Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty

Friday 7 June 2019

Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty |
The ongoing legal battle between Mariah Carey and her former assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan has just gotten a little more personal. The lawsuit that the pop star initially brought to her former friend was about a blackmail scheme that she had allegedly carried out, keeping "intimate" photos and videos of Mariah and threatening her with them.

Then, a new layer was added when the singer herself was accused of overspending on her team's credit cards. In the latest update, Carey is being called out for plastic surgery procedures that she purchased on her assistant's card, including butt injections.

For years, people have wondered about how authentic Mariah Carey's famous curves are. Well, it looks like now everybody has their answer. According to Daily Mail, Shakhnazaryan's American Express card was used to conceal six surgical procedures that Mariah Carey signed for as "Stella Carey". The procedures include $10,000 buttocks fillers, $4,800 fat-melting on her upper breasts and an $8,900 firming technique on her neck and jawline.

Carey allegedly hid purchases and surgeries on her former manager and assistant's cards because she didn't want anybody to know about them. "All the staff, including her security guards and nannies, have to put stuff on their cards and get it reimbursed," says one source.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, we wonder what we'll find out next in this scandalous lawsuit.

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RibbonB from USA
(Friday 7 June 2019; 22:32)
Ugh, real sloppy if true. Why not just have a lawyer pay your bills? They have to keep it confidential and may be less likely to blackmail.
Marissa from USA
(Friday 7 June 2019; 23:00)
If Lianna thought releasing this would result in public humiliation, I think she failed. Celebrities get work done. Water is wet. Next. Thankfully, Mariah still pretty much looks like herself no matter what she's had done.
Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Sunday 9 June 2019; 20:31)
Seriously. Butt injections? Who cares? She's had twins, she's a superstar, she's gorgeous and any work she has had done is done at beyond expert levels of perfection and subtlety. We know Mariah had her breasts done. Personally I think 3 times (1997, 2011, and again in 2017). Why would she be ashamed over some butt injections? people inject stuff into their face, legs, booties, necks etc. all the time. I have friends in their 20's, living regular middle class, pay cheque to pay cheque lives getting fillers and injections. Also, look at Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Joy Behar, all the Kardashians, they are all open and proud of the work they've had done and all look amazing. It's not like she's looking a mess; like when Courtney Cox, Renee Zellweger and Nicole Kidman got their whack faces (which all three have corrected recently, lol, thank goodness).
achul from malaysia
(Monday 10 June 2019; 02:26)
If she does any surgery to her booty at least its look perfect than Stella face surgery.
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