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Dating (104,983) by Andrew from the UK
Once again, Tanaka is being dragged by the lambs? And why? He and Mariah obviously had a good relationship. There is a pattern here whereby Mariah's associates are worshipped until she parts way with them - and then they are fair game to be mocked and ridiculed. Even Walter - without whom her career might undoubtedly not have risen to the level it did - is now persona non grata in the world of the lambs.

In hindsight, 'tis somewhat ironic that Mariah was "interviewed" by the Duchess of Sussex: both are completely incapable of maintaining a good relationship with their families and unable to keep real friends.

I, for one, cannot celebrate that Mariah has broken up with Tanaka because he was sure as shit better for her than Nick "the Sperm Bank" Cannon who is as grotesque a stereotype as can be found.

I hope Mariah has a decent, chart-worthy album ready to drop, with a polished roll-out and videos with significant dollar spent on them. If the label won't cough up the money, she would be wise to consider spending her own money on them. She needs a decent director to make classic videos like Honey, Always Be My Baby, It's Like That, Touch My Body or Obsessed. I say she get in touch with Brett Ratner again whose brief should be "Get Mariah to do more than try to be sexy every second".

And as for her private life, I couldn't care less as long she is loved and lives a long and happy life.
(Wednesday 17 January 2024; 15:54)
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K (104,980) by Andrew from the UK
Yet labelling Stella as trashy etc. is perfectly fine. As is doing it to her kids. As is being rude to me. But one word said back and it's crossing the line. "Wow", indeed.
(Wednesday 17 January 2024; 12:45)
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Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Tour (104,971) by Andrew from the UK
For a C-list manager who had "no business" managing the "music side" of Mariah's affairs, I would wonder who gets credit for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour - a tour so popular and well-received it seems on a par with the Daydream Tour. Oh well, must have just fallen into Mariah's lap along with the Vegas residency and the book deal. Nothing to see here.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mariah goes to Nobu with a Kardashian and reality-trash-fans are wetting their knickers in glee. It's a funny ole world.
(Wednesday 17 January 2024; 00:25)
K (104,969) by Andrew from the UK
I'm sorry to your hurt your feels about your little Kardashian krush but they're trash. Quite like anyone who follows them.
(Tuesday 16 January 2024; 23:48)
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K (104,965) by Andrew from the UK
So, popular trash is good but unpopular trash is bad? What a ghastly, sinister view of the show-business. You can labour on (which doesn't seem to be a struggle for you) and vociferate all you like about the star-power of the Kardashians. But accept it as an axiom that anyone with a braincell, a quantum of class, and a modicum of respect for Mariah's career, would wish that she stay far away from anything Kardashian.

Everyone else lacking a braincell can follow the example of somebody else who posts here whilst also hiding their real name, photo and location: have an opinion - just as long as it's the same as Mariah's opinion - and don't dare question her. What a blissful life it must be.

Mariah Carey needs to return to a level of sophistication that the Kardashians do not represent. I would rather her retire than stoop to conquer.

There's no "K" in "class".
(Tuesday 16 January 2024; 23:02)
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Dating (104,948) by Andrew from the UK
"I really love MC's British accent. What accent do you guys think she should do next?" Have a day off.
(Monday 15 January 2024; 19:35)
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Duet with Michael Bolton (104,933) by Andrew from the UK
Far be it from me to disagree, so let me ask: what part was "breathtaking"? It's a really boring song. The tune itself is quite flat.
(Saturday 13 January 2024; 18:28)
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Fifty thumbs up (104,914) by Andrew from the UK
Bored of talking and having my ideas usurped and my contributions ignored. Fifty thumbs up to this message: I'll delete and never post again.
(Saturday 13 January 2024; 00:08)
JLo Hummingbird = Butterfly (104,905) by Andrew from the UK
There is a 2015 film starring She-who-must-not-be-named titled "The Boy Next Door". It's not bad - bit run-of-the-mill but she *can* act in certain narrowband roles. There is a scene in it where thee camera is close-up on her face and she just says the word "Firecracker". I leapt off the couch, knelt in front of the television replaying those few seconds over and over and over. That one word? That one particular word referring to that one sample that she seized from Mariah's arsenal? That *one* word? One which was not required? I cannot read it any other way that it was a direct dig at Mariah. Directly through the television screen. And in so doing, was a direct dig at me and all of you. She knows if Mariah performs that the camera will be on her if she's in the audience. It will be directly in front of her to the side. And she takes out her phone?

Cannot stand the woman. She's an average singer and an average dancer, one that has used her sexuality to smurf her the way to where she is in life. She must not be named.
(Friday 12 January 2024; 15:46)
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Missy Smelliot (104,904) by Andrew from the UK
Babydoll is the worst thing on Butterfly. It doesn't fit the rest of the album. Nay, moreso, if not halting the flow, it completely ruins the fluidity of an otherwise perfect showcase. To this day I cannot listen to that track when listening to Butterfly top to bottom (which is how it really should be experienced).

I fully support you when you say that the focus should not be on collabos but, rather, on creating bloody good melodies with classic, universal or beautiful lyricism, vocalised well with production suiting a modern audience. On snoozefest songs like "Ribbon" and "Babydoll" I often wondered for whom Mariah was writing these songs? The public? Or the people in the studio with her?

Also, you had me at "wile".
(Friday 12 January 2024; 15:37)
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JLo Hummingbird = Butterfly (104,897) by Andrew from the UK
Lopez is as mundane as they come. But Mariah risks retaking the mundane crown should she listen to the lambs who are in favour of her working with The Dreary once more and releasing soporific songs like Ribbon. You have to worry about some people for they know not what they do. Or they simply haven't got a clue.
(Friday 12 January 2024; 11:26)
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Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (104,889) by Andrew from the UK
You are henceforth to be known as Miss Stacey. And I shall put a dollar in the swear jar every time I write it. However, I don't have any American dollars. Send me some? Couple of thousand should cover it.
(Thursday 11 January 2024; 12:19)
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Songs in the Key of MC (104,888) by Andrew from the UK
Whaddya want? Comments about rainbows, butterflies and unicorns? Though it would be far easier for me to capitulate and do that, I insist on you taking the road less travelled (certainly for a member of this board) and get a sense of humour. And can't nobody tell me that Americans don't have senses of humour (see: Stacey and Eddie). But daydream is all that I can do.
(Thursday 11 January 2024; 12:11)
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Songs in the Key of MC (104,875) by Andrew from the UK
It may never happen. But much like I do for a long, protracted Internet blackout staged by the government of Nigeria, I still hold out hope.
(Wednesday 10 January 2024; 22:24)
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Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (104,874) by Andrew from the UK
Er, it *has* been recorded. What do you think she was lipping to?
(Wednesday 10 January 2024; 22:19)
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Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (104,873) by Andrew from the UK
Miss Stacey, as you are a most learned and noble educator - one, undoubtedly, of the highest order - you, ostensibly, must have gone completely, raving mad. For "Songs in the Key of MC" features only dance and pop music to exclusion of all jazz and dreary R&B.

There is, however, to be a secret, hidden bonus track featuring contributions from people who love jazz and dreary R&B. It's called "Salty Tears".
(Wednesday 10 January 2024; 22:19)
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Ed Sheeran collaboration (104,868) by Andrew from the UK
Whilst I am forced to agree with you that the dreary R&B can bloody well sod off and die, I must hijack the thread to correct the spelling of the subject title. Which has surely taken the same amount - if not even less - time than the decision to leave the error in and write "[sic]" after it.
(Tuesday 9 January 2024; 21:58)
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Songs in the Key of MC (104,867) by Andrew from the UK
I'm terribly sorry, Madame L, but a famous singer once said, and oft repeats, "Never ever listen to anybody when they try to discourage you - they do that, believe me." Sell disappointment some place else. You ain't my dad.
(Tuesday 9 January 2024; 21:52)
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Top posters 2023 (104,845) by Andrew from the UK
You're pitching a singer against a vocalist. Mariah Carey is a vocalist. Ariana Grande is a singer. Plus, when I say "Mariah Carey" I don't feel like I'm ordering a coffee.
(Sunday 7 January 2024; 19:12)
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Listing lazily to the left (104,843) by Andrew from the UK
Eddie, the board is stagnating and not much is going on in Mariah's World. Me thinks we need a list convo to wake the masses. Suggestions?
(Sunday 7 January 2024; 18:26)
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AIW in psychological thrillers (104,840) by Andrew from the UK
I do recall reading an Armistead Maupin novel many, many, many, years ago, called "The Night Listener" wherein someone in a mental health institution believed himself to be Mariah Carey. It is the only literary reference to MC that I've ever come across.

There's a joke about Bobby-A here somewhere but I'll skip over it. Personal growth, and all that.

Also, please do not imagine I'm suggesting anybody read "The Night Listener". Like "Tales of the City" it was bloody awful.

Can you provide context for the Christmas song being featured in a psychological thriller? Or shall we, like my father's love, just skip over it and move on?
(Sunday 7 January 2024; 15:56)
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AIW in psychological thrillers (104,838) by Andrew from the UK
Okay, so that made me laugh but not more so than your reading psychological thrillers with All I Want For Christmas Is You featured therein.

My all-time favourite film is The Silence of the Lambs. I can't for the life of me imagine Clarice consulting with Hannibal Lecter in an effort to find a pseudo-transsexual serial killer then hopping into her car, popping on the radio, and head bobbing to the beat whilst singing "Santa won't you bring me the one I really need."
(Sunday 7 January 2024; 12:33)
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Abbreviated abbreviations (104,837) by Andrew from the UK
Why do people insist on abbreviating song titles? Mariah Carey has several hundred songs and remixes: for the sake of you saving a few precious seconds must everyone else spend a while trying to guess what it is you’re referring to? You have opposable thumbs - use them?

And if AIW is the abbreviated abbreviation of All I Want For Christmas Is You, in order to shave off precious typing seconds I insist that Always Be My Baby is now AB, Anytime You Need A Friend is AY, and Almost Home is A.
(Sunday 7 January 2024; 12:27)
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AIW in psychological thrillers (104,826) by Andrew from the UK
"AIW in psychological thrillers"? Woe betide anyone not to know what a Mariah Carey song abbreviation is. Especially in relation to psychological thrillers. I immediately thought "As It Was" by Harry Styles.

I recall one of Martyn's last posts was protestation at lambs and fans on the board abbreviating song titles - forcing him to undergo surgical extraction of Mariah's entire catalogue from his brain. Okay, maybe the metaphor is mine but the point remains: what the bloody hell is AIW?
(Saturday 6 January 2024; 18:51)
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E=MC2 (104,818) by Andrew from the UK
To portray this album as a failure is somewhat disingenuous. It debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200, it gave Mariah her highest first week sales of any album and also a No.1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Anyone who would not relish in this kind of success in 2024 is either not a fan or telling lies.

The problem with the album is that it contains too much filler (much the same as the problem with The Emancipation of MiMi), ie., Last Kiss, Love Story, Thanks for Nothing, For The Record. This woeful R&B dreariness doesn't stand the test of time and Mariah keeps recycling it.

This year's album should have no more than 11 tracks and be upbeat with hot material that is unique and accessible to all. And if "Songs in the Key of MC" isn't to be, then I must agree with Mimi L that the title should be concise - either one or two words - and not self-referential. What next? "My new secret name is Tinkerbell"? Give us a break.
(Saturday 6 January 2024; 12:39)
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