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Name: RJJ12
Country: USA
A fan since 1990. Favorite Mariah quotes, "It doesn't matter how I look, if I'm singin..." & "I can't even know what to say." I love R&B and Hip Hop, but I listen to any genre of music as long as the song is great. Love saaaanger/songwriters. I'm not a "yes" fan but I do give credit when its due.
Tommy cried to Beautiful Ones (90,586) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 12 August 2019; 20:55)
Sisqo gave some tea, this is the kind of stuff that needs to be in the book. Tommy crying in the studio and the elusive Devante from Jodeci doing the speaking part. How did Mariah swing that one.
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Re: Old Town Road (90,467) (90,468) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 29 July 2019; 18:47)
OTR is a novelty song like Macarena and I like both. OTR is a fun song and blends two of musics most profitable genres in the US (Country/Hip Hop). I love the blending and I'm sure we will start to hear more releases soon in the same vein. On the topic of it dethroning OSD. Streaming made this possible. You can't compare the two because OSD made it on radio play, single sales (people had to get in their car to purchase and pick up the phone to request), and no remixes to add to the count. This is why Mariah is unbothered by it. Her record is pre digital era, so if she really wanted to her team can still claim "the longest running number 1 in the pre-digital era". So he can have it in her mind, she knows that streaming will help AIWFCIY reach the elusive #1, set new records for her, add to her #1 count as an overall artist, female, songwriter, and producer. She holds a bunch of other records, what's losing some when she can potentially gain new ones. Longest trek to number 1 from its original release date (1994), I like the sound of that.
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Re: Why (88,721) (88,742) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 22 March 2019; 06:25)
But Randy there isn't much else she can do this go round now can she? Most artists don't get residuals when they were in their heyday. They usually die broke. She's got money because she wrote 17 number 1 singles so songwriters will always have royalties paid out. Back to my first sentence. The label isn't supporting her or investing much into her project. They released a buzz single with a budget conscious video instead of being bold and sending the song to (caps) all radio formats, especially when it started to become a meme. Then they decide to do instant grats and release half the album to get the young streaming markets attention and that didn't work because kids only stream what's popular and on trend and she is neither unless it's Christmas. All her other projects she didn't promote much and had poor roll outs so retailers understocked her cd and anyone that does buy her music buys the cd and since it's not stocked she was never going to have a big first week sales. Then the label finally decides to release With You and only sends its to AC stations. No pop, not top 40. That had to be a bitter pill for her to swallow. Can you image being used to having your song sent to all formats only to find out the label is putting you out to pasture on AC only. It's got tax write off written all over the project. She already had these concerts lined up but I was proud that she at least promoted the heck out of it for the little free time she had with good performances and insightful interviews. Jennifer Lopez is on Epic as well but they dump tons of money her way on big budget videos and A list collabs like Cardi on Dinero yet she keeps flopping. She's releasing another single and the label paid for French on that one. A No No at least got sent to urban which is her only chance in hell at garnering a decent hit and it's already gaining spins but she needs the label to send it to pop and top 40. If it's not a big enough hit on urban to cross over the era is done. You see she wanted Cardi and Kim and the label only bothered to pay for Stefflon Don and even did a crappy version of a remix. If I were her I'd tour too at least to make some kind of money at this point. At least the tour isn't a rehash and worth attending. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Caution Chicago (88,480) (88,492) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 12 March 2019; 00:11)
Hey Jono. I will be there at 8pm so I can people watch while DJ Suss One spins. She probably won't be on stage until 9pm.
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Re: The video/high notes (88,397) (88,401) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 17:36)
I will be at the Chicago show on the 11th.
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A No No video (88,377) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 05:19)
I'm baaaaaaaack. It's cute, simple, and at least they could afford some extras on the shoe string budget the label seems to be giving her these days.
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Re: Hot 100 #14 (86,835) (86,841) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 4 December 2018; 01:59)
I don't find it sad at all. She had an amazing chart run that most artists would envy. How many artists can say they had #1 records spanning 2 decades? If she manages to chart again with new material I'd be happy for her but anything at this point is icing on the cake to a career that no one could dream up.
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Re: Norway show (86,828) (86,833) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 3 December 2018; 22:05)
She sounds really good. These are her best vocals all year. I was a big worried after a year of blah vocals that her Christmas shows were going to be a let down. Her outfits are forgivable as long as she isn't in a body suit singing Silent Night like the year Beyoncé came to see one of her shows.
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Hot 100 #14 (86,827) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 3 December 2018; 20:41)
Week of December 8th, AIW jumps from 29-14.
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Re: I feel ashamed (86,798) (86,826) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 3 December 2018; 18:39)
Special K, you got a list going now. Everybody on the hit list. We need a new pic of you with you MC inspired ponytail pointing into the camera - lol. Does Money know about your love for Bryan? Lol j/k.
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Re: Bill (86,804) (86,825) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 3 December 2018; 18:34)
Bill from the UK. Your response is hilarious. I love your shameless admittance to interloping in others affairs as a best trait. Please continue to show your unapologetic humor on the board.
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Re: Cohesion (86,702) (86,707) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 30 November 2018; 21:15)
Read ha AB.
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Re: Cohesion (86,659) (86,683) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 30 November 2018; 03:11)
Correction. Most people love tracks 7, 8, and 9 as most posters have discussed their love for these songs since the album came out. They are among the most discussed on the board. So if the album fails that automatically means the songs lack quality? That's a less than smart defense for your point of view. Your view is the minority for most lambs regarding those tracks and no amount of propaganda or posts from you repeating the same thing is going to change that. But I'm sure you'll keep repeating yourself One Mo Gen.
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Re: Almost Home (86,660) (86,682) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 30 November 2018; 03:05)
Almost Home is not loved by non fans. You are reaching. It went no where on the charts and radio. Only lambs know that song and not all of us like it. Sounds like Siri is singing that song. OMG is lush and sorry that a lot of you never heard the term One Mo Gen as it's common to some of us. The piano intro until those lush backgrounds kick in along with the base line and chorus makes it instantaneously addicting. It's a perfect love song along with tracks 8 and 9. I imagine your bed is cold and empty. I can only imagine the blandness that is Almost Home being played for the poor soul that chooses you when your bar closes for the night. Mess.
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Re: Justice for AIWFCIY (86,565) (86,604) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 28 November 2018; 03:47)
Hi jacker, it actually peaked at #9 last year on the Hot 100. This year is its best bet to hit #1 as both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are on the same tracking week. Last year it peaked in streams on Christmas Day but since both eve and day were on speedster tracking weeks, the streaming numbers were split. Her team needs to hold off on discounting the song until December 14th to give Ariana's streaming numbers to her video release of Thank U Next to die down. Lambs have already started a campaign and even created a website for the campaign called "#MakeMyWishComeThrough". Click on the red We Are Lambily button and it takes you to their twitter feed. They need to hold off on A No No remix until after Christmas if they want the song to stand a chance against All I Want For a Christmas Is You. If it can hit #1, she will get plenty of press and use the coverage to gain instead on A No No Remix afterwards. Since it's well on its way on beating its #9 position last year, it's best to hold off on a new single.
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Re: SiriusXM full interview (86,568) (86,597) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 27 November 2018; 23:22)
Sorry I forgot to include the link to the interview.
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SiriusXM full interview (86,568) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 27 November 2018; 07:20)
Another great interview. Glad the full interview is available. Sounds like the label allowed her to release an experimental album of her career since she's always been required to focus on making hits. Glad she finally got a chance to do so. Glad the focus of the interview questions are more towards her songwriting and not shade and diva demands. I can hear her talk about her creative process all day. Interesting that the label wanted to release the album in time for Black Friday but missed the mark for China's gigantic singles' day. The Asian market is her biggest one and a new song wouldn't have hurt and the album wasn't out until 5 days after the event. Great interview. It's like we have the old Mariah back after Butterfly. Great answers. Articulate while still cracking jokes. Humble and discussing her creative process on all these great songs she has written.
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Re: Where is the video? (86,562) (86,566) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 27 November 2018; 06:23)
Caution promotion is on hold until next year. It's better this way since it's Christmas time and she's booked for concerts this whole month. Her team needs to put their focus on AIWFCIY as it will debut on the Hot 100 at #29 and we aren't even in December. If this song is going to hit #1 it's now or never. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are in the same tracking week this year. The song peaked in streams on Christmas but Christmas Eve and Day were on different tracking weeks so the numbers were split. Mark my words. This song will have a new peak this year. We need to wait until December 14th to start a campaign as Ariana is releasing her video soon to hold on to number 1 with additional streams. After Christmas she will be back to the States and she can film and promote A No No remix video until her Vegas shows in February.
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Suss One interview (86,348) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 21 November 2018; 05:37)
She's really everywhere. She's done so many radio interviews. This one is more relaxed. I loved the convo between the both of them. Why do I feel like Suss has feelings for her? I wonder if they dated in the past. The car/police story is old. They told it during the MIAM era. Which shows that Mariah has hung around and been emersed in her urban/black/her own culture more often than not since her divorce and witnessesed racial profiling. I love the remix talk and actually getting back in the studio for a session. Looks like Suss is going to make some calls to make the Cardi/Kim remix happen. I love all of their private stories and Mariah's microwave anology to today's music.
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TRL Elevator (86,347) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 21 November 2018; 05:30)
This looks like so much fun. All the lambs looked so excited. MC looks like she is so much fun to hang out with. They got to sing along with her and stand next to her without security keeping them at bay. It feels like we got the old Mariah back. The one that pushed her product with interviews on radio and tv, good tv performances, cd signings, and cool fan interaction moments. In recent years she seemed reclusive and untouchable. Didn't one of the lambs on this board say he was in the elevator with her. Care to reveal who you are? It looked like a good time
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Re: A No No feat. Cardi B and Li'l Kim (86,298) (86,322) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 22:11)
I agree Elena and can I say respectfully. You fine girl.
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Understocked album (86,300) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 17:49)
So I went to Target in downtown Chicago and they had no more copies. She only had one slot. Buble had a whole top shelf and all his copies were gone. Mullford and Sons had half a shelf but plenty of copies. Looks like retailers understocked the album since her last projects didn't sell. I a lot of other lambs have complained about not being able I find a physical copy to purchase. So she would have never been able to obtain a #1 album unless people ordered online, bought a downloable copy, or streamed. Hopefully retailers order more for Black Friday. I will continue my hunt and in the meantime stream away.
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Jimmy Fallon (86,169) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 18 November 2018; 07:20)
Was this all live? For once? I was for sure she'd lip the belts like the not so good performances of the song in Asia but this performance was solid. I saw her take a drink of splash that morning in a radio interview and figured she'd lip but she sounded and looked great. There is a lyric video for this song now so they might just decide to push it. It's the most mass appeal song on the album. Would also love A No No as a single as well.
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Re: Caution vs MIAMTEC (86,104) (86,168) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 18 November 2018; 07:06)
You nailed it right on the head. MIAM had stronger songs with hit potential but it had its fair share of filler that I always skip with badly studio engineered vocals on some songs (OMT, Heavenly, etc). Each song is listenable to on Caution and has no filler. The songs are not as strong but individually and as a whole they work well and leaves you wanting more. Caution is the first album she is getting rave reviews from the critics. Even Rolling Stone gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Happy the critics are finally recognizing her pen game and I keep reading things like fresh when they describe the album. She’s finally being respected by reviewers. Even that Showbiz guy who bashes her at every turn gave a positive review.
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Re: Multiple copies (86,149) (86,167) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 18 November 2018; 06:51)
I've heard that but doesn't the record company keep track of how many copies it ships to stores, irregardless of how they are rung up at the register? I want the cool vinyl (blue and pink) and a physical CD as I'm old school and like tanglible things. The smell of a new booklet, reading the lyrics, songwriting and production credits. So I'm waiting to get my physical copy to post my actual review. It's getting harder to understand what she is singing these days. Anyway, you can always just stream from any of the streaming formats. More cost effective if you don't have much funds and want to help with album sales. I don't care if she gets a #1 album myself but I do like all the cool versions like the cassette tape, different color vinyls, and alternate covers. They actually made it worth while and fun to buy multiple copies as you can get unique versions with this album. To each his own as long as your happy with what you spent your money on.
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