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Nobody knows (36,349) by nikki from usa
(Monday 17 September 2012; 21:47)
I can't believe these reports I'm reading about so-called experts in the entertainment industry. Is TMZ so dense that they don't realize that Nicki and MC have already worked together, because MC thought she'd be the next big thing before anyone knew who she was? And NM was a big fan of hers? MC replaces J.Lo? Please. Mariah's last "hit" was last year with Beiber, while everyone and their brother did a remake of her classic Christmas song. Since then she's been fulfilling offers from HSN lines to Jenny to nailpolish. Mariah's going in with a full swing career, J.lo went in to get one. Both MC and Nicki would be representing the urban/R&B element. My guess is they will be far more highlighted this year. Gospel may have a better chance too. If MC gets comfy enough, she may show some of that "chatty man" action she does for the UK show. Then things will get really interesting...
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Lyric/Nicki (36,348) by Licia from USA
(Monday 17 September 2012; 12:20)
I read somewhere that they picked Nicki because she represents urban music. Um no she doesn't. She's a popular gimmick right now that AI wanted to appeal to the younger crowd plain and simple. Names like Diddy, Pharrel Williams, Toni Braxton, and Kanye were thrown out and the best they could do was her? I understand why they picked her, but I don't like it.
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Nicki Minaj (36,347) by Lyric from USA
(Monday 17 September 2012; 10:20)
What are everyone's feelings on Nicki joining AI? Obviously, she's hardly qualified to judge a singing competition and Fox is desperate for ratings. It'll be interesting to see if she and Mariah will have good chemistry on the judging panel. I won't be watching AI, but I'd feel more inclined to watch if it were just Mariah, Keith and Randy.
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Licia (36,346) by Stacey from USA
(Monday 17 September 2012; 8:10)
Random thoughts are good since a lot of folks here tend to take things way to seriously. My family thinks I'm obsessed with MC since I traded and collected her CDs for 5 years. I told them they have no idea, lol. I'm quite tame to many fans out there. But seriously, I don't need to defend why I like MC. Her success speaks for itself. Numbers don't lie. Further, I like MC and see no need to defend that. It's as simple as that. Her music uplifts me, gets me in a good mood, etc.
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RibbonB (36,345) by Licia from USA
(Monday 17 September 2012; 2:01)
It just irks my soul when I see that. Lol. I'm not wasting my time trying to convince anybody of anything. If you like her, fine. If you don't like her, I could care less. Some of us care too much about the opinions of people who shouldn't matter.
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Licia (36,344) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 20:48)
Lol. I'm with you on that, particularly to defend why I like MC and her music. All that fan wars stuff gets kind of over the top. If people don't put her on a pedestal, they don't have to worry about keeping her on it, or knocking her down when she doesn't meet their ideal or fantasy.
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Happy anniversary Butterfly (36,342) by Stella from Greece
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 19:00)
Happy anniversary to Mariah's best album ever! Mariah was at her peak with this album. I love the songwriting, her poetic vocals and the cohesion of Butterfly. I'm afraid Mariah won't ever make an album stronger than Butterfly.
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Random question / thought (36,341) by Licia from USA
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 16:22)
Am I the only person who never felt the need to defend Mariah or justify why I like Mariah to other people? I see a lot of fans who say that they had to work to try to convince people who don't like Mariah to like her or they try to explain why they like her. Why do you all do that? I'm just curious to know everyone else's thoughts . I know I'm random lol.
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Happy 15th anniversary (36,340) by Geezy from USA by way of NYC
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 15:54)
On this day September 16th, 1997, Mariah released her 6th studio album Butterfly which many fans and critics consider Mariah's career defining album from professional and personal standpoint. The album saw Mariah venture into an Urban direction more then ever before. Even though it predecessor saw Mimi take a dip into the urban pool, Butterfly saw her bathe in it from top to bottom with its co-producers being some of the biggest names in Urban music at the time. Butterfly spawn two #1 singles in the US, Honey and My All gave Mimi her 12 and 13th #1 single respectively. Also, the album went to become a multiplatinum smash in the US and an international smash worldwide. Happy 15th anniversary Butterfly.
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Congrats to Triumphant (36,339) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 2:21)
To MC on her video, for being voted number 1 two days in a row on 106 & Park. I can't wait to hear the ballad that's supposed to be on the way. It's also nice that MC promises to share some new video clips of dem babies bigger than ever, walking and talking. They are so blessed.
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Remembering 1994-1996 (36,338) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 1:37)
Watching the "Dreamlover", "Without You", "Hero" and "Endless Love" videos. In those videos Mariah looked innocent but with such confidence, I would say effortless, it was about her instrument. I remember getting my walkman and listening to her for hours. At times I'd play some recordings of her I had made from the radio, and my mother would come and say: Here you are again, listening to this woman nobody understands what she's saying, lol. My mom didn't speak English, and I was learning secretly mostly by listening to her songs and reading the lyrics that came with her CD's. Word like relinquish, rhapsodize, emblazoned and thee were all introduced to my vocabulary through her lyrics. I guess what I miss most from her is the way she would sing a song effortlessly, without head turning, hand waving or recordings. It was as if she was saying: Oh, you thought this was only in the studio, look at my face and let the voice reach your soul. That's how I killed the haters back then, I used to play her live performances and look at them open mouth, then I would say: Can Whitney or Celine do that? I don't think so. "Underneath The Stars" and "Open Arms" were food to my soul, I could say those were magical moments in her career. Even though I don’t want Tommy in her career whatsoever, I thank God things happened the way they did. You have to take the good with the bad, life is not perfect. She lived it, benefitted from it, found her voice, punished him and kind of moved on.
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Re: M&M - songwriting (36,337) by nikki from usa
(Saturday 15 September 2012; 21:03)
Just an example, MC describing her songwriting process: "The way I usually work is I do an untitled song. We'll grab the hook, whether sampled or created, and use it as the working title. I wrote the verses first, as well as the melody and the inclusion of several instrumentals. Sometimes I'll have an idea for lyrics. If I'm collaborating with someone, I'll direct them in the direction that I'm going chord wise, because I get all these melody ideas and then I lose them if I don't have someone really good with the keyboard with me. That's why I tend to collaborate because I lose the ideas by the time I figure out the chord. All these melody ideas just go." This was describing the creation of Dreamlover specifically, it went on to say that Walter added in 3 instruments to this song which is why he's also listed under producer, even though the majority was already done by MC and Hall. The majority of a song is done by Mariah herself, but because she's more trained by ear than hands-on, it'll be rare when she's not collaborating.
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Morocco concert (36,336) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 15 September 2012; 19:33)
I started last night and I'm watching the rest of the concert in Morocco from earlier this year. I love it. Plus I think she's hilarious, as usual, making up songs on the fly and all.
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Nattalie (36,335) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom
(Saturday 15 September 2012; 12:22)
I was thinking the same thing. I've been wanting Mariah to do a jazz album for years.
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BMI/ASCAP (36,334) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 17:38)
Note that these companies do the same thing, it just depends on which of these licensing agencies an artist signs with to monitor their music airplay. They don't affect songwriter credit.
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Mason (36,333) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 17:17)
I wasn't even trying to be mean to you, it just seemed as if you were asking such a basic question. But there is no formula to determine percentage of writer credits. It's determined by the co-writers and how they work together. Famous writing teams like Bachrach and David (RIP Hal David) had a distinct way of writing. Bacharch wrote the music compositions and David wrote the lyrics and Elton John wrote music and has had a long time lyricist. Other artists write differently. In today's music industry, many producers make beats and the artist might write their own lyrics and on so forth.
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Ribbon witha bow on it (36,332) by M from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 15:12)
Um yea, I am and yes I did look into the ASCAP side of things prior to asking, but BMI is different just as you said as WBT showing only the ASCAP writers and not Mariah (BMI). Of course I know about copyrights, I was just curious to see what others knew. Sorry for asking. Wow!
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Mason (36,331) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 13:50)
If you are a songwriter as you say, shouldn't you get that clarification from ASCAP? In fact JD and others won major awards for We Belong Together, which did not include Mariah as winner because she is with BMI. She's still a co-writer, but she didn't share in that award. The facts are Mariah has co-written 99% of the songs she has recorded. If you write or co-write a song with others, you will all secure a copywright. If a sample is also used, then those writers also get songwriting credit.
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Triumphant (36,330) by Lainsky from Philippines
(Friday 14 September 2012; 12:16)
Hello fellow lambs! How is this single going on in the US? I hope they are promoting the Throwback (only MC singing) version for I think it has more mass appeal and sound even better on the radio, especially Pop radio. Thanks.
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BMI Songwriter Award (36,329) by M from USA
(Friday 14 September 2012; 1:48)
OK, no disrespect to MC, I love her forever, but some of the haters on YouTube asked how much of a writer is Mariah? "I know she writes her lyrics and usually some kind of melody, but she co-writes alot with many many writers (B.Cox, J.D., etc.) especially when she has to include all the writers from samples that she borrows into her songs; Fantasy (Tom Tom Club's 'Genius of love')." Can anyone clarify this process? I am a writer as well and I belong with ASCAP, but as a best selling artist like MC, I wonder how this legendary gets decided as far as from a writer's standpoint? Is there a percent of how much you contribute to a song as a writer?
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Karen Clark/Anytime you need a friend (36,328) by Nattalie from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 23:00)
Amen and amen again. Enough said.
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Stephen (36,327) by Nattalie from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 22:52)
Man, you see how all the sudden everybody on the jazz bandwagon? Lol, enough said.
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Nikki (36,326) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 22:28)
True. Despite all the negativity towards Triumphant, it is still a viable song and beloved by many. I appreciate that it has so much meaning to Mariah and that time in her life and for her family. She and Randy did a lot of good things to get the song out there. I was very happy to see it at number two on 106 and Park.
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Actions speak louder than words (36,325) by nikki from usa
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 17:53)
For someone who's "out of touch" musically, it's amazing she already had those remixes with full vocals ready to go before the original was ever heard. When looking for a hit, you don't allow your song for download before it hits radio. Even then, she only sent it to urban radio, pop/mainstream was never given a copy. Why? Because it's not pop. Then, she allowed the remixes to be downloaded before she had a video out. The fact is the hip-hop community's reviews praised this song. This was important to her because she has a message to convey, you don't stop the message because everyone doesn't like it. Her new album doesn't come out until next year, so no "managers" are going to tell her anything about it, they have 6 months to kill. You'll notice the only one promoting this single is Mariah. Her words, her performance, her video. Her label isn't going to be upset with getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from downloads for doing nothing. She's hit #1 in several countries and was #2 on BET's top 10 music videos yesterday.
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Re: Simon (36,324) by nikki from usa
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 17:08)
I agree, he tried several times to get MC and almost had her the year prior until she got pregnant. But, since he's had trouble in the past with people being "too nice", I agree MC might fall into that category. I think Mariah can be entertaining and give constructive criticism, but I don't think she'd be very good at being b*tchy like Simon.
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