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Name: Jamie
Country: UK
Re: Your relationship with the Number Ones, today (99,524) (99,543) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 26 January 2022; 08:52)
Here's mine.

Vision of Love - Always play it, the intro is everything.
Love Takes Time - Listen to this quite a lot, love the tatou club live version.
Someday - Don't listen as much these days but love it when it comes on.
I Don't Wanna Cry - As above.
Emotions - Love the playfulness of this song and listen to it often.
I'll Be There - Play this at least once a week.
Dreamlover - Listen to this all the time. I have found increased love for it over last 12 months.
Hero - Listened to this loads yesterday, it came on randomly and felt like the first time for some reason.
Without You - UK Addition - Love it listen a lot as I play Music Box all the time.
Fantasy - Album version is my 2nd most played song.
One Sweet Day - Don't listen to this too often.
Always Be My Baby - Always play it reminds me of the 90's.
Honey - Not a lot but love the Bad Boy remix.
My All - Defo a beautiful ballad that gets played a lot and love My All/Stay a While.
Heartbreaker - Rarely play I like it but not a fave.
Thank God I Found You - As above.
Against All Odds - UK Addition - Solo version only I like Westlife but not on this track.
We Belong Together - Play quite a lot particularly So So Def version.
Don't Forget About Us - Rarely play, I like it but not a fave.
Touch My Body - J'adore this. MC in 2007 was the best. Pink dress time square.
All I Want for Christmas Is You - Will never listen until 1st of November but love it.
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Minimum make up (99,443) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 16 January 2022; 11:51)
Love how MC looks in her latest Insta pic big curls, minimum makeup and just naturally beautiful.
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Mariah's New York apartment (99,418) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 13 January 2022; 18:08)
So today I had a walk down to Mariah's apartment. Can't believe she never answered her phone to me. Lol.
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Re: Never Forget You (99,320) (99,329) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 30 December 2021; 08:40)
Well said Bill. Music Box rules.
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Re: Latest Instagram post (99,277) (99,280) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 24 December 2021; 20:00)
I don't think her mind can concentrate when she's like this, that's why she looks sidewards in interviews, she also rambles a lot like she's in her head too much. I notice these days when she's doing a post about something she has to read off something (and not very well) it's like she can't think and her mind goes blank.
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Latest Instagram post (99,274) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 24 December 2021; 00:54)
Mariah sounds drunk on her latest post for Harpers Bazaar. Not sure if she’s in a great place right now.
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Instagram Reel (99,266) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 22 December 2021; 13:53)
Her voice sounds clear and good on that snippet of AIWFCIY on Instagram Reel, gave me early MC vibes.
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Re: I have a feeling (99,248) (99,258) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 23:10)
Doesn't the song have to stay at number 1 for so many consecutive weeks as apposed to a few weeks here and there?
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Re: Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,216) (99,223) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 21:53)
Ah ok I’m not on twitter.
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Re: Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,210) (99,213) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 09:22)
How do I get these texts?
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,204) (99,205) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 11:20)
Yeah it must be pretty strange to have it taken away from you. She must hate it.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,198) (99,199) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 17 December 2021; 15:00)
Yes if you put it like that it's easy to say why does she do this and why does she do that? But really she's only human and subject to the vices that help her cope with life. Yes she lives a very privileged life but unfortunately mental health holds no barriers. And I think living in the world of stardom opens up even more issues.

But she must thank her lucky stars everyday she got famous as I can't imagine her looking like Alison now haha.
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Lucky (99,196) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 17 December 2021; 00:07)
Currently driving through Long Island listening to early Mariah.
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Re: Change (99,152) (99,155) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 14 December 2021; 20:38)
Makes you wonder why she had the Rhinoplasty's I'm sure she would have been advised against it, I bet MC thought she would be immune to vocal changes from the surgery. I did like the fact she said the other day that her voice was in the best condition for a long time, it's like she's acknowledging it now, even though I don't think it is in great shape. If I had that gift I would do all I could to protect it.
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Re: Caterpillar (99,135) (99,150) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 14 December 2021; 10:47)
Caterpillar. I'm crying laughing here
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Change (99,145) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 13 December 2021; 22:26)
Why do you think Mariah changed her style of singing? I noticed a change on Daydream initially then more so on Butterfly. She no longer chose to sing in full voice all the time and opted for a softer more whispery sound. My favourite albums are Emotions and Music Box, her voice ooozes soul on those tracks even more so on Emotions.

Do you think this switch in style has led to her vocal decline, and she forgot how she used to sound? Or do you think she had no choice? Do you think she could sing in a fuller voice now instead of her current tone, as I think she would connect musically and lyrically to a larger audience again if she could choose to sing that way again.
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Re: Mariah's special Billboard magazine edition (99,094) (99,098) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 10 December 2021; 10:32)
I'm in NYC tomorrow so I'll try and pick one up.
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Re: Do you like Mariah? (99,087) (99,093) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 21:11)
Yeah we love her and that's why we want the best for her, and know she's capable of better.
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Re: MC on James Corden (99,085) (99,090) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 19:27)
She needs to get 2008 skinny again.
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Re: I stopped by to talk about... Drake? (99,064) (99,068) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 8 December 2021; 11:19)
Haha morning Randy. Loved that.
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Re: Debut Mariah (99,062) (99,063) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 7 December 2021; 22:01)
Yeah but as we've shown she got herself back between 2005-2010 she was very humble again and grounded. All I'm saying is at the moment and for a while she's taken on this whole persona. I'm not asking for debut Mariah back that would be silly as times change, yes people do change but they still retain elements of who they are. To me it's like she's lost all of who she once was. I love Mariah and always will but I'd love her to take time out to find herself again like she was in the video Bill shared, humble grounded and in touch with reality.
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Re: Who's loving you / debut era (99,057) (99,058) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 6 December 2021; 23:24)
Now that's Mariah. She is exactly the same there as she was in her early days. That's the Mariah she needs to reconnect with.
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Re: Who's loving you / debut era (99,050) (99,056) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 6 December 2021; 21:54)
I agree Bill, whilst I've come to accept the MC of present I've always wondered what happened to that soulful singer of the early days. She didn't even need to try and be cool she just was. I get Sony made her dress certain ways but they can't control her personality.

Even in the Butterfly era she was still herself just a bit more confident but that worked too. Something serious happened around the time before and after her breakdown as like you say it's like it's a completely different person.

I did think she got close to being herself again during Emancipation and E=MC2 but after that I feel something went wrong again. I know she has her mental health struggles but surely she must look at those early days and think she's so disconnected from that person.

I'm not expecting her to have curly hair tied up and skipping around a field like in Dreamlover again but I think she needs to reconnect with her earlier self and loose the whole diva act, it hasn't been working for sometime now so instead of letting go of her inner child I think she should think about letting go of this persona she's created. Loose the divaness, look good but don't get hung up about it and just connect with people better.

Dare I say it but Jennifer Lopez is glam looks great but when she speaks to interviewers she's so natural and down to earth you don't say where's the Jennifer from on the 6 because it's the same person.

It's easy for us to comment I guess we don't really know Mariah but I think deep down we all know she's capable of better and like I said Sony may have said she could say certain things back then but her personality was all hers and that must be still in there somewhere.
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Just watched (99,045) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 5 December 2021; 21:21)
Ok I've just watch the magic continues. Whilst I liked it I can't help think what was the point with 2 songs. The interview was pointless really. I'd love to see a dressed down Mariah doing an interview, she's so wooden I'd like to see if there's any of the early Mariah still in there, the one that was quirky in interviews and relaxed.
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Re: Christmas BPCH (Magic Continues) (99,034) (99,043) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 5 December 2021; 15:44)
I don't think it's too bad, it's by no means perfect, her voice is changed, but she's working with what she has now. We can't expect her to be perfect like she was back in the day. I'm just grateful she's still around and able to do these prime time shows for us.
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