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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Kelly Clarkson (98,660) (98,662) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 26 September 2021; 15:21)
What is iTunes? I thought they had gone away back in 2015.
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Re: Rarities 2 (98,648) (98,649) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 23 September 2021; 17:17)
I can't believe you never watched the horror movie "Glitter", with Mariah as the screaming queen and Da Brat as the devil.
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,621) (98,625) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 September 2021; 19:09)
Mariah doesn't have to emphasize anything to show her kids or anybody how good of a mother she is, she was being shady, that comment was simply uncalled for, especially knowing Nick is not her effing husband. It's not like he'll be shoving his tribe of kids and baby mamas down her throat. We know Mariah is a great mother by her actions, evidenced by how happy and well taken care of her kids are, period. As Stacey stated, whether she likes it or not, those kids are her kids' siblings and always will be. Trying to justify a comment like that with some explanation that seemed to have been pulled out of someone's ass doesn't cut it. I'm pretty sure if Mariah put a collection of farts in the studio, we would all find the beauty in them, and some would emphasize how even when farting she's in perfect pitch.
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,616) (98,617) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 September 2021; 19:38)
Some people find it funny and stuff, but to me that comment was rather disgusting, because she's basically saying she doesn't acknowledge, and is incapable of loving, any other kids besides hers, which is patheric and ridiculous. But oh well, if Mariah said it, it's funny, cool, deep and all.
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Re: Lambs (98,607) (98,608) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 14 September 2021; 19:57)
What do you mean by "the voice is back"?
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Re: MC16 (98,567) (98,569) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 1 September 2021; 21:06)
I think she'll release some music, but not a full album at this point and so close to Christmas. I like the fact she's not rushing it, so there's not excuse for a 10-track album or anything lackluster. I would prefer if she releases MC16 next year. The fact she hasn't been touring or been pressured by her label tells me she's crafting a very decent album, with remixes and all. She's had nearly two year, in which she hasn't had any major distractions other than eating sushi.
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Re: Article: Mariah thinks Nick Cannon is "irresponsible and reckless" (98,486) (98,488) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 August 2021; 19:11)
Nick Cannon having all those babies is not good for business. Imagine having to give free pass to Mariah future concerts to all those screaming babies and their respective baby mamas. She wouldn't make a profit. It's not fair.
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Re: The Rolling Stone Charts (98,464) (98,467) by Edward from USA
(Friday 30 July 2021; 21:19)
"But why are Celine and Madonna cashing in on tours, getting huge crowds willing to pay good money to see them in concert, but not streaming them while they are at home?"

Well, Madonna has always cashed in with her touring. Her tours are huge productions, visually enticing. People go for the nostalgia and because they know they won't ever get bored, she's a true entertainer.

Celine has a core fanbase, not only in English but in French too. She's definitely the Barbra Streisand of this era. Nobody is buying her music like that, but she's earned people's respect as a great vocalist, and she always catered to the adult contemporary listeners. She's considered to be classy.
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Re: American Idol performance (98,459) (98,462) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 29 July 2021; 22:45)
It's not necessarily her approach, production works that way fior them to have different takes from different angles. I was fortunate have been there when "With You I'm Born Again" was taped, it was sung twice, and then production pieced together the performance from different angles, of course they used the best audio, so it could seem she's lipping when she's not. It was a great peformance, kind of magical. They also picked those of us whom they considered were better dressed and pleasing to the camera and put them on the first three rows. Of course they didn't tell us that, but that's the way it works. The same happened when she entered the stage for "It's Like That".
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An experiement? (98,454) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 27 July 2021; 23:08)
I enjoyed Caution very much, but I've always said it was lacking vocally. I don't care if it was critical acclaimed, but everybody expected at least a power ballad or something. If she couldn't do it in the studio, I would understand, but at this point, people don't care. She should give us her remaining fans those songs and power ballads that got us under her spell. She can then lip the difficult parts in concert, it's not like she hasn't been doing that for years now. "Portrait" is a favorite of mine, but even though she didn't attempt at doing anything impressive vocally on it, one could hear her voice wasn't in a good place. Strangely, I didn't hate the album, I played the hell out of it. As for "Where Are You Christmas", she didn't get to record it in the 90's, so trying it now wouldn't top Faith Hill's. I think she should leave it at that.
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Re: Mariah's World (98,431) (98,434) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 24 July 2021; 21:15)
Mimi L., I knew I could count on you. I'll have to find a way to put it on a VHS, Granny is old school and she doesn't trust streaming or can understand how a whole VHS could fit into a disc. Please don't judge her, she's 93.
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Mariah's World (98,430) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 24 July 2021; 18:59)
Granny saw an episode of Mariah's World last night and loved it. She asked me if it was ever going to be released on VHS. Any update on that? Please, those who loved it like Mimi L and Ribbon, could you provide any updates?
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Re: Mariah (98,411) (98,415) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 03:36)
If all the baby mamas put their kids first, they should all get along. After all, they're family. I think that the only thing Mariah wants from Nick is for him to be a good father to her kids, and I think he's accomplished it so far. Maybe the other baby mamas might worry about money and stuff, but they should all deal with Nick in that case. No reason for any of them to have beef with Mariah.
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Re: Mariah (98,409) (98,410) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 01:37)
Mariah grew up with two horrible siblings by her side. That's why Nick is making sure Roc and Roe are surrounded by 20 good siblings. There's nothing like a huge family full of love and baby mamas enjoying the same Cannon. After all, in polygamy there are usually 4 or 5 baby mamas popping kids as if they were pop corn and they all get along.
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Re: The elephant in the room (98,388) (98,399) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 July 2021; 01:12)
Celine, the Keto Queen? I'm dead!
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Re: The elephant in the room (98,384) (98,386) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 18 July 2021; 16:52)
It would've been, had I said Celine lost hers due to Anorexia, but I didn't. Denying Mariah alcohol abuse in the past is like denying Crapfinity is crap. During her pregnancy, her voice recovered a lot, and not because she was singing with six lungs.
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The elephant in the room (98,375) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 17 July 2021; 22:01)
Way before the recording of Butterfly, Mariah's marriage to Tommy was over. Her voice didn't change due to stress or whatever, we all know she was out and about drinking and smoking weed. She rid herself from the tentacles of Tommy, but that same action made her fall into another trap, alcohol. Tommy with his controlling ways make sure Mariah took care of her asset, but once she set herself free, she started doing all those things she always wanted to do but wasn't allowed to. It's both their fault in a way. Mariah for wilding out of control and Tommy for suppressing her by not letting her live her life like any other young woman her age would have done. If there had been a healthy balance, we would be singing a different tune. By the time Butterfly was recorded, Mariah was, in my humble opinion, creatively at her best, she was effing Derek Jeter, he inspired some of her best work, so, stressed she wasn't, it was as if she had come out the cocoon, free, beautiful, different, exuberant, it was delightful to experience her metamorphosis, You don't make an album like Butterfly under stress. The stress came after when she to tried to leave Sony and Tommy started sabotaging her hence her nervous breakdown, but that was after Rainbow. Whitney's voice succumbed to her drug use, and Mariah's to her misrepresented splashes. It is what it is. At this point complaining or pointing fingers won't bring her voice back. Her recordings during the pandemic, in which she's at home and with complete control of everything, evidenced an unrepairable instrument. Sad, but true. I'll take another album like Caution though, I don't think she's capable of doing anything better than that, at least voicewise. I would like to be proven wrong.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,319) (98,320) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 6 July 2021; 20:37)
I don't like people like you on this board, so negative. Somewhat Wrong has the potential to be Mariah's next No. 1. If we all request, request, request and stream, stream, stream on all computers and devices in our households, it could definitely hit the top spot. She effed up with Infinity, but redeemed herself with this one. With a great video like "I Don't", lying on the back of a car, it would be a travesty of the music industry if it didn't. I even found a way to get my granny streaming it on her vintage flip phone. I'm determined.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,308) (98,310) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 3 July 2021; 19:26)
AIWFCIY reached the top spot 18 years later. It might take 50 for "Somewhat Wrong", but it could get there. We should all start requesting and calling the radio stations now.
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Re: The Meaning of Mariah audio book error (98,293) (98,294) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 29 June 2021; 15:36)
They're giving out a partial refund of 5 cents to those who want to claim it. I got mine. I'm using the money towards her next album. Thanks for bringing it up. I almost lost all that money.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,289) (98,290) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 26 June 2021; 16:16)
Don't be mean, there's no need for that. This pandemic has affected many of us, anything could be sweet quality music to our ears. "Infinity" has a new found meaning to me, and the remix with those 10 rappers and Justin is to die for, literally. "One More Try" is pure perfection. Of course the one sung by George Michael.
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Re: RibbonB (98,268) (98,271) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 22:52)
Sorry Stacey, I had been keeping your secret for years now, it had to be known. I'm going to expose somebody else's secret now, but it is so deep and dark that I'll have to leave the board for good after this. Well, B thinks that Mariah should work with Bruno Mars and that she should keep her signature sound. Lord help me. Good by everybody.
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Re: RibbonB (98,262) (98,265) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 17:29)
I almost had a heart attack, who could've imagined. Stacey loves Daydream by the way, I thought you should know. She's just shy and doesn't like to post about it much.
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Re: RibbonB (98,258) (98,259) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 15:43)
And you are? The board police? Everything Ribbon said is true. Tanaka is a nice guy, but Mariah has complete control over him. Sometimes I think he's not even allowed to be out on his own. Mariah is a control freak, period. They are good for each other.
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Re: I was right (98,245) (98,249) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 23 June 2021; 20:38)
I agree with you. If they could find a way to blame Estella's reign of terror and every other mess Mariah has gotten herself into on Nick, they would do it. If they could place Nick next to Mariah before Glitter was released, they would blame her breakdown on him too. Nick is a huge mess, not because he shouldn't have had more children, but because of the circumstances in which he has had them, he should know better. He's not the first nor the last to have 40 kids with 39 baby mamas, and most of those baby mamas are as messy and guilty as he is, many are probably only seeing a paycheck, but nobody is thinking about the sanity of those babies. When I read posts here from people blaming Nick for Mariah's career failings during the time she was with him or even after, I realize why so many people think Mariah fans are crazy. Nick's mess doesn't have anything to do with Mariah's mess. She jumped on "Mariah's Mess (World)" on her own, and allowed Estella and her daughters in her life, taking ill advice from her, engaging in questionable behavior on public TV for everyone to see. She jumped from one boyfriend to the other on live TV, but oh well, it's Mariah, probably Nick's is to blame for that too. Those kids will be taken care of financially, but they won't have a father present, there's not way to accomplish that with a loose cannon and many women willing to take shot.
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