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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: Songs most liked (90,042) (90,053) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 21:52)
Okay I can really get into this one. Lol.

Mariah Carey - Alone In Love / All In Your Mind
Emotion - Till The End of Time
Music Box - Music Box
Merry Christmas - Oh Holy Night
Daydream - Underneath The Stars
Butterfly - Butterfly
Rainbow - Can't Take That Away
Glitter- Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Charm Bracelet - Had Your Chance / Subtle Invitation
TEOM - Fly Like A Bird
E=MC2 - I Stay In Love
Memoirs - It's a Wrap
Merry Christmas II You - Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
MIAM - Cry / Meteorite
Caution- The Distance
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Re: Songs least liked (90,023) (90,043) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 10:24)
Okay I'll play:
Mariah Carey - flawless
Emotions - flawless
Music Box - I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - flawless
Daydream - flawless
Butterfly - flawless
Rainbow - flawless (in retrospect)
Glitter - Want You
Charmbracelet - Lullaby
TEOM - Stay The Night
E=MC2 - Last Kiss
Memoirs - flawless
MCIIY - the Oh Holy Night remake
MIAM - Heavenly (I know that sounds wrong)
Caution - flawless, but listen to Portrait the least
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Re: New start (89,604) (89,630) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 18 May 2019; 14:27)
My earliest memories of Mariah: Standing in a huge open window belting out "beeeeeeeeee" as she subtly bounced her left leg back and forth each second she held the note. I adored all of her hand movements, and mannerisms.

My earliest mental picture of Mariah: That gorgeous huge mane of honey brown naturally curly hair, her very cute slender physique, and her wearing either a black leotard or a form fitting little black dress (made of the same material) while standing in front of one those vintage microphones
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Lil Kim/Cardi (89,091) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 10 April 2019; 19:27)
I've been over the idea of Cardi being on the remix. Cardi Cosby is doing a stripper movie with JLo now, so who knows why she really didn't committed to the remix. Maybe she's team JLo *shrugs* who cares kind of over her now anyway. I never really cared whether Kim was on it or not, just thought it would be fair since it's a sample of her song. Anyway I actually love the version with Shawni (she's adorable across the board). If it got a fair chance of airplay, I believe she would be an instant star.
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SWHOF (87,556) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 14 January 2019; 22:57)
We love Ms Elliot and all that she embodies, but Mariah is a much more prolific songwriter (there I said it) and was definitely robbed.

A small part of me can’t help but to feel Wendy publicly discrediting Mariah’s pen game on her show play a very small role in swaying the vote, but I could be reaching to just blame somebody. Anyways congrats to Missy. I really do love her as an artist.
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Okay I see what you did there Ms Mariah (86,272) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 01:34)
Mariah thinks she's slick making the songs that keep on giving. I'm now convinced that she has a secret scientific formula that makes you love her songs more and more the more you listen to them. Now Caution and Giving Me Life is starting to creep up as my favorites on the album, One Mo Gen is still putting up a strong fight, it may end up being a three way tie in the end. That darn Mimi she strikes again. I'm gonna nickname this album "Unskippable" because every track is fire. The whole album has been on shuffle since Friday and I'm only loving each song more than the first listen. Caution is giving me life.
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Caution review (86,136) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 17 November 2018; 20:26)
I'm really enjoying this new album. I find myself never knowing what to expect with (certain songs) on new Mariah albums, so what that said I was pleasantly surprised with some of the new tracks. I'm ranking the songs in two parts.

Previous released songs:
1) The Distance definitely want a epic 80s style dramatic video for this in several different tints (blue, pink, yellow etc). Piggy backing off her Fallon performance maybe she should channel the 80s cartoon gem with big hair, fishnets, and a beautiful tattered short dress (also in the spirit of Glitter as well).
2) With You. Classic Mariah warm comforting vocals, perfect for this season. Love love this song.
3) GTFO. Edgy yet laid back and relatable.
4) A No No. I like it, very party anthem, I can see it being a club jam across America.

New album songs:
1) One Mo Gen is actually my favorite track on the album. Pure gold. I absolutely love the harmonies, I love the melody and the production, it just perfectly captures a mood. I can imagine this being one of those melodies that came to Mariah in which she has to hurry up and record before she forgot it.
2) Caution gives me straight up Aaliyah vibes, I love the melody, the guitar riffs, and the overall smoothness of the song.
3) Giving Me Life. I'm glad she did a lower register song and this song just grabs you, pulls you in and makes want to listen immediately. Almost like it should be in a movie scene; I can really see a mini movie video for this one.
4) Portrait. The classic introspective track every Mariah album needs. Beautifully written and delivered. I really want her to close the tour with this one.
5) Stay Love (Love You). I enjoyed the bounciness of the track, the album needed this note on it.
6) 8th Grade is a good track, sung well, produced well. I just haven't connected with it yet like the others. Kind of how I never connected with Stay The Night from TEOM which is also a greatly produced track, but all in I still appreciate both songs.

The overall the album was a vibalious with mellow moods and sprinkles of stone grooves. In lament terms a great effort. Very current, fresh sounding while keeping the integrity of her musical identity. Nothing was contrived or trying too hard. It's just a smooth organic in touch updated Mariah. Her artistry feels very authentic on this album, I can feel that she's really expressing herself as an artist and not necessarily chasing radio hits.

She has given us so much musically over the years: she's given vocals, she's given great lyrical content, she's experimented with her sound, she has been a trendsetter. So whatever you feel didn't get on this album, she has already covered in one of her other 15 albums. At this point I'm just glad to get new, fresh, current music from her, because she has nothing left to prove and could easily stop doing music period. I'm pleased and grateful for this album. Thank you Mariah.
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Re: Distance - my theory (for laughs) (85,115) (85,127) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 19 October 2018; 23:47)
I definitely see your theory too and my mind went straight to "James" as well upon first listen of GTFO, but after listening for awhile I started thinking "unjustly handsome" and "go stay at your homeboy's" references gave me more Nick than James. Also she seemed more "lost and disenchanted" after Nick, being that Brian swept her off her feet immediately after James (they practically eclipsed each other). With James she seemed to more so have had an epiphany that he wasn't right for her (ala I Don't), were as with Nick she seemed genuinely heartbroken (Cry, Camouflage etc); understandably so since it was an actual six year marriage. I'm now thinking maybe she mixed the two experiences: verse one gives me Nick for some reason and verse two sounds like James with the "My friends all saw it in your eyes. They told me once, they told me twice. I looked beyond all the signs." I can totally see her taking inspiration from both experiences. Who know, maybe there's even some Stella inspiration in there also.
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Distance - my theory (for laughs) (85,111) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 19 October 2018; 16:44)
So first let me say I think The Distance is the definition of a stone groove (smash hit wonder). I can see a video in blue tint (much like her album cover) with gentle winds blowing thin white curtains on each side of a big open window, but I digress. The song gives me Teddy Riley, Keith Sweat 80s jam vibes, but with a very modern twist. Not saying it should be the next single single, but I can so hear it all over radio. I'm excited to see what else Mariah has in stored with this new album, era, and I'm loving the new energy Mariah is serving this year (positive, professional, polished).
So for my theory: piggy backing off the person that said they believe Mariah is telling a story with how she released the songs. Okay so follow me: you all remember that period when it seemed like Mariah and Nick were secretly back together, spending a lot family time together, appearances etc. and Brian Tanaka was out of the picture. Then all of a sudden Nick was gone again and Brian was back. Well my theory is GTFO is the story of her and Nick breaking it off for good, With You is her declaring the love between her and Brian as the real deal, and The Distance basking in the strength of their union. Disclaimer: I'm not coming for Nick or making him out to be the "bad guy", I love and support Roc and Roe's daddy too. I just found the theory of her telling a story with her songs intriguing when paralleling it to actual observations.
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Re: Is there any soso track on MIAMTEC? (77,983) (78,006) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 21 August 2017; 19:21)
This album definitively deserved more recognition. I still listen to Cry (an instant classic in my book), Faded, Dedicated, You're Mine (simply and sweet), Camoflauge, Meteorite, Money, and One Last Cry. I wouldn't call anything a filler personally, because I feel like she put her soul into everything, but these are the songs that I feel are classic gems that I will continue to listen to years from now.
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Re: Albums (74,918) (74,968) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 4 May 2017; 09:03)
Wow I can't believe anyone could not like the Emotions album. This album is still addictive to me and has so many gems. Like there's literally not one bad song on Emotions or Mariah Carey, and Daydream for that matter (the other albums I can see people not liking a song here or there). To Be Around You, Til The End, The Wind are some of her most immaculate magical moments in recording.
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Mariah's babies father (74,738) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 25 April 2017; 07:11)
I don't feel that anybody on here has it out for Nick like "team Nick" tries to make it seem. Just because people call him out on his "bleep ups", doesn't mean we want to see him fail, or want to paint him as the "bad guy". I mean he is still Roc and Roe's daddy and will always be a part of Mariah. I just don't get the over defensiveness of his actions on here. Like y'all go ham on Mariah, but the minute someone points out one of Nick's flaws, here comes the Nick Brigade to the rescue. It just comes off the same way y'all accuse people of doing with Mariah when she messes up. Pick a side, pick side, I guess.
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Re: Mariah and piano (74,576) (74,580) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 20 April 2017; 03:46)
I Love this idea. Her playing the piano with a stripped down, organic (almost freestyled) new vocal arrangements of some of her big hits (maybe a few obsured ones). I would even settle for Big Jim James Wright to help her out here and there a la TGIFY in Vegas (just so she could really cut loose a bit). Speaking of lip sync have you guys notice that Mariah never lips Vision of Love, like ever under any circumstances. It's always live.
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Re: Mimi and Remy (73,941) (73,942) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 02:08)
The point is Eminem "The Warning" was just as bad of a diss (or worse than) "Shether", and that didn't stop Nicki from working with Eminem after her and MC collaborated and allegedly became cool. So what's the big deal when Mariah works with someone that dissed Nicki? So what that they both have valid distain for her? It's not a crime for them to do a "half baked" song together if that's what they want to do. Why do you even care about them teaming? As if Nicki is some angelic victim. Nicki is petty and shady as hell her damn self. Do you remember that time Nicki dragged Mariah on Twitter then went to an industry party and took pictures cheesing with JLo and Tommy. I bet you thought that was just coincidental. Also I always thought Eminem's part on "Romans Revenge" could have easily been about Mariah, but that's neither here or there.
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Celine Mariah Aretha (73,938) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 24 March 2017; 22:55)
Shady or not, Mariah's point is very valid. Generally speaking it's just in bad taste to try to outshine someone while singing with them on their own song. Yes you sing to compliment them, and sing well on your parts, but to go toe to toe with them, and try to take over the last note in the climax is kind of ungracious and competitive. Carole Kings commentary on the performance spoke to Aretha "hogging" the song and Celine vocally "standing up to her", but in reality they both didn't allow Carole to get a verse in and was taking over the song. Now it did sound amazing (my favorite rendition of that song to be honest), but the point still remains. Mariah was never a competitive singer/duet partner even in her prime she was humble and gracious about her voice, so I doubt that she was jealous of Celine's voice being in better condition that night or whatever. Now I am a Celine fan, love her, thinks she's angelic, and completely lovable (but nobody's completely perfect), so this is not hate toward her at all. I just think every diva has a "diva trait" and perhaps competitive singing was hers that night. And that's okay, it's forgivable. (Actually I was never mad about it. You don't have to be super defensive of her about this topic. I will say I believe Celine did take the cristism well because when she sung Emotions with Destinys Child a few years later she actually held back and allow Beyonce to take the high note at the end.) See, still a wonderful person.
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Mimi and Remy (73,934) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 24 March 2017; 22:17)
Well didn't Nicki collaborate with Emimen on "Romans Revenge" after doing "Up Out My Face" with Mariah? That's why I could care less if people think it's a shady move, because whether it is or not Mariah has every right to collaborate with whoever she wants to on a song. I haven't heard the remix yet, don't think I really need to to be honest. I do love the original so that's enough for me.
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Re: Beyonce and JLo can dress trashy and it's ok (70,283) (70,294) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 25 December 2016; 17:14)
Lol well I'm actually grateful she just lays there being dainty, gets carried around, and does her little strut here and there, because the whole gyrate, twerk, booty dance moves they do in those type of costumes comes off very "stripper-esque" to me.
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Re: Beyonce and JLo can dress trashy and it's ok (70,272) (70,275) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 24 December 2016; 23:39)
Beyoncé and JLo have actually worn more revealing ensembles than MC (especially on stage). It's just that Mariah bust size makes her look more over the top sexual, whereas if she had the same bustline from 97, it wouldn't look as dramatic. Also Bey and JLo mostly show off their booty, whereas MC mostly show cleavage. The one thing I would give them over MC is that they do have more of a balance as far as covering up at appropriate times. I agree with everyone on singing gospel and low cut ensembles don't compliment each other whatsoever. She's so wrong for that "Here Comes Santa Claus" dress as well. Like someone said in an earlier post I wouldn't mind a little cleavage if there was a balance and the timing was appropriate, but at this rate even I can't defend her half of the time. But I'm sure this "Ob-Breast" era is just a phase and she'll switch it up in the new year. It's interesting though, when you look back and compare last year's Beacon ensembles which were so beautiful and elegant, to this year's which was more Vegas showgirl inspired. Now let's remember this was the era where everyone complained about her wearing too many long dresses and they wanted sexy down to earth MC back, so let's be careful what we wish for. (Even though I know people just want a balance but still.)
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It's amazing (69,785) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 11 December 2016; 22:09)
I'm not saying Mariah is above reproach or being criticized, but "gee willikers" some of you climb so high on your soap box and speak rather way too harshly about her as if you're perfect and faultless in your own lives. Some of you I wonder: what would the people in your lives (that know you) say about you. Are you a disaster of a person in their eyes? Do you pratice good morals? Are you shady to people around you? Looking at the way some of you express your distain on here, would make me wonder "how many people like you in real life", or "would they have good things to say about you". Are you even living up to your own standards in life? Maybe it's time you stop being so wrapped up in Mariah's world and worry about bettering yourselves in your own world. I mean I want Mariah to do better as well, I think it would be great if she gave up drinking for 2017 and diligently worked on fully repairing her voice and just focused more on motherhood, take a break for a while regroup, gain a fresh perspective on life etc., but still I don't see the purpose or good of some of your disparaging posts. I'm certain at this point, many of you find so much delight in being negative that if all was perfect with MC you would still find something cynical and pessimistic to say. Like Mariah says "you like this and you know it".
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Re: When Christmas Comes "Live" with John Legend (69,240) (69,666) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 8 December 2016; 14:53)
Her vocals actually sounded different from the album version. Unless she recorded an alternate version to lip to, she may been all live here. That last "when Christmas cooomme" was definitely live.
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MC on Ellen (68,621) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 24 November 2016; 0:38)
I enjoyed her on Ellen. Even though I do wish she would show less clevage, she look refreshed, healthy, (dare I say) happy, more upbeat and in a better place. I think she handled everything well. I love that she uses humor and charm to avoid tough personal questions. That's actually a nicer (less awkward) way of handling it when you think about it, instead of giving a stone cold answer. Ellen briefly mentioned Mariah's World, but I wish she would've focused more on the upcoming Christmas special and mentioned the makeup line. Bringing up the bathtub pics was kinda unnecessary/old news and could've been left out. Anyway I'm glad she's unbothered by all the negativity that surrounds her name these days. That's the best way to be. Taking on the stress of the world will kill you. Sometimes you just have to pray and keep moving.
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We love Nick (68,599) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 23 November 2016; 15:53)
Disclaimer: Sorry webmaster just need to clarify this one last thing. No one is more drained and tired of this topic than me. The "part time parent" comment wasn't meant to come for Nick's parenting "skills", because like I've said many times before he's a great dad to Roc and Roe. It was more so towards the notion of not living in the same household with his children on the daily basis. Also if he continues to "be fruitful" with different women, then being a "part time parent" will be inevitable. Roc and Roe's daddy time threatens to dwindle if split with 25 other kids. It'll just be even harder to balance 8 jobs and a bunch of kids from different women. Things happen I know life isn't perfect, but just stating why there's an ideal way of planning a family with a spouse. I guarantee you Mariah and even Nick would agree. After all they both have strong spiritual backgrounds and thought they'd be together forever.
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Re: Nick (68,566) (68,592) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 23 November 2016; 14:45)
Dear nothing is wrong with my comprehension at all. I haven't taken anything out of context. I started my own spin off topic about people running to Nick's defense when he's call out on his mess (and attacking Mariah in the process). I suggest you go all the way back and notice that my original post wasn't directly quoting anyone else's post. I'm gonna need you and your friend to not question my intelligence or comprehension skills when evidently you are the ones missing my point. Perhaps if you read my post a few more times the will come on, because I won't be re explaining it again. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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Re: The Fornication of Mimi (68,551) (68,560) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 November 2016; 13:40)
It really does matter though Edward. Trust me having that family unit is very important for the psyche of children. Every little thing affects them. I don't doubt that Nick will remain a great father, but I wouldn't advise having 25 baby mamas. Okay moving on guys. I'm so over this topic.
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Re: Nick (68,545) (68,552) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 November 2016; 2:59)
Actually Ive been fully aware (the whole time) that my argument probably had nothing to do with the original "Nick" post and that's fine. My concern in all of this was never that "Nick should've considered Mariah's feelings about getting another woman pregnant, even after their divorce" or anything of that nature, but more so a long running observation of how people attack Mariah in defense of Nick on here. It's quite normal for a discussion to spawn into other discussions. After all it is a message-board, topics change.
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