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Name: Mirage_Nunez
Country: America
Infinity (52,333) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 27 April 2015; 13:17)
It's cute and catchy/radio friendly. I can't say I'm disappointed or overjoyed, probably just have to give it a few more listens before I completely fall in love with it (though there's already some lovable moments in the song). Hopefully the video slays and radio eats it up, she deserves it.
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Favorite song from debut album (52,160) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 23 April 2015; 22:57)
1) Love Takes Time is just too remarkable for words, it captures an emotional moment only Mariah can deliver.
2) Vanishing is so haunting from her vocal delivery to the enchanting background vocalizations. Did anyone else notice how the vocals in the background almost sound like ghosts singing "boooooo". I can see Mariah creatively connecting that idea of vanishing to idea of ghost appear and disappear. I don't know, I could be wrong.
3) All Alone In Love, "swept me away but now I'm lost in the dark, set me on fire but now I'm left with a spark" says it all. Beautifully poetic and captivating in every way.
Oh and by the way there's not one bad song on that album. I love it as a whole and still listen to it weekly, these are just my top three (all tied at one really) absolute favorites.
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I just can't anymore (49,630) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 2 February 2015; 17:25)
I've always been very hopeful of the voice bouncing back like it did during the beginning of the Mimi era and then again during the Merry Christmas II You era, but recently she's been slipping too far into the darkness with these bad performances. The Jamaica performance almost seemed intentional, like she gets something out of the bad press and people bashing her bad lip syncing. I really pray that whatever is causing this train wreck comes to a complete halt. Mariah is my favorite voice, artist, and (to be completely transparent right now) person on the planet. So these type of moments are always painful for me. I always want nothing, but the best for her. At this point all I want is for Mariah to have one more undeniably great completely live performance in a great national treasure esque way (ie social media buzz) then she can bow out gracefully and just focus on other things in life.
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Ummm Ms nanny (49,484) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 30 January 2015; 21:16)
$7000 a month Girl that's a salary. You get no overtime? Try again hun. And if Mariah wants to fire a nanny for whatever she sees fit, then that's her right to be protective/selective about who she allows around her children. It's called be a mother.
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Mimi sings the blues: Cgee54 (48,807) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Sunday 28 December 2014; 11:37)
I love that idea. I would love for her to do a straight up, classic blues, soul, jazz album. I'm at the point where I don't think Mariah should even try to complete with current artist or fit into the current music climate anymore. I just want her to make the best and realest music possible and ofcourse be in best voice.
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Whistle notes (47,529) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Tuesday 21 October 2014; 22:18)
Randy, I actually personally know many people that think Mariah has lost her whistle register and that she never hits them live. As fans we know that if one thing Mariah can do, it's whistle, but I don't think the haters, the general public, or people who like her in passing know that. Which leads me to believe the video is redeeming in some way. I agree with you about prefering to hear Mariah's full voice being in great condition though. Whistle notes have always just being the icing on the cake for me, what I've always loved the most about her voice is the tone, agility, and emotion she sang with. I'd give my all for Mariah's voice to fully recover from whatever has happened to it and for her to solidify herself as a great live vocalist once more. How great would it be to see Mariah shines vocally from here on out and have people say "the voice is back".
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My be in the minority, but... (46,973) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Friday 26 September 2014; 17:23)
I actually enjoyed the list. It's fun to participate and know what songs other lambs hold the nearest and dearest to their hearts. Besides I've ran across much more annoyingly redundant topics here, that are more deserving of an outcry. List are the easiest topics to stroll pass / ignore / not comment on if it's not your bag. No shade. I love you all.
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Top 25 (46,838) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 23:06)
1) Love Takes Time
2) Butterly
3) Cry
4) Don't Foget About Us
5) Vanishing
6) Till The End Of Time
7) To Be Around You
8) Underneath The Stars
9) Long Ago
10) Melt Away
11) Slipping Away
12) Everything Fades
13) Mine Again
14) Fly Like A Bird
15) My All/Stay Awhile
16) I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
17) O Holy Night
18) O Little Town Of Bethlehem
19) Saving Grace
20) Had Your Chance
21) Languishing
22) There Goes My Heart
23) Inseparable
24) Lead The Way
25) I Wish You Well
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Wendy Williams flip flopper (46,824) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 21:10)
I thought I was the only person that had a certain distain for Wendy Williams way of "reporting" stories. My biggest issue with her is that she never bothers to have her facts straight and base all of her commentary off of hearsay. In other words she's a horrible gossip, I mean if you're gonna gossip at least be good at it. She reminds me of this exercise in school, when you tell one person in class a story in their ear and about time it gets all the way back around to the person who originally told it, it's a whole new story. That's how bad her "journalism" is and I use the word "journalism" very loosely.
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I should've know that you were tired of me (46,315) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 23 August 2014; 19:42)
That line says it all. From the beginning of this union like many fans, I felt Mariah was making the biggest mistake of her life marrying Nick Cannon (of all people), but the feeling subsided when I saw how much Nick "loved" her. Hm. Now I'm back to wondering was he in it all for the upgraded lifestyle, career opportunities, and new level of fame, because if you truly love your wife, why are you finding every excuse in the book to always be away from home? If you're concerned about her mental health, why aren't you there for her to help her? If you are such a dedicated dad that's concerned about your children again why are you putting your career first? Why would she want to have 12 kids with you if you can't even be there for the 2 you already have? Ever since she married this guy it has done nothing for her career, but downgraded it. One bad decision after another. In a sense she sacrifices her credibility when marrying him so fast and as a result her albums have sold less and less. Look at how E=MC2 started strong with a number one hit and all, then after the marriage to Nick the album stalls, then Memoirs sold less, and MIAMTEC sold even less. I feel bad for dem babies, I really hope they come up with a peaceful arrangement for the well being of their well being.
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Mimi blues (46,122) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Monday 18 August 2014; 23:48)
The problem is Mariah's "fans" are over her, don't have her back, and have lost respect for her. It's really disheartening to see her "followers" constantly bash her everyday on here with the " " comments about her supposed inflated album sales, and the derogatory comments about her current album sales. I mean first off we don't know they exact numbers for her albums sales from the past, so why are we acting so irritated about the projections. Better yet even if they have been inflated, why blame Mariah for other people inflating her sales, she can't always control what folks imbellish about her be good or bad, so like knock it off. Her current album is masterful, and it's a shame people didn't support it, they indeed did let her down by buying into the negative hype and not remembering what she really means to them. Yes this is my opinion and I am making a statement of it.
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