Mariah throws tantrum at World Music Awards

Friday 12 May 2000

Mariah Carey apparently demanded to be presented her award twice at the 12th Annual World Music Awards, which took place in Monte Carlo on Wednesday (May 10), after being upstaged by Michael Jackson.
Both artists appeared at the top music award ceremony to pick up the "Male" and "Female Artist of the Millennium" prizes. Mariah took to the stage first and collected her award from the Backstreet Boys, then allegedly flew into a rage only minutes later when Jacko entered through a cloud of billowing dry ice, while a video montage and huge silhouette of the superstar was projected onto the stage. He was presented his award by the more prestigious Prince Albert of Monaco.
Carey's nose was so put out of joint that she supposedly insisted on having the same special effects and ordered that her gong be re-awarded and re-filmed for the televised show. The singer is even thought to have changed outfits to dramatize the effect.
A guest at the four hour awards bash reportedly told British tabloid Daily Star: "Mariah had already picked up her prize once, then she went up again after Michael in a completely different outfit. It looked like she was simply trying to upstage him, but there was no disputing who the real star of the show was."
The newspaper also reminded that this is just one of Mariah's many backstage tantrums. The last allegedly being when she refused to appear alongside the younger singer Christina Aguilera at the recent Divas 2000 charity concert in New York.
Another artist to pick up an award was Jamiroquai's Jay Kay (in a trademark silly hat) for "Best Selling Global British Artist", while Boyzone's Ronan Keating presented a gong, as did Pamela Anderson.


Of course Mariah was presented an award twice, but that was because she won two awards. Besides a special prize for best-selling pop female artist of the millennium, Mariah also won the R&B award. And she did change outfits, like she always does.

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