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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Re: Article: Mariah's Israel show not quite living up to the "fantasy" (56,149) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 19 August 2015; 21:46)
I totally agree. It's clear that the writer of that article was being overly critical and nit picky about Mariah's voice. I heard a few snippets and she sound solid to me and the audience seemed very engaged. Ever since Mariah's vocal troubles have been brought to the public, every one wants to be super critic now and write her off as not having her voice anymore when half of them wouldn't have really notice until it was pointed out.
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The thing is... (56,043) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 15 August 2015; 1:04)
While I unapologetically still enjoy Infinity, Ive only listened to "Why You Mad?" once. It hasn't quite resignate with me either yet I suppose. Having said that, I also didn't feel this undying urge to bash the song for a week straight along with the people who appreciated it. Nothing's wrong with genuinely not liking the song, and expressing why. The thing is when you make it your business to harp on the negative in every post it becomes very trollish and unnecessary. Especially when we know Mariah still can throw down with a pen and pad (MIAM). No you don't deserve a noble peace prize for "being mad/talking bout you mad" in every post. Trust me we get it and it's okay. Just move on already. Gosh.
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Re: Rolling Stone/Telegraph (56,014) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 14 August 2015; 0:40)
Honey you better speak on it. It's a damn shame, the way they try to disregard our girl. But no matter how hard they try the records speak for themself, and her legacy contonues to live on through her undeniable influence on today's artist. Why they mad?
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Re: Israeli interview (55,908) (55,914) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 11 August 2015; 14:21)
Okay and we're talking about now, so what's your point?
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Re: Israeli interview (55,889) (55,905) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 11 August 2015; 0:59)
Well JLo is very flat chested, so she wouldn't look as sexual as Mimi in the same outfit. Probably not the best comparison body type wise (and of all people ). I can occur that she could use the help of a top notch stylish, just to help her tone down the boob a bit. Beause honey the girls can be a bit overwhelming at times.
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Re: I have to say (55,849) (55,874) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 10 August 2015; 1:04)
I'm telling you. The goats on here are her worst haters. They go in harder than the ones that never been a fan. Smdh.
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Re: High school reunion (55,790) (55,792) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 8 August 2015; 0:22)
Exactly Luke I was thinking the same thing. I'm always shocked when lambily members don't catch the sarcasm or the fact that she's not being serious. She pretty much mocks what people think of her. We should all be well aware that the "diva act" is very tongue and cheek at this point.
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Mandy (55,704) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 5 August 2015; 13:43)
Yes really. Whatever you think Eminem did to ruin her career, Mariah's talent will/has override. I'm not delusional I just believe in her talent and she has proven that she can still be successful. "Lyrically smashed" Mariah? I guess if you call vulgar, recycled lies "lyrically smashing". Anyway. I'm excited too for her new music.
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Bill: Lost in translation (55,689) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 5 August 2015; 1:43)
It wasn't rude or disrespectful at all. I suggest you read all my post (if you haven't already). I'm always defending Mariah against rude disrespectful comments myself, so obviously you just took the word "thick" the absolute wrong way. Where I'm from being "thick" is actually a compliment; it means you have a little meat on you, but you still look good/sexy. I.e. where I'm from Mariah is considered fine as hell. I actually prefer her The Emancipation Of Mimi/Charmbraclet size over her E=MC2 size, which why I called her that in an indearing affectionate manner (that was the tone). You're acting Iike I said she was "fat" or "obese", in which then I would understand you coming for me. Otherwise I'll just chalk it up as a lost in translation moment due to cultural differences. Besides the lamily/fans always add prefixes to Mariah's name in reference to her different sides. Hello there's: Hoodriah, Popriah, Shaderiah, and I'm sure some on here would say they want Skinnyriah back. It's all light hearted. Relax, I doubt Mariah would've been offended by my post. Now some of these other post.
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Geez Mandy (55,681) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 4 August 2015; 22:38)
Thanks for reminding us of the evil spirit that is Eminem. I personally feel that Mariah won that battle, Obsessed was a top 10 platinum single and the kids still quote it to this day. MC is a Phoenix, when everything is in order she'll always rise from the ashes. So he ruined/murdered nothing.
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Bill (55,680) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 4 August 2015; 22:31)
Really hun? Nothing's wrong with being "thick". It definitely wasn't meant as an insult, my post was actually defending Mariah's curvier frame for the the time being.
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I mean (55,666) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 4 August 2015; 15:55)
I'm sure Mariah misses her old figure as well. She doesn't need other people being annoyed by her thickness. I'm sure she'll trim down before you know it, so just hold your horses and embrace Thickriah in the meantime.
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The songtress (55,554) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 31 July 2015; 1:42)
Languishing, Angels Cry, H.A.T.E.U, Christmas Time Is In The Air, When Christmas Comes, Cry, Faded, Camoflauge etc. are all examples that Mariah still remains a skillfully majestic songwriter. That's one thing people can't say she has lost IMO, because I can always point to a gem on each album.
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Billion dollar baby (55,487) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 27 July 2015; 21:29)
Andrew, boo really? So you're just gonna sit there and pretend that "Honey" is the only performance she does in Vegas and that she doesn't slay TGIFY every night with just a piano, along with LTT, IDWC, and My All huh? Oh okay. I tell you what, it's only a stroll and a click away from the Honey performance, a stroll and a click. As for her relationship with JP, I say have fun Mariah, people are gonna always have something to say, if he makes you happy, puts a smile on your face, and helps you get to a better place, then bless his little billion dollar heart chile.
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One song (55,445) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 24 July 2015; 21:47)
I would have to go with "Cry" without any second thoughts. To me it's the most soul churning, emotional, heart wrenching song MC has done thus far. She sings every word so much conviction/believability. I literally have to always play this song at least three times in the row, before moving on to another song. Sidenote: I agree with the person that mentioned Mariah's artistry being in the same vein as Marvin Gaye. IMO he's the male equivalent to Mariah. They both use their vocals as art with the layering and different textures.
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If the Chrissy Lou's fits, then step in them (55,369) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 20 July 2015; 23:42)
If wrong is wrong then how come Nick's wrongs are glossed over, but Mariah's wrongs leads to resentful post that often end with a (in reference to her and the fans that have her back). By all means voice your opinion when Mariah is wrong and be critical constructively, but also be fair and have her back when she's right. I'm just saying it's very "team-Nick" to give him all types of benefits of a doubt "we don't know for a fact that he cheated or not". Okay and we also don't know if Mariah asked him if he wanted to keep the kids while she was in Australia and he said "I can't I'm booked." That's my point.
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One last thing (55,350) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 20 July 2015; 14:31)
I just find it interesting how some individuals have developed such a foul attitude towards Mariah just in general. They would choose anybody's side over Mariah's (whether that person wronged Mariah or not). That's so funny to me how someone can come on here and defend Nick's (or anybody else's) honor over Mariah's and would rather turn it around to make Mariah look bad in the situation. Mind boggling. Anyway I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't trying to call Nick a "dead beat" daddy. I jokingly called him a "drive by daddy" (not to be mistaken with dead beat daddy), which pretty much means he comes pick the kids up on the weekends (or whatever), take them to the park, get some ice cream or what have you and then drop them back off at momma's by sundown or when the weekend's over. Which is not necessarily horrible, I'm actually really relieved and very glad when I do see him with the kids. I was just making the point that we mostly see them with Mariah (which is generally typical for kids to be closer or live with their mothers). I'm just saying seems like they don't live with Nick, or like he would have them for long periods of time like Mariah does, his time with them comes across as he's visiting them. Anyway I just want to put it out there that I'm actually rooting for Nick as a father and also continuing to co parent peacefully with Mimi.
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A (55,319) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 18 July 2015; 5:37)
Well he has like a zillion jobs, while that can be commendable to an extent, when do you really have time to raise your kids? Don't get me wrong. I'm sure he loves them, but just speaking from my observation before and post "divorce". He was always in and out. Mariah said it all in "Faded" and even call him the "abandoner". You deejaying here, Wild'n Out there, and worrying about America's Got Talent somewhere, but you're not there for me. It's all about balance, and from my observation his career has been tipping the balance beam. I actually don't hate Nick, think he's a bad guy or father for that matter. I'm just calling it like I see it.
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Nick Father's Day (55,315) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 17 July 2015; 21:57)
Licia no shade girl, but we all know Nick is a dedicated drive by daddy. No tea no shade. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a gig on Father's Day and couldn't keep the kids anyways.
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Leigh / worst songs (55,270) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 14 July 2015; 21:53)
Girl I didn't want to be the one to say it, but I wasn't exactly getting my life from this topic either (no shade to whoever started it). As much critism and negativity that runs rampid on here already, do we really need detailed analysis on why this or that song was so horrible? (Side note: I'm not referring to the people who just said they skip this or that song without bashing it. That's understandable.) I'd rather analyze and break down the genius of her best songs, but that's just me. Besides half of the songs mentioned are the reason I'm a fan, I'm up here like really? How could you possibly hate Cry, Faded, Candy Bling, Languishing, Underneath The Stars? *gasps for air* I could keep going but I won't. I agree we need more progressive, encouraging, beneficial topics. The state of Mariah is. Lets go
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Mandy (55,093) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 4 July 2015; 20:30)
I have to give it to you, you've done a tremendous job cleaning that initial post up. Cheers. Toast. Bravo. To you dahling, but I still stand by my thoughts on the way you came across the first time. You were trying it with that post girl. Lol. I totally disagree with the "Mariah getting what she deserved" comment though, she didn't deserve to be put in the predicament period. It was a very grimy move on the producers part. I'm sure they had every intention of "Nicki outshining Mariah" (as you put it). Nicki was casted to be the younger, fun, flamboyant, eccentric, crazy wildcard judge (for gimmick reasons) and Mariah was to be the creditable judge. This became a problem because then it starts to be about comparing the female judges ("Nicki's fun, Mariah is boring and serious") when it's supposed to be about the contestants. It makes sense for Mariah to not be here for that. Besides what diva (or person for that matter) enjoys being upstaged? It was cute for Nicki to acknowledge Mariah's success and influence (Mariah showed Nicki the same love and told her she will "go far"), but it doesn't excuse her blowing the "feud" way out of proportion. Nicki is a shady heifer too (don't get it twisted), all she had to do was throw it back at Mariah while still keeping it cute and Im sure it would've blown over better and they could've made up and "complemented each others judging style how Jesus would've loved".
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Mandy (55,067) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 3 July 2015; 20:49)
Baby please, not only did your initial post come across as judgmental, but also the undertone came across as very self righteous. It read as "Mariah's life is ruined because she's such a horrible sinner". I'm sorry, but are you a perfect saint yourself? Did you die for our sins? No shade, but shade. By your logic Eminem (who disses everybody for no reason and makes disturbing songs), should be a bum on the streets, Rihanna (who treats her fans horrible even hit one in the head with a microphone) should be on welfare, and Nicki Minaj's Anaconda (borderline pornographic artwork with graphic lyrics) should've flopped super hard. Dahling basically you're reaching for the stars in some of your accusations. Mariah has never shaded Ariana, I'm so tired of people trying to make that happen. Just because she didn't praise her doesn't mean it was shade. I can agree that it would've been nice to see MC and Nicki bury the hatchet and work together on AI, but just to keep it all the way real, sometimes that's how you have to deal with your enemies just be cordial and keep it moving. After all Nicki did berated her all over social media and even on the show a couple times and never (in all caps) apologized and even said "We're gonna fight again" in their private meeting with the producers, in which Mariah replied "No we're not". So you're right she wants to forgive, but when people make it hard, it becomes more of a process. Even the Bible says "be angry, but sin not". I personally feel Mariah showed a lot of restraint/took the high road (most of the time) in that situation. We don't know if Nick cheated or not, but it was really distasteful what he did on radio and I do believe Mariah put more effort into holding it together than he did. I'm just glad Mariah appears to be picking up the pieces, taking care of her voice, and removing bad energy from her life it seems. "No stress no fights, leaving it all behind" that's all peace.
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Wow (52,573) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 29 April 2015; 21:13)
That re-edit of Infinity slays by the way. I'll be added to my playlist. Thanks.
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Vegas shows (52,570) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 29 April 2015; 20:52)
I'm not expecting any thumbs up for this, but I have to agree with Mus on this. I will take it a step further and say I actually hope Mariah prerecord her vocals for the Vegas show and lip the hell outta of them. Don't get it twisted, in a perfect world ofcourse I would live if Mariah sings and nails all the hits 100% live, but we know singing 19 songs with different variations of vocal demand would be a challenge for anybody night after night. So personally I rather see conviencing lip sycing over her struggling night after night, as long as she mixes it up each night with singing a few songs live and really focus on giving a great visual production with grand entrances, costume changes, working the stage, dancers, glitter bombs, and every other over the top stunt they can pull. It's Vegas baby, you just have to put on a fabulous elaborate show and people will eat it up.
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Second thought / The Box Houston/ Different opinions (52,401) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 27 April 2015; 20:50)
I'm starting to love Infinity now. It's a grower. "Close the door lose the key, leave my heart on the mat for me." I love her voice on that part, sounds so clear and gorgeous. As for the 97.9 The Box, Infinity sounds much better than most of the trash they play on that station (I live in Houston as well). I remember they played that awful 7/11 song by Yonce over and over and over again and again trying to get people to fall in love with it. I couldn't help but think "if only Mariah still had that type of support from radio". On another note, it's so not cool to call fellow lambs "ass kissers" just because we like or love the new song. Mariah is so multifaceted that we're all gonna always have different opinions on her musical choices. I think that's the beauty of it all. It's okay just voice your ("your" in all caps) opinion and chill. Allow the rest of us enjoy/praise the song in peace.
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