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Name: Joachim Agerup Løkkevik
Country: Norway
Fan since 1997
It's been a long time coming (105,511) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Saturday 17 February 2024; 17:39)
When was the last time Mariah was on top worldwide and it wasn't a Christmas song? Even here in Norway, Mariah is now #3 on top songs on iTunes. I had completely forgotten the feeling I experience when Mariah is represented on the charts. It's too early to hope for Mariah's name to be on offical charts around the world, but what a great feeling that would be. Nevertheless, congrats Mariah and Ariana.
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Yes, and? #1 (105,503) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Saturday 17 February 2024; 10:33)
Mariah and Ariana sit comfortably on top of the iTunes top 100 world chart.
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Yes, and? (105,464) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Friday 16 February 2024; 07:35)
I actually really like it, the intro is pure old school Mariah 90's remixes, plesently surprised. But, Mariah's voice sounds a bit strange, I didn't recognize her when she started to sing, I have never heard her voice sound like it does on this remix, it sounds manufactored to be honest.
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Conflicted (105,424) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 15 February 2024; 00:09)
I should and thought I would be excited about the news of a Mariah and Ariana collaboration, but my feelings are a bit conflicted really. I actually don't think Mariah and Ariana like each other that much, and I feel Mariah only does this to get noticed more by a younger crowd, and mayby hope that it would be a hit like Big Energy (Remix). And all of those things are positive, but my gut feeling is that this remix will pass away fast. I might be wrong.
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Vote Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (105,395) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 13 February 2024; 11:11)
Thank you. How many are inducted out of the nominees? I voted again for Mariah today, she's in the top 7.
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This is a reply to message 105,382 by Pedro from Brazil
(Monday 12 February 2024; 15:04)
Vote Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (105,380) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 12 February 2024; 12:35)
How do you know she's way behind?
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This is a reply to message 105,375 by Pedro from Brazil
(Monday 12 February 2024; 00:40)
A last question (104,728) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Sunday 31 December 2023; 18:54)
A last question before I head out to this years celebration of what was and what is to come.

I just realized, almost every human being on earth know who Mariah is. In all my encounters with other people, I have never met a person who doesn't know who Mariah is. A lot of frustration on this board and from me personally, is that Mariah's music isn't remembered that much compared to Whitney, Madonna or Celine. Ask a young person today to name another song by Mariah that isn't AIWFCIY, and they will have a hard problem to name one, maybe they know Hero.

But Mariah's level of fame, is bigger than her music. Everybody knows who she is, her name is instantly recognizable. So, isn't it better to be happy about Mariah's impression on culture, that everybody knows her name, than be dpressed that many can't name a single song? Everybody knows who Mozart was, but be honest, name five pieces of his, and try to recollect any of his tunes in your head. I can, but can the general public?

In one hundred years from now, maybe Mariah's name will still be in the cultural canon, even though most people don't know a single tune of hers. I would call that a big personal success irregardless.
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Clarity (104,647) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 25 December 2023; 02:46)
I am concerned too, Andrew. My worst nightmare is that Mariah's whole catalogue will go down the drain because of this Christmas song, alone. But remember, we are all living in our own time, Mariah might be content with that song being her only legacy per now.

But, as with you, it devastates me that most people won't know her other songs.

I guess we as fans, just need to micro dose people with other stuff, like I have done the last 25 years. There is not a single soul I have met in my life that won't think of me whenever a Mariah song is played.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, thank you for this community, going to listen to "One Child" now, love you.
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This is a reply to message 104,641 by Andrew from the UK
(Sunday 24 December 2023; 18:12)
Good voice (104,372) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Sunday 3 December 2023; 18:28)
I can honestly say I had lost all faith in that Mariah would work on her voice and sound good again, but she has impressed me once more. How pleasant and nice it is to hear her live voice again, it's so satisfying and soothing, just listen to this.
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View from here (104,183) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 23 November 2023; 17:36)
I agree on the subject of her awkward stiffness, I just can't figure out what seems to be wrong.

Besides that, what I take from the concerts is that her voice is back to a level where it's actually pleasant to listen to her sing again, that makes me happy.
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This is a reply to message 104,177 by MC1989 from Spain
(Thursday 23 November 2023; 12:04)
Performance (104,139) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 20 November 2023; 18:02)
Well, I also think it was live, but besides from the opening chorus, she is mostly singing to the original recording as a back track, but sometimes her current voice shines through, and it's not bad at all. Her voice in the opening chorus is actually better than the lst 5-10 years. She has listened to some criticism and feedback it seems, maybe even come to this board for advice. She is doing much of what many people here have requested, singing the songs differently with her curent voice, keeping to her middle to low register and quit masking her voice decline with pre-recorded notes nobody believes she can hit anymore.

Mariah has lost weight, done a face sugery, maybe another boob job, they look a bitt different, she looks better than in years. But at the same time I am dissapointed that she has gone to these extremes, I really hope she will not eventually become another Madonna case. I am still concerned about her mental well being, because she is lethargic and doesn't seem happy. It might be medication, I read another place she has used osempic to lose weight, and more than 10% of users of that medication gets depression and it's not unusual to get suicidal. But that is of course just speculation.

Anyways, Mariah is working hard on getting her reputation back as a singer and a perfomer you can rely on, I think she is doing a pretty good job. Keep up the good work, Mariah, and your happiness will follow.
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This is a reply to message 104,132 by Tameka walker from United states
(Monday 20 November 2023; 06:06)
We need to be kind to Mariah, ok? (104,087) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Friday 17 November 2023; 02:39)
There [is] something very wrong with Mariah as of late. Her interviews have been low energy, not interesting at all, she seems apathetic, has no inspiration, she seems dead inside, her eyes have now sparkles. I have seen some of the footage from her first concert, I can't even tell if she is singing or not, no facial expressions, no nothing.

People of this board, we have sometimes wondered if Mariah secretly visits this board, and if that is the case, no wonder she is in such a bad place right now. I feel bad for the harsh things I might have said in the past, all though my post are mostly positive.

Our girl is not in a good place mentaly right now. I am [sincerely] concerned about her wellbeing. Let's do her a favour and be kind and understanding, she deserves that from the Lambily, if she can't get any praise here, where will she get it?

Please guys, let's pause the sh*t posting and just send her our blessings and gratitude for a while, Mariah is hurting, it's obvious.

I hope Mariah gets the rest and relaxation between shows that she needs. If continuing a stellar career has taken such a toll, I would quit, take a long hiatus, it's not worth it Mariah. Get better Mariah, we love you, don't you ever forget.

My last post was a bit [dramatic], but still true. Just wanted to ad, Mariah's voice is in better shape than in years, sounds 2016'ish, and it seems like she has taken the lambily's advice and started to sing the songs in her lower register. I think it's actually mostly live, she rarely tries to hit high notes, and the ones she "hits" are mostly lipped. It was very refreshing to hear her just sing the songs with the voice that she got, the concert just feels so much more real and authentic. Continue like this, Mariah, I'd much rather listen to a whole concert with you singing in the middle to lower register, than faking the upper register and barely sing a note.

But what is going on with Mariah besides that it's clear she has rested her voice, I don't know. Her recent face lift is obvious, her face doesn't move anymore, it has turned completely stiff, not a motion in sight, not even her eyebrows move when she sings, and that used to be her signature face movements. Maybe she's on extremely strong pain killers after all the surgeries that makes her heavily sedated, I have never seen her energy this low.
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Fantasy (104,003) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 9 November 2023; 20:59)
I think it suits the staus quo of Mariah's career that the song that might stand out as her legacy besides AIWFCIY is Fantasy, and how telling that is for what Mariah has become.

If I try to understand what is going on in Mariah World, is that she is now just a fantasy, and that is what she is selling us with new releases, concerts and "live" performances from her home. She has had a splendid career, nobody can take away her success, especially during the 90's, she will for ever be mentioned when people talk about the best singers in history. Nobody will deny that she had one of the biggest voices the world has gotten to know.

I don't think the general public really knows about the condition of Mariah's voice at the moment, and I don't think they care. The Lambily knows, and we are frustrated. But I think if we still want to enjoy the rest of her career, and I don't think she will retire anytime soon, we have to embrace the idea that she is now a fantasy, a relic of what once was. At her show it is Mariah who is singing, but the voice might be from years ago, and between all the pre-reccorded tracks, she somtimes sings a word or a sentence with her current voice. We just have to believe in her like a child believes in Santa Clause. Mariah is now both real and not real at the same time.

Mariah has become a fantasy you can chose to believe, and even if you don't believe, you can still enjoy the charade, because it induces positive feelings if you just go with the flow.

It's almost Christmas season, and I'm going to enjoy Mariah, her old music, new music, YouTube videos from her Christmas shows, really get into the Christmas and Mariah spirit, and just pretend that it's real, much like Christmas itself.
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Mariah isn't defrosting, she has never been frozen (103,648) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 3 October 2023; 16:11)
Exactly, Andy.
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This is a reply to message 103,647 by Andrew from the UK
(Tuesday 3 October 2023; 15:50)
Mariah isn't defrosting, she has never been frozen (103,646) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 3 October 2023; 15:15)
Mariah isn't defrosting, and that Mariah her self sees the irony in this is the reason she can say that about herself. I regulary check how many monthly listeners the biggest artists from the 80's and 90's have on Spotify. I know Spotify is not the best streaming service to use to asess how popular an artist is, cause there are large differences between countries in how widespread the service is being used, mostly Scandinavian, European and Western countries use it. But at the moment Mariah has almost 25 million monthly listeners, 176th place in the world. For an artist who started in 1990, that is not a bad number.

Just a few months ago, Madonna had almost as many listeners, but she has seen a ressurgance in listeners the last few months, and now is up to almost 40 million monthly listeners. But Mariah is way ahead of Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue (even though she has a new album out), Cher, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael and many of the greats from the last decades. She is ahead of Whitney Houston as well. The current artists Mariah can't compeet with, but my point is, Mariah isn't defrosting before Christmas, that is just how she is talked about in our culture right now, how people on social media use humor, make memes, cause she is like this wave, a tsunami, you can't escape between 1st of November and 31st of December, everyone knows it, and everyone is inn with the joke.

Truth is, Mariah is one of the most listened to artists from the last four decades all through the year. So, people on this board, don't get fooled by the memes and the gimmicks surounding Mariah from now on and untill Christmas, she is not defrosting, cause she has never been frozen, non pun intended, Madonna
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Perfection (103,185) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 15 August 2023; 03:40)
I agree. Truths and facts and face value of things have started to get blurry. It's a dangerous road the world is on right now, and AI produced covers and songs from living and dead artists is just another thing on that road.

Imagine in maybe 50 years, many people will have forgotten what's real and what's not real. If these AI manufactured things wont stop without a license or with warnings that it's not real, people in the future wont investigate every single thing they will come across, and fake song will be thought of as original work.

With this developement, people wont know which songs that are actually written and sung by Mariah. One can question if it's a bad thing or not, perhaps Mariah's legacy will live longer? For me personally I would like the original work of an artist to live on, not some manufactured songs without soul.
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This is a reply to message 103,179 by Andrew from the UK
(Monday 14 August 2023; 13:12)
Mariah's version (103,102) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Sunday 30 July 2023; 10:46)
You think the version at the Garmmy Nomination was awful? And what do you mean it was prerecorded and lipped? You can clearly see on Mariah's face that she sings most of it live. Some parts are lipped, yes, but those eye brows movements she can never replicate when she is lip synching, it's live for the most part.

Mariah has to make decision in her life, to get healthier, work on her voice, if she really wants to impress people again. Or she can do whatever she's doing right now, and not being able to sing the easiest songs live, lip almost everything of every song.

I don't know if she is content with status quo, living the best life with her kids. I have a feeling ever since she was married with Tommy Mottola, that practicing, rehearsing has become something that only bring out bad memories, that she has simply quit doing it, because she was forced to while married. But come on, it's been 25 years, time to move on. I just can't fathom that a person who was once known as one the best singers in the world, with an unbelievable range, can be happy with not being able to sing a tune anymore. Or I'm wrong, maybe she's just over it.
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This is a reply to message 103,101 by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 29 July 2023; 21:29)
Cut the crap (102,992) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 11 July 2023; 02:53)
We all know that we are utterly dissapointed because our beloved Mariah hasn't released an album in years. But please, can you all watch, the last tone takes me to heaven. I'm not longer afraid to die, Mariah will be there to hold on to me.
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Who is she kidding? (102,873) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 12 June 2023; 20:53)
She can't sing a note anymore.
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Maybe I'm missing something? (102,701) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 13:13)
All of this must be the toughest for Mariah herself. I always want Mariah to be confident on stage, and it sometimes baffles me how nervous and insecure she can be, even in the days she could sing her heart out. What I feel strange is Mariah the last years have been so happy and smily on stage, seems pleased when she has finished a song and the audience applaudes. But is it really that fun to actually feel that you can't hit notes you used to, know that what the audience hear is not what is coming out of your mouth? I would personally feel extremely uncomfortable knowing I am hiding the truth.
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This is a reply to message 102,697 by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 03:31)
Maybe I'm missing something? (102,691) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 8 May 2023; 19:42)
This is worse, she can't even sing in her middle range, have to hit those notes low. There's nothing left of her middle and upper register. I really don't know what to say.
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This is a reply to message 102,683 by Randy from USA
(Monday 8 May 2023; 12:39)
All My Life (102,668) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Sunday 7 May 2023; 08:41)
I love All My Life, I have listened to it a lot.
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This is a reply to message 102,666 by Randy from USA
(Saturday 6 May 2023; 12:27)
Concert in France (102,652) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 4 May 2023; 12:16)
What is this concert I keep see footage from popping up on YouTube, was this recently, or is it from last year?

From what I can hear at least, she is better than Global Cityzen, but still throaty and raspy, and still using the backing tracks we have become custom to. But she seems a bit more confident and happy.

If the concert was from last year, then just forget this message. Then we just have to wait for Mariah's next gig which is not that far away.
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If you were a star would you.... (102,573) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 16:38)
Maybe not read comments and replies that often, I think that would have made me crazy. The comments are either overly positive or overly negative.

I might come to this board once in a while, because we are not yes people on this board. But maybe I would have stayed away when the messages become too harsh. But I would go for the constructive criticism.
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This is a reply to message 102,568 by Lady B from USA
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 06:36)
New Mariah titles (one word) (102,550) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 18:06)
People from the US tend to exaggerate their family roots. Europeans think this is a bit strange, and sometimes think that when somebody says they are from Venezuelan or Irish decent, we think it's their parents. But more often than not, it's their grandparents or even further back in the family line, sometimes back to the founding fathers.

The people from Europe almost never say we have different decent if it's not our parents, further back than that, or more than what is considered to be first grade immigrants, we might talk about it as more of a cultural heritage, but rarely put too much in the sence it's because our roots are from a different country.
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This is a reply to message 102,549 by Mariahsbaby from usa
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 16:34)
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