Mariah Carey is "stamping her heels" with frustration

Monday 24 June 2019

Mariah Carey is stamping her heels with frustration |
Mariah Carey is reportedly unhappy after DailyMailTV exposed her 2016 affair with now-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka while she was still engaged to billionaire James Packer. As reported by NW magazine on Monday, the 49-year-old pop diva is "stamping her stilettos" in frustration "because she doesn't know who is spilling the information".

A source close to the singer added that "figuring out who's leaking stuff is her top priority right now". Daily Mail Australia has contacted Mariah's representatives at United Talent Agency for comment.

In a DailyMailTV exclusive earlier this month, it was revealed that Mariah and Bryan, 36, began dating before she broke off her engagement to James, 51, in 2016. The songstress was filmed grinding on the back-up dancer more than six months before her split with the businessman in a bombshell video.

The video was shot inside the Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2016 when Mariah was in the country for a concert. Mariah and James' romance eventually broke off in October 2016 and the casino mogul is now understood to be dating New York socialite Kylie Lim.

Meanwhile, the Without You hitmaker is now dating Bryan official and they are currently touring across Europe together. A spokesperson for Mariah previously told DailyMailTV: "We have not been privy to the content in question and cannot confirm from whence it came nor when, however as stated numerous times in the past, Mariah is not polyamorous."

However, a source close to the star said: "They were clearly more than just friends even then. It was so flirtatious and there was so obviously something going on. James would have been mortified if he had been there."

According to insiders, Mariah was infatuated with the Washington-born dancer throughout her relationship with James - even telling her then-fiancé she was "a born again virgin" to avoid having to sleep with him.

(Daily Mail Online)

90sMariah from SG
(Monday 24 June 2019; 16:47)
Is this really her? She looked like a meth-upped cheap hooker in this. Not a flattering photo and pose. Hee-yikes.
RibbonB from USA
(Monday 24 June 2019; 18:52)
One of the same pics released before Mariah's World. It's all the same old crap, just in rehashed tabloid stories. Little to no interest then and none now.
Betty from Canada
(Monday 24 June 2019; 19:11)
Stella and the other ex-employees trying to sabotage MC again. These must be the embarrassing videos and unflattering photos they tried to blackmail her with but I guess Daily Mail must have paid them well.
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automatic_prince from Germany
(Monday 24 June 2019; 19:18)
Last week's news. Nobody picked up on this so Daily Mail are trying it again? Why? Just leave it. Nobody cares. But the heel stamping was pretty funny. As if that is what happens when she gets mad. Anyway is she more of a sitting down stamper or does she prefer to do it standing up?
Marissa from USA
(Monday 24 June 2019; 19:46)
They really are trying to keep this non-story going. This article was not needed.
Travis from USA
(Tuesday 25 June 2019; 19:56)
Whatever the case, Mariah is in her best self since the last few years. This is old news and I can't believe that a so called news source has to turn to this again. I think it's time to move on, get over it, and make like "Frozen" and let it go.
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