Tuesday 17 June 2014

Keith Urban opens up about Mariah and Nicki Minaj's feud

Keith Urban has finally opened up about Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's ongoing feud on the set of "American Idol" season 12. The Australian singer served as the third judge on the show, along with Carey and Minaj who were featured bickering throughout the entire season.

In an interview with Nova, Urban confirmed that it was a wrong move that producers opted to focus on both singer's quarrels instead of the contestants themselves, according to the Daily Mail. He also added that the "Jersey Shore" mentality of Minaj and Carey was unfit for the program. "Idol is not that kind of show. I think that Jersey Shore's type of mentality wasn't a good way to go."

"You guys should ask Nicki about how it all unfolded because I think both her and Mariah kind of got a bit hoodwinked going into Idol. There was a concerted effort to make this incredibly fractious environment. I really felt for both of them." Urban said.

But although there have been several fights throughout the season, Urban confessed that he got along just fine with both artists. Last year, TMZ released footage of Carey and Minaj yelling and cursing at each other. Meanwhile, the 46-year-old singer and guitarist also talked about his secrets to looking good, News has said.

"I always say the thing that helped me the most was quitting drinking, for me, I've got nothing against it, it just wasn't a good thing in my life. That was eight years ago, you know that a reverberating effect for just getting healthy in other areas of my life."

As for his relationship with wife of eight years, Nicole Kidman, a source recently revealed to British Magazine Grazia, "Tensions are reaching boiling point within their marriage. It's no secret that they're spending increasing periods apart, and Keith's close friendship with JLo won't have helped, especially as both Jen and Keith are returning to American Idol next season."

(Fashion Times)

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