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Name: ADAM
Country: USA
I love MC music
Kardariah (104,964) by ADAM from USA
(Tuesday 16 January 2024; 22:06)
I suspect Mariah and Kris Jenner are in cahoots together. I think she is being managed or in some type of business dealings with Kris which is why she's been featured frequently with the daughters. Despite many people's personal feelings about the K-family, there's no denying that they are A-list. Globally, this family is like teflon - no scandals stick, they don't bad mouth one another to where it hurts their imaging, and they are resilient. Kris is an excellent manager who is responsible for creating and exceling each of the woman's brands. I suspect she's doing business with Mariah because Mariah's social media has been flawless lately and it's clear MC is being marketed in a more modern, current way. She's relevant again. And I believe Mariah likes being on top. She's no dummy. Her dates with Kim are no coincidence. Mariah is competing to be relevant again and it's smart to be in bed with the Kardasians.
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(Tuesday 16 January 2024; 16:20)
JLo Hummingbird = Butterfly (104,894) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 12 January 2024; 03:01)
Her album roll out is such a carbon copy of Butterfly it's uncanny. Now she's adopting a hummingbird motif on her album and in her vinyl and album covers posing the same way MC did with hair and lighting like the epic Butterfly cover. She definitely has been studying MC and is doing the most. Unfortunately all she could hope for is emulating the looks because her music is grating.
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Grio Awards - JHud butterfly ring (104,243) by ADAM from USA
(Monday 27 November 2023; 02:18)
Did anyone notice Jennifer was wearing the same butterfly ring on her right hand??
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Mariah, please be ready (103,999) by ADAM from USA
(Thursday 9 November 2023; 13:59)
Will - your recap and detailed memory are amazing. I just wish that Mariah would be transparent about her vocal issues while she's alive to tell it the right way. It's really disappointing to see many of her peers like Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen still thriving in their older years and being able to tell their story the way it should be told. Mariah continues to be deceitful with the smoke and mirrors and lack of energy and effort when it comes to her preparedness. It's clear it's a money grab for her every holiday season. She is obsessed with her image and not with her vocal training or preparedness. I stress that I wish she would tell her own story because the reality is, when she's gone I bet you there will be hundreds of stories from fellow musicians, background workers in film and music, personal assistants, glam team, etc that will start revealing all the details that Mariah would do to conceal or distort her failing instrument. It's going to be really messy so why not just be forward and tell the story yourself in the way it should be told. This is coming from a place of love with me. I'm not being critical for the sake of being a troll or click bait, it's out of love and respect for my favorite artist in my lifetime. I realize she's human and has flaws like all of us. However, she has a platform that most people can only dream of, so I wish she'd use her privilege in a more useful way while she's still alive with all of us.
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This is a reply to message 103,994 by Will from England
(Wednesday 8 November 2023; 22:29)
BiPolar plus recent facelift (103,991) by ADAM from USA
(Wednesday 8 November 2023; 14:27)
I suspect Mariah's low energy interviews are due to her bipolar condition. Mariah never addresses her bipolar diagnosis since she was blackmailed by Stella many years ago and had to come out about it in People magazine. It's also very obvious that she received a facelift this year as her face is pulled so tightly compared to what she looked like a year ago. She appears to be in a depression mode as she doesn't release music or support her projects (Butterfly Lounge) like she would when she was inbound a high energy mode. She's clearly going through the motions to make sure her holiday checks are cashed and doing the bare minimum. As a long-time fan, I gotta admit I saw tickets go on sale for NYC across 2 dates and didn't once feel the need to buy tickets. I don't feel she's worth the price of admission to get onstage and lip sync the same routine and hair and makeup schtick. It's really sad to see her go out like this. But at least I can decide how I am going to spend my money if this what she's going to do.
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Mariah on Colbert (101,763) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 9 December 2022; 04:25)
It baffles me to no end how much she repeats the same stories over and over again. Even when the interviewer wants to talk about different topics she takes over to press on about the same tired points. She's stuck on the same tangent. She really doesn't seem like an interesting person to talk with outside of her music. It's like she has Peter Pan syndrome and doesn't want to form complete sentences and compose clear thoughts with another adult.
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This is a reply to message 101,755 by Aliya from Canada
(Thursday 8 December 2022; 16:05)
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,527) by ADAM from USA
(Monday 24 October 2022; 10:27)
I think Mariah does it for the money grab. She has proven time and time again to always get the money. Record deals that were ill advised to constant touring all throughout the year. I guess once poor, it always affects your choices in life. She really is doing a disservice to her legacy by the terrible performances. Makes my throat hurt just watching her struggle. She sounds like a completely different artist that what she sold the public. She'll never address the core issue with the public so might as well collect the money bags so her kids can live in opulence.
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This is a reply to message 101,523 by Bill from the UK
(Monday 24 October 2022; 00:20)
Re: Tommy Mottola, a monster? (97,554) (97,562) by ADAM from USA
(Tuesday 9 March 2021; 23:48)
Tommy said in his memoir that his obsessiveness was the reasons for Mariah's success within Sony. This I firmly believe. Not taking anything away from Mariah's gifts, without the direction and support of someone like Tommy and Sony records, you will become dust. Lest not forget, Tommy was a established executive who groomed Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson. His also studied many generations of performers and knew of the cyclical pattern of artists peaks and valleys regarding their voice abilities. These talents in mind, he one Mariah could appeal to the world and with a look/voice like she had she could sell many records like Whitney Houston. In fact, she go go greater lengths because Mariah is externally white-looking. He saw a diamond in the rough with MC and invested everything in the next big superstar. He and Mariah won big time. Mariah's legacy is largely in place because of her Sony period. I think Mariah should be more truthful about this period in her life. They both are massively successful because of their partnership. For every Mariah Carey, there is the sea full of Teena Marie, Charli Baltimore, Paula Abdul, etc.
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Quest Supreme interview pt. 2 (97,144) (97,147) by ADAM from USA
(Saturday 16 January 2021; 22:02)
I couldn't agree with your comments anymore. I found it ridiculous how much QuestLove kept gushing over her 8 minute cameo in Precious. She read a few lines in incognito appearance. Not more should be made of it. She's a terrible actress and shouldn't be encouraged to make more movies. Mariah is not comfortable with aging and feels only secure when she's sexy over the top. You can't be an actor with these kinds of hang ups. I wished QuestLove was more prepared and didn't ask questions that were addressed in the book and also wished he stopped her from her tangents. Way too many. She always repeats the same stories. This could have been a better showcase for her to talk about her extensive catalog, producing partners, jazz music, voice changes, etc. I did appreciate her speaking about Walter A. It seemed like she was throwing some shade towards him. I wished she was asked why she excluded him from the book when he was very critical to her success in the early 90s. Would want to hear in her own words if they would work again. Her always been so positive about her. I also feel like she shits on Tommy so much when his guidance was the reason why she's relevant today - Christmas anyone?
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Re: QuestLove Supreme interview Pt. 1 (97,126) (97,129) by ADAM from USA
(Thursday 14 January 2021; 20:12)
Please describe why you found the interview tragic?
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Re: I'm an actor daaahling (96,528) (96,535) by ADAM from USA
(Wednesday 4 November 2020; 18:46)
I agree completely. She really thinks the success of Precious is due to her acting ability. Lol. Mariah is a terrible actress. She emotes like acting 101 and is uncomfortable to watch in any scene. She was surprising in Precious because she was unrecognizable, not moving per se. Every time she does a cameo in some film, it's cringe-worthy, including the recent Halloween movie cameo with Bette Midler. Mariah had a few lines and even manages to flub them and come across as unconvincing.
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Re: Another book review (96,443) (96,444) by ADAM from USA
(Wednesday 28 October 2020; 13:56)
I also read the book plus listened to the audible book. I really enjoyed the intimacy of hearing Mariah in her own words and hearing her choke up during the difficult periods of her life and sing some lines of her catalog. I felt it was definitely a treat for the fans and I was here for it. As far as revelations go, I was very surprised at how rushed the second half was. Most of the book was spent on her childhood and then she omitted such huge portions her life and def needed explanations - James Packer, Stella, aging, her vocal decline. It was startling to say the least. How are you "engaged" to a public figure like James and not even recognize this fact in your history. Completely bizarre. That area of her life will always read like she was a expensive call-girl. Inconvenience fee for wasting your time? Really? She really needed to explain this desperate period of her life where she flaunted money everywhere and was out of touch with reality. I wasn't expecting her to be 100% candid but it's like she rushed it or didn't know the deadline. Alas, I don't think she'll produce a sequel and will explain these areas of her life. Does anyone else feel similarly?
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The Rarities - booklet scans (95,974) by ADAM from USA
(Monday 5 October 2020; 04:18)
Can someone please advise where we can see scans of each page of The Rarities artwork? Would love to see the captions and photo she chose for each song.
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Trevor Noah - the Daily Show (95,930) by ADAM from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2020; 05:46)
This interview was fire. Mariah looked beautiful and radiant. Never seen her look so pared down and basic. Really enjoyed how articulate she was. She was engaging and so connected with Trevor. Trevor’s questions were so good and he was genuinely interested in getting the best out of her. They both had wonderful chemistry. This was how a interview should be conducted. This interview was easily 1 of her 3 best ever (Genius interview, Oprah 2020 interview, Trevor Noah interview).
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I am stunned (95,872) (95,873) by ADAM from USA
(Wednesday 30 September 2020; 23:00)
I encourage everyone to subscribe to Audible for the free trial and listen to the memoir. I own the book for the nostalgia but hearing her voice tell her story and hearing her laughter and singing between the chapters is amazing. She sings acapella and many songs. The free trial makes this treat amazing. Mariah really invested alot of time and made this personal for her fans. Do it now.
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Out here on my own (95,613) (95,614) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 15:12)
Head is blown out of the water. I can't believe she kept this hidden for so many years. Beautiful tone and not overdone. Could have fit perfectly with Glitter. I see why she may have left it out of the movie as Reflections was Bille's piano moment. However, the lyrics and vocal performance should have warranted that this song be on the soundtrack or as a bonus side. Easily, this song is one of Mariah's best songs she's sung. So perfect and beautiful. Such a joy to receive especially nowadays. Thank you Mariah for feeding the lambs. We don't deserve you.
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Re: Dear Delulons (95,236) (95,243) by ADAM from USA
(Thursday 27 August 2020; 23:48)
Wow Andrew. What you articulated was so profound and carefully listed out. I respect it. It's what I've been feeling for so many years about Mariah. Her best music was during the Sony years and when she was under the careful guidance of Tommy's thumb. It's evident to anyone who follows her career as closely as we do, that her personal vices are what lead to her vocal decline. As much as we want her voice to return to its heyday, it's not unless Mariah is ready to confront her demons. Unfortunately, Mariah has enough fame and fortune to rest on her legacy and churn out mediocre songs with an unpleasant shrill to her once pristine voice. As much as Tommy was overbearing, it was under his watch that Mariah kept her voice in good shape and worked with amazing partners to produce a catalog of music that is loved for all-time. Tommy said in his memoir that his experience in the business led him to see a raw talent like Mariah and knew that she had x amount of years while her gift was in great shape to produce great music. Then afterwards she could retire and go into the sunset and enjoy her success. Seems like in the end that's exactly what happened. Again, thanks for composing such a detailed account of where Mariah's career has started and ended up today. I can tell it was made from the perspective of someone who loves MC and also is equally as tough on what is really going on behind the scenes and in front of our eyes.
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Re: Save The Day (95,146) (95,150) by ADAM from USA
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 18:25)
I also feel STD is 2 separate songs. I'll start out with the positive comments. Mariah is a beast when it comes to spotting out the best parts of a song to sample. The chorus is fire and really ear candy. The worst parts of the song are her thin-whispery voice in-between. Her pronunciation is terrible and her voice is so fragile and mouse-like. I also fear her voice is deteriorating very fast and wonder what will be left in 5 years time. For such an old song in the vault, I felt she could have developed much better vocal delivery. If I had to guess what it was, I would presume it's her alcohol consumption that makes her voice in bad shape. It's interesting to watch old clips of her stating how smoke and alcohol makes her voice vulnerable and yet, it's those same voices that have consumed her and her voice now. I think she wasted a great Lauryn Hill sample TBH. I also don't like she has Lauryn Hill as a feature when it's a copy and paste sample and not a new recording. Very lazy and mis-telling.
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Re: Mariah on GMA (95,021) (95,031) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 00:14)
Normally I'm harder on MC, however living in a post-covid world, I need to share this thought I have. Whatever MC decides to put out into the world, it's truly for the love of her fans. She doesn't need to do anything for the money anymore. She has all the money and security to go anywhere she wants without ever opening up her mouth. The 2 GMA songs were expertly enhanced. It took me several watches to discern this. Nevertheless, the quality was outstanding. She composed 2 songs for the enjoyment of her fans and to promote her 2 projects. I think as fans, we have to acknowledge she is human and is subject to age and decay. Her instrument is not what it used to be. She/we all know this. That's ok. We have the memories and the records to listen to. We shouldn't make her feel bad about the fact she isn't what we want her to be. It's actually quite cruel to not let people age gracefully. She is a gift to the world everyday she is still here. She has the most extraordinary talents (voice/lyrics/production) one could only wish they had. Let's give thanks and honor her while she's alive to see her flowers. I can't wait for the book and rarities album. Thank you Mariah for sharing your gifts with the world. We are forever grateful.
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Mariah on GMA (95,004) by ADAM from USA
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 03:42)
I am in utter ans complete shock. Cannot believe how great she performed. Her voice was in perfect form - warm, full, round - and in record condition. Her breathes were natural and her voice not nasal. I will say it's in her top 5 performances ever. Maybe it's just me, but I felt her love and emotion and gratitude in every note and inflection. This was her most genuine performance to date. It really comes across she loves her fans, and perhaps her fans saved her. So proud and happy to have witnessed this incredible moment. I'm so glad she's around to take in all the love.
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Re: Hero melody / MC30 wants (94,731) (94,737) by ADAM from USA
(Tuesday 28 July 2020; 16:33)
We have the same taste. I love these performances as well. I've come to really love her raspy texture and ad-libs that are different from the actual recordings. Much more satisfying. I remember initially hating the Jamaica concert and now in 2020 I can't watch it enough. I love all her ad-libs and sound of her voice. She was in great shape that night and is really very funny. How I wish the entire concert was recorded. It's very hard to find long videos of Heartbreaker and Emotions. Fingers crossed she does it again in Jamaica.
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Re: New Hero melody (94,724) (94,729) by ADAM from USA
(Monday 27 July 2020; 16:10)
I love this new melody too. It gave me chills. Wish she would incorporate it into a live performance. It's much more emotional and interesting to hear esp with her post-2000 voice. Maybe she'll read this post and adjust accordingly lol.
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All in Your Mind - 2nd take (94,700) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 24 July 2020; 20:01)
My mind is blown to pieces. This is amazing in every way. I am stunned she released this. She really loves her fans so much. You can see from the cover art that she's such a perfectionist. She recorded the song in 2 final takes and released to us the other option. Her tone and run is chill-inducing. I think I agree with MC why she chose the album version as its more polished and grand, however this version gives me goosebumps and needs to be released for the lambs. Who wouldn't purchase the debut album with 2nd takes of all the songs? I love to see her musical process. I'm so happy she's comfortable enough to release these gems to us. We love her in all the ways. For her old tone and agility to her gifts now. When [you're] a real fan, [you're] grateful for "moments" that have happened and that we can all share. No need to measure MC always back to the 90's. We all evolve and age. Thanks to MC. Cannot wait to see what else the vault releases.
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Weekly Q&A with Mariah (93,775) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 24 April 2020; 22:09)
Does anyone think Mariah would be receptive to the idea of a weekly Q&A with her fans on Instagram or Twitter for an hour? She's home bound now and I don't see this being a big inconvenience at all. She has the best lighting at home and all she has to do is go on IG live and talk directly to her fans. She has such a long career that is fans would love to learn more about. Does anyone have any idea how to get this message to her? Can we start a viral campaign?
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Bill (92,851) (92,856) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 14 February 2020; 17:58)
Welcome back Andrew. I appreciate your posts on the board. I would much prefer MC just perform select shows and tour in support of the new album versus this over saturation of touring. She is killing her voice and legacy. The same boring setlist and stunts. She doesn't need the money. She was wonderful on the James Corden show. It was everything I needed and thought was lost. High confidence plus stellar live vocals. I want to remember her this way. I wish she'd be a studio rat again and only come out when the album is complete. The incessant touring and paparazzi staged photos are a drab. Beyonce excels in this area - she makes music and is seen only when she wants to. It's all curated and always excellence with her. Mariah used to be this way. She needs to return to her glory.
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