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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: Mariah / Whitney singing each other's songs (100,896) (100,900) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 4 August 2022; 18:06)
It's funny you say you wish Mariah covered "The Lonely Talking Again", because I thought it was actually a Mariah Carey song back in the day before the internet, Google, YouTube etc. A funny story is I was actually in the music section of Circuit City combing through the Mariah cds (this had to be post Butterfly because that's when I really started my collection) and found the single for Hero then saw "Everything Fades Away" as the B-side. Since I couldn't sample the song and didn't even know the actual title of the Whitney song, I convinced myself that "Everything Fades Away" had to "The Lonely Talking Again"; I even sung the title of EFA in the same melody as the Whitney song (which I barely knew any lyrics to just the melody for the hook) to solidify it. So I promptly purchased the single and of course it wasn't the song I thought it was. However it was my first introduction to "Everything Fades Away" which I instantly loved and was blown away by.

To answer your question: I would've loved to hear Whitney sing "Vision of Love" in her prime and Mariah sing "The Lonely Talking Again" or "Where You Are".
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,807) (100,840) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 28 July 2022; 17:20)
The only reason Charmbracelet sank was because of the overuse of her whisper register. The album had some of her most heartfelt songs to date imo. It's the album that made me feel the closest and most connected to her; it made me feel as if she was singing her diary to me personally.

Initially I did slightly struggled with the heavy use of her whisper register on this project, and wish she had gave us a bit more mid voice as well, but in hindsight, as many have stated, I've grown to really appreciate that register as apart of the many colors of her vocal arsenal. I find it very soothing on some songs and there's a certain level of vulnerability that she conveys in that register that's unmatched to me. In "There Goes My Heart Again", "Subtle Invitation", and "Through The Rain" it's a perfectly executed.

Overall I enjoyed and really appreciated Charmbracelet even during that time. I remember it was the very first album I played in my very first car and I would just let it play and play (along with India Arie's Voyage to India album) as I drove around town, so it holds so much sentimental value to me probably more than any of her other albums.
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Re: B's Break My Soul (100,693) (100,699) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 12 July 2022; 06:15)
They're both dance tracks, but sound totally different. Meteorite sounds like futuristic dance disco and Break My Soul mixes house music with New Orleans bounce elements.

I get what you mean though, if MC had a killer dance video and airplay support, I think Meteorite could've done something. Beyoncé is still in her grace period as an artist, she's still very popular and on top of her game, so she'll be heavily hyped (by her fans), promoted, and pushed on radio, for a good while at least. It'll be interesting to see if she can defy the ageism that many women in music face after a certain age.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,642) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 19:07)
Aside from my post (once again) not being received in proper context, your post was great Bill. However in reference to my post there were so many unfair implications that I have to address.

Once again, I myself am an "OG/ Day One" fan that had the cassettes, CDs, and VHS tapes of Mariah. I remember running to the television to record her music videos on the VCR when they'd come on MTV; so you're preaching to the choir when it comes to the real dedicated fans aspect. I've been through all the phases as a lamb and I'm still here like everyone else. My statement about people missing "the Mariah they fell in love with" was not in reference to her still being in Tommy's dominion. I would hope no one would want her to be in that abusive scenario ever again. That should've gone without saying. Though I have run across post on here where people actually did express preferring her under his control/citing him as being great for her career, so maybe some here do wish she was still under him (for career purposes). To clarify I was specifically speaking to people missing how she came across back then. Nothing I stated was an insult or intended to write off of the "goats". I was simply explaining that this board is the space for some fans (and/or former fans) to all come on to express their grievances and frustrations because let's face it, some on here are not fans of "todays Mariah Carey". They don't like anything about her anymore and even her best efforts aren't enough, which is their right/is fair. Everyone needs their support group.

My post wasn't to prolong a competition between the lambs and "goats" on "who really loves Mariah the most" or who really has her best interest. As I've stated I believe we all do (or did at one point). We may express it differently, but at the end of the day we all logged on because of the same thing (for the most part) and it's not the memes or her tangents. We're all here because of her God given talent and gift that has move each of us deeply at some point of our lives. I must also point out that there's definitely a difference between "showing concern" (which we all do) and straight up bashing her or taking too much delight in harping on her blunder moments.

Some of the post on here have come across as down right harsh and even borderline trolling, which I don't think is a nice way to show concern for a loved one. When I'm concerned about MC, I voice it with compassion and reverence because I personally wouldn't want to sound hateful, resentful, or contemptuous towards her. That's just my perspective "as an OG/day one fan", everyone is different so to each their own.

My original post was just me expressing that we have to come to terms with the reality that MC won't always be perfect, she'll have her tangents sometimes and then she'll knock it out the park other times. I personally feel that some of these moments are forgivable and she deserves a bit more grace sometimes from people on here. That's not the same as being an enabler btw. It's not fair that people are quick to weaponize her mental health situation against her, just because she rambled a bit in my humble opinion (it's just not the most abnormal thing). However, I'm not saying you have to love every moment or can't express true concern when there's a need to. One last thing I want to clarify is that in my original post, which was in response to her Songwriters Hall of Fame speech, I never used the term GOAT. Someone else must've thrown that in the mix with my actual comments which was "OG/Day One" fans. Perhaps that's were this mix up came in because the GOAT reference is meant to be negative whereas "OG/Day One" was not. I hope this clears some things up. I believe this was a case of painting with broad strokes and intent being lost in translation. Whether you consider yourself a lamb, a disgruntle fan, or a GOAT. I wish you all well. Love and light.

I starting to see how MC felt when she had to keep saying "as a songwriter". I hope I don't have to say "as an OG/day one fan myself" after this post.
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GOATS and Lambs (100,628) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 30 June 2022; 23:04)
Okay I'm not sure if it was my last message that sparked this great divide or not, but let me just say "first of all we love everybody" and in my last message when I referred to some of you as the "day ones" and "OG fans" it wasn't intended to have negative connotation or be shady.

I'm actually a day one fan, I remember when VOL first came out. Basically I was saying I understand how everyone feels on both sides of the table: the ones that the miss old Mariah (with the big hair, bangs, and flawless voice) that they fell deeply in love with to point that "even though they try they can't let go" and the lambs who have this unyielding unconditional love and reverence for MC for better or worse. We can all agree on one thing, we love MC. I do think this board has essentially become a place/a haven where the self proclaimed GOATS can come and vent all their nuances; while the ones who identify more as lambs has the rest of Social Media to have a more light positive fan experience. That's the way I've grown to see it anyway.

We're all here to stay, lambs and GOATS exist beyond this one platform/medium of all things Mariah.
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Re: What's on your MC rotation these days? (100,564) (100,581) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 26 June 2022; 00:28)
I've found myself listening to Subtle Invitation, You're Mine (Eternal), and Meteorite the most recently. Subtle Invitation has become a crowned jewel for me over the years.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,514) (100,551) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 22 June 2022; 16:13)
Thank you for this. I think some of the old school lambs on here have the tendency to catastrophize everything MC does that's a little unorthodox or eccentric. All the comments I've seen from the general public were giving MC her flowers and saying "well deserved". Some of us are just super hard on her nowadays, while everyone else seems to accept her as is.... human, endearing, and never use any faux pas to discredit her legacy.

I understand the "day ones" have a different relationship with MC and many of the harsh criticism comes from a place of remembering yester-year when she was so prim and perfect acting all the time, but at this point we should all know Mariah is a boring one dimensional diva. She has a lot of personality, wit, and she lives for a moment. Let her have it, she's paid her dues and cemented her legacy. Can't anybody take that away from her.
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Re: Rank the (US) #1s, it's too quiet (99,914) (99,934) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 19 March 2022; 15:28)
19) I Don't Wanna Cry
18) One Sweet Day
17) All I Want For Christmas
16) Thank God I Found You
15) I'll Be There
14) Touch My Body
13) Honey
12) Heartbreaker
11) Don't Forget About Us
10) Hero
9) Fantasy
8) Always Be My Baby
7) Dreamlover
6) Someday
5) We Belong Together
4) My All
3) Emotions
2) Vision Of Love
1) Love Takes Time
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Re: Your relationship with the Number Ones, today (99,524) (99,562) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 30 January 2022; 16:44)
1) Vision of Love - I always have to watch the video for the full experience of reliving the splendor. The visual is a must, even though I live for the MSG live version even more.

2) Love Takes Time - Still my absolute favorite number 1 and in my top 5 of all time. A classic that I love revisiting.

3) Someday - New Jack Swing version thumps till this day. It's on the playlist.

4) I Don't Wanna Cry - MSG version only, the album version is too generic for me.

5) Emotions - I enjoy it in passing, but never listen to the original, just the Unplugged intro is my favorite thing.

6) I'll Be There - Enjoy in passing never really listen to it intentionally.

7) Dreamlover - Still love this song as much as when I first heard, when I do hear it that is. I revisit it only sometimes though.

8) Hero - Something about the way she sings "so when you feel like hope is gone" makes me revisit it sometimes even though it could've easily ended up on the overplayed list.

9) Fantasy - The club remix version is superior to all. When it pops up on the playlist, I do all the adlibs, then the background vocals (Melonie and the Price sisters style). The transition to the reprise towards the end is still magically nostalgic.

10) One Sweet Day - I only listen to it when YouTubers react to it for the first time. Beautiful message of course, but not on my playlist.

11) Always Be My Baby - I actually really enjoy this song more and more as the years pass. So I have revisited it recently. I use to prefer the Xscape and Dabrat version the most.

12) Honey - Prefer the dance remix version "It's like honaaayeee. it's like honayyye."

13) My All - Love both the original and the Stay Awhile versions. They are revisited periodically.

14) Heartbreaker - The remix with Missy and Brat and the "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" version.

15) Thank God I Found You - Nas and Joe version here and there.

16) We Belong Together - Still enjoy in passing not on my playlist.

17) Don't Forget About Us - Used to be one of my favorite number ones, but not so much now. I have actually listened to it recently, while revisiting TEOM earlier this month.

18) Touch My Body - Fun in passing, but not on a playlist. I don't ever skip it when l revisit E=MC2 though; I have to always let it play.

19) All I Want For Christmas (Is You) - I only jam to the So So Def version personally.

This woman has so many hits. I felt like I was reflecting over my entire life.
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Fall In Love At Christmas (98,905) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 14:47)
Okay so I sat with the song for a few days and I have to say: I think it's a cute pleasant little addition to the Christmas playlist. I'll have it placed between "Born Is the King/The First Noel" and (the original version of) "When Christmas Comes". Like someone spoke to it's no "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)", but it's definitely a much better listen than "The Star" and "Little Snowman". So I'm not mad at it.

Oh and I'm definitely ready for a gospel/inspirational album, maybe with a couple of "Vision of Love" esque ballads that are open to interpretation, and a few introspective cuts. I think "it's tiiimmeee". *in my MC voice*
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Re: Facebook post of "The Distance" lyric video (98,828) (98,836) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 5 November 2021; 00:52)
She really needs to go ahead and add a full song/revamped lyric version of Christmas In New York in the AppleTV special.
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Re: Isn't it ironic (98,405) (98,412) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 02:24)
I feel like Mariah was probably in her most vulnerable/heartbroken state (outside of the [Glitter] era) during her divorce from Nick, which made her more susceptible to someone like a Stella who would come in and give this false sense of comfort/an extended family unit. It was clear as day for most people to see that she was falling prey to someone who couldn't be trusted and it would end bad.

I feel she's now in her best most stable place mentally that she's been in years and she's really learned the lesson this time. She really seems at peace with her life now which makes me happy.

Though we can all agree that MC has had some great career blunders, we can also take comfort in the fact that she had given us so much great heartfelt, purposeful music throughout her career that could carry us a lifetime. Of course I still wish she had preserved her voice better, had the "more seasoned 90s version" of it now, and was still giving us Daydream MSG level live performances every single time she hit the stage, but I'll choose to look at the glass half full and just take it as she sung her voice and heart out giving us all she had in her. She left it all on the floor and could bow out gracefully now if she wanted and will still be regarded as one of the best to ever do it.
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Re: Nick, why oh why? (98,225) (98,239) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 June 2021; 01:10)
Nick "Loose" Cannon needs to definitely stop while he's ahead or at least don't add any new baby mamas to the roaster. *palm forehead* At this rate he's gonna have to have zoom meetings with all his kids to affectively be in their lives. I feel kind of bad for Roc And Roe and their siblings. Yes they'll all be financially taken care of, but it will always be embarrassing (and a bad look) for poppa to be a rolling stone, not living in the same household with mama, and not being a real sound family unit. I hope for the best in the future for all the kids and how they deal with this reality.

Side note: I wonder if being Mr. Mariah Carey played a part in him wanting to impregnated multiple women who would actually need his financial support. I know sometimes the male ego can be fragile when it comes to a woman being more successful than them or even financially independent. Just a thought.
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Dionne Warwick (97,901) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 28 April 2021; 22:01)
Though I was personally unbothered/unmoved by Ms Dionne Warwick's take on whether Mariah (and other great female artist of the 90s) were considered legends/icons now. I must say it was nice to see the general public (respectfully) come to Mariah's defense and state why she is in fact undeniably very much a legend/icon living. The people have spoken and I agree.
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Re: En Vogue / Don't let go (97,849) (97,851) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 17 April 2021; 18:53)
En Vogue and Mariah were the highlight of 1990 for me. They've always put me in the mind of each other with their little black dresses, classy yet cutting edge auras and of course outstanding vocals: my favorite singer and female group of all time. I've always dreamed of them doing something together during their hay day. It;s never too late (Mariah if you're reading this). *cross fingers*
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Re: Nick (97,799) (97,801) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 13 April 2021; 08:28)
Nick stay being a dad again. *side eye* He has about three households now. *covers mouth*
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Re: Best opening line (97,752) (97,781) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 8 April 2021; 18:33)
"I'm thinking of you, in my sleepless solitude tonight."

Hits different as a grown up, falling for someone who's unavailable (at the moment).
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Re: Happy 52nd Birthday, Mariah Carey (97,707) (97,710) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 29 March 2021; 03:28)
Well Pat said Mimi arrived in 1970 in the Oprah interview from 1999, so I'm just gonna go ahead and believe them.

Happy (belated) 3/27

"Treat it as a holiday."
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Re: Tommy Mottola, a monster? (97,554) (97,567) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 11 March 2021; 12:11)
Tommy just should've never crossed the line of business and started a romantic relationship with Mariah; and played the same role Clive Davis did with Whitney, just being a mentor, guide and protector to a young MC. That would've been more mentally healthy for her in the long run. He gave Mariah the perfect launching pad for her career no doubt, but I believe his overly controlling antics could be the reason why MC went so hard in the opposing direction after their split. Maybe had he not been so ridiculously controlling, Mariah would've displayed more of a balance in certain areas once they split. It's like the kid that grew up in a very strict household once they go to college, break free, and living it up big time.

Overall I think it was a little bit of both: he definitely helped guide her and also stifled some of her organic creativity/musical identity. Remember some of the gems we have is because she had to scheme to have it recorded and released.
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Re: Top 5 best album openers (97,515) (97,526) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 1 March 2021; 10:25)
5) It's Like That
4) Becha Gon Know
3) Dreamlover
2) Through The Rain
1) Cry
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,421) (97,479) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 24 February 2021; 22:57)
1) Daydream
2) Emotions
3) Mariah Carey
5) Butterfly
6) Merry Christmas
7) Glitter
9) Memoirs
10) Charmbraclet
11) Merry Christmas II You
12) Rainbow
13) Caution
14) Music Box
15) E=MC2
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Signs of the end (97,417) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 20 February 2021; 01:09)
At this point, I believe every lamb (new or vintage) has already come to terms with MC's vocal situation. Whether it's flawed, prerecorded, half sung in great voice/half lipped upper register etc. We all know what's going on and have a right to feel how we chose to feel about it. There's no right or wrong way to feel about it going forward as far as I'm concerned.

Having said that, I'm personally not mad or bothered by Mariah doing a studio album/or songs with pieced together great vocals, because I just love her as an artist, the sound of her voice, and her contribution to music. I understand the argument "if you can't duplicate it live (anymore) then why even bother" and I actually agree with that for the most part, but at the end of the day it's still show business and when there's a market or demand for you the show must go on whether it's all your raw unfiltered talent being displayed or a complete smoke and mirror magic show. You have to do your best with what you got (left). For the most part the people just want to be entertained, and see you do what you do/what expected of your brand whether you're a Whitney, a Britney, or somewhere in the middle.

I want Mariah to continue to make great music as long as it's in her to do it and if she wants to piece together a nice live home session every now and again, then have at it. I personally can appreciate it, but everyone don't have to like it and that's totally fine as well.
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E=MC2 (97,312) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 6 February 2021; 17:09)
Okay am I the only lamb that (still) get their life to I Stay In Love. I can't listen to that song without singing along; voice inflections and all. I know some will say "it's WBT number 3". I get it, but dare I say I like and listen to it more than WBT and DFAU.

Btw I'm That Chick single handedly inspired me to do a MC underrated grooves playlist so it's far to say I'll choose it over Migrate in hindsight and Cruise Control is still fun to listen to as well. I love how it ends then goes into (you guessed it ) I Stay In Love.

E=MC2 isn't one of my favorite albums though, only because I felt like it was just a collection of radio friendly songs and not as in-depth and unique as some of her previous (and post) efforts, but I Wish You Well, Side Effects, Love Story and the other songs mentioned are they gems I revisit. Oh and I probably listen to 4real 4real more than anything on that album. That's my jam.
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Re: Oh Santa! collaboration (96,804) (96,815) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 4 December 2020; 17:05)
I think Ariana called herself holding back out of respect, but it was totally unnecessary. I do wish she would've let loose a little more and had more fun with the song/brought her A game like she did on Bang Bang. It would've been perfectly fine. Her belt towards the climax was cute though and more of what I wanted from her contribution. Now I loved Jennifer's contribution to the song, I thought she executed it perfectly and added a nice gospel soul flair to it. All and all it was a sweet moment and I thought it very big and humble of MC to share a whistling moment with Ariana. I adored it, a very full circle stamp of love and approval moment.
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Re: The Rarities ranked (96,400) (96,423) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 25 October 2020; 02:48)
1) Everything Fades Away
2) Loverboy (Firecracker)
3) Here We Go Around Again
4) Do You Think Of Me
5) Slipping Away
6) Cool On You
7) Lullaby To Birdland
8) Mesmerized
9) I Pray
10) Save The Day
11) One Night
12) Out Here On My Own
13) Close My Eyes (Acoustic)
14) Can You Hear Me
15) All I Live For
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