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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Tracks that didn't make it, but should have (40,410) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 5 January 2014; 5:19)
As we already know, there are tracks that never made it to the final cut on some of Mariah's previous releases. Some of those tracks, in my opinion, should've made it, but some others, I'm happy they never did. Tracks that should've made it: "Everything Fades Away", "Slipping Away", "Do You Think Of Me", "Help Me Make It Through The Night". There's not denying that those tracks well very well produced and vocally great. Tracks that I'm glad never made it: "Imperfect", "Skydiving", "I Feel It" and many others. The latter three could never be put in the same category as the previous four, and there are many other who were just unpolished mediocre tracks to me. I hope Mariah releases a cd full of unreleased tracks. It would be a killer.
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Mariah better (40,400) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 4 January 2014; 5:27)
I'm making a statement of my own opinion, just to briefly remind everybody here that if Mariah doesn't deliver a killer album, and by killer I don't mean popular, but a great cohesive album, I'll complain directly to her mother Patricia. I can't wait for the Stevie Wonder, Nas, Maxwell, and R-Kelly collaborations. I didn't know anything about Maxwell, but I was blown away yesterday when I heard him singing "This Woman's Work" live on YouTube. That was a mother effing soulful performance. I was like, this guy can get to your soul. Even though the performance is old, I hope he still has that soulful voice.
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Licia / Wheat Beyoncé did (40,392) by Edward from USA
(Friday 3 January 2014; 21:22)
Licia, I completely agree with you on that one. Beyoncé also made us believe that she was releasing her album this way because her record label didn't think she had any potential singles on the album. Well, the truth is this move was completely choreographed and backed up by her record label. Many other artist have done just that, but by not announcing it before hand, Beyoncé created a huge buzz, and curiosity killed the cat. People who didn't even like her music were buying the album just to know what it was all about. Another thing, Beyoncé included 15 videos, and people were forced to buy the whole album because the songs/videos were not released individually at first. So, it was like the old days when you bought an album for maybe one or two songs, or you wouldn't have them at all. Her move was a smart one, but I don't think it would necessarily work for Mariah. Beyoncé is way more popular than Mariah now, and that's a fact. I hope her new single is a collaboration with a hot artist, and then release the album.
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Bill / NYE performance (40,377) by Edward from USA
(Friday 3 January 2014; 0:22)
Bill, the NYE performance wasn't lipped, but it was dubbed. I loved it though. I loved the way the songs transitioned in the medley, way more polished than American Idol performance. As for TAOLG, she left a verse out, it is not the fist time she's done it. I also think she didn't want to be overdramatic on a celebration night. Some people don't notice the dubbing because Mariah doesn't enhanced the recording to sound perfect, she polishes it just enough. The Fantasy at Madison Squared Garden was completly dubbed, even though I don't know why, since she sounded amazing that night. I didn't want to believe it until I found the raw recording on the YouTube.
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Happy New Year! (40,349) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 1 January 2014; 6:34)
Happy New Year to the Webmaster Eric, and my fellow lambs. I hope you guys have a great and wonderful 2014. I know Mariah will play a part in that with great music coming on February.
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The reality is her heydays are gone, but... (40,348) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 1 January 2014; 3:09)
I've come to realized that many of us are still holding on to the idea that Mariah will bounce back to her 90's heydays when we could enjoy her music without worrying about many of the things that are happening right now with her career (voice condition, odd interviews, mismanagement, diva antics, lip-synching fiascos). Mariah didn't need much talking back then, her voice spoke volumes for her (Hero and Without You at Proctors Theater). The nuances and effortless fluidity of her singing was as if an angel was singing to us, and we bragged about her whistle register. Mariah was one of the very few artist who had few to no fillers in her albums, we could actually listen to her albums without skipping tracks, 12 tracks were more than enough. When I saw her sexy image on Honey I almost fell off my seat, she looked stunningly beautiful. It was the perfect combination of looks and voice. Those were the days, and the reality is they are never coming back and it is ok. That's just the way it is, every artist goes through the same process. I have lowered my expectations in terms of chart success at this point, since she has no real control over that, but I still have high hopes for great music in the years to come. I love you Mimi.
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Mariah on interviews (40,342) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 31 December 2013; 16:44)
I have also noticed that Mariah rambles a lot on interviews lately, constantly interrupting the interviewer. Because of these frequent interruptions many questions stay in the air unanswered. I don't necessarily think she has a mental problem, but it is weird her team hasn't already talked to her about it, since she keeps on doing it. It broke my heart when Andy Cohen asked her: "What's your favorite junk food?" and she replied: "You", but she quickly realized she shouldn't have said that and stated it. Andy was so nice about it, and totally happy that she was there.
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It's been 4 years, and Arianna didn't do it for me! (40,330) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 31 December 2013; 0:20)
And for those of you who keep using the excuse that Mariah now have twins and a husband, well, there are many women out there who have it worse than Mariah. They have to work two jobs, they don't have money to pay a nanny, and they might or might not have husband, yet they still function. Mariah has luxury to have a studio at home, the money to hire a help when she needs it, the money to take a vacation when she needs it. Those who keep saying she doesn't have a nanny must be out of their minds. It's been four years since Mariah released an album, yet some fans excuse her because she now has a family and she must work so hard cleaning her apartment, cooking for Nick, for the kids, change their diapers, and then go to work, that she hasn't have time to for anything. I don't' think Mariah's heart is as much in music as it once was, and that's ok, people move on. I just hope she releases a great last album at least, it has been four years and I'm getting frustrated.
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Name calling again, really? (40,329) by Edward from USA
(Monday 30 December 2013; 23:57)
Many people here have to understand that fans are individuals, and just because they don't light up a candle to Mariah every night and pray to her so that she makes dreams come true doesn't mean they are less of fans. Many fans have expressed concern about Mariah state of mind due to things they have observed according to their own opinion. Well, I don't see why they have to hold their tongues so that some fanatics can feel happy here. I like the fact that here we can discuss anything Mariah without being disrespectful, but every once in a while three or four fanatics come here calling people names just because they saw an opinion they believed didn't agree with their own opinion. Well, opinions are like the ass/arse, we all have one, so if you don't like a post, don't read it. Stop calling people names just because they express their opinion whether it is about Mariah state of mind or Mariah's voice. It is an opinion at the end. It is ok to not agree with an opinion expressed here, but to completely dismiss it because you think yours is better is plain stupid. Chillax, and keep on posting, I rather read different opinions, than going through another Mariah playlist, favorite songs, etc.
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Forget about Walter in the new album (40,309) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 26 December 2013; 4:47)
Judging by what Mariah told Andy Cohen about "All I Want For Christmas Is You", we shouldn't expect any collaboration with Walter for the next new. She threw some shade and basically said she gave 50% of the rights to the song just because someone else was playing the chords of the bridge that she was singing to them. Reading the Inlay of the Merry Christmas CD it clearly states: Lyrics: Mariah Carey, Music: Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff. So, when Walter statement about co-writing the song is very misleading. He may have gotten 50% of the song, but he clearly didn't add anything to the lyrics. He put to notes on the piano the melody that Mariah, not him, was singing to him, and he was co-producer, but he didn't add anything to the lyrics. I'm happy she said it because I was also in shock when he stated he co-wrote the song on several interviews.
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Not lipped but definitely dubbed (40,303) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 25 December 2013; 21:09)
ZachMC, I think she sung live, yet they dubbed the performance. Those are two complete different things. I hope her voice is tired from being in the studio too much. I wouldn't like to go to a concert where Mariah is talking half way her performances because she can't hold the notes. I rather see her retire than seeing people walking out of her concerts, because as I said she cannot compensate with other things. I just happened to be looking for her concerts on YouTube, and I found her full 2012 concert in Morocco. I thought that Mariah was assassinating her own songs. I was in shock! At this point in time I think she should change the name of the album, and release a double disc album. Like "For the soul" with ballads, and "For the body" with more groovy songs. While on a break, I think she should collaborate with hot artists to keep her name in the air and possibly score another no. 1.
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Last album or break? (40,291) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 December 2013; 5:14)
I think Mariah is about to pull the plug on music for while after this new album is out. The problem is that the older she gets, the more they'll discriminate on her. Taking a break in her 40's is not necessarily a good idea in the music business, especially when these new pop acts are popping from left and right. I was watching her 2012 Morocco concert online, and it was painful to see. I don't personally think Mariah is in a good place vocally to handle a world tour. Her performance with Buble was great, but it is evident that it was dubbed. I wouldn't like to see the day people start walking out on her concerts, since all she got is her voice, and there's not way to mask that. I rather see she takes a break, concentrate on improving her voice, and then come back. Some of my friends say that she should've left after TEOM, on a high note.
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The pregnant woman (40,167) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 10 December 2013; 16:35)
It is so weird that many female artist have reported bad voice changes while being pregnant, yet Mariah voice changed for the better. What wasn't Mariah doing during her pregnancy? Oh, she said herself she wasn't drinkng alcohol or even splashing at all. So, for those who prefer to be blinded by their own fanatism, it is ok, but for some people with objectivity and common sense it is evident that not-drinking was a huge factor. The pregnant woman was slaying her performances left and right, One Child in Washington was a vivid example of it. Is Mariah an alcoholic? Maybe not, but just like when she quit smoking to regain her range, she doesn't seem to want to give up her "splashes" that sometimes get her drunk. What will the excuses be when people start walking out of her future concerts like they did to Whitney? Oh, maybe it is because she is a mother and have family now, another excuse.
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How many years? / lame excuses (40,157) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 10 December 2013; 2:10)
How many years does Mariah need to rest her voice to be able to deliver a great performance? Mariah is a human being, I know that, but she is a singer by profession. Why do we have to hold on to our seats everytime she is going to sing live? Some even say that now she is a mother, well there are many mothers out there who have it worse than her. Instead of making lame excuses for her bad performances, I rather remain silent. Mariah has vocal chords issues, and she should find a way to deal with it. I hope she finds some sort of viable solution to enhance the state of her voice, since the new album is supposed to be full of old Mariah type of moments. She'll need to deliver should she want this new era to be good. We, fans alone, won't make a difference. She needs new fans, and to regain some of the lost ones should she want to have a record deal after this album. Sales like Memoirs won't cut it, since she isn't having multiple platinum singles like Rihanna, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus.
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At this point / tour (40,101) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 8 December 2013; 0:39)
I don't even know how Mariah could carry a full concert with all these inconsistent performances. It is like her voice continues to deteriorate even further. At this point the whistle register doesn't cut it on its own anymore. I can't imagine her singing a full concert without lots of lipping to the tough parts. Eversince #Beautiful came out things have been very rocky performance wise. As for IDJ is concerned, saddly Mariah is not bringing the money as Justing and Rihanna are bringing it.
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Really? Where is Mariah? (39,969) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 24 November 2013; 4:57)
At this point I think there are serious issues between Mariah and her label. I have the feeling something's up, and it is not good. Mariah drops a new single, comes back to complain about a mistake that most didn't notice, and disappears into thing air leaving us all rolling our eyes. I am concerned because even if Mariah has a great album ready to be released, all this mess has being killing the momentum. Why didn't she just release TAOLG as an album cut, why call it a single when it hasn't gotten the single treatment? Four effing years, and some dare say that she knows what she's doing as if she can't do no wrong!
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TAOLG / IDJ (39,955) by Edward from USA
(Friday 22 November 2013; 17:33)
The way I see it, TAOLG is one of those songs Def Jam didn't agree to back up as a single material, but Mariah went and released it anyway. That's why we haven't seen any type of promotion on IDJ's part. Nobody has huge promotion anymore. It made sense when artists sold millions of albums, but now if you are selling a million is a huge success. If we think about it, the clear channel deal to play #Beautiful must've cost way more than what they got from single sales. And for Mariah making music for the fans, I don't think so. If it were that way, she would've become a free agent a long time ago. IDJ is in it to make money. She should've release TAOLG as an album cut, she instead called it a single, and a single that doesn't perform on the charts is a flop, as simple as that. Pushing the album back so many times might have a "Leona Lewis Glassheart" effect, when the album comes out, people might not be interested anymore unless she can produce a monster song. I can't believe how messy this era has turned out to be. Four years to release an album, and it seems to be we keep getting half cooked singles.
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Sales and radio impressions (39,817) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 November 2013; 5:26)
According to my research TAOLG hasn't been properly released to radio yet. Sales should pick up a bit when they start playing it. Unless TAOLG turns to be a slow burner, we shouldn't lose our sleep expecting it to top the charts. I hope radio programmers give this song a chance. It is not only beautiful, well sung and retro, but it is way different from everything playing out there now. I also hope that Mariah and her team would be on point to promote this one.
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The teaser that never was (39,792) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 14 November 2013; 4:47)
According to Mariah, the teaser we got to hear on her Facebook page, before TAOLG was released, didn't have anything to do with TAOLG. Now I'm so curious about that song. Mariah high notes were out of this world on it, and the feel of the music was very Buble hence my statement about Mariah taking Buble's direction. I am so excited about this album, E=MC2 was a good yet forgettable album to me, just like Memoirs, but TEOM was not. She's going retro, but not TEOM direction. Duets with R Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Nas, and a possible Whitney's cover. I can't wait.
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Stephen, TAOLG review (Inside Scoop) (39,791) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 14 November 2013; 4:33)
Stephen, didn't I say Mariah was trying to pull a Buble on us? Confirmation: Mariah is confirmed to be on Buble's Christmas special and she'll sing with him AIFIY. I'm really happy about that. Buble, just like Groban, sells millions of records even when he hasn't had big hit singles on Billboard Hot 100. They sell quality, and artistry. The fact that Mariah is somewhat taking that direction musically makes me very happy. TAOLG has grown on me tremendously, and I love the fact that there are not scratchy or strained vocals on it. Mariah sounded strained on TEOM, especially on Mine Again. TAOLG is flawless vocally with her current voice. I didn't like the intro at first, but now it is ok with me, once she gets into the second verse, she kills it. Mariah is making a statement here, just like Butterfly, TAOLG is Mariah freeing herself from control, pressure, fair-weather friends, expectations, and trends. We wanted something different, we got something different. As I said, I rather she puts out an album with quality music than a whole bunch of poppy songs for the sake of being popular like E=MC2. Whether it becomes popular or not, Mariah is bringing back good music, and I'm happy about that. I want her to be successful, but at this point, I rather have artistry and quality over forgettable #1's.
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Stephen / TAOLG teaser / MCIIY (39,573) by Edward from USA
(Monday 28 October 2013; 4:00)
Stephen, I agree with you 100%. When I heard TAOLG teaser, I thought it was in the same vein as "Christmas Time Is in the Air Again" from MCIIY. Just like you I think that given the fact that it is going to be released around the Holidays, that type of sound is just right. I was sad when "Christmas Time Is in the Air Again" didn't do anything on the charts, since I love that sound for Mariah. When I first heard TAOLG teaser, I was like: Is Mariah trying to pull a Michael Bubble on us, which would be great, lol.
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New album release date / Ariana Grande (39,409) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 5 October 2013; 20:14)
I don't think it is a good idea to release the album at this time of the year either. I think Mariah would be focused on her Christmas stuff, and the attention wouldn't be on the album. A new single by the end of November would make sense though, provided the single was successful. It would give Mariah a nice window for a second single, and then the album by March. In the meantime, I am so happy for Ariana's album, I listen to it regularly because it is the closest I can find to Mariah. It also reminds me of when Mariah sang fluidly and without struggle. Ariana is talented, but I'm afraid she's already been labeled as a Mariah-wannabe. Her second single flopped badly, and her album is fading out slowly. I hope she could get a couple of hits from it.
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JD to manage Mariah in times like these, really? (39,390) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 October 2013; 17:49)
I don't understand why Mariah keeps picking people with basically little to no experience managing an artist of her caliber. Mariah, this is not time to take chances on the management department. Keep JD in the studio where he belongs. And I hope JD's annoying voice is not all over the tracks you may have produced with him.
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AIWFCIY vs Whitney's IWALY and Celine's MHWGO (39,381) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 October 2013; 1:19)
It's a fact that "I Will Always Love You" is Whitney's signature song, and "My Heart Will Go On" is Celine's, but it's not less of a fact that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is definitely Mariah's, and unlike the other two, "AIWFCIY" will still be listened to by future generations to come two hundred years from now. Mariah Carey is the only diva who reigns for at least a month once a year, not Whitney or Celine. Two hundred years from now, people most likely won't talk about Mariah, Whitney or Celine, but they will sure hear the voice behind that Christmas song, and for those who, out of curiosity, want to find out the story about voice, they'll have the internet to find out. So, when all of us have been long gone, Mariah will still reign supreme.
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Matt Summers / #Beautiful (39,373) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 October 2013; 4:27)
Matt, I made a comment stating that I wouldn't be surprised if she pulled #Beautiful out of the new album. I said that because, even though #Beautiful was moderately successful and went platinum, it also brought with it lots of bad press with the lip-syncing and bad performances, and to make matters worse she gets a dislocated shoulder while desperately filming a video for a song that was already dying for lack of proper promotion. As I had stated before to Stephen, Mariah is very superstitious, and based on that, maybe, just maybe, she might decide not to include it in the album. But that's just my opinion.
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