Mariah Carey returns to Las Vegas |

Friday 17 June 2016

Mariah Carey returns to Las Vegas

On June 14, I had the opportunity to catch Mariah Carey's amazing #1 To Infinity performance at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas which also happened to be a sold-out show. Surrounded by her dynamic dancers and backing band, Mariah delivered the number one hits that have made her a superstar since 1990, including a spectacular opening performance of her debut single Vision Of Love, which garnered her a standing ovation.

She also performed such hits as I Don't Wanna Cry, Hero, Honey, Dreamlover and an uplifting performance featuring Trey Lorenz of the Jackson 5 hit, I'll Be There, which she dedicated to Michael Jackson. She later dedicated an emotional version of One Sweet Day to the victims of the Orlando shootings that took place less than a week ago.

Alongside some sexy costume changes and fun sets, Mariah, above all, proved that she looks and sounds more incredible in 2016, if that's even possible. With her angelic pitch perfect voice, not to mention, her famous whistle register, many audience members agreed that Mariah sounded just as spot on live if not, better than her actual records.

Since last year, Mariah has had a residency at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace as well as just wrapping up her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in Europe. Mariah has become a true legend around the world even though she is still young with her perfect vocals and her equally as impressive songwriting skills, which has helped her become the Best Selling Female Artist of all time.

Over the years, many of Mariah's songs, have been performed on talent shows around the world by aspiring singers choosing to take on a song by their idol, in hopes of securing their own successful careers. While there are many great singers in the world, in reality, there will only ever be one Mariah even though many other singers attempt to duplicate her talent, they will never compare to the artist who has had an astounding 18 number one hits more than any other female artist in history, has had.

Next up, we can expect to see Mariah make her debut appearance on E! Entertainment later this year with her 8-part documentary series entitled "Mariah's World" which will follow her backstage at some of her biggest concerts across Europe, as well as in the US. This will be the perfect opportunity for fans and critics to get a taste of the real Mariah, which only her closest friends get to experience.

Those who know the real Mariah never fail to mention her huge and giving heart as well as her witty sense of humor. Mariah truly is an amazing and inspirational woman who deserves every inch of her title and in my eyes, will always be the Queen of Music.

Be sure to catch one of her amazing performances at Caesar's Palace, which will wrap up on September 11th. Thank you to Mariah's wonderful team for doing such an amazing job and a special thanks to Zarina for making this whole experience possible.


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