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Name: Lee
Country: USA
I love mimi
Article: What celebrity visitors were really like (94,015) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 7 May 2020; 01:26)
She is an ex-employee, huh? Wow, I wonder why.
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Article: Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer (89,974) by Lee from USA
(Friday 14 June 2019; 00:33)
Man, please. I have seen worse from some of the biggest stars online, and yet they're working. The woman is sporting a six pack in every picture. If she is some overweight pill-popping mess, then why is Tanaka is with her now? He sure ain't cheating on her. And as for the kids, if she was acting so crazy, then why no one called child protection services, including her so-called manager? This shit smell fishier than a mermaid's bra.
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Re: Please respect Madonna, avoid sexist comments (89,554) (89,556) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 11 May 2019; 00:54)
Amen. Besides, we would not be so hard on Madge's behind if she didn't started this feud over 20 years based on a British tabloid lie.
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Re: J.Lo (88,032) (88,037) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 14 February 2019; 02:16)
Did you see the Grammys? High energy and great work ethic, my ass. If our girl's last #1 was a decade ago, then JLo have not had one in nearly twenty years. You can't pop off on how great JLo is if you are not spending no money, energy and time on supporting her.
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Re: Article: Mariah urged by activists to cancel Saudi Arabia concert (87,765) (87,768) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 29 January 2019; 11:00)
Well, they were not fighting for her sake (nor any Black woman's). Ain't she a woman? What comedians? Check out YouTube. Bill Maher, Paul Mooney, and Dave Chappelle, for starters. Besides, where was their outrage when Madge made porn or Cardi B performed at the AVN awards?
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Article: Mariah urged by activists to cancel Saudi Arabia concert (87,759) by Lee from USA
(Monday 28 January 2019; 23:04)
I want to know one thing. Where were the feminists when Eminem and those comedians were ripping Mimi? Not one of these women stood up or said sh@t.
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Re: Mariah sues personal assistant (87,617) (87,619) (87,622) by Lee from USA
(Friday 18 January 2019; 17:26)
Where did she get the tech to doctor any photos? What about the pics of her wearing the white dress? Wetsuits are never flattering.
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Re: SWHOF (87,561) (87,566) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 15 January 2019; 18:35)
Exactly what I have been saying for years. How could they induct the womanizing baby daddy of Chili but complain about Mimi's image? I saw that TLC movie, and Austin was a teenager away from being the next R. Kelly.
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Re: Songwriters Hall of Fame (87,533) (87,536) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 13 January 2019; 01:16)
What a crock. I don't see how these morons get it wrong two years in a row. It could be envy on their part. Or, they could have nominated her just for the publicity like MTV usually does.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey shows off a toned figure (87,504) (87,511) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 8 January 2019; 15:58)
My point exactly. No evidence, but spread around the world anyways. She should have destroyed that witch when she had a chance.
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Article: Mariah Carey shows off a toned figure (87,435) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 5 January 2019; 20:21)
Where's the scars? I mean, if she had gastric bypass surgery, then bikinis should be a no-no, right? I had surgery over a decade ago, and still had scars today.
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Re: Jaker20 (87,138) (87,139) by Lee from USA
(Wednesday 19 December 2018; 14:47)
But she won 3 Grammys without him. If he is so successful, why is he bitching and moaning? Why was he on "Nail Files"? Where is his half-billion fortune? He should be worth billions.

Walter's Grammys
1999: Grammy Award in the Record of the Year category for producing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion
2000: Grammy Award in the Producer of the Year, Non-Classical category
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Re: Legend forever (87,051) (87,056) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 16 December 2018; 05:17)
I brought one. Want the receipt?
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Re: Wendy Williams (85,728) (85,737) by Lee from USA
(Friday 9 November 2018; 00:47)
I am not sure that Wendy is a real woman (or a real talk show host). If Mariah isn't a true songwriter, then why all of these other people aren't worth more than she is? Mimi is making her money and they continue to struggle with being relevant.
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Re: Video misses the mark (slightly) (83,819) (83,825) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 15 September 2018; 23:22)
Hello, have you seen YouTube lately? The sexy videos are the ones that people are watching. Celine and Adele aren't trending, gracing magazine covers, or getting endorsement deals. Hell, I am not sure that they are even relevant. It's kind of hypocritical for Mimi to cover up when other female stars are doing the opposite and getting worshiped.
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Re: Article: "Evita" goes Hollywood with Stone cutting deal to helm (83,411) (83,425) by Lee from USA
(Tuesday 21 August 2018; 14:33)
Only you would think that way.
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Re: The Hot 100's top artists of all time (83,305) (83,306) by Lee from USA
(Monday 6 August 2018; 00:03)
It's the same reason why they would she-who-won't-be-named as a Billboard Icon. They are complete dumbasses. Instead of owning their dumbness, they made up some dumb ass method to explain their dumbass list. Madonna and Elton haven't had a #1 hit between them in the last 20 years (give or take a few years).
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Re: The endless gigging / The Butterfly Returns (83,023) (83,026) by Lee from USA
(Sunday 8 July 2018; 14:37)
How did Whitney own her mess exactly? The lack of a public statement and relapsing is not "owning" it. The absence of Clive Davis (and the scapegoating of Bobby Brown) wasn't anyone owning it.
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Re: Christina Aguilera's carpool karaoke (82,148) (82,154) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 26 April 2018; 00:40)
Well, if that is the case, then why Christina can't sell over 100 million albums? Why did Clive Davis abandon her when her albums were flopping like hell? Hell, Britney and Janet did. Another question: why are you still here?
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Article: Mariah denies ex-manager's sexual harassment claims (82,038) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 19 April 2018; 16:17)
Looking at that picture, I think that Mimi is the one that should be suing.
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Article: What does Mariah think when she watches The Crown? (79,996) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 21 December 2017; 23:26)
Wow, Vanity Fair writes a few paragraphs about her after 27 years in the game. Wouldn't give her a cover feature, but few paragraphs? Really?
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Article: The highs and many, many lows of Mariah's wild year (79,592) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 30 November 2017; 23:47)
MW was supposed to have one season anyways. I thought that journalists went to school to learn how to report news.
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Re: TMZ or Page Six (79,391) (79,401) by Lee from USA
(Saturday 11 November 2017; 20:38)
She is not freaking out about it. Where's the mood swings? She did not say anything about this story. If you say that she is doing XYZ, show proof or kill your argument. Like I said before, you are too scared to switch artists and criticize them but you are still here.
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Article: Mariah's Lambily defend singer from sexual harassment (79,328) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 9 November 2017; 15:03)
The Lambily speaks the truth. Why would she sexually harass (or hire) someone that she labeled a Nazi?
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Article: Security guard claims sexual harassment (79,324) by Lee from USA
(Thursday 9 November 2017; 07:55)
Hahaha. This story is so unbelievable that TMZ pretty much discredited it on TV this afternoon.
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