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Name: Norman
Country: USA
I've been a fan of Mariah's since I first heard Love Takes Time (I don't know how I initially missed Vision of Love), and I haven't looked back since.
Her music has been there for me in my darkest hours to help lift out of the depths of whatever I was going through at the time. She's my all time favorite female singer, even though I love many others.

It's funny to think of her music as a "friend", but it's always been there for me. I love her talent.

" As we drifted to another place and time
And the feeling was so heady and sublime
As I lost my heart to you
There in the dark
Underneath the stars"
Re: Sack the stylist (93,143) (93,148) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 3 March 2020; 04:43)
Her Idol stylist was on point.
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Re: Evergreens (93,117) (93,131) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 1 March 2020; 23:39)
No one is scoffing at it.
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Re: Evergreens (93,099) (93,109) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 1 March 2020; 05:42)
Interesting. Hasn't her success out in the UK been a bit of a mixed bag?

Her 2 #1 songs there are covers:
Without You
Against All Odds

Her first single was a top 10:
Vision of Love - #9

Her first top 5, however, is also a cover:
I'll Be There - #2

The rest of her top 5 runs?
Endless Love - #2 (cover)
Fantasy - #4
Open Arms -#4 (cover)
ABMB - #3
Honey -#3
My All -#4
WYB -#4
Heartbreaker -#4
It's Like That - #4
WBT #2
TMB -#5
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Re: Evergreens (93,078) (93,098) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 29 February 2020; 18:56)
I live in LA and constantly hear Mariah played in various places around the city all year long. It actually surprises me to hear her songs played so frequently. It's mostly stuff from Emotions, Daydream and Music Box, but it's played. It's justy experience, of course.
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Write it forward (93,085) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 29 February 2020; 07:41)
I really wish Mariah would write or collab in writing songs for the following artists:
Jennifer Hudson
Tori Kelly
Kelly Clarkson
Sam Smith
Jessie J
Kelly Rowland
Dinah Jane

I'm sure I'm forgetting others, but it's who popped into my right now. Anyone else you'd add to the list?
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Re: Anyone else listen to E=MC2 more than TEOM? (93,081) (93,084) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 29 February 2020; 06:43)
Absolutely. I find myself listening to Memoirs and Caution more than either of the two previously mentioned.
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Re: We need an uptempo song (92,973) (92,978) by Norman from USA
(Friday 21 February 2020; 22:28)
100% in agreement.
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Re: Vocal decline (92,787) (92,788) by Norman from USA
(Monday 10 February 2020; 10:42)
I honestly believe it would be humanizing for her to do so. I mean, since she's known for her vocal ability, it's the elephant in the room, you know?

She can talk about her writing until she's blue in the face, but she wasn't sold to the general public for her writing skills: it was 100% her vocals. I'm not saying it's a 100 fair - she's talked about her writing from the very beginning, but her marketing was always about her voice.

I know this has been said before, but one can't help but think of Julie Andrews as a fair comparison. She came clean about her vocal issues and people moved on. She's still revered for her legendary voice decades after her last performance.

Mariah's vocals aren't as damaged as Julie's, but she would really do herself a favor by addressing it. If she did that and wrote and produced for other artists, I think she could shift the convo some.

Releasing an album after that would probably be a redemptive arc in her story. It's not that she is obligated to do so, it's simply that it would be a good move.

As fans, we know that Mariah is so much more than just her vocal ability. Personally, her lyrics have meant a great deal throughout my life. If she chooses, I know she has a lot more to deliver to the music world. I really liked Caution a lot, and I think it's a good direction for her. With her memoirs coming out this year, and with 30th anniversary of her debut album creeping up, I'd say it's a perfect time to adress it.

Whatever she does, I look forward to seeing good things from her.
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Re: Ivy Park (92,463) (92,492) by Norman from USA
(Monday 20 January 2020; 05:59)
I don't think she did. Reese Witherspoon and Cardi also hyped it.
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Re: Where's whining Walter? (92,455) (92,468) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 19 January 2020; 19:31)
When was Walter A inducted? I can't find any mention of him and the award. I know that sniveling Roger Friedman was griping about Mimi getting inducted before him, and being overall unpleasant towards her as is his custom. I'm very happy she's inducted and that they're whining.
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Ivy Park (92,456) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 19 January 2020; 05:22)
Do you guys think Mariah would wear any of these outfits? B gave a few celebrities the whole collection as a gift. I remember loving the Adidas outfit she wore to the Nickelodeon awards show. Just a random question.
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Re: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (92,364) (92,370) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 16 January 2020; 10:45)
Pat Benetar also deserves it.
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Re: Important recordings (92,315) (92,317) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 14 January 2020; 02:47)
No three singles are more defining. I'd note an honorable mention to WBT, however.
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Re: Yummy vs. One Mo Gen (92,222) (92,241) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 9 January 2020; 02:19)
I don't like Yummy in the least. Not because it's Beiber, but because it doesn't appeal to me. Then again, One 'Mo Gen had to grow on me. Now it's my 3rd favorite track after 8th Grade and GML.
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Re: Madonna vs. Mariah (92,235) (92,240) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 9 January 2020; 02:16)
I'm not sure I'd compare them, they're such different artists. Madonna has as much an impressive discography as Mariah does, but with very different approaches and aesthetics.

They've been pitted against each other for various reasons (Madge did start the fued), but I think it's mostly a media driven thing that was then picked up by their respective fandoms. Both women have been untouchable at the apex of their careers, and many artists only dream of their accolades.

While I agree that Mariah doesn't get nearly the respect she deserves, I firmly believe that Madonna gets her respect because she demanded nothing less. I say Brava to both of them. Just my 2 cents.
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Week 3, you in danger, girl (91,938) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 08:55)
Drake just dropped a new single called "War". It's getting a lot of hate on twitter but it's still Drake, you know? And Beiber is dropping a new song at noon tomorrow. Ugh.
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Re: AIWFCIY hitting #1 (91,899) (91,904) by Norman from USA
(Monday 23 December 2019; 00:38)
Here, here.
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Re: Who hasn't MC collaborated / revisit previous collab (91,884) (91,886) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 22 December 2019; 14:01)
Mark Ronson. I really need a Mark Ronson collabo. I wouldn't be mad at a J Balvin one, either. H.E.R.
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Re: Pure sales (91,392) (91,395) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 19 November 2019; 10:32)
It goes by quarters in a year. The sales fluctuate over time as some sell more and some sell less.
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Re: Pure sales (91,387) (91,394) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 19 November 2019; 06:58)
Well, apparently I need to visit my optometrist. Smdh. Babs was right in front of me the whole time. And I could've sworn I read it was only US sales that it tracked, but it's definitely worldwide sales. That's a huge difference and the key factor. I'd like to see a US only chart. It's still impressive Mariah stayed in the top 5 and 10 for the 2000s.
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Billy on the street (91,385) by Norman from USA
(Monday 18 November 2019; 12:14)
Did anyone else see this IG post of Mariah seemingly filming an episode of Billy on the street?
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Re: Pure sales (91,381) (91,384) by Norman from USA
(Monday 18 November 2019; 12:11)
Edward, I also found that surprising. At first I thought she would show up with about the same kind of sales trajectory that Whitney and Celine had during the respective signature songs. But when I thought about it, I realized that both Whitney and Celine's songs were also tied to phenomenal box-office successful movies/soundtracks, while Mariah's album was an entirely singular entity. It was still hugely successful in the states, but not as big an event as a tie-in with really successful movies. That said, it's difficult to overlook how Madge dominated sales for quite a while. So much so that she kept going back and forth between number one with MJ.

Maybe Mariah had a bigger impact on radio? It's also good to point out that I don't remember seeing Barbra anywhere on the list, and she has more RIAA certifications than Mimi or Madge. Impressive numbers all around for them all, however.
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Re: Pure sales (91,370) (91,376) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 17 November 2019; 06:46)
TJ, that was interesting, right? I'm thinking radio must've been a big factor in her rise. Bill, that channel is very interesting for that very reason. Glad you enjoyed it.
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Pure sales (91,369) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 16 November 2019; 10:29)
Have you guys seen this video chart of the biggest selling artists through the years (1969-2019)? It's pretty damn interesting. I was shocked by a number of things, but I think I most surprised by Elton John. I mean, I knew he'd sold a ton of albums, but his sustained dominance through the years was really surprising and impressive. There's a lot to dig through here. I figured you guys might also find it interesting.
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Re: Memoirs by Andy (91,314) (91,318) by Norman from USA
(Friday 8 November 2019; 09:08)
Reading about this put a bit of a dark cloud over the project, for me. As much as I like Andy's show and Mariah's appearances on it, his brand isn't about respectability, or of good repute. This is a Mariah's World move; it's not even lateral.

And as I write this, Ella Mai and H.E.R. provide an ominous soundtrack with Gut Feeling.
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