Mariah Carey risks a very embarrassing slip |

Sunday 21 May 2017

Mariah Carey risks a very embarrassing slip

Mariah Carey risked a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as she stripped down to a plunging leather top on a night out last night. The singer, 47, showcased her figure in her latest outrageous number, this time appearing to go braless at Catch in Los Angeles.

Showing off her cleavage in the low-cut top, Mariah coupled it with skintight jeans and strappy black stilettos as she was escorted inside by a burly security guard. Wearing her hair loose and wavy, the star looked as glam as ever, and wore a diamond necklace to finish off the ensemble.

She appeared to change the top up slightly from earlier in the day, and shared a snap on Instagram of it falling low over her legs as a dress. She wrote: "After a long day at a secret studio."

(The Sun)

Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter wrote:
This outfit is hideous and I see we are back to the "nip slips" and "thong flash" headlines. Even the Kardashians have moved on from these cheap stunts. Seriously what is that outfit? Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.
(Sunday 21 May 2017; 19:05)
Gemma from Australia wrote:
"sigh" I miss the 90's Mariah that dressed like a trendy singer with a little self respect so much, not this Mariah that dresses like nothing but a cheap prostitute who has 0 self respect. I mean what message does that send to her daughter? I personally think Nick should try and explain to Mariah that all this wearing slutty clothes is completely wrong when you have a six year old daughter who looks up to you and will probably one day dress like that, thinking it's ok for women to dress up like a hooker. *end of rant*
(Monday 22 May 2017; 08:43)
darrian liu from taiwan wrote:
My problem isn't with the amount of skin Mariah is showing. I believe that a woman's self-respect is not determined by the amount of skin she is showing and I don't mind if she wants to show skin. But the problem is the style of clothing she chooses to wear is really unflattering and weird-looking. The new black top looks super weird and doesn't flatter her in any way possible. I'm being redundant but hands down Idol era Mariah was slaying in every single way possible, fashion-wise. Mariah needs to go back to that era.
(Monday 22 May 2017; 14:47)

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