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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Soundtracks (101,494) by Bill from the UK
I think I prefer Rainbow because I think it's stronger melodically. So Heartbreaker and the remix are great, and I sort of directly compare them against Loverboy and the remix. I also think CTTA, Bliss, After Tonight, Petals and the Interlude are beautiful ballads. With Glitter I love Lead the Way but don't think Reflections and Twister are as strong as the Rainbow ballads. I agree Glitter is more cohesive, and as much as I adore If We and Don't Stop, I feel Mariah needed to be on those songs more than just singing the hook.

I also have to state that in respect of her albums, my top albums of all time are all hers, then the list goes into other artists. This is why she's my favourite.
(Thursday 20 October 2022; 08:13)
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Soundtracks (101,489) by Bill from the UK
You still don't get it, but that's cool.
(Wednesday 19 October 2022; 22:23)
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Soundtracks (101,487) by Bill from the UK
Okay so you still don't get the point. My personal opinion of what material is good doesn't mean it translates to success or is the right move. For example I always thought I'll Be Loving You Long Time was the best song on E=MC2, but it bombed when it was released. I stand by what I said, sorry you didn't understand. To make it a bit clearer, Glitter's a great album as I said, but the debut, Emotions, Unplugged, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow, Emancipation and Caution are all better. Right to Dream is heartfelt, but Vanishing, Love Takes Time, Till the End of Time, The Wind, I'll Be There, Never Forget You, I Am Free, Looking In, Butterfly, My All, Whenever You Call, Outside, I Still Believe, Can't Take That Away, After Tonight, Petals, My Saving Grace, Sunflowers, Mine Again, We Belong Together, Circles, For the Record, Bye Bye, I Stay In Love, Cry, I Want to Know What Love Is and Portrait are moreso. When You Believe is a fine duet but I'll Be There, Endless Love and One Sweet Day are miles better.

I've always been open minded about Mariah doing something new and different. Soundtracks have been done with not much success, either chart wise or with the fan base. If you think Mariah's remaining years are best spent on songs like Infamous and Almost Home, which connected with nobody and did nothing for their associated projects, then great. I've long advocated for her to do a jazz or gospel album as that is unexplored territory, something fresh and different, and something that may suit her current voice (jazz).

Remember, not everybody who disagrees with you is out to get you. It's just an opinion.
(Wednesday 19 October 2022; 08:53)
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Soundtracks (101,482) by Bill from the UK
I don't care whether Mariah's music charts or not, so long as it's good. In the UK she only has had three number ones, two of them covers. I'm not used to her dominating the charts like in the US.

My point, which you missed, was that soundtracks aren't her speciality nor her strong point. Let me (gasp) compare her efforts to Celine Dion's. Beauty and the Beast, When I Fall In Love (Sleepless In Seattle), Because You Loved Me (Up Close and Personal), and My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) were all huge internationally successful songs. If you have Celine on your soundtrack it is likely to do well, Mariah, maybe not.

Mariah's strengths lie elsewhere was the point. Sometimes it seems like you look for things that aren't even there just to cause friction.
(Tuesday 18 October 2022; 14:45)
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Soundtracks (101,479) by Bill from the UK
Let's look at Mariah's track record with soundtracks to bring this back down to earth:

1. When You Believe with Whitney. Two biggest voices on the planet came together yet didn't make the top 20 of the US charts. A moderate hit elsewhere, but not the tour de force people may have expected.

2. Glitter. I probably don't need to elaborate on this. A great album, a great concept, but the execution was a disaster.

3. Tennessee. Sorry Randy but Right to Dream didn't go anywhere sadly, despite it being quite a heartfelt and unique offering in Mariah's catalogue.

4. Almost Home. Mariah didn't even write this one from memory. It didn't feature in the film and was stuck on the very end of the closing credits.

5. Infamous. Just no, I've played that song 2 and a half times and I never want to hear it again.
(Tuesday 18 October 2022; 01:44)
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Mariah Carey appreciation (101,470) by Bill from the UK
I agree the Butterfly 25 celebrations have been good. The bonus material could have been better but was good to see The Roof with Brandy have a home and the new remixes. Also the vinyl edition of the album looks superb.

What I don't agree with though is the comparison against Michael Jordan. Michael doesn't pretend that he can still play his sport like he used to, and retired gracefully with a string of accomplishments behind him. Mariah continues on the facade with pre-records, lip syncing, background singers masking and then the excuses when these performances inevitably collapse around her. That's what annoys some of the fan base and why we are imploring her to head in a direction that suits her current voice, or at least retire from performing and become a studio artist.

I ask myself, years from now, will people remember Vision of Love on GMA, America the Beautiful at the NBA finals, If It's Over at SNL, or will it be the mix feed of AIWFCIY and the NYE disaster?

Time will tell.
(Monday 17 October 2022; 12:40)
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Re: Full of grace (101,454) (101,459) by Bill from the UK
For me, it's the imperfections you mention that make the performance that much more endearing. I think it's one of her best.
(Saturday 15 October 2022; 20:27)
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Re: What MC albums have you never bought? (101,438) (101,444) by Bill from the UK
The only album I've never purchased is the Magical Christmas soundtrack. I have everything else, including compilations. If it was released in the UK (any format), I have it.
(Wednesday 12 October 2022; 21:07)
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Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,409) (101,410) by Bill from the UK
The best way to address would be an album, sung in a voice without any studio trickery, lamenting the loss of her voice. It would be incredibly powerful and poignant and could either be her curtain call or the beginning of a new era. You don't have to have more octaves than a grand piano and embellish every line to be a great singer. Look at Karen Carpenter. The beautiful thing about her voice was its simplicity.
(Wednesday 5 October 2022; 23:49)
Re: Just another Side Effects (101,395) (101,396) by Bill from the UK
It's funny you say that, Joni Mitchell had a greatest hits album called Hits, but she insisted it could only be issued if a sister album, Misses, was also released at the same time. Misses contained all her flops haha.
(Tuesday 4 October 2022; 16:44)
Re: Just another Side Effects (101,391) (101,394) by Bill from the UK
Mariah fans: Wow, Crapfinity was really terrible. I think this is the most awful thing Mariah's ever done, she can't possibly come up with anything worse.

Why You Mad has entered the chat.
(Tuesday 4 October 2022; 12:38)
Re: Variety article - L.A Reid (101,337) (101,351) by Bill from the UK
I've never understood why everybody seems to fall at LA Reid's feet and act like he's the second coming of Christ. He treated Toni Braxton appallingly and had one decent record with Mariah (Emancipation). Mariah has managed many hit albums without his input or management.

With Emancipation, Mariah herself was hungry to be back at the top of the charts, and without her drive and passion for the project, it would not have been the success it was. Also, the public I think wanted to see her return to where she belonged, as she was due it after the unfair treatment she got for her mental well-being and the lackluster response to CB.

E=MC2 was Emancipation's second verse. Cruise Control indeed. "The Voice" that was all over the previous album was scaled back in exchange for rapid staccato singing and party songs, and Mariah herself lost interest after Touch My Body following her marriage to Nick.

As for Memoirs, handing the production of the entire album to The Dream was an error as the album sounded like one, long, continuous song. By track 11 it's like, enough with the finger snaps already.

I'd rather Mariah work with somebody totally new and different and interesting. But what do I know? As always, I wish her every success and happiness with her new projects and if LA Reid pulls it out the bag, then great.

So funny though. Everyone was baying for his blood when he started working with J.Lo. How quickly the tide turns.
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 19:41)
Butterfly 25th anniversary vinyl (101,346) by Bill from the UK
For anybody keen on obtaining this, Vinyl Me Please are taking pre-orders for the second edition of the vinyl, following the first edition selling out immediately. Mariah's official store has sold out of both editions, but the second edition is still available on VMP at the time of writing. Different coloured vinyl this time round (beige instead of honey, looks better in my mind).
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 15:05)
Re: Release Honey music video in that color (101,273) (101,274) by Bill from the UK
It did look equally as good, but the sepia filter was very "Butterfly", what with the album palette and Mariah's earth tone look back then.
(Tuesday 20 September 2022; 12:42)
Re: Breakdown rediscovered (101,261) (101,264) by Bill from the UK
I think Breakdown will go down in history as one of the biggest regrets of Mariah's career. The song was ground breaking at the time, the video was brilliant, and nothing like it had come before it. I genuinely believe it would have been a #1 in the US if it had been given its shot. Mariah would have got behind it and promoted the hell out of it. Glad you're seeing it in a new light now Terna. As I live through different experiences so many Mariah songs end up meaning more, Breakdown no exception.
(Monday 19 September 2022; 00:01)
Honey: The Remixes (101,257) by Bill from the UK
The double LP of Honey is available to pre-order from Urban Outfitters on honey coloured vinyl (exclusive). It contains the same tracks as the MC30 EP and sadly, not the new Morales remix.
(Sunday 18 September 2022; 15:23)
Re: If Butterfly single was released (101,240) (101,241) by Bill from the UK
Mariah said the record company didn't want her "streak" of number ones to end (though it technically ended with Can't Let Go), but presumably they meant from Fantasy onwards. There was no way anything was gonna budge Candle In the Wind from the top, which is probably why it never got released in the US. It was released commercially virtually everywhere else, and didn't chart that well considering her popularity at the time, so perhaps that was why it never got a commercial single in the US.
(Saturday 17 September 2022; 13:32)
Re: Butterfly 25th anniversary vinyl (101,230) (101,231) by Bill from the UK
Wow, it's already sold out. Wasn't even up an hour. I hope they press another batch.
(Friday 16 September 2022; 17:18)
Butterfly 25th anniversary vinyl (101,230) by Bill from the UK
Vinyl Me Please has an exclusive edition of the vinyl in golden nugget colour, with some golden embossing on the sleeves. They have the extra LPs as having the following tracks:

Honey (So So Def Mix)
My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Mix)
The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)
Butterfly (Classic Bossa Nova)

Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
The Roof (Full Crew Mix)
Butterfly (Meme Club Radio)
Whenever You Call (with Brian)
Mi Todo

Honey (Def Club Mix)
Fly Away (Fly Away Club Mix)
My All (Morales Classic Club Mix)

Honey (Classic Mix)
Fly Away (Def B Fly Mix)
The Roof (Morales Funky Club Mix)
(Friday 16 September 2022; 16:57)
Re: Mariah's age (101,190) (101,192) by Bill from the UK
She also said her marriage to Tommy was great yet she spent her honeymoon propping up a beach bar in tears.
(Wednesday 14 September 2022; 09:11)
Re: I wish for Butterfly: unplugged for Butterfly 25 (101,179) (101,182) by Bill from the UK
The fact Caution was so well received should have made Mariah realise people don't always need to vocal acrobatics with her, especially as she can no longer replicate them live. I was listening to some old Julie London tracks (a jazz singer from years back), and her slow, smooth, sultry delivery would suit Mariah's current voice perfectly. An album sung like that would be a great addition to her catalogue. Rather than the same old tired formulaic R&B she's been doing since Bfly.
(Sunday 11 September 2022; 12:27)
Re: I wish for Butterfly: unplugged for Butterfly 25 (101,171) (101,173) by Bill from the UK
Hmmm. I'd rather have demos and unreleased material from 1997 over re-recorded stuff. Every song she has re-recorded has been inferior to the original.
(Saturday 10 September 2022; 14:10)
Butterfly 25 (101,166) by Bill from the UK
MC just tweeted "one week to go" with some butterfly emojis, so presumably there is something coming for the anniversary.
(Friday 9 September 2022; 19:39)
Re: Not Mystical now (101,159) (101,161) by Bill from the UK
It's down to the individual I suppose as to whether they choose to carry on listening to artists like that. With R. Kelly it was easy for me as I never cared for him or his music to begin with. I thought the Betcha Gon' Know duet was awful and ruined a great song. His ballads were all the same and his voice wasn't particularly good. The only song he ever did that I didn't turn the dial on was Ignition Remix. As for Mystikal, it's the same. Never really rated him and think Don't Stop is somewhat ruined with him barking at me to shake my ass every five seconds.
(Thursday 8 September 2022; 08:46)
Re: The Ballads compilation (101,156) (101,157) by Bill from the UK
Indeed, and I do see The Roof, Dreamlover, even ABMB as ballads in a way and don't dispute their inclusion on the compilation. All I Want for Christmas Is You (UK and Japanese editions) and How Much though? I also don't think Mariah had much creative oversight over the compilation either, as even the new version of Hero used to promote the album wasn't included (thank God). Even stranger was the iTunes bonus tracks - David Morales club mixes? Bizarre.
(Wednesday 7 September 2022; 20:00)


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