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Name: Malcolm
Country: Asia
It's A Wrap (102,172) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 3 February 2023; 01:29)
I hope Mariah will do something about this. I observed that it's been a trend for old songs reappearing again thanks to TikTok. If she'll send this to Radio (I don't know how complicated it would be now), revamped it as a 2022 single with a new cover art and make a music video for it, she can score at least another top 40 hit ala Lady Gaga's Bloody Mary.
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New picture (102,171) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 3 February 2023; 01:26)
I hope Mariah will eventually maintain whatever weight she likes as long as she is healthy. You know these days I know something's big is coming when she is losing some weight (e.g. #Beautiful era, Caution era, Apple Christmas Special and the most recent one, CBS Christmas Special), it's been a clue for me for quite sometime.
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This is a reply to message 102,168 by Edward from USA
(Thursday 2 February 2023; 14:28)
Oh Santa 2020 reaction (96,796) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 4 December 2020; 07:53)
It's good. I can't say that it tops the original version but it's fine it's a decent one considering the different tones of them. What I observed is that Mariah lets Ariana do the whistle together with her like we all know it's unusual for Mariah to do that. Because of this I got thinking if she really is in complete good place right now because if we will notice her recent projects (the memoir, The Rarities and this big budgeted Christmas special), it's like she already acknowledges that she is not getting any younger so she's been releasing all of this all together and now this Mariah and Ariana moment where it can interpreted as her recognizing that there's this already a whole other generation of "female" singers that are reigning today and is not her anymore. Also if you caught what she said on her interview with Misty Copeland for Amazon, she said something "I want my story to be here when I'm not here anymore" is more proof that she is now acknowledging that her time is over and she's just here being legendary and living the life. We don't know maybe she gave herself an ultimatum that when she reaches 50 years old she'll start retiring and just do the things she loves. All in all I'm happy with the Christmas special (besides her failing to lip her own songs right as always ), Merry Christmas everyone.
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Re: Trash (96,045) (96,047) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 9 October 2020; 16:41)
But just in 2018 Celine mentioned that she and Mariah had some moment in the studio while recording their albums (Courage and Caution). I'm still not in that chapter but I heard some of it on social media and made me confused why she had to brought it back again and now with more like bitterness in it. Putting some context on how huge she was making it to be, maybe we don't know something about it that has more meaning other than what we have seen on the performance?
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Re: Memoir MIAs (95,984) (95,986) by Malcolm from Asia
(Monday 5 October 2020; 21:00)
Yes very glad this happened. Especially her not mentioning James Packer when it would have been a pivotal moment in her life since they were engaged. It's just a testament that all of it was just a play and a result of her involvement with the wicked witch. It was really the darkest and cheapest moment in her career that deserves to be forgotten.
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Out Here On My Own (lyric video) (95,829) by Malcolm from Asia
(Monday 28 September 2020; 10:58)
This is her most well done lyric video to date compared to Infinity and The Distance.
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Re: The Exoneration of Mimi (95,763) (95,770) by Malcolm from Asia
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 10:58)
If you'll observe her body language, relieving all the traumas really shakes up her core and you can feel her nerves as she's telling Oprah about what she's been through in the past. It sucks that even until now you can see that she's fragile because of it. I just hope Mariah will reach a place where she can be at peace with her children and be secured for what she is.
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Re: The Oprah Conversation (95,752) (95,758) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 25 September 2020; 19:28)
Watching the interview made me understand her more. The behaviors from the past and even her personality as a whole really stems from the insecurity and struggles from her early life. Watching it really made me sad for her because it's really evident in her actions and the way she speaks to Oprah that her story is beyond from what we all know or making it to be. It made me relate to her even more so that when will come a time that she'll act a certain way again that we will not really in favor of, I'll get it, not that I'll tolerate it but surely will see it with more compassion.
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Sudden weight loss (95,557) by Malcolm from Asia
(Tuesday 15 September 2020; 20:54)
Not to talk about this in a bad taste but I get curious how Mariah does it? Like just last month she's not like that compared to the Save The Day MV and her "TMOMC Unboxing". Though I'm glad that she lost the weight but the procedure of it seems unhealthy and sudden.
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Save The Day music video (95,540) by Malcolm from Asia
(Sunday 13 September 2020; 22:01)
In all honesty, I don't hate the video because I didn't expect that we will get it nor expect that it'll be a big budget one since it's a partnership with US Open Tennis Championships, kind of similar for what she did with 100%. I just like it for what it is especially I think this is the first for a long time that she perfected the lip syncing for a music video lol, it's seamless I love it and hey this is more well directed and edited compared to I Don't, that's absurd.
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Re: Patricia Carey (95,410) (95,411) by Malcolm from Asia
(Sunday 6 September 2020; 01:04)
But we just see them last 2017 I guess. What I understood in the article if the article I've read is the same from that New York magazine was that they were just not in best terms when her "mental breakdown" happened. I hope that's the case.
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With You (94,460) by Malcolm from Asia
(Wednesday 24 June 2020; 16:48)
This here is 100% timeless. But I hope on the next songs she'll release with big name producers she'll decline putting the producer tag and just make some arrangements. Beyonce can do that so I hope Mariah too. That tag can be used in upbeat songs but it's kinda annoying with slow jams like With You.
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Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande (94,190) by Malcolm from Asia
(Saturday 23 May 2020; 12:21)
I think Ariana will surpass the record for most debuts at #1 next week, Rain On Me is so good there's a big chance it will debut at the top. I wonder what Mariah thinks with her using butterfly in her videos and photos for the past few months now haha hope she's not bitter. I truly believe we need a Mariah and Ariana duet soon.
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Re: I Don't (94,139) (94,145) by Malcolm from Asia
(Wednesday 20 May 2020; 03:02)
The only reason it got 20 million views was because Stella grabbed the chance of releasing it after the New Year's Eve fiasco. Mariah was all over the news at that time but in all the wrong reasons and it reflected on the dislikes in that MV if you will observe it. That era was hell. Thank God Mariah is finally in good state right now.
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I Don't (94,136) by Malcolm from Asia
(Tuesday 19 May 2020; 12:02)
Does anyone here like this song but end up hating it anyway on every listen because you remember the tacky music video especially the running Mariah on gown and leather jacket at the beginning? Lol my dilemma.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,098) (94,100) by Malcolm from Asia
(Friday 15 May 2020; 14:15)
I also find the performance not so pleasant to the ears. But surprisingly it was good according to the general people who isn't fan of hers because I sent it to them and ask what they think. One also said that Mariah's voice definitely has change but it's still beautiful.
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Discovering Mariah's music (93,566) by Malcolm from Asia
(Saturday 11 April 2020; 00:08)
Do you miss the time when you were just discovering Mariah's catalog one by one? It's really a moment when you go back thinking those times.
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iHeart Living Room Concert performance (93,473) by Malcolm from Asia
(Tuesday 31 March 2020; 17:10)
So this is our new AIWFCIY Jimmy Fallon performance that we can send to haters and friends when they want to count Mariah out haha. Love it.
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To Webmaster: link is not working (92,895) by Malcolm from Asia
(Monday 17 February 2020; 01:51)
Hi Webmaster, I think the link is not working. Here is the right link.
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Back in Vegas (92,889) by Malcolm from Asia
(Sunday 16 February 2020; 22:43)
If this is not a testament that Mariah can still sing (and I'm not saying "sing" as in just like in her prime), I don't what is. With her current situation right now which is far more fine compared to 2014-2017, I'm just appreciating that she's trying and it's evident.
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ASCAP (92,824) by Malcolm from Asia
(Thursday 13 February 2020; 10:54)
Do someone know what is the effect of this for Mariah's career? Is it massively good?
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When Christmas Comes (92,745) by Malcolm from Asia
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 17:25)
Does anyone knows how YouTube Algorithm works? Because I just discovered something about WCC that can hint that Mariah and her team are boosting the song in a passive way. Whenever I watch With You, WCC automatically comes next until now that the Christmas is over. Before, it was Caution that comes next every time after With You which is understandable. If this was her teams doing, I think they planned to boost Caution before to see if it will have a momentum and WCC as their target for the next "big" Christmas song.
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Re: Superbowl Halftime Show (92,738) (92,742) by Malcolm from Asia
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 16:30)
That's what I thought so too. Shakira is such a breath of fresh air, people really do miss her that why her songs charted again up until now. But in the case of JLo, I don't know if it's because of the Mariah-JLo shade that I see her set as forced. She has this aura of proving something to everyone and the way she is with Shakira especially at the end, she seems have this vibe that is superior and she seems portraying as "I'm the bigger star here" based on her body language. Lol I don't know but that's my two cents.
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Superbowl Halftime Show (92,725) by Malcolm from Asia
(Tuesday 4 February 2020; 15:50)
The reality is that Mariah can't do the show jusy by herself, what I always imagined is she and Celine do it together. I think it will be amazing to see them both on that stage plus it won't hurt if they have a Whitney hologram at the end. Ballads but in a grandiose and classy way. Make it happen Jay Z.
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John Legend's new song (92,469) by Malcolm from Asia
(Sunday 19 January 2020; 19:34)
Have you guys listened to his new song? I just imagine it would be nice if Mariah hops on in this song, write some new verse and released it as a remix like what Ed Sheeran and Beyonce did to Perfect, I honestly think it would be nice to at least tease us with this before she release something on her own. Hit or not I think I and everyone will be glad if she do this, it's a good song and a great addition to her collaborations.
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