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Triumphant (36,330) by Lainsky from Philippines
(Friday 14 September 2012; 12:16)
Hello fellow lambs! How is this single going on in the US? I hope they are promoting the Throwback (only MC singing) version for I think it has more mass appeal and sound even better on the radio, especially Pop radio. Thanks.
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BMI Songwriter Award (36,329) by M from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 1:48)
OK, no disrespect to MC, I love her forever, but some of the haters on YouTube asked how much of a writer is Mariah? "I know she writes her lyrics and usually some kind of melody, but she co-writes alot with many many writers (B.Cox, J.D., etc.) especially when she has to include all the writers from samples that she borrows into her songs; Fantasy (Tom Tom Club's 'Genius of love')." Can anyone clarify this process? I am a writer as well and I belong with ASCAP, but as a best selling artist like MC, I wonder how this legendary gets decided as far as from a writer's standpoint? Is there a percent of how much you contribute to a song as a writer?
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Karen Clark/Anytime you need a friend (36,328) by Nattalie from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 23:00)
Amen and amen again. Enough said.
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Stephen (36,327) by Nattalie from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 22:52)
Man, you see how all the sudden everybody on the jazz bandwagon? Lol, enough said.
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Nikki (36,326) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 22:28)
True. Despite all the negativity towards Triumphant, it is still a viable song and beloved by many. I appreciate that it has so much meaning to Mariah and that time in her life and for her family. She and Randy did a lot of good things to get the song out there. I was very happy to see it at number two on 106 and Park.
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Actions speak louder than words (36,325) by nikki from usa
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 17:53)
For someone who's "out of touch" musically, it's amazing she already had those remixes with full vocals ready to go before the original was ever heard. When looking for a hit, you don't allow your song for download before it hits radio. Even then, she only sent it to urban radio, pop/mainstream was never given a copy. Why? Because it's not pop. Then, she allowed the remixes to be downloaded before she had a video out. The fact is the hip-hop community's reviews praised this song. This was important to her because she has a message to convey, you don't stop the message because everyone doesn't like it. Her new album doesn't come out until next year, so no "managers" are going to tell her anything about it, they have 6 months to kill. You'll notice the only one promoting this single is Mariah. Her words, her performance, her video. Her label isn't going to be upset with getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from downloads for doing nothing. She's hit #1 in several countries and was #2 on BET's top 10 music videos yesterday.
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Re: Simon (36,324) by nikki from usa
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 17:08)
I agree, he tried several times to get MC and almost had her the year prior until she got pregnant. But, since he's had trouble in the past with people being "too nice", I agree MC might fall into that category. I think Mariah can be entertaining and give constructive criticism, but I don't think she'd be very good at being b*tchy like Simon.
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Simon is full of crap (36,323) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 6:13)
Lol, Simon practically begged MC to be on his wack show X Factor. She gave him dust and now he's still using her name for press, only now he's being bitchy. What a little ninny. Lol.
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Jazz or Gospel (36,322) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 6:11)
I think it's an excellent idea for Mariah to make a Jazz CD. In fact, all she really needs IMO are good songs and great musicians with live instruments and good arrangements. A great Jazz CD would require all of that. MC would have no problem working in Jazz or even better the Gospel genre. It's not a desperate move, in fact, quality is never desperate. Edward, an artist doing music they love or like does not mean they dont want it to sell. Any artist would like to think they can put their vision out there and have it be well received and at it's best to influence music. Those things just rarely sync up for any artist. M has had that and she can again and she can certainly do that with a solid Jazz CD. She did a Christmas CD in her early 20's and we see how well that did. It sells every season and Mariah has the skills to rise to any challenge. In fact, perhaps she needs a good challenge. I'd love for her to do a CD of Showtunes.
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Jazz album would make her seem as if she were desperate (36,321) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 0:37)
Right now most people think that Mariah is out of touch with her music. I have heard it so many times, and many people have expressed it after hearing Triumphant. The remix is way better, but I think it is still repetitive, nothing new. After this flop, with a drastic change of direction to a Jazz album, she would look desperate for anything successful. And don't buy the bs that singers just make music that they like. Singer want to keep a certain level of popularity, because they like the limelight. Singers have record deals, and they are popular because people can relate or like their music. I think one or two Jazz songs on the album would be nice, but not an entire album. She should do that when she's old and maybe considering retirement. We need a consistent album, with whispers to the minimum, but without overdoing the whistle. The whistle stuff is getting tired, I love it, but I don't want to hear it at the end of every song when it may not be called for. I think Mariah's last few albums have lacked inspiration.
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Jazz album (36,320) by Ryan from the Philippines
(Tuesday 11 September 2012; 16:40)
I think it's not a bad idea at all. We love her doing the slow jams so as singing ballads so if this idea pushes through, I think it won't hurt. Some people say MC should do an Adele-ish album packed with ballads, if she ventures to jazz and soul with the new project it will be very fresh.
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Glad to see... (36,319) by Geezy from USA by way of NYC
(Tuesday 11 September 2012; 4:01)
I was glad to see Mariah letting loose in the nightclub. Hearing her sing those jazz standards make want a jazz album asap from her. What do guys think of a jazz album from MC full of standards and original material?
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Jazz (36,318) by Licia from USA
(Tuesday 11 September 2012; 3:11)
I would love to hear Mariah do one jazz song for the new album. She was on point at the Caryle. I'm not sure about a full jazz album though. I'm not into jazz. Watching the video she seemed like she was so much more at ease at that moment. She was just having fun and doing what she loved. It wasn't all about making a number one, being on the charts, or impressing anyone. She was just SINGING and having a good time.
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BMI (36,317) by Ali from USA
(Monday 10 September 2012; 17:32)
Fanny and Karen SLAYED their tributes to MC. Wow amazing and loved seeing that embrace between Tasia and Mariah. Phenomenal!
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Anytime You Need A Friend sung (36,316) by Will from England
(Sunday 9 September 2012; 20:29)
Finally, a song that hasn't been sung since the dawn of time! And it really shows off Mariah's writing skills. Hero and WBT were slightly predictable (congrats to Joe for making it seem like an easy song to sing!) to be featured, but I was delighted to see that this song was chosen to be sung. Hope it inspires Mariah to sing it again.
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Dani (36,315) by Will from England
(Sunday 9 September 2012; 11:20)
Unless there is any official announcement from Mariah or Mariah's team, I would treat all new music info with some caution. With MOAIA, someone posted a supposed track list on wikipedia and of course, it was false. Let's wait and see.
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About time / BMI Award (36,314) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 9 September 2012; 6:43)
It's about-dang-time Mariah got an award for songwriting. We all know she has an amazing voice, but what gets lost most of the time, is she writes these amazing songs she sings. Congrats to MC. Well deserved.
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New song? (36,313) by Dani from USA
(Sunday 9 September 2012; 4:13)
I came across a wiki page on the Mariah Carey portal that lists "No More Love Songs" as a song set to be released September 14 of this year (it's written by MC, Babyface, and BMC, apparently). It's described as a "haunting, R&B ballad". I immediately harked back to the NFL kickoff performance of WBT when MC mentioned that she would release a similar song in that vein very soon. The page was created by a certain Juwan Smith. I'm taking this with a grain of salt, but if anyone has any information, please share. "Haunting, R&B ballad" sounds like something I would like to hear from MC though. Let's hope that's the case.
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Mimi (36,312) by Geezy from USA by way of NYC
(Sunday 9 September 2012; 0:21)
First things first, Mimi looked simple chic last night at the BMI awards. I think that the tribute was nicely put together and both Joe and Fantasia did Mimi justice with their performances. Once again, Mimi congratulations on this much deserved honor. You are truly an icon and I can't wait to hear this new ballad that B.Scott is going crazy about.
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Congratulations (36,311) by Zachary from Croatia
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 23:12)
For the BMI award dear Mariah.
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BMI Icon Award (36,310) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 18:02)
Congratulations to Mariah for winning to BMI Icon Award. It's more than deserved. Mariah should take note of the songs the artists performing sang for her, as they show the type of music people resonate with. It's a massive honour to have Karen, Fantasia etc sing her songs for her. I can't wait to hear them.
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New ballad coming soon (36,309) by Edge McQueen from Philippines
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 16:59)
B Scott tweeted that Mariah's prepping up a new ballad for the lambily. Will this be her next single? I'm dying to hear a new song from Mariah. Hopefully this song will be a tremendous leap from Triumphant, something different, vocally-driven, and inspiring. I can't wait. Love MC long time.
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Congrats Mariah (36,308) by Stella from Greece
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 16:51)
Congratulations on your BMI Icon Award Mariah! I couldn't think of anyone else deserving this honor more than the greatest female songwriter of all time. Looking stunning at the ceremony by the way. Hair and dress all fly. L4L
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BMI Icon Award (36,307) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 16:07)
Super huge congratulations to Mariah for getting her BMI Icon Award for songwriting. Last night's ceremony sounds amazing and I really hope it was taped for airing on tv or at least on the web. The tweets from show attendees were amazing with performances of Hero by Fantasia and Anytime You Need a Friend by Karen Clark Sheard that tore the roof off. There were other great performances as well of We Belong Together. Mariah did that and thank God she is getting her due. She wrote them and she sang them and she got the award, as it should be.
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BMI award (36,306) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 8 September 2012; 5:53)
Congrats to Mariah on this award. Despite not liking her recent single or her choices, no one can take away what she has accomplished. She earned her spot. She's still a legend.
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