Mariah Carey has new rose gold hair colour |

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Mariah Carey has new rose gold hair colour

Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas One and All tour is officially underway, running from the 15th of November to the 17th of December, sadly only in North America (cry). And it seems that Mother Christmas has a brand new look for the shows, and to our surprise... it's kinda pink?

The beloved icon's trademark golden tresses have gone lighter, ashier, and with a pink wash to it that is giving a rose gold effect. Who said pink hair was for summer? Ok, so, it's no bubblegum, but with the many hues and tones colourists use to create a custom colour for stars, it's clear some pink and rose were factored into the undertones here.

Watching this clip of the star gearing up for the tour, we almost second-guessed the pink as a trick of the light, but it does make sense. When going from warm golden blondes to cooler ashier tones, pink can be a great way to neutralise without making the hair look grey or dull, resulting in this flatter rose gold colour.

It's not quite Frenchie from Grease pink, but just like our favourite Pink Lady, Mariah too did 500 hours of beauty school. We're throwing it back to 2020 here, but she does have a pink wig in her repertoire, so she may have drawn some inspo from that for this new colour.


Webmaster Eric from the Netherlands wrote:
Am I the only one who hates this hairstyle? Or maybe it is because she is wearing way too much make-up.
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 23:44)
Robert-Anthony from United States wrote:
I don't like it. Too much.
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 00:53)
Brandon from USA wrote:
It's too "wiggy" for me. I prefer more natural looking styles and wigs on her.
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 03:35)
Dennis from Underneath the Stars wrote:
This photo is not flattering at all, however on YouTube videos she looks good. I've got Honey video vibes from her latest Access Hollywood interview.
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 11:06)

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