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Name: Edward
Country: USA
PJW / rude comments (38,729) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 17 July 2013; 21:40)
I couldn't have said it better. And that's why my last post appreciating the fact that RaChad addressed you without sounding like an angry self-righteous religious fanatic whose idol has been attacked. And even though I don't think she should air her voice problems, it's not like people other than us fans haven't noticed something is off.
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RadChad / self-rightious religious fanatics attitues (38,723) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 17 July 2013; 19:23)
RadChad, considering some of the things I said, and after reading your post addressed to PJW, I now agree that she shouldn't publicly say that her voice is damaged or less poweful. You made a very valid point, she then would be known as the diva who can't sing anymore, and those who still have hope of a huge improvement would be devastated. Even though your post wasn't directed at me, I appreciate the fact that you didn't come across as if you were an angry self-rightious religious fanatic whose idol has been attacked. I do definitely agree on the fact that this is the time for her to do something serious to maintain her voice in consistent shape. I don't think it is a lost cause.
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When? (38,712) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 16 July 2013; 22:07)
When will the Jeezy remix video be released, when #Beautiful is out of the top 40 on iTunes? #Beautiful is fading fast on iTunes.
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PJW, have you been reading my thoughts? (38,710) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 16 July 2013; 21:51)
Some people think Mariah doesn't need to explain anything about her voice. Her voice is a product she sells, and a product we've been buying, promoting, fighting for, and requesting for years. So, if the product has changed evidently, and we keep paying as if it hasn't, are we bad people for demanding an explanation? I don't think so. Maybe fans who didn't experience the voice from the 90's can't relate, but for some of us is frustrating just to watch and pretend that Mariah just had a bad day. So, let fans express their frustrations as long as they are not being disrespectful to Mariah. If you don't like it, don't read it, but stop telling to tame a chill pill, because it is irritating.
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PJW (38,707) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 16 July 2013; 16:52)
I sadly agree with you. The fluidity in her singing is gone. When she gets to those parts of the song when she needs to use her chest voice, the transition seems to be tough for her now. I agree that with age eventually the voice will change, but there's a difference between changed and damaged. I love me some Mariah, but I don't fool myself pretending her voice has just changed. The fact that she never addresses the issue keeps many of us fans hoping for something that might never happen. When she owned her breakdown, people came out in support. I don't think it would've happened the same way if she had just ignored the breakdown away. I will always love Mariah and her music, but we, her loyal fans, deserve at least part of the truth, maybe we wouldn't be so critical. I think she can still sing, but these back up singers singing louder than her to hide her inabily to hit certain notes doesn't really sound beautiful to me. Many of us would really like to move past the voice issue, but until she owns it, it won't ever happen. And by the way, the last part of Hero "in time you'll find a way" was clearly not live. Just my 25 cents on the matter.
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To Di (38,652) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 13 July 2013; 15:24)
Hi Di. I have only been to three concerts, the BET performance, and twice in GMA. The Obsessed video situation was a pure coincidence, when I saw like 15 people rushing to the front of a huge hotel building downtown, I would've never imagined it was MC. I live in New York. We can get in contact if you'd like. I don't know if the webmaster would post my email, but here it is: Hit me up.
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Miguelito is not as tall as Mariah on stilettos (38,648) by Edward from USA
(Friday 12 July 2013; 0:23)
Mariah is 5"9' and she's always on stilettos which would put her at 6"1'. Miguel is not that tall, so Mariah would look like a giant next to him. Miguel isn't a muscle man either. Tv is all about visuals. I was a Beacon theater when Mariah sang with John Legend, and even though many of us were waiting for more than five hours, they rearranged the first four rows leaving only nice looking white people and a few tokens in those first rows. The rest were moved to the back.
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Brandon / Gilbert / videos considered as events (38,636) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 July 2013; 23:20)
Brandon, it is true that Mariah's had some great videos that could be considered as being events, but for each one you mentioned, I can mention three that would prove otherwise. Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, There's Got To Be A Way, Someday, I'll Be There, Emotions, Can't Let Go, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Dreamlover, Hero, Without You, Anytime You Need A Friend, and the list goes on, so I agree with Giselle. Gilbert, remember that Mariah came out as a pop artist, and Tommy didn't want her to branch out from that even when she wanted to try other things. Even though Daydream was a pop album with a splash of R&B, they didn't want to alienate the pop fan base she had amassed up to that point. Slipping Away is an R&B record, Daydream was more pop. Everything Fades Away was a great R&B song, but Music Box was pure Pop. Too R&B just means that compared to the rest of the pop songs on the record, it wouldn't have had a contrasted cohesively.
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Stephen / #Beautiful videos / body double (38,623) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 9 July 2013; 5:16)
Stephen, I think Mariah is putting all these videos out because it is evident they are low budget videos, #Hermosa being the cheapest one I think. The clean and explicit video versions are basically the same, but editted differently. The one she just shot is being directed and most likely editted by Nick. The timing has been the problem here. I think Mariah is attacking from all angles because the platinum distinction is just about 200,000 downloads away, good hype for the album. I think they know by now #Beautiful has peaked, but a drasticu fall wouldn't look good either. As for Mariah's body double, she wasn't there because Mariah was dressed as Eminem, they were both dressed and hairstyled identically, but her double was younger and somewhat slender than Mariah. She was like a younger version of Mariah for their bodies were identical, legs and all. I was about 10 feet away from them, it was surreal. Get well soon Mariah.
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New video / Jeezy remix (38,609) by Edward from USA
(Monday 8 July 2013; 17:10)
I also hope the new video is for her new single. I think it is too late to try to revive #Beautiful. The Jeezy remix is fantastic to me, but everything was messy while promoting this single. #Beautiful peaked at 69 millions audience impressions, and so far we have lost about 15 millions of that. So, a new video for a dying single doesn't make sense to me now, unless they know something we don't know. I was wondering where she was filming in here in NY. I accidentally saw when they were filming part of the Obsessed video downtown. When I approached, I was like: why are there two Mariahs here? Then I realized it was her body double. It was a slender woman dressed and hairstyled exactly as Mariah. I genuinly thought she didn't use body doubles.
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Special K / more sex better voice (38,588) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 6 July 2013; 0:08)
Special K, you got me cracking up here lol. Probably Mariah hasn't made the connection yet. I hope she's reading all the messages here for tips.
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Hero was sung so beautiful (38,581) by Edward from USA
(Friday 5 July 2013; 16:55)
I haven't heard Mariah sing Hero so well in probably ten years. It was great. And #Beautiful was the best she's sung it so far. I am really happy she killed it last night. As for #Beautiful, we have been losing spins left and right, but sales are ok. We should make it to platinum in a couple of weeks. The remixes were not released on time to boost the airplay.
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The voice when she was pregnant (38,563) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 4 July 2013; 15:11)
Well, when she was pregnant she did everything she could to have healthy babies. She had a high risk pregnancy, which must've made her more aware of healthy choices like no alcohol, healthy eating. It pains me to see a 70 years old Streisand still being able to sing well, and Mariah at only 43 struggles to sing half a song. And I wonder, will she be able to sing at all when she's 50?
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What happened? (38,553) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 4 July 2013; 0:06)
I think I will die with this question unanswered: What the hell could've happened in 1997 that changed Mariah's voice forever? On 1996 she was killing every performance, but on 1997 she was always gasping for air and struggling on live performances. I personally don't buy the nodules theory only.
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Paul / #Beautiful remixes (38,547) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 3 July 2013; 16:51)
The remixes are close to the original because, according to Billboard new rules, if they sounded completely different from the original, they would chart as a complete different song. I'm not talking about quality here, I'm talking about why the new remixes can't morph into a new different sounding track and with complete different lyrics like the "The Thank God I Found You (Make It Last)" remix. With all the remixes, she's definitely trying to keep #Beautiful alive, since it was in life support. When you stream or buy any of the as of now 8 remixes, they all count towards the original one, hence a higher chance at cracking the top 10. With the clean version she's no. 21 on iTunes, but combined with the explicit version, she's at no. 11. And that's only two versions of the song. Should at least one of the remixes become popular, we should be having a top ten soon. With all this bad press, this opportunity might not present itself again.
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I'm feeling sad (38,531) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 2 July 2013; 18:06)
I was just watching a performance of Ariana Grande on Ellen singing her Mariahesque track "The Way". I know she can't hold a candle to Mariah, but she made it look so easy, and I remembered when Mariah used to just be able to sing effortlessly. It wasn't about the hair, dress, figure, boobs, legs, it was about her voice. I felt the pain as If I were the one who was going through the same situation. I'm terrible sadden by the thought of what all this is doing to Mariah as a person, so I listened to "Looking In" and I came to the realization that she may look all diva, but she must be terrified inside with everything that is happening, since it's becoming more evident the elephant in the room doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Singing in the studio is easier because you basically piece a song together little by little, but when reality hits, it's really difficult for her to recreate the smoothness we perceive in her recorded tracks nowadays.
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Is it the right time for Mariah to go unplug? (38,523) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 2 July 2013; 3:45)
I think this is the right time for Mariah to go unplug with five or six tracks. It would shut down this bad press. I don't know if her voice would be ready for it though. She definitely needs to bring it, since it would take more than us hardcore fans to make this new era successful. #Beautiful is getting some momentum in sales after the BET performance. The two versions combined place her at No. 11 on iTunes.
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BET Awards / proper lipping (38,508) by Edward from USA
(Monday 1 July 2013; 14:30)
If Mariah were to lipsync for her life in a Rupaul's Drag race episode, she would lose big time. If she is not goig to sing, at least she should put an effort into lipsyncing convincedly. I loved the BET performance as a whole. The backing track was needed because #Beautiful is heavily layered, but the parts she lipsynced to weren't synchronized or at least believable. At this point, these performances are not even close to "The Return Of The Voice" era. Whatever is happening with her voice is not getting any better. I pray she could find a good doctor, like the one who saved Adel's voice.
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Geronimo and his freebies #Beautiful remixes (38,489) by Edward from USA
(Monday 1 July 2013; 1:40)
Geronimo, please let me know where to get the freebies remixes. Last time I checked, if you don't buy them from iTunes, Amazon, etc., you won't get them. Or maybe Mariah sent them for free to you. Let fans whine if they want to. We have the right as consumer to demand a quality product. These remixes you consider freebies will make Mariah richer, so why settle for less in the name of support. Ask Microsoft why Windowa 8 was a flop. Also ask them why they are bringing the Start Button back and many other features they took away to impose on us what they wanted. You know why, because people opened their mouths and complained. We all love Mariah and her music, but we rather wait a few years than having half cooked products and take it in the name of love. And when you get your freebies from Mariah, let us know where to get them. By the way, I'm defnitely getting my two freebies #Hermosa and #Beautiful ft. Miguel and Jeezy, I would gladly pay for them.
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Creative differences with Def Jam (38,464) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 29 June 2013; 5:38)
It is sad, but I seriously believe Mariah is at war with Def Jam. I do think that the album was almost ready, but her label was not pleased with the semi end result. The fact that now we don't have an album title or a definite release date worries me. #Beautiful is a great single choice, but now with this chaos it might be too late to inject any life into it unless Mariah comes out with a great remix and video. Was Mariah producing another Memoirs? Was she whispering too much? I guess we'll never know, but I hope she keeps an open mind to constructive criticism from her label. She should know that her Midas golden touch is gone, and another Loverboy won't ever happen again. Her record label shelved Angel's Advocate for a reason we could experience with most of the remixes we heard from it. We all complained then about the cutting and pasting. My last hope is that at least one of the last two remixes saves the day. I would be lying if I said I only care about the music, I also care about the excitement of seeing her still relevant and successful. Maybe another #1 might be out of reach for her, but moderate success would be more than welcome.
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Does Mariah really need a record label? (38,389) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 June 2013; 17:28)
With low promtion and lack of interest from Def Jam when it comes to Mariah and her music, does she really need a label to make music? With physical cds almost gone, why would she need a big label behind her to distribute her music on the internet e.g. iTunes, Amazon? I wouldn't mind if Mariah puts together a 10 or 12 tracks album at least every 1.5 years from now on as long as the music is good. I think she should go back to basics, and stop bringing an army to write with her. I didn't personally like what The Dream brought on Memoirs, it was repetitive. I hope she finds her muse again, and brings back the Mariah we fell in love with.
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Three years? (38,377) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 June 2013; 2:50)
It used to take Mariah less than a year to produce great records like Daydream and Butterfly. Unless she's dropping off most of what she had recorded, three years is enough time to produce a decent album. I just hope that by rushing things, the album doesn't morph into another Rainbow or maybe Charmbracelet. People want to hear Mariah sing like she does on #Beautiful, the whispering is too much for many people. I hope Mariah hasn't lost her muse. Some people don't understand that record labels are in the business to make money. They don't make money from concerts. Mariah probably made more money from those two songs in Paris than what she will probably make from this album after everybody's paid off.
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The way I see it (38,369) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 June 2013; 16:35)
It has always been my opinion that after Mariah tasted the waters with Triumphant, she definitely went back to the drawing board to change things up, and that's why she is recording new material and tweaking some songs she decided to keep. I am happy because that means she is really making sure the music is good. I just hope once the new date has been set, she doesn't push it again. I think Memoirs was affected seriously by pushing the album like two times. I was a little bit worried when I read that executives at at a listening party liked what they heard, not that they loved it.
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Brad / #Beautiful on life support (38,327) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 June 2013; 18:23)
Brad, agree with you. #Beautiful is on life support now and needs a boost in sales and airplay. In my opinion the remix shouldn't wait another week to be released, since the single is becoming stagnant on the chart. The View, BET, and Macy's performances are good and all, but all of them are happening about 10 days from today. I think Mariah might be leaving her record label once TAOLG has run its course.
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Brandon (38,319) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 20 June 2013; 21:34)
Brandon, why don't you change it to "The Art Gallery of Mariah Carey"? It would be epic, lol.
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