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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: Yes, you do know her (62,396) (62,425) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 20 May 2016; 10:34)
Okay I can totally agree that it would've been much better if Mariah had just said "I know who she is, I don't know her personally" without elaborating too much, because the more she explained it did give Andy loop holes to come [...] with more follow up questions about it and she slightly got caught up. But in her defense she did in fact say "Ofcourse I know who she is", so atleast that part has been cleared up. However I disagree with you guys blaming Mariah for "reigniting" or "refusing to let go" of the feud. JLo was actually the one that decided to become very vocal about "the feud" in recent years and has certainly thrown shade with the: texting at her AMA performance and then responded by saying "I did watch most of it, it was a long performance", giving contradicting stories on Andy and Wendy about why she didn't see Mariah's Vegas show, and finally the "forgetful" comment. Mind you this is all after the fact of Mariah not mentioning her in years. Ms Lopez has not been too kind in recent years, so if anyone's to blame for this resurfacing there you have it. As for saying three nice things about Nicki, I'm sorry but I'm still so glad she dodged that question. American Idol producers may have manufactured and instigated the feud between them, but Nicki still took it beyond too far and said some really "low blow, bridge burning, can't take that back" type of things about Mariah and never apologized. She's just an awful person, with a revolting attitude and vulgar crass music; she doesn't deserve for MC the wreck her brain to give three compliments. I loathe when people like Nicki (and Eminem) are rewarded for their despicable behavior by the public. Individuals like them get to say whatever they want and are never held accountable. Now don't get me wrong I would be still delighted if all these feuds were put to rest, I want nothing more for the focus to be back on Mariah the artist as well. However I do believe many of you have allowed yourselves to be swayed by the "negative public's perception" of Mariah and speak of her in the same manner that people who blatantly hate her do.
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Re: Yes, you do know her (62,384) (62,388) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 19 May 2016; 15:45)
Come on now. If there's one feud we can give MC credit for taking the high road on, it would be the Nicki feud. Nicki dragged and berated Mariah all over Twitter and even on the show and Mariah has yet to rant about her. I'm sorry but you really can't fault her for not kissing Nicki's butt after that mess. Doesn't means she's bitter just not she's just not gonna be fake so people can like her. JLo still doesn't like Mariah either, she just hides it on camera, but behind the scenes things like this happens. Like I've said in a previous post I think when MC originally said the "I don't know her" line, she was deflecting because she didn't want to be fake about it or negative so she just tried to dodge it all together. So the explanation we got on Andy was really her explaining that. They still never got aquatinted or had a conversation, but honestly I do hope they can all bury the hatchet one day.
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Re: Now that Mariah has addressed it (62,357) (62,360) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 19 May 2016; 0:22)
Mariah hasn't mentioned Nicki in years. I'm sure she has moved as well and really there was no need to address the Nicki thing at this point; it is what it is. That was all Andy being messy and shady by mentioning her. Mariah handled it perfectly (without being fake). The only reason JLo has been mentioned recently is because of 1) social media using the "I don't know her" meme all the time and 2) JLo recently addressing the "feud" with her "forgetful" line which actually reignited fuel to the fire. I notice this only happen on shady shows like Wendy and Andy. I'm sure the "don't mention these people" clause will be in full affect in the future.
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The diva you love to hate (62,349) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 18 May 2016; 19:05)
At this point the public is just bias against Mariah regardless. So I'm glad I'm not overly concerned by what people think of Mariah. The general public (online) are typically very cynical, rude, jealous people who take out their frustrations on the keyboard. JLo could've dragged Mariah from here to Hong Kong and get zero backlash (actually would've been praised), but the minute MC opens her mouth to just explain herself everybody and their great grandmother are up in arms. I think it's because Mariah is a very rich, gorgeous, talented, feminine girly girl type of a woman, sort of like the beautiful head cheerleader or popular girl at school that people have this misconception of so they just run with it as others jump on the bandwagon. And you know what, that's their problem, not hers. I'll always stand by her and have her back when she's in the right and people are blindly misconstruing her.
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Re: The powers that be (62,058) (62,083) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 13 May 2016; 4:16)
Mariah Carey- Prisoner
Emotions- To Be Around You
Music Box- Music Box
Daydream- Daydream interlude / Long Ago
Butterfly- Butterfly interlude / Outside
Rainbow- Bliss
Glitter- Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Charmbraclet- The One
TEOM- Mine Again, Circles, or I Wish You Only Knew
E=MC2- Migrate
Memoirs- Becha Gon Know, Candy Bling, Inseparable, or It's a Wrap
MIAM- Meteorite or Faded (or YDKWYD)
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WWHL (61,981) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 10 May 2016; 13:42)
I can agree I hope Andy doesn't bait the whole JLo thing again , because I'm sure Mariah would never bring it up herself. We know he will though, I just hope Mariah doesn't give this situation anymore shine and she just do one of her classic deflections.
I'm glad we can all acknowledge the fishnet dress being a mess without making it too deep. Technically she does look hot in my opinion, but it was most definitely one of her fashion faux pas. Though I must admit I would totally show off body if I battled my weight for 3 years and finally got a hold of it.
I respect opinions, I just hate when people take things too far down "negative road". We can have healthy discussions without it being disrespectful and borderline trolling.
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Speaking of classless (61,924) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 8 May 2016; 2:53)
"Some over weight black people with gold chains saying fo real." This is exactly why I can't ever take certain individuals seriously on here. Zero credibility. Like seriously all I can do is laugh at the blatant ignorance. Than any. And some people actually thumb that foolishness up. Good thing some of you aren't celebrities because you would really get no respect and ruin your careers as soon as you open your mouths. Lol. Such statements are way more offensive than Mariah's "tits" and fishnet dress for sure. I agree the person that ask for messages that contain racially offensive stereotypes be censored.
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Re: Ageism and sexism in sexuality (61,599) (61,601) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 25 April 2016; 1:54)
I understand your perspective on not wanting MC to be this "sex siren", wanting the focus to be more on her artistry and not her "hot body" etc. and I can agree with that (even though the way she dress doesn't bother me anymore). Also I'm sure many would agree with your analysis on a "fierce versus sex kitten" displays of sexuality of women, but I have to say that both comes from vanity and egotism. I'm sure across the board they all go through great lengths to look their best in their scantily clad ensembles, and want to be seen as desirable at the end of the day no matter how much it's seen as empowering. Back to the original point it would be absurd and hypocritical for people to criticize and not respect Mariah for the way she dresses yet applaud Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna, Madonna or whoever, but I digress.
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Re: Ageism and sexism in sexuality (61,543) (61,589) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 24 April 2016; 20:49)
Everyone (generally speaking) wants to be sexy and show off their body at the end of the day. Whether you chose to be "fierce and empowering" with it or a "dainty sex kitten" it's the same difference. You can't fairly criticize one without criticizing the other. Mariah is a women who enjoys being a woman. I personally love that she owns her femininity and isn't afraid to show her vunerabilty while still being empowering at the same time (being in charge musically, running her empire, being a mogul.) I used to be bothered (back in the 90s) when she first started dressing more provocative for the same reasons you mentioned, but now I salute her for one: she looks great, her body is banging and secondly she being herself and isn't concerned about what others think of what she wears. My point still stands, there are female artist who are much more sexual and exposed than MC has ever been, so as long as she has the receipts and talent to back her up respect is deserved and should be given.
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Re: So immature, eternally 12 indeed (61,576) (61,588) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 24 April 2016; 20:14)
Actually it's the fans and social media keeping the "I don't know her" line alive, not Mariah. It just sort of took on a life of its own. Imo it's iconic and harmless. People see it as shade but if we want to really dissect it Mariah was actually put on the spot when asked about JLo in that particular interview, so to avoid saying something negative she just stated that she didn't know her. Because she didn't. I thought it was a great way of deflecting.
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Re: The breast boob (61,512) (61,518) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 23 April 2016; 1:03)
Really? Madonna Rihanna, Beyonce, Janet all are respected in the industry and they've all been way more exposed than Mariah.
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Re: Unpopular opinion alert (61,447) (61,460) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 20 April 2016; 23:21)
Hmmm I wouldn't use the word "overhyped" (or "overrated"), because I totally understand peoples love for Butterfly: great personal lyrics, great vocals, cohensiveness. Yet I can't say that Butterfly has ever been my favorite MC album either (even though the title track is in my top 3 for favorite songs she's ever done). I'm more in love with Emotions, Daydream, and MIAMTEC as a whole and I personally feel more of a spiritual connection to Charmbracelet. I think we all may have a hidden unpopular opinion when it comes to Mariah's music.
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Re: Records (60,011) (60,022) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 26 February 2016; 6:23)
Don't forget "most #1 singles written by a female artist" to the list of records Mariah will still hold (probably "forever" or until "infinity", pun intended).
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Re: Mariah Carey calls for more diversity (59,460) (59,474) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 1 February 2016; 9:45)
Andrew you're joking right? Mariah has had a white publicist, backup dancers, video extras, singers (in her choirs), makeup artist, assistant etc. as well as asian, hispanic and other races. So she can very well speak on diversity mate.
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State of being (57,988) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 6:56)
People want Mariah to be "crazy" so bad. I really detest how people are quick her label someone "mentally ill" or "mentally unstable", when they have no credentials to make such a claim. How about she's just a human being that has her shares of ups and downs just like the rest of us. We all get sad, angry, happy, annoyed, excited etc. it perfectly normal to have emotions. If you ask me she has been doing quite well lately, hardly seen drinking as much, being a blatantly loving mother, enjoying new love, being a productive business woman. Yep sounds stable to me. Let's drop all this labeling and boxing people up please.
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Re: Melt Away (57,965) (57,979) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 25 November 2015; 21:01)
You are entitled to your opinion ofcourse, but if you watched the video the facts are there. I'm just reporting the facts that supports my theory. There was no "unnecessary shade" thrown Whitney's way dear. We love Whitney and know that her and Mariah were on the best of terms before she left this earth.
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Re: Melt Away (57,942) (57,951) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 24 November 2015; 4:29)
Randy I'm certain Melt Away was meant for the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. Obviously it was produced by Babyface and The soundtrack was probably being compose around the same time Daydream was being finalized as well. And also Whitney had control over who was and wasn't on the soundtrack which would explain why Mariah didn't make the cut. Check out 1:16 mark in this video. *side eye*
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Re: Article: Is Nick Cannon dissing Mariah Carey? (56,876) (56,879) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 25 September 2015; 3:46)
But wasn't Nick the one that reportedly filed for divorce and was so quick to reveal the covering of the"Mariah" tattoo on his back. I mean why play victim, when you were the first to make the bigger public "statement (of his own opinion)" that it was permanently over. I guess he'll soon discover he's never satisfied with any other.
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Re: Mimi, I beg to differ (56,834) (56,839) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 September 2015; 22:00)
I actually loved the CB sweatshirt moments. Lol. I found it totally cute and endearing.
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Mariah and James red carpet debut (56,838) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 22 September 2015; 21:58)
It feels so different seeing Mariah coupled up on the red carpet with a grown mature man that's more rich and powerful than Tommy for a change. Lol. Don't want to jump the gun, but he seems like a great balance for MC. Powerful, but not controlling and totally smitten with her. Mariah not only looked gorgeous on the outside, but there's also this gorgeous inner glow that she has that I never quite seen her with before with anyone else. I'm happy that she's in a good place and her heart is healed.
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Re: If you could interview MC and only ask 5 questions (56,686) (56,699) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 16 September 2015; 23:33)
Great great topic.
1) What song are you most proud of vocally?
2) What song are you most proud of lyrically?
3) We are now in the generation of many up and coming female singers/artists in general list you as a major influence, how does it feel to see your influence in today's music?
4) If you could release any unreleased song from your private vault of music, what song would it be and can you sing a bit of the melody?
5) Will you get into more writing/producing for other artist in the future?
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Re: Game of war (56,635) (56,640) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 14 September 2015; 23:51)
Rene, that along with the run in "Honey" came to my mind as well. That commercial was too freaking funny though. Mariah always cracks me up when she does action packed. The fight scene in the Heartbreaker video used to have me rolling every time.
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Re: Don't Stop (56,609) (56,616) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 13 September 2015; 15:17)
I've always absolutely loved that video. The whole New Orleans party on the bayou theme was giving me everything I needed at that time and the three singing Mariahs were too cute for words. Lol I also really like the contrast of Mystical's energetic aggressive rap voice and Mariah from soothing to silky vocals on the track. Like you all said "it just works well". Definitely an underrated overlooked gem in terms of both song and video.
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Re: E=MC2 vs. Memoirs (56,565) (56,592) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 11 September 2015; 12:42)
I'm one of the lambs that truly feels she has no bad albums, some I just connect with more than others. So in the case of E=MC2 and Memoirs, I can honestly say I choose Memoirs because I feel more of a connection. Now when I revisit E=MC2, it definitely still jams and I get my life, but at the same time it seemed like MC was more focus on making an album full of hits and not really pouring her soul into the songs as much as she's done before. It reminds me of the same difference for some between Rainbow and Butterfly, both great albums just different vibes.
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Re: Memoirs (56,409) (56,421) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 1 September 2015; 11:49)
Memoirs (and Charmbracelet) are Mariah's most underrated gems in my book. I lived for Charmbracelet when it came out and still can't get enough of Betcha Gon Know, Candy Bling, Insperable, It's A Wrap, Laguishing. Mariah Carey makes classic music period.
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