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Name: Norman
Country: USA
I've been a fan of Mariah's since I first heard Love Takes Time (I don't know how I initially missed Vision of Love), and I haven't looked back since.
Her music has been there for me in my darkest hours to help lift out of the depths of whatever I was going through at the time. She's my all time favorite female singer, even though I love many others.

It's funny to think of her music as a "friend", but it's always been there for me. I love her talent.

" As we drifted to another place and time
And the feeling was so heady and sublime
As I lost my heart to you
There in the dark
Underneath the stars"
Re: MC16 (97,100) (97,115) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 10 January 2021; 07:44)
Jasmine Sullivan (her new album is pure fiyah)
J Balvin
Bad Bunny
Ari (legit og single)
Dev Hynes
Kendrick Lamar
Missy & Da Brat for the nostalgia

Honestly, I'd love it if she was featured in a ton of singles so she could saturate the market instead of trying to go for #20. I'd like her to take a page out of most rappers playbooks - be everywhere. Chill on the sniper angle and go shotgun on the charts.
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Ari on Mimi (97,004) by Norman from USA
(Monday 21 December 2020; 15:10)
Ariana's clip of her speaking about the AIWFC compilation she was asked to de a part of last year is very sweet. She totally fangirled and got emotional about it. It was endearing. It's in her upcoming Netflix special.
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Re: Andrew (96,602) (96,604) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 12 November 2020; 21:17)
DD, you're asking the sun to rise in the west.
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Re: What is going on here (96,236) (96,242) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 10:24)
We'll see where it lands. That'll go far to help determine what the final product will look like. I'm more excited for the Apple+ tv Christmas special right now. And that's only because it's with Apple. If I hear Hallmark or Bravo, I'm out. I'm skipping that project.
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Re: Lovecraft Country (96,168) (96,191) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 10:40)
The show is incredible on so many levels. I've liked it since the first episode, but the last 3 have really been spectacular.
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AG MC JH (96,065) by Norman from USA
(Friday 9 October 2020; 21:49)
Could it actually be? Lambs going crazy on Twitter and IG right now with the speculation of Ariana and JHud joining Mariah for the Apple TV Christmas special.
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Re: TMOMC spoilers (95,884) (95,888) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 13:21)
Bill, your enthusiasm is giving me life. The audiobook truly is something else. What a week to be a lamb.
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The Latin Elvis (95,866) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 30 September 2020; 10:56)
I didn't see the Crybaby connection with Luis Miguel coming, but I'm glad to hear a snippet of their relationship talked about. They're my favorite male and female vocalists.
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Re: Columbia Records/Sony (95,798) (95,806) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 27 September 2020; 20:56)
She does go by Barbra, not Barbara as corrected, webmaster. If you're going to be pendantic. [Webmaster: I know how to write Barbra Streisand's name, I have all her albums. That's why I corrected the name from "Barbara" to "Barbra".]
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Re: MC30 (95,742) (95,747) by Norman from USA
(Friday 25 September 2020; 11:55)
Bill, you're welcome to view it on my account. Email me:
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Nice time (95,720) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 12:05)
"A cute romance," Mimi says about her relationship with Nick Cannon. Damn.
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Re: OHOMO (95,625) (95,626) by Norman from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 22:28)
Lol, I was typing out the acronym last night, too. But I decided to leave that for someone else to post first. Do you need a co-counsel for that suit? I'm game.
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Re: Out here loving this (95,606) (95,608) by Norman from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 11:41)
Brokenhearted hits the nail on the head.
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Out here loving this (95,605) by Norman from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 10:22)
Out Here on My Own has truly exceed any expectation I've had for a new single of hers in the past 15 years. I have it playing on loop

There are moments where it reminds me of Help Me Make it Through The Night. It's so beautifully executed in a simple and evocative way and tone. It proves less is more.

I'm not really caring about the charts with this song. I'm just thankful it's available to us.
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Re: Loverboy - Firecracker (95,449) (95,460) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 9 September 2020; 23:27)
Here for it.
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Re: A grower I guess (95,090) (95,101) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 02:59)
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Re: I got some tea (95,058) (95,070) by Norman from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 13:45)
The very one. I know it's a wild guess, but it does have a Mariah ring to it. I could see her covering it. I'm probably 100% wrong but I took a stab at it.
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Re: I got some tea (95,033) (95,050) by Norman from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 10:15)
I'm thinking these might be good guesses:

Track 2 - Can You Hear Me
Track 7 - Slippin Away
Track 8 - Out Here On My Own
Track 9 - Loverboy (Firecracker sample)
Track 10 - I Pray
Track 13 - Lullaby of Birdland
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey shares heartbreaking song (94,329) (94,330) by Norman from USA
(Monday 8 June 2020; 13:59)
Other than this post about them, have you sought out justice for those victims in any way? Because if your outrage is only about people voicing their grievances and their outrage about black people being disproportionately killed and attacked because of the color of their skin, you might want to reassess the situation and sit this one out.

And you can miss me with the looting angle if that's your retort - outrage prioritizing insured real estate and goods doesn't outweigh a life. That's also part of the problem.
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Re: Insta FLAB) (93,608) (93,618) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 14 April 2020; 00:07)
Thank you. I'm doing a bit better today and waiting for the official results. This thing is no joke. Hope you had a good one.
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Insta FLAB (93,592) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 12 April 2020; 22:06)
Fighting off this COVID-19 over here and Mariah singing FLAB on IG is giving me life. And it's everything. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it. And may all of you stay safe out there.
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Re: Favourite non successful song (93,524) (93,535) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 8 April 2020; 12:16)
I have a soft spot for Almost Home, too. It started a journey for me when it came out. It's a tie between The Roof and Underneath the Stars for me, however. Straight up classics.

I hope all of you and your loved ones are staying safe out there in your spot in the world.
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Mariah's Easter (93,534) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 8 April 2020; 12:09)
With Joel Osteen and Kanye West? Why?
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Re: Happy silver anniversary, MC (93,405) (93,427) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 29 March 2020; 08:20)
Happy belated birthday, Randy. Best of luck on your move. Stay safe out there.
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Re: Doja cat (93,112) (93,149) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 3 March 2020; 04:52)
It's fire. It gave me Mimi vibes. It's certainly better than Lady Gaga's new single. No shade. Just saying.
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