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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: The Rarities ranked (96,400) (96,423) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 25 October 2020; 02:48)
1) Everything Fades Away
2) Loverboy (Firecracker)
3) Here We Go Around Again
4) Do You Think Of Me
5) Slipping Away
6) Cool On You
7) Lullaby To Birdland
8) Mesmerized
9) I Pray
10) Save The Day
11) One Night
12) Out Here On My Own
13) Close My Eyes (Acoustic)
14) Can You Hear Me
15) All I Live For
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Re: Solid Mariah (96,363) (96,374) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 23:56)
I often watch younger youtubers react to Mariah's music for the first time and see them being completely blown away, instantly acknowledging how amazing and legendary she is. She's a stable whether she catch your attention through memes , tiktok challenges, thee Christmas song, or hear Emotions, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, WBT in passing in the store/or on radio and Shazam her; she'll never be forgotten and constantly rediscovered by the younger generations.

When I was a kid in the 90s (pre internet days) I enjoyed exploring music before my time. I'd watching VH1 greatest women in rock & roll or behind the music and learn about so many great artist I'd never heard of before/knew existed. I went to the record store and actually purchased Etta James (At Last) and Carole King (Tapestry) albums after being exposed to them in my teen years. There were even instances where I heard songs on the radio in passing (as a kid) and then years later only remember the melody and a couple lyrics, to later dig and dig until I rediscover the song and artist. That's the impact of what great music would make you do once you're exposed to it, you may end up appreciating it even more later in life. I'm sure Mariah's music will do this for many people for years and years to come.
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,352) (96,359) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 00:17)
Agreed. Loverboy (Firecracker) would've debuted at number one. It's just more hard hitting than the Cameo (Candy) version imho. I could see the video for the Firecracker version being more of a juke joint style video sort of like the one she did for Don't Stop (Jamaican Funk 4), but more uptempo with energetic hip hop dancers in the background. It gives me jamboree vibes. Lol.

I went from thinking Loverboy was her weakness lead single (up until that point) to it being one of my absolute go to favorites now. I can't help but I want to strut my stuff in public while listening to it on my headphones. I be having to catch myself. #majorupgrade
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Re: One Night (96,353) (96,358) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 00:06)
One Night reminds me of something Prince and/or TLC would do. Melodically and harmony wise it gives TLC Waterfalls vibes. The whole storytelling and subject matter aspect reminds me of some Prince's songs; along the lines Raspberry Beret, Boys And Girls etc.
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Re: JFL (96,276) (96,293) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 16 October 2020; 17:40)
Oh wow. Okay. Yea there was more to it. Celine had another line and Aretha had a part that was to be the clincher. Maybe it was my use of the (smartphone) emojis that threw it off somehow. But I digress. I’m glad to see everyone is moving on from that topic to more pleasant topics now. So it’s all good.
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Re: JFL (96,271) (96,276) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 16 October 2020; 01:48)
Okay this post was a Complete fail due to the heavy editing. It was suppose to be just for laughs, but just disregard it now. [Webmaster: I didn't edit anything, I posted the complete message uncensored.]
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JFL (96,271) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 16 October 2020; 00:21)
Mariah: Oh no no no dahling. You don't go toe to toe with the Queen of Soul, you revere her and only sing along to compliment her, not out do her.

Celine: I respect you, but we're going to be sanging and bringing down this house together. If I just so happen to out-sing you then.
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TRL / hypothetical dueling divas (96,270) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 16 October 2020; 00:16)
I'm sorry, but I do believe the TRL thing was definitely over sensationalized. Mariah with an ice cream cart, pulling off an oversized t shirt (only to reveal another outfit) was not the worst/craziest moment that ever happened on MTV like they tried to spin and Carson just added fuel to the fire. Now he really threw Mariah under the bus (never seem to truly care about her welling being/the aftermath) in that situation and capitalized off the headlines/media coverage on her meltdown. Mariah has already taken accountability for that ordeal with admitting she was exhausted and allowed herself to be overworked. What more would you like her to say: "Yes I am batsh*t crazy and should be in a straight jacket right now." She actually should defend herself against the over exaggerated stories out there from the media and tell her side of what happened with her family. Ask yourself did the people who actually did her dirty take accountability for it or did they just run her in the ground and collect checks from her name.

The cultural gap comment is debatable. Celine is not an American white woman, she's French Canadian and I believe Mariah was more so referencing that as the possible cultural difference. I doubt it was "this white woman had no business singing gospel with a black women".

It's really unfair to do the hypothetical Whitney scenario, because she's no longer with us and I don't feel right even saying if she would've done the same thing as Celine or not. However since it's been posed as a question, I believes she would've been somewhere in the middle of what Celine and Mariah did. I believe she would've shined on her parts and did her thing, and sung along to compliment Aretha's voice without (seemingly to some ) trying out sing her. She had the same reverence for Aretha Mariah has and actually knew Aretha personally.

However if Whitney would've belted over Aretha's voice and went toe to toe in a competitive way, I think Mariah would've felt the same way and said the same thing she's said in past interviews about feeling like she belonged "with the background singers". I mean she wouldn't have had the exact same commentary of course with the cultural part, but I think she still would've said something in reference to why she didn't do the same thing. She and Whitney had their little subliminal shady comment moments towards each other before they actually met and became friends now. Lol.

I've actually been on the fence and can see both sides of the situation and thought Celine and Aretha voices sound great on top of each others actually: it was like the soulful church belt meets the contemporary pop run.

To be fair every woman had a right to sing their best on that stage that night during their solo performances and when coming together the goal should be to sing well together complimenting each other's voices and not outdo and compete with each other. I've seen this happen in much worse cases with other groups of female singers (reference Patti and Dionne Warwick). However we chose to view the Divas moment moving forward that Natural Woman performance is one for the books and made for one of the greatest moments in diva history.

As far as thinking a lot this conversation/opinions shared is rubbish or BS, I accept that we won't agree on a lot of things on this message board. I'm okay with just sharing our different point of views respectfully and respectfully disagree and moving on. I think some just take their rightful grievances to toxic levels and that's the part that's off putting to a lot of the members on this board. At the end of the day we all come her to mostly express our love and appreciation for Mariah's musical contributions not to assassinate her character and foil the message board experience for others.
That's something we should all me mindful of when sharing our thoughts. That's all.
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Re: Mariah unfiltered feelings about things (96,241) (96,259) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 17:55)
Honestly I've always thought Mariah really felt uncomfortable up there during the Testimony performance because Aretha (seemly impromptu) started singing about Jesus and she had on that short (see through illusion) dress. And if you know anything about church etiquette then modesty in apparel is a key component.

I could tell she didn't want to do too much and wanted it to be over as quickly as possible (like any awkward moment), but it just kept going and going... and going.

I don't think the problem for Mariah was Celine actually singing/responding to Aretha in general during the performance. She just felt like Celine did the most and it came off as upstaging Aretha (to her). Her point of view of it was to just follow Aretha's lead and not take over/out sing her.

Celine was a little extra on that one. Lol but in her defense I would say perhaps she really did just feel like she was keeping up with Aretha, exuding soul, and giving her what she was asking for (in that moment). Now if was a line up of gospel heavy weights (Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Karen Clark etc) up there then it would've came off differently Celine would've fit in perfectly because everybody would've been up there hooping, wailing, and projecting from the depths of there soul. All in the spirit of just praising the Lord of course. Assuming you do know the Lord/believe in him (as Aretha may have put it).

Again I don't love that Mariah mentioned this in her book either; it actually does forces some people to question "why is she really mad" and start to objectively point out different faux pas about her. I wished she would've tucked this excerpt away with the Eminem story as well.

Now If I have to dig to my objective core about the overall problem Mariah may have had that night. I'd say she felt like Celine upstaged everyone, people expected more from her (especially back then), and behind the scenes probably came up to her afterwards questioning her about why she held back so much, didn't "do this or do that" and the excerpt in her memoir was her line of defense. In other words Celine's performance inadvertently reflected on her in some adverse way and that's what bothered her enough to put it in the memoir. Not to be confused with jealousy though, I really don't think it was that. When Celine sung her first line during Natural Woman you could see Mariah waving her hand smiling, and doing the little head nod along like she was feeling. So I know there's an appreciation for her as a fellow vocalist at the core of all this.
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Mariah unfiltered feelings about things (96,234) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 01:16)
I mean, what would we expect Celine to say when asked about Aretha/ Divas 08, "Yea she thought she was about to out sing us, so I had to show her I wasn't the one, but we good now." Of course she's going to say something very diplomatic. Like I said before, I love Celine too and think she's one of the sweetest ever, got my entire life to Falling Into You and Lets Talk About Love, but she's fierce, bold, and very confident on stage, if her "ego" comes out anywhere it will be on that stage and in that vocal booth. I say that to say that it's very possible for her to be a sweetheart and also at the same time have a competitive moment on stage with Aretha as well. Judging from Mariah and Carole's accounts collectively I've gathered that there was an obvious energy in the air that Aretha was being a vocal bully that night and Celine was standing up to her (which is the flip side of how MC felt about the ordeal) and like someone else said SNL even mocked Celine in a skit afterwards with her taking over the songs and singing over people's voice.

Of course they exaggerated, but the point is Mariah wasn't just picking on Celine because she racist and "hates white women" (I mean she reveres Cyndi Lauper, Olivia Newton John, [Barbra] etc as well... not to mentioned her white billionaire former fiancé from a few years ago, her white makeup artist so on and so forth), others also felt the same way. Grant it I'm not personally mad at Celine for the simple fact that Aretha was going in that night and holding her own, but I can understand why others ie Mariah was bothered by that as a fan that reveres Aretha and hold her in high regards.

Whether you feel Celine was out of line or well in her right is totally subjective and people will always be split on the subject. Another thing, Mariah was never a competitive vocalist when sharing the stage and has always been a little self deprecating actually when it came to her voice even in her prime ("I don't think I'm even coming close to how Aretha sings this, but this is just my tribute to her" *proceeds to sing Don't Play That Song For Me*) so I do believe she still wouldn't have tried to go toe to toe with Aretha that night (even if she was in Tokyo Dome voice during Divas 08'). I think Mariah's ego and pride lies more in her songwriting capabilities and accomplishments as an artist.

Singing with Boyz II Men and Luther is different, the female singer is expected to do all the high vocal gymnastics as the male voice is there to compliment them, so I didn't see those collaborations as her trying to out sing them or necessarily out singing them at all Luther and Wanya both were up there with her with their voices. Lol.

At the end of the day we all have raw undiluted feelings about things and even come on public forums like this one to express them, yet we're bothered when Mariah speaks her mind and express her true thoughts on a matter. We don't have to share the same opinion as her, but let's not be hypocritical when it comes to her doing or saying things in the same vein we'd say them if we had a grievance about something or someone. I think everyone is just having a moment once the smoke is clear and feelings are settled all the ship jumpers will swim back to board.
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Firecracker vs Candy WWHL (96,054) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 9 October 2020; 18:26)
I was a little taken back that MC told Andy, in retrospect she doesn't even like the Firecracker version anymore, prefers the Candy version, and glad she ended up redoing it.

This show that it was just more about the principle of the situation ie being sabotaged by Sony and having to work double hard to undo the damages, verses "still" being mad about not getting to use the sample and resenting JLo over it.
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Grievances (96,052) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 9 October 2020; 17:47)
I believe Mariah was more offended because she felt Celine was trying to go toe to toe with Aretha (who is her favorite singer) in a seemingly competitive way. It's like today (at Celine's current age) if Adele or Demi got on stage with Celine and attempted to "out sing" her during My Heart Will Go On", hitting the higher belts over her voice, doing extra runs etc. Now, I love Celine too, thought she sounded wonder that night, and wish Mariah wouldn't have immortalized this in her memoirs as well (on a personal note). However, I can clearly see that there was a spirit of competition in the air that night, specifically during Natural Woman, Aretha nor Celine allowed poor Carol to get one line in because they were so busy showing out. Even Carol spoke on this (in which she blamed Aretha more.)

Does this make Celine a horrible woman. No, but I can see it being a cultural faux pas. Not in a white person vs black person way, but more of an American cultural thing. I've notice that people usually do revere older legends they share the stage with and allow them to shine a little more out of respect, especially on their signature song. At the end of the day Aretha wasn't going to let anyone upstage her anyway. So regardless it all worked out.
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Re: Fave five The Rarities songs (96,000) (96,012) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 7 October 2020; 19:59)
1) Cool On You
2) Loverboy (firecracker)
3) Here We Go Around Again
4) Mesmerized
5) Lullaby To Birdland / I Pray
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The Rarities (95,919) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 2 October 2020; 17:16)
I was bummed for a while because my preordered memoir was scheduled to get here on the 6th, but as I rushed home last night to unwind and prepare for the release of The Rarities at the strike of midnight; without looking down I literally tripped over a box on my door step as I opened the door. It was like a dream come true "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" arriving right before The Rarities dropped; right in time for the weekend what more could I ask for. *praise hands*
Okay so to the album. The favorites upon first listen:
1) Cool On You - Had me so hype, the vibe, the lyrics, the production is everything I wanted and the gem needed when I want someone to "kick rocks".
2) Loverboy Firecracker - Definitely would've hit much harder than the Cameo/Candy version: the beat is more hip/ hop, the vocals pop more, those harmonies at the beginning and end rivals Fantasy. While I do agree the production could've been a lil softer and some parts could've been a little less busy, all and all it still would've been a stronger lead single and went straight to number 1.
3) Here We Go Around Again - When I first heard the snippet I thought it sound really dated too, but in true Mariah fashion it grew on me by time the album dropped. I love it now very "feel good" Jackson 5 vibes that should've made the cut on the first album. It's the perfect opener for this album.
4) Mesmerized - Will be added to my Mariah jazz compilation along with: The Wind, Subtle Invitation, and Lullaby To Birdland. We really need Jazzriah in our lives already.

I loved One Night, Out Here On My Own, I Pray, as well and of course the classic b-sides we've been loving for years now.

I think Can You Hear Me will grow on me a lil more just like Save The Day has grown on me. It was a very raw ballad which I do like, but may be too raw for the vibe of the Emotions album we got.
The only song that didn't feel like an MC song to me was "All I Live For". It sounds very much commercial/ mainstream, Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis meets Babyface easy listening mid early 90s R&Bish. As if she wrote it for someone else it sounds: it gave me something Karyn White, Toni Braxton, or even Tevin Campbell probably would've sung during that period, it just didn't have that unique Mariah musical identity on it for me. It'll most likely grow on me more when added to a playlist though. It's good background music like of you're when you're cleaning the house or at a salon or something. Lol. Okay that was a tangent.
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Re: Disappointed (94,747) (94,756) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 31 July 2020; 15:47)
Right. I was really hoping we got the demo version of Vision of Love. I had my fingers crossed because she always said it was better than the album version.
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Re: Hip pop (92,659) (92,674) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 31 January 2020; 04:36)
Exactly. It was the jarring difference between a squeaky clean pop balladeer and a hardcore street hip hop rapper that made the Fantasy remix different from the previous R&B and hip hop collaborations. Heavy D and MC Lyte weren't hardcore rappers (like ODB) and were considered pretty safe mainstream wise.

I think Mariah took more of huge musical risk (at the time) with blending mainstream Pop and gritty Hip Hop, her impact helped bridge the gap between hip hop and the mainstream, which is why Fantasy is considered the groundbreaking moment that ushered in a new wave.
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Diss tracks (90,932) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 29 September 2019; 04:09)
Wait. Can we talk about how underrated the iconic legendary "Clown" is for a min. I mean, dare I say lyrically it slayed a little harder than Obsessed, like Clown was a sincere poet heartfelt diss. I lived for the musical and vocal build up the acoustic elements and how it accompanied the melody so well. Ugh. She's so good.
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Glitter 18th anniversary (90,811) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 13 September 2019; 06:57)
My how time flies. I don't want to be accused of being a deluded Stan when I say this, but I personally enjoyed Glitter in a campy/cheesy kind of way. It just wasn't big screen material, it would've been cute as a hallmark TV movie or something of that nature. Lol. Nevertheless I think the whole Glitter fiasco was overblown and Mariah was overly shamed for it. Atleast we got a masterpiece of a timeless soundtrack out of the ordeal (we can all agree on that much) and for that I'm eternally grateful, (holding it so close to me).
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Re: 4th of July revisit (90,356) (90,361) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 19 July 2019; 17:44)
I will admit initially The Roof went over my head (pun intended) but it didn't take too long for me to get completely immersed in the incredible lyrics, storytelling, and perfectly atmospheric vibe of the song. The thing is The Roof is a total mood and the video captured it perfectly. It has aged so well, "every time I feel the need" to listen to it again I love it that much more. Easily an underrated masterpiece in the book of Mariah.
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Re: Mariah's greatest lyric (90,120) (90,137) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 30 June 2019; 19:26)
Mariah has so many great lyrical moments it's so hard to pick one, So I'll just highlight three of my favorites lines

"She was kinda magical her laughter sent you casually floating through a moment of release." - Twister 2001

"I was so enraptured no sensibility to open my eyes I misunderstood now you're fading faster. It's suddenly hard to see, you're taking the light letting the shadows inside swiftly." - Vanishing 1990

"It's a shame to feel so euphoric and weak when you smile at me and you tell me the things that you know persuade me to relinquish my love to you, but I can not resist." - Heartbreak 1999 (a lowkey lyrical gem)

Okay just one more:

"Weak in the knees wrapped in a warm gentle breeze and I'm so shy a bundle of butterflies flushed with the heat of desire on a natural high." - Underneath The Stars 1995

And I can go on, but I'll stop there.
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Re: Dinner date (90,045) (90,054) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 21:53)
And I was like "Why you so obsessed with my weight?"
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Re: Songs most liked (90,042) (90,053) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 21:52)
Okay I can really get into this one. Lol.

Mariah Carey - Alone In Love / All In Your Mind
Emotion - Till The End of Time
Music Box - Music Box
Merry Christmas - Oh Holy Night
Daydream - Underneath The Stars
Butterfly - Butterfly
Rainbow - Can't Take That Away
Glitter- Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Charm Bracelet - Had Your Chance / Subtle Invitation
TEOM - Fly Like A Bird
E=MC2 - I Stay In Love
Memoirs - It's a Wrap
Merry Christmas II You - Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
MIAM - Cry / Meteorite
Caution- The Distance
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Re: Songs least liked (90,023) (90,043) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 10:24)
Okay I'll play:
Mariah Carey - flawless
Emotions - flawless
Music Box - I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - flawless
Daydream - flawless
Butterfly - flawless
Rainbow - flawless (in retrospect)
Glitter - Want You
Charmbracelet - Lullaby
TEOM - Stay The Night
E=MC2 - Last Kiss
Memoirs - flawless
MCIIY - the Oh Holy Night remake
MIAM - Heavenly (I know that sounds wrong)
Caution - flawless, but listen to Portrait the least
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Re: New start (89,604) (89,630) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 18 May 2019; 14:27)
My earliest memories of Mariah: Standing in a huge open window belting out "beeeeeeeeee" as she subtly bounced her left leg back and forth each second she held the note. I adored all of her hand movements, and mannerisms.

My earliest mental picture of Mariah: That gorgeous huge mane of honey brown naturally curly hair, her very cute slender physique, and her wearing either a black leotard or a form fitting little black dress (made of the same material) while standing in front of one those vintage microphones
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Lil Kim/Cardi (89,091) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 10 April 2019; 19:27)
I've been over the idea of Cardi being on the remix. Cardi Cosby is doing a stripper movie with JLo now, so who knows why she really didn't committed to the remix. Maybe she's team JLo *shrugs* who cares kind of over her now anyway. I never really cared whether Kim was on it or not, just thought it would be fair since it's a sample of her song. Anyway I actually love the version with Shawni (she's adorable across the board). If it got a fair chance of airplay, I believe she would be an instant star.
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