of that rubbish. They kept interrupting him, bursting into song (in awful voices), and (this is probably going to get me stoned) camped it up to the point it was like they were a parody of gay people or something. What a disaster. That said, I knew everything that was said, but for those who can't stomach the show: Walter was contracted by Sony, so couldn't "side" with Mariah during the divorce, which is why they fell out. Lead The Way was meant to be on Butterfly, but was kept off and then used for Glitter. He sees Butterfly as an "unfinished" record, and would have added strings and more syrup and schmaltz to songs like Whenever You Call and My All. Whenever You Call is his favourite song they wrote together.
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"Very, very soon" (39,417) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 7 October 2013; 22:58)
Those three words from Cyndi Berger about Mariah's arrival of her new body of work are very encouraging. As for JD, I didn't see that one coming, but who knows? Let's see what happens.
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Signature song (39,377) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 2 October 2013; 22:13)
Although WBT was hugely successful (in the US), this will not be her signature song. She already has it, and it is Hero. A close second would be All I Want For Christmas Is You. A signature song is one the masses know, and outside of the US, they don't know WBT.
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Mariah Carey - Legacy Edition (39,305) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 22 September 2013; 19:35)
Does anyone remember a few years back, Sony were planning to release the "Legacy" edition of Mariah's debut album? It got so far as to have release dates and mentions in the press. I wonder why that project was shelved, and if it will reappear in 2015 for the album's 25th anniversary? That would be great. What would everybody want to see on the album? Ideally, I'd love for the original album to be entirely remastered up to today's standards, and for it to include Mariah's demo tape, as well as the original Vision Of Love, which has always intrigued me (described as "a 50s sort of shuffle"). An additional DVD of some performances from that time (America the Beautiful, Arsenio Hall etc.) would also go down a treat. I hope it wasn't just going to be the album re-issued with a gold border on the sleeve lol.
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Vocals (39,291) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 21 September 2013; 0:28)
Any singer who looks after their voice can have it last for an entire career without problem. Just look at most opera singers, who sing "correctly" (to avoid any vocal damage) and who take great care of their instruments. Mariah's vocals deteriorated after her separation and later divorce from Tommy M, and I believe it was at this point that Mariah started drinking more (references to drinking started showing up in her lyrics from Butterfly onwards). Most people know alcohol is extremely bad for singers, as is milk and dairy products, carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks etc., lol, all they really can drink is water, and the above in moderation. Mariah's voice can sound great (shining through the rain was brilliant as was most of the Adventures tour), but she needs to be sensible and rested and take care of it. If she wants yo have "splashes", that's her choice and up to her, but soon it will take its toll. Look at poor Whitney.
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Happy Birthday Music Box / Never Forget You (39,167) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 1 September 2013; 11:52)
I can't believe it's been 20 years since Music Box was released. This was the first album of Mariah's I owned, having noticed her when Dreamlover came out. I became a fan when Without You came out (huge hit in the UK), and remember when I got the album on cassette, feeling excited that I knew of Dreamlover, Hero, Without You and Never Forget You (as it was on the other side of the WY single). I don't agree with Billboard's view of NFY. Vocally, it is the best thing on the album, with so many layers, gushy music that just oozes out of the speakers. Sure it's got Babyface's mark all over it, but it brightened the album and stands out from the other Afanasieff ballads.
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