Mariah's Lambily defend singer from sexual harassment

Thursday 9 November 2017

Mariah's Lambily defend singer from sexual harassment |
Mariah Carey has yet to personally respond to accusations that she had attempted to sexually harass her former bodyguard and that she had called her security team white supremacists, among other racist labels. However, her fans, called the Lambs, couldn't help but defend the pop diva from the stories that appear to hurt her reputation.

Just after news broke that Carey's ex-bodyguard Michael Anello had accused her of sexually harassing him, calling him and his colleagues racist terms and failing to pay him what she owes, Lambs, collectively called the Lambily, took the time to leave comments on the "Emotions" hitmaker's latest Instagram post to point out the inconsistencies in the allegations.

First, on the issue that Carey had sexually harassed Anello, the singer's fans pointed out that there wasn't any form of sexual harassment that transpired. "She called her body guard to move her luggage, and when he came in she was wearing a robe. She was in her own home wearing lounging clothes. How did she sexually harass him?" one wrote.

On the issue that the singer used racist terms to refer to her guards, a fan said that Carey isn't the type to use racist words for she herself is mixed, born out of a relationship between a white woman and a black man. Also, the fan noted that Carey has married a white man and a black man, and her current boyfriend is Asian. Another Lamb pointed out that Carey's dating profile would tell that she's not racist at all for she has dated various types of guys: Italian, white, Hispanic, Black and Asian.

Some went as far as to accuse Carey's former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, as the one who allegedly masterminded the vile accusations. "We love you Mariah. We know all of those accusations aren't real and the snake Stella made them up," one fan said. Many others simply voiced their support for Carey amid the accusations. "We are Lambily. We stand by you forever. You are strong, we are strong," one commented.

On Wednesday, TMZ ran a story about the shocking details stated in a draft of a lawsuit that Anello is preparing against Carey. Anello - head of L.A.-based Anello Security and Consulting - claims the singer has a $220,000 unpaid invoice for the services they rendered to her. In addition, he said there's an additional $511,000 for the two remaining years on the contract they had agreed on.

Apart from the monetary issue, Anello mentioned instances when he felt Carey was being inappropriate. For instance, he shared that Carey referred to him as a Nazi and that the songstress had labeled him and his colleagues as skinheads, KKK members and white supremacists. He even insisted that Carey really wants to "be surrounded with black guys, not white people".

Another complaint highlighted in Anello's draft insinuates that Carey had sexually harassed him. According to the bodyguard, Carey made an inappropriate move on him when they were in Cabo San Lucas. He claimed Carey asked him to move some luggage, but when he entered her room, she was in a provocative see-through negligee that was open. He said he wanted to leave, but Carey insisted that he move the luggage first. He then revealed that no physical contact happened between him and Carey before he left the room.

The "Touch My Body" singer's reps have since confirmed that they were amenable to paying some invoices. They did not address the sexual harassment and racist allegations though, according to Page Six.

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Lee from USA
(Thursday 9 November 2017; 15:03)
The Lambily speaks the truth. Why would she sexually harass (or hire) someone that she labeled a Nazi?
przsyks from USA
(Thursday 9 November 2017; 18:22)
Funny how this comes out now when 1) these harassment claims are coming out left and right now. And 2) when her and Stella part ways. Interesting.
Outsider girl from Mars
(Friday 10 November 2017; 06:05)
Mariah is extremely insecure and she needs to be desperately sexy and attractive for others and herself. All of us are insecure and that's another reason why we love Mariah. She grew up being poor and feeling very insecure about being birracial and not too happy with her looks and assets. She's always been stunning but if you don't have self-confidence no matter the compliments other people can say about you. It's a nice thing and you are grateful for those beautiful words but the uncertainty forever lies.
I bet Mariah has made jokes about the rough looks of his bodyguard Michael Anello. It's true he seems really serious and maybe he has that image of a skinhead, KKK member or white supremacist. But it's true Mariah prefers black bodyguards, black friends, even black lambs. She feels more comfortable with black people. She loves black culture, black music. This bodyguard is sexy though and it's a little bit like the story of Whitney and Kevin in The Bodyguard movie. I bet Mariah has felt sexual attraction with him and she has tried to flirt with him because she loves being sexy and make guys horny. But accusing her of sexual harassment is too much if he doesn't give any other proofs. Obviously they are telling these stories now because they are mad of being fired and because of Harney Weinstein, Kevin Spacey sues.
Mariah loves being revealing. She said she didn't pose naked for Playboy because some of her fans wouldn't like that. She would love posing nude and even more sexy than she already does. She loves wearing extremely sexy dresses with no underwear, wearing lingerie and negligee in interviews, so imagine how naughty and flirtatious she can be in her house, with no cams and tough sexy guys around. Brian Tanaka is a cute nerdy boy, this guy is a sexy tough man (trying to get money from her).
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MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 10 November 2017; 13:17)
I find this security guy not attractive at all. There's something brutal in his look I can't stand. It's so obvious he only wants the money and is trying to bring MC down. What's next, Mishka telling the press she was forced to drink every day and give Mariah champagne? Or how they were forced to spend their vacation on the yacht with her and Mr. Packer? All those people have no behavior and will do everything for money and revenge. I hope they go where they belong: to the tv reality trash. No one will miss them.
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