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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,966) (96,970) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 17 December 2020; 14:49)
Robert, good to know you're negative and doing good! What a year this has been. Hopefully we have a better 2021.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,959) (96,964) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 16 December 2020; 23:06)
Thank you Andrew for your good wishes. Happy holidays to you too.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,951) (96,963) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 16 December 2020; 23:04)
Deedre, I'm back home and feeling better.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,944) (96,946) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 15 December 2020; 01:44)
Stacey, I'm actually hospitalized but almost on my way home in a day or two. It was tough but the worst is over. Thanks for your nice words. And I really couldn't laugh. Lol.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,917) (96,929) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 13 December 2020; 15:32)
I got Covid, don't make me laugh, I can't.
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Re: I'm back (96,847) (96,855) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 6 December 2020; 18:39)
If that's how you think you will destroy Andrew, it's very evident you must be on crack or something.
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Re: Oh Santa! collab (96,822) (96,825) by Edward from USA
(Friday 4 December 2020; 23:05)
Considering there wasn't much to do with "Oh Santa" in terms of adding two other artists to the mix, I'm pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoy it. Hopefully Mariah can return the favor to Ariana and engage in a proper duet with her.
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Re: JD produced the new Oh Santa (96,769) (96,771) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 December 2020; 17:24)
You might be surprised, Mariah has been stigmatized, she's been black and white. I suspect she'll choose to be blackish on this one. I'm worried about JD talking over it.
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Oh Santa? (96,721) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 November 2020; 22:19)
Today I've listened to "Oh Santa" a few times, just to have an idea what three people singing it would be like. It is definitely a very busy song, like too much happening at the same time. Unlike AIWFCIY, it's kind of a song difficult to sing along with. It's going to be interesting to see who will be singing what on the song. Unless they actually rework the song, I'm a little bit nervous about the final product. Hopefully this is not a last minute cut and paste effort and that they had enough time to create some magic in the studio.
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Re: (96,682) (96,685) by Edward from USA
(Friday 20 November 2020; 01:53)
Your deluluness is beyond believe if you think Mariah can outsing Jennifer Hudson. She can take 20 days of vocal rest, send the twins on vacation, be as confident a she can be, and she won't even come close. Being a fan is one thing, being clearly in Delu-land is something else. While I prefer Mariah's voice any day due to its versatility and nuances, Jennifer Hudson's voice is way more powerful as Whitney's was. Her voice would drown Mariah's at her prime, imagine now.
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Re: O Santa? O Mariah (96,674) (96,679) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 19 November 2020; 18:43)
B, let's be real here. Mariah's current voice couldn't outsing Ariana's. It is what it is. I don't know if you have noticed, but since Caution, Mariah has avoided anything that remotely resembles a belt. Mariah at her age would've definitely blown her away though.
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Re: Oh Santa! fun Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson (96,670) (96,676) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 19 November 2020; 16:00)
Even though she never mentioned having recorded her own version/demo before, that would definitely be a treat a la "Out Here On My Own". She had never talked about her version of "I Pray" either, so one can inly dream. I hope your husband is doing better.
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Re: Andrew (96,604) (96,605) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 November 2020; 22:32)
He should've known better. Lol.
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Most debuts at #1 (96,586) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 10 November 2020; 21:32)
Never thought she would, but Ariana has broken that record.
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Re: The mother (96,569) (96,585) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 10 November 2020; 21:25)
Andrew, it seems to be Bill is very busy with work and all. I also hope he comes back soon.
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(96,553) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 November 2020; 15:26)
Rumor has it Mariah will rename track 9 from her second Chritmas album to "O Come All Ye Evil Mother/Hallelujah 911 Chorus-Call". So sad.
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Re: The mother (96,521) (96,524) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 November 2020; 17:30)
Since I know you have Bill's email, could let me know if he's ok?
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Re: #MC30 (96,406) (96,408) by Edward from USA
(Friday 23 October 2020; 21:38)
It's been on Audibles since day one.
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,375) (96,389) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 21 October 2020; 19:25)
Your lips can't be sealed when you're drooling over someone, that's gay-101, you should know better, B told me so and Robert-Anthony confirmed it. Nothing wrong with being a gay Mariah fan, even if you aren't, people think we're all are by default.
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,384) (96,388) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 21 October 2020; 18:26)
I guess she'll say that because that's the version she ended up releasing. I don't think she was going to be giving props to a song nobody had ever heard, given the circumstances. Just like she hated "Hero" and then all of a sudden she found out how much she loves it. I think she just can't stand "Hero" but she also knows that people identify that song with her, almost as her signature song. After her memoirs, I take everything she says with a grain of salt.
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,360) (96,369) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 19:10)
Oh my God, get a chat-room.
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Re: One Night (96,353) (96,362) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 02:10)
I love "One Night", had it been included on "Daydream", it would've definitely been a potential single, but I guess it wasn't saccharine enough. You can clearly hear all the beautiful nuances of Mariah's voice in its full expression. Out of all the 90's tracks on "The Rarities", it's the only one you can distinctively recognize as a "Daydream track".

Loverboy (Firecracker) is bouncy and contagious, with better vocals
and no messy-sounding like the Cameo one. The sample is far superior and better executed too. Sadly it just went to waste on JLo's song.

"Here We Go Around Again" is a track I never skip, because I enjoy it very much. Every time I listen to it, I can't help but always wait for a great set of high notes that never come, lol. I think it was a good idea leaving it out of "Mariah Carey", not because the song is bad or anything, but compared to the rest of the tracks on "Mariah Carey", it sounds dated.

If Mariah has other tracks like "One Night", "All I Live For", and "Out Here on My Own", we'll definitely see more rarities in the future. Sadly, unlike #1's, the new recorded track is subpart. For the next one she should secure a #1 with a duet with Ariana Grande.
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Re: An objective view (96,323) (96,327) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 17 October 2020; 17:51)
"True fans of music and artistry respect and love her music, even if they don't consider themselves to be lambs. I don't know any vocalist in the music business who doesn't cite Mariah Carey as an influence. Mariah will not get the appreciation she deserves as long as she isn't making the trash music that's popular these days."

I totally agree with you, and it doesn't have anything to do with genres, for those who will immediately jump on the "that wasn't the real Mariah" wagon. As I stated before, even on Butterfly, which showed a free Mariah, her lyrics were simply great. She's still a great lyricist when she puts herself into it. Great music is great music and people will buy it, but she has another thing against her, she's not taken seriously due to this annoying and sometimes petty diva persona she's assumed. Mariah used to have this veil of mystery, in which she would release an album, promote and disappear, but since 2010, all this touring, and a myriad of non-music products releases, she hasn't given the public an opportunity to miss her.
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Re: Migrate (96,289) (96,290) by Edward from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 16:17)
I now know why Migrate wasn't ever a single.
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Re: Lovecraft Country (96,272) (96,279) by Edward from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 02:10)
I'm definitely hooked. You should've brought it up two or three seasons in, so I could binge like I did with "Game of Thrones" and "Trueblood" both of which I found out 3-seasons in.
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