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Name: RJJ12
Country: USA
A fan since 1990. Favorite Mariah quotes, "It doesn't matter how I look, if I'm singin..." & "I can't even know what to say." I love R&B and Hip Hop, but I listen to any genre of music as long as the song is great. Love saaaanger/songwriters. I'm not a "yes" fan but I do give credit when its due.
Importance of streaming (86,060) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 22:59)
Hello Lambs. Please make sure you stream the album on any streaming formats on top of buying the album. Legacy artists struggle with streaming such as Mariah as most of fans are accustomed to buying the album. Billboard now includes streams in the Billboard 200 calculations. That's why these new artists tend to not have as many actual sales as the younger generation tends to prefer streaming. Babs who normally ends up with a #1 album with each release scored a #12 with her 2018 release in comparison to 2016 and 2014. So if you can, read the article and stream the album and just lower (don't mute) the volume.
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Re: Glitter #1 (85,993) (86,015) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 10:11)
I bought Glitter on September 11th along with Jay-Z Blackout and Alicia Keyes Songs in A Minor. It was a weird day because of what happened that morning and I drove around mostly playing Loverboy and If We (should have been a single). I didn't care for the album at all but I actually appreciate it more nowadays. Want You and All My Life have grown on me and even though the ballads are pop leaning because of the character I do like the vocals and lyrics (Reflections being the fav).
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Re: Bilboard Top 200 (85,979) (85,981) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 15 November 2018; 23:21)
No Billy. Hopefully it will chart but I'll take #1 on iTunes and all the media coverage it's getting. Padma (Sylk) even got in on the action on Twitter with a make shift single cover with the title You and Only You and the hashtag justice for glitter. I'm going to listen to it when I get home until Caution drops here in the States at midnight. It's alreay dropped in other countries and lambs are loving the album saying it's her most experimental and Giving Me Life being compared to The Roof. So excited, I will have some wine ready for my listening party.
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Re: Bilboard Top 200 (85,960) (85,971) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 15 November 2018; 20:33)
It won't be enough without streams and Glitter isn't available on streaming formats.
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Re: "Glitter" (85,933) (85,935) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 23:36)
Licia I agree. CB one of her best albums lyrically while Glitter had vocals. CB was always Butterfly Part II in my eyes as one was the inception of the whispery/airy vocals while the other was the peak of said vocal technique. I didn't care too much for Glitter, the ballads were nice but too poppy for me as my guess Billy was a pop artist in the movie. All My Life vocals in the movie were so good. Twister is such an emotional ballad and I always loved Loverboy. Licia, have any of the Caution songs grown on you or are you on strike as a lamb until the album is released? Lol. Is Cha cha going to get it if you don't like the album? Lol. I think Cha cha is a bad influence on Mariah's vocals. She isn't motherly as she tried to drown her pup. Add Chacha to the list of reasons for vocal issues. Lol.
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Re: Glitter revival (85,902) (85,918) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 17:17)
A lamb from another board thought of a cool idea to listen to each album per day as a countdown to Caution. Each album had a day assigned to it. Glitter is not on any streaming services so many lambs just bought the album instead to listen to it on the day it was Glitters turn.
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Re: GTFO, next (85,905) (85,912) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 16:07)
Dahling I was the first one on the said list until I got bored. Proceed with Caution.
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Re: GTFO, next (85,889) (85,899) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 03:35)
Now this post Andrew is more your style. I not only agree with you but have receipts. Here is Ariana's Spotify feed where it shows her listening to GTFO when it was released. Then when she sang her new song (which I do like) on Ellen, the oddest, most pr obvious intro. "This is Ariana Grande and she is singing a new song about her last relationships." Then the performance. She messes up (cute recovery but was it on purpose), the almost breaking down crying (she's a trained Disney actress), I hope all random and not a cleverly staged performance for sympathy and interest. Looks like the music isn't enough for a #1. Her manager proudly called her the next Mariah Carey on Twitter (and added "yeah I said it" afterwards). Clearly she isn't and should have just been pushed as a new talented voice.
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Re: Caution top 4 so far (85,890) (85,898) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 03:02)
Hi Will, mine is as follows:
1. a No No
3. The Distance
4. With You
I'd like to add that I like all 4 songs and there isn't a "bad song" in the bunch. I do believe there are stronger songs on the album. I don't seek to play With You but when it comes on during my Caution shuffle, I don't skip it and end up singing along as it gives me a happy, don't give up on love feeling.
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Re: All I want for my birthday is to see Mariah Carey (85,888) (85,896) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 02:41)
So because people have commented about your pic that makes it right? That's rich coming from you and a poor reason. What happened to all that vocabulary you like to throw around? You can't think of anything else but to go low about people's looks, private conversations, etc? Do better, be better instead of stooping down to a level you should be proud to never sink down to. I know I've never bashed your looks so you might be talking about someone else so take that argument elsewhere. All I'm saying is it's wrong and I won't stand here watching you bash another person because they are delusional in your eyes. Get off Bs jock, it looks sad.
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Re: All I want for my birthday is to see Mariah Carey (85,849) (85,886) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 13 November 2018; 17:57)
So when did it become ok to bash someone over their looks? No one seems to bat an eye?
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Re: Messageboards (85,869) (85,885) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 13 November 2018; 15:29) You’d like the Mariah thread/topic.
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Mariah Carey giving advice on The Voice (85,696) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 7 November 2018; 05:44)
This is probably my favorite moment of hers from the voice. She did an excellent job analyzing the vocal performances for each artist and gave great advice that made the performances that much better. Her advice to Delaney was perfect and even sang the line the way it needed to sound as Delaney did struggle in the beginning. She gave great advice, sang, did excellent overviews of each singers performances and really came off as a likable legend with excellent musicality. This role fits her like a glove as she only works with them during rehearsals. I wouldn't mind her staying on as just the adviser since that gives her the ability to work with all the artists. This was a smart choice to put her on the show. She should have just been an adviser on idol and it would have worked out perfectly.
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Re: Happy Birthday Licia (85,687) (85,695) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 7 November 2018; 05:04)
Happy BDay Licia. I wish I could join you on the Charmy party. Maybe you could throw a Skype one - lol. I always said Charmbracelet is Butterfly II. Her best songwriting overall but the whisper vocals turned a lot of people away and not focus on the songs, although she did a lot of whispering on Butterfly. What's your fav songs on that album and why?
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Re: Brenda K Starr mad Tommy / Mariah destroyed her? (85,686) (85,689) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 7 November 2018; 01:49)
Edward I remember her saying that on Wendy's radio show but my question is why didn't she bring that up from 91-05 when they were still in good terms. Must have not bothered her then that Mariah didn't buy her a house then she just brought it up to make her look bad. Plus didn't Mariah help her out financially here and there. Also, they fell out because she went to see Mariah and Benny Medina treated her like a nobody and Mariah didn't defend her, but Brenda was kissing JLo's ass on Idol when her daughter auditioned and JLo is currently managed by Benny, so very confused by that even tho they both go back from the Bronx. Brenda was supposed to teach JLo how to sing and JLo was supposed to teach her how to dance. I don't see JLo being mad at her since that never happened - lol.
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Re: Bipolar and vocal issues (85,658) (85,685) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 6 November 2018; 21:31)
I love this list. Especially the clone of original Mariah. I've heard that one float around for years or that the Illuminati have the original Mariah caged somewhere. Maybe they only let her out to sing the records and then lock her back up and let the clone do the concerts -lol. And JLo stole it. You are soooo wrong. It wasn't enough she stole her concepts now she stole her voice too.
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Re: Brenda K Starr mad Tommy / Mariah destroyed her? (85,675) (85,677) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 6 November 2018; 19:19)
A lot of artists had projects shelved or were no longer priority once Mariah Carey was released. Her album sold and she had #1 after #1 so she became the priority. If you watch some artists "unsung" episodes, her name comes up a lot. Lisa Lisa got pushed to the back burner once Mariah came out per her unsung episode. It's even happened to Mariah. MIAM was pushed to the back burner in favor to Kanye's Yeezus album and supposedly she got upset and said that she was tired of the label bending to his every whim when she sold way more than he did for the label. A lot of artists in the early 90s felt the Mariah effect and were pushed to the wayside.
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B (85,593) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 4 November 2018; 01:37)
Hey B, are you in Ohio?
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Re: A No No No (85,563) (85,580) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 3 November 2018; 06:19)
Finally you actually like something this era. Sorry to hear you have a lot going on, I can relate. She's trying to gain the young social media audience with these non single releases because older acts have trouble getting streams. Her team must have noticed that for some reason Mariah Carey "reaction" videos of her most memorable live performances seem to be quite popular. So drop a song in the middle of the night in the middle of the week, starting with a song where "Mariah Carey" is telling someone to GTFO. Seems to be working as there seems to be a lot of reaction videos to her new music and videos this era and young people seem to be interested in her music. She can't promote right now since she is on tour so why not throw out a song and video of one of the weaker tracks that will remind the young kids if the Mariah they knew (TEOM/WBT/DFAU) growing up. "She's going back to her old roots said a young blogger - lol. WY was only sent to AC formats because it was never planned to be promoted and it's probably the only song on the album that will be played on the soccer mom radio format. Once the album is released they can drop a stronger song which is usually the second single in her case and actually send it to radio formats with larger audiences and cross promote it with her Christmas music during her holiday take over. RTD holds a special place in my heart. Someone tried to commit suicide who was very close to me not too long ago and I played them the song and it became their anthem and gave them hope and the strength to keep living. They were surprised she still wrote such emotional songs. This is random but I sat with another Chicago lamb for a gathering and they randomly mentioned you and said "Isn't he bae?" You have some admirers.
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Re: Caution tracklist (85,508) (85,534) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 2 November 2018; 01:46)
So it looks like there will be 11 songs on the Japanese version. Liron stated it is one of their favorites from the album.
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Re: Irregardless (85,477) (85,502) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 06:42)
If the only part that irked me about the song. I pretended she said it's regardless. Yup, that's what she said. Ed's explanation of it being a Mean Girls reference makes perfect sense. Like her I can't even know what to say phrase. The lyrics are clever, fun, and the arrangement is catchy. I wouldn't mind this as a single at all. Throw on Lil Kim and/Cardi B on the remix.
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Re: A No No (85,476) (85,501) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 06:36)
Mimi L, I've been patiently waiting to hear a club banger/bop and I finally got one. Her voice sounds good on the track and I love the shady lyrics. My favorite part? "No no no no no no no no no. Get me Ed Shapiro (lawyer) on the phone case closed. I love this song as well. It will be on repeat all day tomorrow."
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Re: Voice appearance (85,465) (85,499) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 06:31)
Hello beautiful (Mara). How are you these days? Hope all is well. Thanks. What’s your fav song of the four (A No No is now on iTunes) so far? What song of the six song titles are you excited to hear the most?
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Re: Voice appearance (85,460) (85,498) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 06:29)
Thanks Shezz. I love your posts and you always have insightful things to say and I like your vantage point.
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Re: Track list snippets (85,455) (85,497) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 06:28)
It has the hi hat that he is known for. Plus she has worked with young new producers and he would be the only one that would sample an overused sample from the 90s (Lil Kim, SWV). It works really well and it's my favorite song so far. It's available now on iTunes and her YouTube page. Looks like they are continuing to reveal songs to show she has a strong body of work and win over the young kids using social media since they only know her for her shade and "that Christmas song". This shady club kiss off is a bop and perfect for the clubs. I like all the songs so far.
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