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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: Nick (68,544) (68,550) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 November 2016; 2:44)
First of all, I'm not a Nick hater at all. I actually like Nick, still follow him on Instagram and root for him, because after all he is a good guy and the father of Mariah's kids. Never wanted them to divorce, was happy for them during their marriage when everything looked like it was going well, and admired the way he always defended Mariah in the press. So please miss me with your baseless assumptions. Also I didn't deflect or minimize anything Mariah did that was wrong. Go back and read all my recent posts again. Ironically that's exactly what you did in your post deflect from Nick and attacked Mariah decisions, which further proves my point. So now you're here complaining about people "judging every move Nick makes", but isn't that what you just did to Mariah. The hypocrisy must end. If I "look crazy" for making a valid observation and expressing my thoughts on it, then wouldn't that make you look crazy too. Or the other people that complain about everything Mariah does on the daily basis.
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Re: Nick (68,537) (68,540) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 21 November 2016; 22:30)
Now you're just straight up lying and back peddling, but keep peddling honey because you made this quote before I even join this whole discussion about Nick: "So what if he has dated many women since their divorce announcement. At least he has been clear to them that he is just dating or spending time and that he has no plans for an extended or committed relationship. That is what some single people do and others like Mariah get engaged but act single with their employees." Still defending Nick and using Mariah as a retort. You may have tried really hard, but there's no joke on me boo you failed miserably and my point still remains valid. The fact of the matter is you are always defending Nick over Mariah. You gloss over his wrongs while highlighting and harping on Mariah's wrongs , which makes you bias and a hypocrite. Trust, there's even more things you've said in the past that proves this point. I'm just using your most recent quotes, so don't try me. It doesn't matter if it's for the blogs or real life Nick is no better honey. That's the point that you're not comprehending. Now your job as Mariah's moral police has been revoked, return your badge to the front desk and you are order to go sit in a dark corner with your finger over your lips until further notice.
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Re: Nick (68,529) (68,535) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 21 November 2016; 18:48)
Chile bye. You tried it. I can't with you anymore. You are team Nick and you know it. This statement "this is not the 1950's and just like Mariah could live with a man during her divorce and may or may not fornicate, so could Nick date and have sex" along with many many other comments you've made sounds extremely defensive, but I digress. You can dare to spew bias hypocrisy when it comes to MC and Nick, however it discredits your stance as the moral police of Mariah's life. Tough turbans and illegitimate children.
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Re: Nick (68,511) (68,525) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 21 November 2016; 8:08)
But who said it was Nick's board though? Certainly not me. I'm not the one bringing him up either, nor am I am implying that you should bring him up whenever he does something. My sole point is when he is brought up on here (by whoever) you (and a few others) always run to his defense and try to justify his wrongs with retorts about Mariah. Yes Mariah is a mess for flirting with her backup dancer while engaged to James. I can admit that, but you can't admit that Nick is a mess for impregnating a women he doesn't want to be with or the name dropping he's done, or that he more than like does "sleep with employees" (the Wildin Out Girls) etc. Since the divorce some of you have expressed so much contempt and resentment towards Mariah as if Nick did nothing wrong and was a perfect angel. The way he's defended maybe you should start a Nick board. Anyway my point still stands, fairly hold people accountable for their actions. That's it. No more dead horses beaten.
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Re: Nick (68,483) (68,501) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 20 November 2016; 5:50)
Yep I was referring to your post and you are totally glossing over Nick's mess. If you're gonna point out Mariah's imperfections and get her together on here, then don't go easy on Nick's. It truly shows the bias you and a couple other lambs on here have towards him. I don't care what year it is. Having children out of wedlock with no intention of being a family unit with the mother will always be a bad look. I root for Nick as a father and for him and MC to continue to be great co parents and friends; so definitely not a Nick hater or blame him for everything that's wrong in MC's life. Just saying he needs to be held just as accountable for his screw ups as well. Instead I see him always being defended for his poor actions while MC is constantly catching all types of hell. Be fair.
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Nick (68,475) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 19 November 2016; 7:50)
Don't you dare sit up here and remotely sound like you're defending Nick's trifling behavior when you come on here and drag Mariah daily. Chile please just like Mariah can be a mess with some of her antics, Nick is a hot mess for getting a woman pregnant out of wedlock. Now he's gonna be another part time parent to a child who's mother he's not with. Not cute. Not cute at all. *rant over*
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Patti and Mimi (68,207) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 10 November 2016; 17:00)
I agree with Edward, I've never felt that having a louder voice makes you a better vocalist. For me it's all about the way you use your voice and the effectiveness or how you emote lyrics. Mariah is the master of that to me. Just because someone can drown you out while singing doesn't mean they sound better either. Mariah has so many beautiful delicate and powerful features to her voice and at her best she knows exactly how properly place, highlight and phrase a song to sheer perfection like no other. Then there's Mariah's artistry that's just unmatched. Now we love godmother Patti don't get it twisted; she is a beast live on stage, but I'm just saying if we're going to go there and compare let's not do Mariah.
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Mariah's life (68,204) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 10 November 2016; 16:50)
Mariah's world has always been a chaotic circus since childhood. She has always alluded to it in her music. "I've always longed for individedness and sort stability", "Life was a windin road and I've learn many things little ones shouldn't know" etc. Also her life has never quite been "conventional". She would always be up all night with her mom and her musician friends, much like Stella's children are doing now. Even her marriages have been unconventional in a lot of ways. That's just the way Mariah is and the way she was built to function in chaos. This does not make her a bad person or a terrible mother (as some have implied). I'm sure she has the best private teachers/tutors for Roc and Roe (as she had mentioned in an recent interview) and they seem to be very smart, well behaved, and balanced.
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Re: Gospelriah song list - Inspirationalriah (67,395) (67,396) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 21 October 2016; 19:08)
Yes she has a great understanding of gospel and has many gospel flavored songs that aren't necessary gospel in content. Now I'm thinking she should also give us "Introspectiveriah" on the gospel inspirational album, so that we could also have songs like...
1) Vanishing
2) The Wind
3) Looking In
4) Close My Eyes
5) Petals
6) Twister
That would make the perfect blend.
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Re: Gospelriah song list (67,381) (67,390) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 21 October 2016; 1:07)
Ty: Right. And don't forget...
9) There's Got To Be A Way
10) I'm Free
11) Hero
12) The Christmas albums
And B: I agree and totally hope so it's long overdue.
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Gospelriah (67,374) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 20 October 2016; 14:58)
I hope this new picture of MC with the great Bishop TD Jakes is an indication of a brand new original gospel track. I would get my everlasting life if MC to one day do a whole album of gospel and inspirational songs. How refreshing would that be? Anyway I'm glad she's in the presence of a spirtual leader with all she's been through over the past few years, it's always a blessing to have spirtual guidance and counsel.
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Madonna Rihanna (67,343) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 18 October 2016; 16:45)
I'm not trying to be shady (because I have love for both), but I honestly don't understand how someone can question why people like Rihanna and yet praise Madonna in the same breath. Both are aquired taste vocally or artistry wise. I would argue that Rihanna has stronger vocals while Madonna is the better performer (dancing wise). Both are provocative and have pushed the envelope with sexuality, both are influential trend setters of their respective times (though Rihanna is more of a fashionista), both have a great catalogue with monster hits behind them etc. Rihanna is basically the Bajan Madonna of today. Ofcourse with Madonna being the pioneer that has birthed the likes of Rihanna, Gaga, Britney etc. but in terms of talent they're in the same arena in my honest opinion. If Madonna is great then so is Rihanna.
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Re: Rank first singles (full length studio albums only) (67,295) (67,298) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 16 October 2016; 4:39)
1) Vision Of Love
2) Emotions
3) Fantasy
4) Honey
5) Obsessed
6) DreamLover
7) Through The Rain
8) Touch My Body
9) It's Like That
10) #Beautiful
11) LoverBoy
12) Oh Santa
13) All I Want For Christmas Is You
14) Heartbreaker
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Re: Starting to feel the love (67,004) (67,006) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 4 October 2016; 16:27)
Sir you can join Miley in that stadium full of seats. Your opinion is not the facts of life.
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Starting to feel the love (67,002) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 4 October 2016; 15:00)
My sister randomly text me yesterday and said "Mariah's going to be on Empire. I just saw a clip of her singing and she sounds so fresh and strong." And she's just a casual fan not lamb per say. I ended up listening to Infamous three times in a row yesterday on my (high quality beats by Dre) earphones in which I heard every vocal detail clearly and I must say Mariah's voice sounded delightful to my ears, she still has that magic in the way she phrases certain words. I was listening hard for "hoarseness", "dryness", or for her to "struggle" at some point during the verses and you know what? Couldn't find it. The only part I heard any sort of push in her voice was towards the end, which actually didn't bother me one bit. I actually wish she had went off Faded style, but at the same time I appreciate the restraint as well. Having said all that I'm starting to really like this song and its production now. I love dramatic the piano intro.
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Re: Miley (66,899) (66,936) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 1 October 2016; 21:19)
Whether she personally dislikes Mariah (for whatever reason) was irrelevant to the question she was asked in the interview, so it was still a very unnecessary comment. And I'm sure many don't like her either with her obnoxious, vulgar, crass antics.
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Why you trying so damn hard? (66,935) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 1 October 2016; 21:09)
Well I personally didn't have to listen to Infamous a million times to enjoy it. And even if it did take more than one listen I would disagree that it means the song is bad. I totally disagree with that sentiment in general because I can name several non Mariah songs (and a couple Mariah songs) that I didn't initially like but ended up falling deeply in love with them; becoming classics in my eyes now. The problem here is not the fact that some of you don't like the song and have express valid reasons why. The thing that's bothersome here is how some "fans", (lambs or whatever you consider yourselves) are going out of their way to over exaggeratedly bash the song as if they're indirectly trying to convince others to hate it with them. I mean seriously at worst the song is just okay, it does not deserve an outcry or to be overly bashed at all. Why start a hate campaign? Just say it wasn't your cup of tea and move along. Let other people enjoy the song in peace and stop trying so damn hard to convince people that it's the most terrible thing she ever recorded. That's just plain childish. Some of you act eternally 12 yourselves. As a fan you should be happy somebody else likes the song. Example: I never got into "Stay The Night" from TEOM, but everyone I know lives for that song which makes me happy as a fan.
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Re Miley (66,832) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 18:15)
Okay I just read the full portion of the interview and while she actually didn't bring MC up in the interview (as I initially thought), I stand by everything else I said about her commentary being unnecessary and not even a proper response to the question that was at hand. I.e. she still needs to go to an empty stadium, start from the very top, and work her way all the down having several seats.
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Miley Cyrus your seat awaits you (66,830) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 17:32)
I don't get how some lambs could say Miley wasn't throwing shade or being negative when she randomly brought up Mariah in her interview just to throw salt on her name. Then she proceeded to compare Mariah to herself in a "lesser than way". The audacity of it all. You guys say this a reflection of the way this generation/the general feels about her, but everytime one of these lesser girls come for Mariah they get dragged by fans and the general public alike. So I'm just saying Mariah must still have some respect. Unless you're going to acknowledge Mariah's musical genius and undeniable impact on many of today's top singers, then why even mention her out the blue. She could've kept that. People say Mariah is a shady b*tch, but atleast she never bring people up in interviews just to make snide remarks.
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Infamous (66,827) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 16:54)
Is it Vanishing 2016 (like Terrence made it seem)? No. But I actually enjoyed the song for what it is; a simple R&B slow jam. I thought they both sound nice on the track vocally. It's definitely not terrible by any means imo. I find that word to be used rather loosely these days.
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Re: Your own private concert (66,576) (66,597) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 23 September 2016; 0:41)
1) The Wind
2) Long Ago/ Melt Away medley
3) Miss You Most At Christmas Time
4) Till The End Of Time
5) Everything Fades Away
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Re: Battle of the interludes / 2 minute songs (66,521) (66,565) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 21 September 2016; 23:45)
Languishing and Twister are both so heartfelt and soul moving, these songs obviously come from a very authentic place because I feel every lyric she sings in my spirit. Nobody nails vulnerable vocals like Mariah, the way she emotes in that soft soothing whispery tone is an unparallel skill. This is hard, but out of the two I pick Twister only because I have more of a sentimental connection with it. I would also like to point out The Wind being another song that she emotes on the same genius level of these song (full song version wise).
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Re: Wow some post here (66,221) (66,282) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 14 September 2016; 17:20)
Nothing in my post indicated that "you have to praise or agree with everything Mariah does to be a real fan" or that you have to say "yaass queen" to everything she does. That's just such a simple minded assessment of my argument and in turn a generalization in itself as well. Just because I call out the nasty vicious comments/bashing of Mariah on this board doesn't mean I'm a "yassss person" nor does it mean I agree with everything she does. Like I've stated to Andrew in the past, I get not liking everything she wears, I've gone through really being bothered by that in the late 90s and still don't like everything she wears or does, (or her taste in men for that matter). But much like Marissa and Edward have recently concluded, there comes a time when it doesn't make any sense to keep regurgitating the same complaints about the same exact thing over and over again. That's literally insanity. Eventually something has to give. I remember when Mariah was thicker and wearing long dresses all the time people complained and dragged her about being unrelatable, overdressed, needing to lose weight etc. Now she's lost weight and feeling herself again and that's also an issue. And I get wanting her to "get it right", but there's no balance here anymore. Like someone said when does something great, or looks amazing *crickets*, but the minute she messes up a flood gate ensues. My whole point is when you randomly visit a fan site and "scroll up and down" to nothing but harsh negative comments and the focus being only negative things, then ofcourse it would make people question whether it's really a fan site anymore or not. I respect the people who read my post and really assessed themselves instead of going into defense mode. That shows integrity and intelligence on their part. For those of you that believe complaining about what she wears all day everyday or "telling like it is" is going make her change the way she dress, then ask Tommy if that worked. We should all know by now that Mariah is a rebellious emancipated butterfly and the more people try to change her the more she's gonna go against it. That's just my observation. So while you accuse the fans who don't feel the need to complain anymore (or all the time) of being "enablers", maybe you should ask yourself are you really the one enabling by trying so hard to change her.
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Re: Wow some post here (66,154) (66,199) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 12 September 2016; 23:11)
That's because this really isn't a fan site anymore Edouard. It's a place where people who once upon a time loved Mariah now come to vent their hatred and distain for her. Whenever I do decide to peep on this board I'm always repulsed, grossed out, and disgusted in the way the former fans speak of Mariah (certainly worse than people who never like her). But as the saying goes "it's a thin line between love and hate" and from my person observation former fans that turn on her are the worse haters. Everything she does that's supposedly "bad" or "trashy" is blown way out to epic proportions and over exaggerated. It's one thing to give constructive criticism and be honest in a respectable manner, but what's going on here is completely something else. The best way to describe it is straight up sickening, but hey this is their sanctuary now and people like us who still have regards, respect, and unconditional love for Mariah don't fit in here anymore. So I say let them have their fun and get their absolute life bashing Mariah and prophesying doom on her future.
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Nasty Nick (65,526) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 22 August 2016; 17:04)
No I don't hate Nick, I think he's turned out to be a wonderful dad and I did love how he always defended MC when they were married. However if there's two things that I just can't get into about Mariah, it would be: some of her fashion choices and her taste in men. Chile. Our girl couldn't pick the right man to save her life. Even though I did warm up to Nick over the years, when he and MC first got married I was stunned in disbelief and literally thought "I don't know her", "Why would she do this?", "What the hell was she thinking?" etc. Reason being Mr Cannon had a reputation for being a player and was a self proclaimed gigolo. I know it was just a song, but still it's not cute considering you ran through a few woman in the industry and had the tacky ordacity to brag about it while still married to Mariah. This is why I believe Nick purposely sabotaged his marriage with Mariah. He knows her better than us, so I highly doubt he didn't think disrespecting his marriage like that would be damaging. Now I think him expressing his side of the the divorce via music or even interviews is fine, but what's not fine (and what Mariah doesn't deserve) is to be humiliated by him putting intimate details of her sex life on blast. And "Team Nick" you need to stop defending him in this matter, you all riding harder for him than you all do for Mariah.
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