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Name: Aliya
Country: Canada
I am 22 years old and I have been a huge fan of Mariah since "We Belong Together'. She is the best vocalist of all time and I will always support her.
Toronto (104,256) by Aliya from Canada
(Tuesday 28 November 2023; 06:08)
I just came home from the Toronto concert. She sounded pretty good when she was singing live. And I would say she sang live for the most part. She had clarity in her voice and it didn't sound strained. She did tone down many of her songs of course as she has done through the years. Overall, it was a great show. People who were there said she sounded great. And personally, it made me confident that she could create a new album and deliver great vocals still.
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What is your initial fan story? (102,627) by Aliya from Canada
(Tuesday 25 April 2023; 00:26)
I may have become a fan a little later than others, but I'll still tell my story. I was 9 years old when I heard the belting at the end of We Belong Together in the car. I asked my mom, "Who is that?", and the rest is history. I guess growing up in the early 2000's I didn't realize that belting even existed or that someone could hold a note for that long. Artists on the radio all sounded the same, and she stood out.
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This is a reply to message 102,618 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 24 April 2023; 01:02)
Mariah on Colbert (101,755) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 8 December 2022; 16:05)
Wow, she was really hilarious and authentic in this interview. I hope everyone sees it.
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This is a reply to message 101,752 by Randy from USA
(Thursday 8 December 2022; 06:21)
Re: iTunes world chart (100,041) (100,057) by Aliya from Canada
(Wednesday 30 March 2022; 15:43)
Now it's #1 on iTunes Canada as well!
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Re: So much for my dream (99,986) (99,990) by Aliya from Canada
(Saturday 26 March 2022; 23:26)
I personally love when Mariah collaborates with rappers, but it has to be the right one. I'm not sure about this rapper Latto, I'll be checking her out to see if she has actual talent. But I love the Honey remix with the Lox. I'll be Lovin' You Longtime remix with T.I. I Know What You Want with Busta. You Got Me with Freeway and Jay-Z, etc. I know that hip hop is a genre she really loves, and I love to hear her on it.
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Re: MC on James Corden (99,088) (99,096) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 23:09)
I absolutely loved Mariah's appearance on the James Corden show. She was fun, witty and down-to-earth. I would love for more people to see that side of her. Also, her and James really clicked, which made it all the more entertaining.
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Re: To be honest (98,220) (98,221) by Aliya from Canada
(Sunday 20 June 2021; 06:55)
I still want a fresh, feel-good summer record from Mariah. Like "I'll Be Lovin' You longtime", but a 2021 version. I think this summer is the perfect time to release a record like that for the lambs.
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Re: I'm late / Maxwell collab (97,981) (97,983) by Aliya from Canada
(Monday 17 May 2021; 23:46)
I'm so happy it's Maxwell she's collaborating with. His voice is so smooth. Urban Hang Suite is a classic album, especially the song Sumthin' Sumthin'. Check it out if you haven't heard it.
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Re: Best opening line (97,783) (97,789) by Aliya from Canada
(Friday 9 April 2021; 21:51)
I'm thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
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Re: Happy Anniversary Mariah (97,698) (97,701) by Aliya from Canada
(Saturday 27 March 2021; 19:55)
Happy Anniversary Mariah! Thank you for sharing your voice with us, and using it to lift our spirits, brighten our days and touch our hearts. I hope you and your kids stay healthy and happy. You will forever be the best singer of all time.
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Re: Stop defending "white" identity (97,626) (97,629) by Aliya from Canada
(Saturday 20 March 2021; 00:08)
Well said.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,423) (97,427) by Aliya from Canada
(Sunday 21 February 2021; 16:24)
1. Butterfly
2. Daydream
3. Charmbracelet
4. The Emancipation of Mimi
6. Mariah Carey
7. Emotions
8. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
9. Music Box
10. E=MC2
11. Caution
12. Glitter
13. Rainbow

Unpopular opinion: Charmbracelet ranks high on my list. While some may not love her whisper voice, I think it's beautiful on this album in particular.
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Re: Valentines mix (97,370) (97,374) by Aliya from Canada
(Monday 15 February 2021; 04:09)
It's the best performance she has done in a long, long time. I'm blown away. Wow, quarantine really did help repair her voice. It's incredible, and I love to see that confidence in her. I'm going to show this performance to literally everyone I know.
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Re: Mimi's late night Valentine's Day mix (97,352) (97,356) by Aliya from Canada
(Saturday 13 February 2021; 01:42)
So happy for her. It's trending on YouTube!
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4Real4Real (97,305) by Aliya from Canada
(Saturday 6 February 2021; 01:18)
So happy she released 4Real4Real as a bonus. It's way too good, needed more recognition.
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Re: The "perfect" R&B album (outside of Mariah's world) (97,010) (97,025) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 24 December 2020; 06:53)
Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
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Re: 20th #1? (96,841) (96,843) by Aliya from Canada
(Sunday 6 December 2020; 00:58)
From what I see, Oh Santa. is #1 on iTunes in Canada. And #2 is All I Want for Christmas is You. She is dominating.
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Re: Oh Santa 2020 (96,809) (96,814) by Aliya from Canada
(Friday 4 December 2020; 16:50)
I love this version of the song. I always felt like Mariah was almost a combination of Ariana and JHud, but better. What I mean is, Ariana has a beautiful tone, but less power in her voice. JHud has a less appealing tone, but more power in her voice. And Mariah has both a beautiful tone and power, more so than them, especially in her younger years. Overall, I actually think this version is better than the original. I enjoyed watching the video and seeing them all united.
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Oh Santa! (96,789) by Aliya from Canada
(Friday 4 December 2020; 06:11)
I can't believe Mariah and Ariana synchronized a whistle together. That was soo cute.
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Re: Kelly Clarkson (96,774) (96,782) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 3 December 2020; 18:36)
That actually makes so much sense now that I think about it. You're probably right.
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Re: Heroes / Hero / Joy To The World medley (96,762) (96,781) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 3 December 2020; 18:35)
Wow, she did amazing on this. Especially on Joy to the World. Great job Mariah.
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Re: Oh Santa! (96,719) (96,720) by Aliya from Canada
(Tuesday 24 November 2020; 05:53)
You've made a great point. Let's hope it's her 20th #1.
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Re: O Santa? O Mariah (96,679) (96,681) by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 19 November 2020; 21:54)
Yea, it's risky to sing with Ariana. I'm curious to know what Mariah's plans are here. I hope she knows the current state of her voice well enough that she will perform without showing those weaknesses. The song is Oh Santa, so really, the vocals aren't so crazy on that track anyways. But as we all know, Ariana's voice is nothing compared to Mariah's legendary prime voice.
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Re: Exact lyrics (96,634) (96,646) by Aliya from Canada
(Monday 16 November 2020; 19:44)
Yes, I agree. One Night is a track that I cannot get over. How was this not released? Mariah's voice is just so smooth and beautiful. With her Daydream era voice, she could have sung absolutely any lyrics with any words, even if it didn't make sense, and I still would have been like, "That's beautiful." The tone and power of her voice was out of this world.
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Re: Trump (96,579) (96,584) by Aliya from Canada
(Tuesday 10 November 2020; 19:41)
All the educated people hate Trump. That should tell you something.
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