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Name: Norman
Country: USA
I've been a fan of Mariah's since I first heard Love Takes Time (I don't know how I initially missed Vision of Love), and I haven't looked back since.
Her music has been there for me in my darkest hours to help lift out of the depths of whatever I was going through at the time. She's my all time favorite female singer, even though I love many others.

It's funny to think of her music as a "friend", but it's always been there for me. I love her talent.

" As we drifted to another place and time
And the feeling was so heady and sublime
As I lost my heart to you
There in the dark
Underneath the stars"
Music Box and Slipping Away (89,747) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 28 May 2019; 06:51)
Those two snippets were everything (three thousand exclamation points). When she sings the beginning part of MB, "When I am low." Ugh. I was taken back.
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Crave (89,559) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 11 May 2019; 10:36)
Madgr has a new song out with Swae Lee called Crave. And I swear it could easily fit into Mimi's Caution album. If this song or any of Mariah's songs from Caution were released by any other current female acts, they would get air play. I'm not saying #1 or anything, but at least top 20. Ageism is bish.
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BBMA style (89,129) by Norman from USA
(Friday 12 April 2019; 00:37)
What are the chances of Mimi having a stylist like Patricia Field, Adam Selman, or Marni Senofonte? I mean, maybe a couture Zac Posen? On a scale of 1 to Migrate is her next single? Per chance to dream.
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Re: Remix video (88,753) (88,759) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 23 March 2019; 04:01)
That Lizzo track , "Tempo" is fire.
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Boasty (88,464) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 10 March 2019; 14:57)
I get a feeling this song is going to light up the charts. It may be a Wiley song feat. Steflon Don and Sean Paul, but Idris steals the show. I may not understand 97% of what they're saying, but damn. He really did that. This will also put Steflon Don out there more before the ANN remix.
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Gimme a beat (88,174) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 24 February 2019; 08:25)
I wonder why Mariah shies away from hard beats. When I heard "Emotionless" from Drake, where he samples the Emotions intro, it got me wondering why she doesn't drop some beats like that.
Hip hop artists aren't known for being dancers, so why couldn't it work for Mariah? I love the Caution album, but I do wish some of the songs had more of an edge to them.
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Merry Christmas (87,224) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 25 December 2018; 09:37)
To all my MCA peeps.
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Re: (87,141) (87,145) by Norman from USA
(Wednesday 19 December 2018; 17:57)
Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that, B. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.
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Re: AIWFCIY playlist (87,039) (87,043) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 15 December 2018; 14:56)
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AIWFCIY playlist (87,037) by Norman from USA
(Friday 14 December 2018; 13:22)
Hello all. I made a playlist that I thought might be helpful for any of you that might want to stream the song in the background or overnight. I usually leave it on overnight with the headphones plugged in, and the volume set very low (not mute).

Every other song on here is AIWFCIY, with all the rest of the songs being from either her Christmas albums or the Caution album. I figured it couldn't hurt to get some extra streams in there. Please feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy doing this, too. Cheers.
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Re: 8th Grade (86,779) (86,809) by Norman from USA
(Monday 3 December 2018; 13:25)
B, I actually get an Aaliyah vibe from Caution. Maybe it's just me. Don't really feel it on 8th Grade. Love the song though.
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Music Box v. Daydream v. Merry Christmas (86,721) by Norman from USA
(Saturday 1 December 2018; 10:16)
Vocals only. I know that Daydream is considered her vocal prime, but there's something about her vocals on Merry Christmas that seems to stand just a tad higher. MC > DD, MB. I can't decide between DD and MB. What say you?
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Almost Home (86,643) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 29 November 2018; 08:11)
"No offense to whoever wrote it." I thought she wrote it. Am I not reading that correctly?
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Re: Caution next single should be? (86,270) (86,283) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 10:59)
Amen to that. It's on a perpetual loop here. I just wonder if she'll actually do it. Big productions haven't been a thing for her since about TMB.
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Re: Caution next single should be? (86,252) (86,282) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 10:47)
Can you imagine a John Waters directed video for A No No? I'd die.
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Re: Rainbow era interview (85,839) (85,845) by Norman from USA
(Monday 12 November 2018; 09:08)
Terna, I really miss her doing interviews like this. They're just such natural/free flowing conversations. And you can just tell how much knowledge she has about every aspect of the business. Le sigh.
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Re: With You challenge (84,846) (84,865) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2018; 19:16)
I think it should a funny singing into a hairbrush challenge - with guys appearing out of ones skirt.
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Re: GTFO snips (83,695) (83,707) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 07:13)
Preach it, Ethan.
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Re: New release (83,600) (83,607) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 6 September 2018; 23:52)
Tijl, may I ask where you saw this info? The possibility of this being accurate is completely disheartening and perplexing. Le sigh.
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Re: Just sayin' (78,679) (78,681) by Norman from USA
(Sunday 8 October 2017; 02:21)
Andrew, I hope you're brother is better soon; thankful he's home. Spending a day like that is scary and taxing on everyone.
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Martyn (75,697) by Norman from USA
(Thursday 25 May 2017; 11:47)
My only connection to Martyn was through this board. And even that was limited to my liking his posts from time to time. Still, the news of his passing has shaken me in ways I didn't expect. I've openly wept for him, for the grief his loved ones must be going through, and the utter senselessness of this whole ordeal. My heart is heavy for all those who knew and loved him. May you rest in peace, Martyn.
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Re: Nick on Wendy (74,820) (74,824) by Norman from USA
(Friday 28 April 2017; 09:53)
Um, that would be an emphatic no. Perish the thought. *shudders*
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Re: New Vevo for 90's artists (74,703) (74,706) by Norman from USA
(Monday 24 April 2017; 04:39)
Wait. What? Seriously? Wow. I'm going to have to look it up.
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Re: New Vevo for 90's artists (74,693) (74,700) by Norman from USA
(Monday 24 April 2017; 00:18)
I Brownstone. That song is perfection. One of my all time favorites.
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Re: The uselessness of trying to change someone (74,001) (74,017) by Norman from USA
(Tuesday 28 March 2017; 22:37)
Amen to that, Marissa.
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