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Name: Tevin
Country: USA
A laid back guy that loves Mariah!
Good Lord, just enjoy the show (102,717) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 12 May 2023; 19:02)
No need to apologize. Like I said, I'm a huge Mariah fan. I would love to go see her perform in a concert. Even if she walked up to a tape recorder and hit play and let her original vocals play out, I would still be happy to see her. Lol. But I'm also torn because other than AIWFC and maybe WBT most younger people don't know about her and her body of work. We can easily throw around her accolades but most people don't know or frankly don't care. That's why I hate seeing consistent bad performances from her because it overshadows all of the great work that she has done, at least in the minds of most 25 year or younger folks.
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This is a reply to message 102,713 by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 11 May 2023; 17:38)
New low? (102,716) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 12 May 2023; 18:56)
I agree Jamie. Do any of you guys remember Leona Lewis? I remember when she was on the [X Factor] and her subsequent two albums that followed, she was belting her head off, with crazy runs and transitions. The media was billing her as being the next Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Anyway she went from that, to being really pitchy, couldn't sustain belts and having other vocal issues. Though she still doesn't have the same voice as before, she was able to gain quite a bit of her voice back. I can't remember what she had, but she has some kind of disease or illness that caused major vocal issues not to mention body issues too. My point is we never know what goes on behind closed doors. Even though she looks amazing, Mariah isn't getting any younger and more and more health issues can develop, that can effect not only her body but her voice. I mean look at poor Celine Dion. I wish them all love and recovery.
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This is a reply to message 102,714 by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 11 May 2023; 19:51)
One positive (102,702) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 17:28)
One positive thing: the intro of Till the End of Time, into Camouflage into VOL was genius. Good job Mariah.
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My final thoughts (102,698) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 03:38)
As many of you know I rarely post on here even though I read all the comments. I'm just posting a lot now, not only to vent, but to say that I'm truly worried and saddened. I hope Mariah will be able to bounce back in some way. My wish is to get one more Rarities or MC 30 album, with one new song, that she can studio piece meal together, if she has to, and then for Mariah to enjoy her time with her family, and other business ventures, including her movie about her life. I hope she doesn't retire though, if she can just show up to shows and instead of performing a huge difficult set list, that most "good" singers now days wouldn't be able to get through, she should just sing one song from start to finish. No tricks, no gimmicks, no smoke no mirrors. All I wish is to be able to stand before Mariah one day and hear here gracefully sing Hero or Vision of Love, with a piano or guitar. Ok my rant is over. Take care everyone, and remember, everyone's opinions matter.
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Maybe I'm missing something? (102,697) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 03:31)
I say these comments out of love. I agree with you Randy. I know Mariah loves to sing because it's literally her life and passion. I never would ask nor want her to retire. Even if she only produces songs in a low register with no belts, I wouldn't have a problem with that because I love her artistry. But with everything you mentioned in your post about all the smoke and mirror tricks that Mariah does, I can't help but wonder, doesn't that have to be torture for her. I mean I can't imagine standing on stage having to do all these tricks to prove your voice is still there, while worrying that something can, may and probably will go wrong in front of hundreds of not thousands of people. I just hope people on her payroll aren't forcing her to do all of these events if she isn't able or up to it.
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This is a reply to message 102,683 by Randy from USA
(Monday 8 May 2023; 12:39)
Good Lord, just enjoy the show (102,696) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 03:26)
Hi Chicago Lamb, yes I loved the show, the show of Boys 2 Men [Boyz II Men] singing, while literally almost every note that Mariah sang did not come out. Oh and I'm not talking about "did not come out", as in pitchy or flat, I mean no discernable sound came out of her mouth. Something is very wrong and I hope she can fix it. We can show love to others but also point out flaws where they should make improvements. I mean, I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm no professional but I honestly could have sang all those songs better than Mariah.
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This is a reply to message 102,687 by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 8 May 2023; 14:24)
New low? (102,695) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 02:34)
Not to add insult to injury, but this is clearly voice issues not just vocal, as in singing, issues. I noticed multiple times when Mariah was speaking to the crowd, like when she yelled welcome Boys 2 Men [Boyz II Men], her voice broke and she didn't complete the phrase. That was just with her speaking. Something is very very wrong. But it's Mariah Carey, and if anyone can bounce back, it will be her.
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This is a reply to message 102,681 by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 8 May 2023; 10:28)
Lovers and Friends (102,674) by Tevin from USA
(Sunday 7 May 2023; 19:04)
Positives: Ok so Mariah looked amazing. It was nice to see that she is in good terms with Boys 2 Men [Boyz II Men] and Miguel. Some of the performance was good and I loved her energy.

Negatives: OSD (in her defense she struggled with this song back in 06) and she was in a lot better vocal health then. That's a super hard song to sing, full high belts.

Devastation: She lipped part of VOL. Like what the heck, that was the only song that she never lipped in her 30+ year career, no matter how good or how bad she sound on a particular day. I honestly can't process this right now. It was her one sacred song.
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What is your initial fan story? (102,630) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 25 April 2023; 05:26)
I was three when Daydream came out, and one of the first songs that I remember hearing in life was Always Be My Baby. (Still my favorite non ballad MC song.) It was played by everyone, all on happy occasions, so every time I hear that song, I remember great memories of my early childhood. But I had two moments when I became a fan. One was when I was four and Butterfly came out. I remember my dad bought that album and so did a lot of my close family. My mom told me I would stare at the cover art of that album (side note and also Brandy's album too) lol.

Anyway we all were on some road trip and the song Butterfly came on. I remember my aunt, with a confused look on her face, saying to my cousin "why is she singing like that" (she was talking about Mariah's whisper register). Then comes the bridge and climax. Then I hear her say oh wow, that's the Mariah I know. Let me tell you being so young only 4 and hearing that bridge and climax of Butterfly, I thought to myself, this is the best voice I ever heard. It is forever etched into my memory. That and my mom and dad butchering the high belts in Honey. Hahah.

Anyway my second fan story is of course the TEOM era when I was old enough to truly appreciate the mega star that Mariah was and literally every TV station and radio station had her on rotate for a solid year and half. Man other than 96, 2005-early 07 was peak Mimi takeover. I miss those days.
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This is a reply to message 102,626 by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 April 2023; 23:36)
Predictions (102,622) by Tevin from USA
(Monday 24 April 2023; 15:06)
Thanks T for the insight. Any word on a Rarities 2 or continuation of MC 30? Granted that means more work behind the scenes for Mariah, but she doesn't have to create new songs or a album since they would have already existed.
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This is a reply to message 102,621 by T from USA
(Monday 24 April 2023; 14:33)
Mine (102,583) by Tevin from USA
(Wednesday 19 April 2023; 17:06)
I live this new song by Kelly Clarkson. I would love it if Mariah would create a song like this. Powerful vocals yet easier to sing.
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Female singers (102,582) by Tevin from USA
(Wednesday 19 April 2023; 17:04)
Steven, out of curiosity, why do you think Beyonce is in her version of an E=MC2 era?
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This is a reply to message 102,570 by Steven Berning from USA
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 09:26)
The real reason for no respect (102,306) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 7 March 2023; 17:19)
I usually agree with you Randy, but public performances such as Can't Let Go, If It's Over Grammys and SNL, begs to differ. But other than that I do agree with what you said.
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This is a reply to message 102,291 by Randy from USA
(Monday 6 March 2023; 00:11)
ChatGPT (102,225) by Tevin from USA
(Thursday 16 February 2023; 04:02)
So I was bored and I asked ChatGPT, the new AI software, to write me a Mariah Carey song. The lyrics though a little generic at some points, read like something out of a 90s Mariah Carey song. Anyway even though I was doing this as an experiment, I do wonder if AI does take off, how is that going to affect songwriters and copyrights. I truly hope it won't lessen the value of true songwriters.
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Rarities (102,220) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 14 February 2023; 00:42)
Do you all think we will get a Rarities 2 this year?
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Song of the Summer (102,204) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 10 February 2023; 18:46)
Maybe this is wishful thinking but the song that I feel never got a fair shot for how good it is, is [I'll be loving you long time]. It reminds me of a modern day version of [Always be my baby]. I wish we could get just for that song this year and make it a song of the Summer.
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It's A Wrap EP (102,203) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 10 February 2023; 18:41)
Do you guys think Mariah is planning on singing this live again soon (maybe at the Lovers and Friends event), even though that may be too far in the future? Anyway I could be looking at this wrong, but I noticed in the "Edit" version, she cuts off a couple of the really high belt parts and some of the whistles. Maybe a sign that she might try to perform this live? What do you all think?

Also I hope she can drop a video. This has blown up on TikTok and there are so many young people aka under 18 who hardly know anything about Mariah other than Christmas. At least that's what I noticed by the comments that people have made on TikTok. I mean even the massive songs such as WBT and The E of Mimi is almost 20 years old. Other than a big chuck of young people on TikTok. It's crazy to believe how time flies.

Also we should put on Twitter that Mariah should release Angels Advocate.
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This is a reply to message 102,195 by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 9 February 2023; 22:52)
Memoirs (102,161) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 31 January 2023; 16:35)
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This is a reply to message 102,160 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 31 January 2023; 11:32)
Memoirs (102,158) by Tevin from USA
(Monday 30 January 2023; 22:09)
Mariah, if you or anyone on your team is reading this board, please release Angels Advocate album this week. This would be the best time given It's A Wraps popularity.
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This is a reply to message 102,156 by Mariahsbaby from usa
(Monday 30 January 2023; 20:02)
Why is everyone surprised? (101,860) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 16 December 2022; 22:07)
I agree Jamie. Notice how she hasn't posted any clips of her performance on social media. Usually she post quite a bit of stuff.
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This is a reply to message 101,856 by Jamie from UK
(Friday 16 December 2022; 16:57)
I'm brought to Tears (101,837) by Tevin from USA
(Thursday 15 December 2022; 05:48)
Please everyone hear me out. So I was going to vent, get angry, get upset, but at the end of the day as I'm typing this before I go to bed, I realized it doesn't matter. I doesn't matter if the "Yessss Queen" always positive Lambs come up with excuses. It doesn't matter if the negative nacys has their critiques. It doesn't matter if people spend or don't spend there hard earned money to see Mariah live. It doesn't matter if her team and close friends are telling her the truth, trying to help her, or are just using her as a cash ATM machine. It doesn't matter if most people on this message board could now sing a song such as Hero (dare I say it) better than The Mariah Carey can. It doesn't matter if she has vocal nodules, if she hasn't practiced properly for this mini tour, if she did not build up her vocal stamina because she hasn't toured in 4 years. The point of my rant is this, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. What I'm trying to say is this, I don't expect Mariah to sound like the 90s. Heck I don't even expect her to sound like the early to mid 2000's. But from some of the recent performances that she has been doing this year (especially after she said her voice was back and in great shape), we all can see something is seriously wrong. I've never seen her voice give out so many times in a song and it pains me. I firmly believe she can turn this around and put on a decent performance. But as I watch some of the past performances of Mariah, like My All in 2016 and 2018, some of the Caution tour (performances after she had dem babies, for people that used the "pregnancy causes her voice to get deeper" excuse) I'm truly saddened and brought to tears. Not for myself, because we will always have the music, videos and the records. But I'm saddened for Mariah. All fame, money, prestige aside, I'm saddened that just like Whitney and unfortunately Celine to (though not as bad), that the voice that may go down in history as one of the most beautiful, unique, impressive and complex voices in history, is now gone (at least at this time). Whether it's her own fault, or circumstances out of her control (such as medical issues). I just hope that she is able to turn some of this around, not just for our sake but for her own sake as well. Mariah says that singing is her therapy and life, and I just want to see her gain some confidence in her voice and in herself. Her performance doesn't have to be perfect, heck it doesn't even have to be great. I just hope it's good enough that she can feel content with what voice she has left. As much as we don't want to admit it, even though the voice will never be of the 90s again, that same women is still from the 90s, she knows her vocal flaws and mistakes and what she can and cannot do anymore, more than we do. I just hate seeing her look miserable and terrified on stage. If its health issues causing this, like Celine, she should just tell us that she needs time away from singing to focus on her voice or family, whatever excuse. But if its simply a lack of vocal care, then I hope she gets and seeks the help that she needs. By the way, vocal nodules don't cause your voice to go out like that throughout songs, that's caused by things such as not working on your breathing techniques and warming up properly. I firmly believe that Mariah can turn her situation around, if she wants to, but I can't help getting this feeling out of my gut that the last two of the three women that I grew up listening to (rip Whitney), may be semi retiring. I hate to end on a somber note and I hope that I'm wrong, but this may be the end of the vocal trinity (from a live/touring perspective). But at least we have the music and the memories. Man do I hope I'm wrong.
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"Emotions" in "The Crown" (101,622) by Tevin from USA
(Thursday 10 November 2022; 14:33)
I love The Crown. I'm on season 3 though. Gotta catch up.
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This is a reply to message 101,621 by MC1989 from Spain
(Thursday 10 November 2022; 09:14)
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,551) by Tevin from USA
(Wednesday 26 October 2022; 14:20)
Nick G, why would you joke around about something like that.
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This is a reply to message 101,549 by Nick G from Germany
(Wednesday 26 October 2022; 08:52)
Touch My Body (101,512) by Tevin from USA
(Saturday 22 October 2022; 15:01)
Stop singing my part now baby. Lol. I always sing that line in my head when the ending climax of the song starts.
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This is a reply to message 101,510 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 22 October 2022; 04:08)
Migrate vs Obsessed (101,503) by Tevin from USA
(Friday 21 October 2022; 18:36)
So I was listening to Migrate (aka should have been a single) and Obsessed yesterday, and I wanted to get everyone's opinion. Out of the two, which song do you prefer, had Migrate been released as a single, which one do you believe would have charted higher? Finally, which one do you think would have had better longevity?
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