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NFL Kick Off (36,250) by Jay from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 19:57)
I would love to hear Vanashing, Vision of Love. I'm tired of the same songs she sings in her concerts lately, or maybe it just seems that way to me. Let's mix it up MC. I know some people aren't here for Triumphant, but she has to sing that song. I mean, c'mon, its supposed to be the buzz single for her next album and she's about to do AI. But she has to sing the Throwback Vintage Mix or I would't be mad if she did Pulse Mix since some lambs seem to like that version better. Actually, I wouldn't be mad if she brought Meek Mill and Rick Ross, that'll probably be a better combination for the football fans. But she needs to leave Hero at home. Yes, we know some lives have been saved with this song, but even MC looks like she gets bored with it. Oh, maybe she can sing Make It Happen (Jenny Craig remix, I know it's not called that, but I can't remember the name of that remix) for a positive vibe moment if need be.
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Another cover/duet (36,249) by Joanna from Poland
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 16:00)
I'd be brilliant if MC did a cover of "The answer is yes" by Javier. A duet with Maxwell would be amazing; he's such a rare talent.
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Next cover (36,248) by Joanna from Poland
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 15:46)
It won't probably be something that anybody here would expect, but I wish MC did "Alibi" by 30 Seconds To Mars. I love this song. At the beginning, the song is soft so Mariah could show a beautiful subtlety in her voice, while towards the end unleash her powerful and long notes. Jared does it great and I think Mariah's rendition would be epic.
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List of songs I would love for Mariah to cover (36,247) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 15:09)
1. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
2. Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy)
3. Goodbye (Air Supply)
4. Memory Lane (Minnie Riperton)
5. Back to Life (Soul to Soul)
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My Mariah dream duets! (36,246) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 14:45)
Ever since I heard the Cranberries for the time, I felt in love with Dolores O'Riordan’s voice. Her nuances are weirdly unique and beautiful. Even though I know it’s never going to happen, I would’ve loved to hear Mariah and Dolores singing in the same track. Delores has a quality to her voice combined with soul that I had never heard before. Her voice is not about power, but about the notes, and the way she blends sacred music with alternative. Mariah, when she wants, she also uses her voice make to melodies that sound weird, but beautiful at the same time. Underneath The Stars (I was drifting, drifting), or on the song Music Box from 3:12 to 3:16. Those are the things I missed more from Mariah. I would’ve also loved to hear Mariah sing with Sinéad O'Connor, or the late and soulful Eva Cassidy.
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Next remake/cover (36,245) by Ryan from the Philippines
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 13:42)
I have always been a fan of rock ballads and enjoy listening to Mariah covering them and making them as her own. For the next album, and I've always been wanting this ever since, is for her to do a remake of Survivor's 'The Search Is Over'. I think Mariah's voice will do good on this track knowing that she can always give justice in covering songs. Just a thought.
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Duets/Stephen (36,244) by Nattalie from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 11:00)
I always thought I was the only person that wanted Mariah to work with Maxwell. The people that you have in your list are exactly who I would have. To bad she never worked with Mike. They would have made a duet of a life time. That track would have been on serious heavy rotation at my house.
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NFL request (36,243) by Nattalie from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 10:57)
I can see the lambs pick songs that are a complete snooze fest. It's a freaking football game guys. Need something fast and upbeat. Not no Hero mess. Special K, Heartbreaker with Missy E was a great choice. Shake It Pff never can never go wrong. Honey. Triumphant with Meek Mill and Rick actually there. Last is Always Be My Baby. Everyone loves that song or Fantasy. Males and females love and can relate to those two last songs.
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Song to cover (36,242) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 8:50)
Mariah makes good cover songs. Is there a song that you would love to hear her sing? I have more than, but this is the one I have been longing for: Unchained Melody.
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Duets (36,241) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 8:45)
She should make a duet with me, that would be a huge hit , and for real duets, I think that Celine, Alicia, Madonna, Barbra, Shakira (they look the same at times), Prince, Beyonce, Emeli Sande, Rihanna, Stevie W, Elton John and Lionel R would be great. More shocking duets would be if she did something with Coldplay, Bjork, James Blake or some rock band.
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NFL Kickoff (36,240) by clueey23 from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 8:30)
So I think Mariah should sing Triumphant vintage Remix, There's Got to Be A Way, Always Be My Baby, Can't Let Go, and Fly Like A Bird. I think this would be perfect! And Fly Like A Bird would be a great way to pay her respects to Chris Lightl,. or Twister would be even more appropriate.
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Butterfly (36,239) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 8:30)
Today is going to be the day of Butterfly. I haven't played it in a long time. I was inspired of the TBO message. Thanks!
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Stephen (36,238) by Special K from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 3:12)
Oh wowsa after all of these years I finally get to see your cute face, lol. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mariah will perform Truimphant at the NFL Kickoff. Hopefully a version without Meek and Rick. I hope those brothas are booked the hell up, lol. Singing VOL would be cool, but I would love to see Mariah perform Heartbreaker with Missy. Now that would be bannanas. Maybe I'll tweet Mimi since she is taking requests.
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Slipping Away (36,237) by Geezy from USA by way of NYC
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 3:11)
I just finished listening to that particular song and I have to say Mariah and Dave Jam Hall have written and produced some great stuff together. With Slipping Away for example this is a R&B driven track with a pop feel as is the Daydream album, that's why it is so relatable to the masses. Still one of MC's true masterpieces in my humble opinion. Great stuff.
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NFL kickoff (36,236) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 31 August 2012; 22:53)
I'm actually quite excited for this. Maybe she'll medley Triumphant with It's Like That? I love No Doubt too so it should be a good, fun show.
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Gilbert (36,235) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 31 August 2012; 22:49)
Wow, I'm so sorry I took long to respond, did you miss me that much or something? Lol. Feel free to email me if that makes you feel less sorry to the lambily lol. That's hilarious that you were watching the video again, sucks I didn't get a chance to because the plane took off quickly. Today, today.
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This site (36,234) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 31 August 2012; 22:22)
Special K mentioned this and I agree, this site and messageboard rock. Thanks for keeping it up and running. I enjoy getting the news and reading everyone's posts and regardless of differences of opinions or whatever over things and songs I think there's still the common thread that brings us back here. Geez I'm all introspective today lol.
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Always Be My Baby (36,233) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 31 August 2012; 22:04)
So out of all the tons songs Mariah has released over the years, this is the only one I still hear played in rotation in Chicago. Kind of interesting.
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enwar00 (36,232) by Gilbert from USA
(Friday 31 August 2012; 18:01)
Oh, I forgot to add, what took you so long to respond? I dont appreciate that. Lol.
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enwar00 (36,231) by Gilbert from USA
(Friday 31 August 2012; 17:53)
You and I have this flirting thing going on. MC lambs, we is sorry. Yes, that was classic Mariah, as a matter of fact at the gym again watching those scenes of her behind the stars. So beautiful, what's interesting is we are young at that time, well at least I was and now that I think about it she was around 24 at the time, now I'm 29 and she is 42. Time flies. She should try another video like that again. Smooches enwar00. Lol (it's all fun and games lambs sorry).
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Daydream (36,230) by Ali from USA
(Friday 31 August 2012; 17:22)
Daydream. Oh I love that album so much. I'm not sure what it is, but Mariah has an ability to make her songs really timeless, which a gift very few artists have. "Always Be My Baby" I believe is one of the greatest pop/R&B songs of all time. It wasn't her biggest hit, but there is just something magical about that song from the production to the lyrics and her vocals. I watched a YouTube clip of Kelly Clarkson singing it in concert (she loves MC), and I was just like wow, nobody can do this like MC, and I love Kelly. Many people think that ABMB is a cover, and they thought the same thing about All I Want For Christmas Is You, Forever, and Melt Away. Throw on "Long Ago" and "Underneath the Stars." Wow what a stellar album. I also love Tamia, favorite song is "Officially Missing You" and "Stranger in My House", but I love Q's jook joint.
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Edge/duets (36,229) by Licia from USA
(Friday 31 August 2012; 16:28)
I was also wondering where that pic came from. I saw it on their twitter account. It's a nice picture. Another MC duet I HAVE to see is her and Prince. That remake she did of The Beautiful Ones is my favorite song off the Butterfly album. Would love to hear her and Prince do that song together or any song.
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Mariah Connection Twitter avatar (36,228) by Edge McQueen from Philippines
(Friday 31 August 2012; 13:48)
Hi everyone. Have you guys seen the twitter avatar of Mariah Connection? I'm quite intrigued. It's a pretty photo of MC. I wonder where they'd get 'em?
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New accounts (36,227) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Friday 31 August 2012; 12:57)
If you have a new e-mailaddress, please don't make a new account, but let me know your new e-mailaddress and I will change it for you. Messages are linked to your account, and if you make a new account, your old messages won't show. Just send an e-mail to
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90s MC fans (36,226) by Lainsky from Philippines
(Friday 31 August 2012; 12:46)
Was reading the messages and I noticed that most of Mariah fans are all in their mid-30s just like me LOL! Well it's just a number. As for MCs latest offering, let's pray it will get soon the airplay and sales it deserves. Hopefully the second single are for us fans meaning a very 90s sound single! My original email got hacked and cannot retrieved it so I have to make new one.
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