Mariah posts video of high-heeled treadmill workout

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Mariah posts video of high-heeled treadmill workout |
Whatever your pandemic workout regime has been, old school Mariah Carey has you beat. The singer posted a throwback clip early Tuesday morning (April 6) from the Music Box era in 1993 in which she teaches us all a lesson or two about proper exercise technique.

In the MTV promo video, Carey is walking on a treadmill in a black tank top and shorts, accented by matching high heels, of course, next to her adorable dog, who is strolling on a matching machine while rocking a red sweater.

As she works her arms back and forth, Carey snaps a heel and exclaims, "I can't even believe this. Nine hundred dollars and you can't even frickin' go on the treadmill in them." Exasperated, Carey tosses the slumped pump onto a pile of similarly ruined shoes as her footwear concierge, Benny, brings her a replacement.

"I have to get one of those friggin' stupid pairs of those things," she complains as the dog (who sounds eerily like Snoop Dogg) asks "What things?" "You know those ugly things people wear? They go jogging or they like go to the gym?"

"Sneakers?" the dog asks. "Sneakers," she says making air quotes around the gross word. "Sneakers sounds disgusting." Carey made news this week for making another healthy choice: hitting one of her signature high notes while getting a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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