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Name: Lee
Country: USA
I love mimi
Re: Article: 25 Years later, Mariah Carey's "Honey" is just as sweet (100,851) (100,854) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 30 July 2022; 18:00)
Same with Vanity Fair.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,509) (100,511) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 20:56)
If you go on YouTube or anywhere else, it's way higher. The media thought it was funny but serious.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,503) (100,506) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 16:54)
Wow, 16 years without a chart topper? Talk about controlling the narrative.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,390) (100,391) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 15:01)
Don't most Christmas songs sound similar to each other? He could have sued back in 1995 instead of waiting for AIWFCIY to become a classic.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,387) (100,388) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 02:27)
Wow, this dude sounds absurd. Who has heard of him before 2022? Why did he wait nearly 30 years to sue? If you compare the songs, they probably sound nothing alike.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,347) (100,348) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 28 May 2022; 20:55)
She has been very quiet lately, a little too quiet.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,334) (100,335) by Lee from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 23:13)
Yet the people that want Mariah to be more classy are rolling out the red carpet for people that had done way worse.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,326) (100,327) by Lee from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 02:27)
I agree with you because I am sick of female artists who struggled to sell albums being inducted due to a sob story.
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Re: Trash (96,080) (96,086) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 21:35)
Nope, I am not kidding. I am the one that should be shaking his head. I am not the one praising other artists and complaining about Mariah while on a MC fan site. You want Mariah to be more like Celine while not spending money on Dion herself.
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Re: Trash (96,067) (96,071) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 03:11)
Of course it's easy to care about your voice when you're doing virtually nothing. Face it, when was the last time that Celine actually done anything worth noticing?
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Re: The memoir (95,935) (95,945) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 4 October 2020; 02:06)
Well, I really want to read it now. If other celebrities could hold grudges and not look or sound immature, then why it is a different story when it is Mariah? Hell, she get blamed way more than she get credited. You wanted her to look more responsible and self-reflective, but she has been that while being denied and/or sharing credit for her success. If she's "trapped in the past", then it is because people keep bringing it up, duh. Mariah has been pretty much a nun for 3 decades now, and you're freaking out over bad language. It's not like you're getting a refund, so I don't know what to tell you.
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Re: Why is she still talking about JLo? (95,793) (95,807) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 27 September 2020; 21:06)
The media keeps bringing her up. Besides, she sampled beats not stole them. When was the last time that Mimi left a courtroom over plagiarism? JLo has a history of ripping other artists off. Irv Gotti fessed up on Desus and Mero., and Usher busted her when it happened to him. Amerie got blacklisted when she wouldn't allow JLo to take her song. There's plenty of people like Natasha Ramos who gotten ripped off by JLo, but where are all of Mimi's victims?
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Re: Save The Day (95,167) (95,169) by Lee from USA
(Monday 24 August 2020; 11:11)
My problem with this criticism is the hypocrisy in it. She deserved it. I mean, how are the critics complaining about Mariah's vocals and yet said nothing when Whitney and Amy Winehouse were killing themselves for years. There is no mention of Adele not releasing new music, but there is bellyaching about Mariah's every move.
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Re: Mariah on GMA (95,014) (95,017) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 14:32)
I agree with you. Besides, if Andrew really felt that way, he wouldn't be here bitching about her every move on MCA. It's like hating the UK and watching BBC everyday. If he had moved to another artist's fansite, with that attitude, he would be crucified.
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Re: New Book (94,679) (94,683) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 23 July 2020; 21:58)
Well, I don't believe anything that pill popper thinks. If she protested, she would have things a lot worse, especially in that time of her life. He's still feenin, though. Here's to another stint in rehab for Shady.
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New book (94,671) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 23 July 2020; 00:22)
If Slim Shady is so worried about an book that hasn't been released yet, then he needs to the truth.
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Nick (94,612) by Lee from USA
(Wednesday 15 July 2020; 22:48)
The only saving grace is that Mariah isn't married to him.
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Article: What celebrity visitors were really like (94,015) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 7 May 2020; 01:26)
She is an ex-employee, huh? Wow, I wonder why.
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Article: Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer (89,974) by Lee from USA
(Friday 14 June 2019; 00:33)
Man, please. I have seen worse from some of the biggest stars online, and yet they're working. The woman is sporting a six pack in every picture. If she is some overweight pill-popping mess, then why is Tanaka is with her now? He sure ain't cheating on her. And as for the kids, if she was acting so crazy, then why no one called child protection services, including her so-called manager? This shit smell fishier than a mermaid's bra.
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Re: Please respect Madonna, avoid sexist comments (89,554) (89,556) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 11 May 2019; 00:54)
Amen. Besides, we would not be so hard on Madge's behind if she didn't started this feud over 20 years based on a British tabloid lie.
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Re: J.Lo (88,032) (88,037) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 14 February 2019; 02:16)
Did you see the Grammys? High energy and great work ethic, my ass. If our girl's last #1 was a decade ago, then JLo have not had one in nearly twenty years. You can't pop off on how great JLo is if you are not spending no money, energy and time on supporting her.
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Re: Article: Mariah urged by activists to cancel Saudi Arabia concert (87,765) (87,768) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 29 January 2019; 11:00)
Well, they were not fighting for her sake (nor any Black woman's). Ain't she a woman? What comedians? Check out YouTube. Bill Maher, Paul Mooney, and Dave Chappelle, for starters. Besides, where was their outrage when Madge made porn or Cardi B performed at the AVN awards?
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Article: Mariah urged by activists to cancel Saudi Arabia concert (87,759) by Lee from USA
(Monday 28 January 2019; 23:04)
I want to know one thing. Where were the feminists when Eminem and those comedians were ripping Mimi? Not one of these women stood up or said sh@t.
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Re: Mariah sues personal assistant (87,617) (87,619) (87,622) by Lee from USA
(Friday 18 January 2019; 17:26)
Where did she get the tech to doctor any photos? What about the pics of her wearing the white dress? Wetsuits are never flattering.
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Re: SWHOF (87,561) (87,566) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 15 January 2019; 18:35)
Exactly what I have been saying for years. How could they induct the womanizing baby daddy of Chili but complain about Mimi's image? I saw that TLC movie, and Austin was a teenager away from being the next R. Kelly.
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