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Smoke and mirrors (99,215) by TheWind from England
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 13:48)
I don't fully buy the message being sent out by Mariah that her voice has been restored over lockdown, as well as her reasoning for not wanting to tour again. I think that over lockdown she posted some well edited, and carefully doctored performances that were very well received by fans and the public. Her voice hasn't received that much praise in a long time. She now knows that the studio environment is the only place where her voice can shine like that in its current state, and I suspect her insecurities are getting the better of her. Hence, the focus on the Butterfly Lounge idea, where she highlights her songwriting process and can show her voice off in a setting that she is completely in control of. Whilst I think it is a great idea, I don't think it will bring in the money she needs to fulfil her lifestyle, so don't be surprised if she tours again in a year or two. The Butterfly Lounge would work best when accompanying an album that displays Mariah's maturer writing side, followed by a tour. On a slightly different note, I haven't been impressed with her output this Christmas. It seems a little lacklustre to me. Her appearance with James Corden was embarrassing for a star of her caliber. She was drunk, the weird hand movements covering her face shows she is at a place where she is being ruled by her insecurities. I do hope she starts to give less smurfs about what people think, and embraces how amazing she is.
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Re: Interesting thought (99,211) (99,214) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 12:53)
The same can be said for her songwriting partners. Women have only cropped up here and there but usually it's men that she collaborates with.
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Re: Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,210) (99,213) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 09:22)
How do I get these texts?
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,208) (99,212) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 08:09)
Libra's post is one of the best in years. Spot on.
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Interesting thought (99,211) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 01:59)
MC has never had a woman co-produce a song with her on one of her albums. She has always worked with men. I wonder why that is so. I would love to see her co-produce with Angela Winbush, Nova Wav, Linda Perry, and Victoria Monet.
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Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,210) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 22:29)
I just received a text, probably like many of you, that Mixin with Mimi has been cancelled. I didn't think that she was going to have other people in the lounge with her. I thought it was all virtual. Hopefully, it will happen in the spring.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,204) (99,209) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 17:59)
Well hallelujah people understand, because a while ago people were mad that she didn't "explain" in her memoir.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,204) (99,208) by Libra Lamb from USA
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 16:54)
At this point in her career, Mariah owes no one anything, not even another studio album. She continues to make music because that's what makes her and some of us happy. I don't care about the voice, I don't care about the splashes or anything in regards to her personal life. She's a human being just like the rest of us and she's entitled to make her own choices and even her own mistakes. I'd say, if anyone can't accept that, it's time to move on. There's plenty of other "acts" out there that can use one more "fan" to tear them down. I hear that Adele chick is pretty good.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,204) (99,207) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 15:20)
So true. Maybe next year is not the right time for MC to release MC16. She has worked hard for 30 years. I am here to support her for whatever she releases for the Butterfly Lounge, Butterfly's 25th anniversary, and MC30. Who knows we may even get a soundtrack for TMOMC series with a few new songs.
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Release the color version of music video (99,206) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 14:48)
Mariah and her team needs to release the color version of the alternative 60's music video of All I Want For Christmas Is You. I just seen the interview of Mariah on the set of that music video on Ukmix and Mariah looks so radiant and beautiful with the red short dress and the bangs.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,204) (99,205) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 11:20)
Yeah it must be pretty strange to have it taken away from you. She must hate it.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,203) (99,204) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 18 December 2021; 05:49)
Exactly. It is what it is. We know it. She knows it. Let her do what makes her happy and not tear her down everyday or demand that she humiliate herself on a national tv tell all. I admire her hustle and resilience and drive to still make music with whatever else she chooses to do along with it - double beef patties, sesame buns and all.
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Mariah's voice (99,203) by Randy from USA
(Friday 17 December 2021; 23:12)
I loved her voice during Daydream. The elasticity of moving in and out that falsetto. And she still had her higher full voice register. Yes it was thin but it gave me life. I was the hardest on MC before she couldn't fool even her "real fans" any longer. But one day Special K said to me, in the middle of my attacks, what would you have her do? I said tell the truth. Say something happened with my voice in a tearful interview with Barbara Walters. But stop lip syncing the high full voice notes during live performances when you sound awful during the verses. I have reconsidered that over the years. Could you imagine how hard it is to be her? And in this age of keyboard gangstas whose sole purpose is to make you feel as low as them. The narrative among many non-fans is she lost her voice. Why confirm it and have nobody come see her or buy her albums? I kinda get the smoke and mirrors now. And since we've lost Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince, do I really wanna press on Mariah Carey already knowing she likes food and splashes. She's making it the best way she knows how. And for that she is to be celebrated.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,199) (99,202) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 22:35)
Of course these are only shorcuts. Her life and struggles are far more complex than our understanding. Anyway I'll always admire her faith in life and her resilience.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,200) (99,201) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 21:59)
I'm actually sad for her, she deserves so much more. "Looking in" tells it all.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,198) (99,200) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 17 December 2021; 17:30)
Yes to think about it, also makes sense. Very sad. I think that's one reason why she loves Marilyn Monroe so much. There are paralles with them. And no money and fame can heal a broken or "wounded" heart/soul. I really hope she finds true happiness and will never be exploited again.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,198) (99,199) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 17 December 2021; 15:00)
Yes if you put it like that it's easy to say why does she do this and why does she do that? But really she's only human and subject to the vices that help her cope with life. Yes she lives a very privileged life but unfortunately mental health holds no barriers. And I think living in the world of stardom opens up even more issues.

But she must thank her lucky stars everyday she got famous as I can't imagine her looking like Alison now haha.
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Mariah's voice (99,198) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 09:44)
For me, Mariah is a woman who is deeply sad and shattered by a personal life that has always been chaotic. Her current voice is the result. The only thing she has always wanted is a stable personal life. Someone who loves her for what she is. Someone she can rely on. She thought she would get it by being with Tommy but it turned into a nightmare. Then the failure of her marriage to Nick was devastating and she has never recovered since. If she was truly happy in her life, she would have made other choices for herself and her health. Her voice wouldn't certainly be what it is today. But that's just my opinion.
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Article: Hummable hits suitable for all ages (99,197) by Ann Estewar from US
(Friday 17 December 2021; 03:28)
I went to this! I [was] 14 at the time and my friend won tickets on the radio and she brought me along.
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Lucky (99,196) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 17 December 2021; 00:07)
Currently driving through Long Island listening to early Mariah.
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Re: Change (99,189) (99,195) by Lee from UK
(Thursday 16 December 2021; 22:27)
There was definitely some rasp in Mariah's belts back in the day. I have recently been listening to some of the studio "stems" from the Daydream era and, without all of the production, you can definitely hear the rasp. I think the way in which the final versions end up on the record are probably over-produced to the point that the voice we hear on the CD version of the songs is very engineered.
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Re: Change (99,189) (99,194) by T from USA
(Thursday 16 December 2021; 22:27)
If she cannot do a whole song live now as it is then what's the difference if she looses the whistle? To me that would be the easiest thing to lip to in a pre-recorded situation. I would rather her do the surgery so she can sing 90% like she used to.
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Re: Change (99,145) (99,193) by Lee from UK
(Thursday 16 December 2021; 22:23)
Here is my two pence worth - I think Mariah's voice has changed in a number of ways but, for me, the two most obvious ways are accent and vowel sounds. Now I know that vowel sounds tend to be strongly related to accent but I still think they are two separate issues for Mariah. Most singers, even British singers, sing with an American-ish accent as it makes the vowel sounds more pleasing. Now I say American-ish because most people would not detect an accent especially on Mariah's first 3 or 4 albums. Some people would call it a neutral accent. However Mariah seems to have made a shift from singing in a neutral accent, with pleasing vowel sounds, to singing with more New York-type, nasal, vowel sounds. Mariah was a master at manipulating her vowel sounds to give us more resonance on belted notes or more depth or air-iness on other notes. More recently, this has been more challenging for Mariah and you can hear it on the Appple TV Christmas specials. Mariah was in good vocal form in 1994 during the original Merry Christmas recording. Merry Christmas gifted us Mariah's very best vocals. This was her prime. Listening to the re-recorded versions of these songs is painful as the vowel sounds are very forced and often nasal. Mariah's riffs and runs obviously occur on vowel sounds so it's no wonder they are not as clear or as well executed as they used to be. Even Mariah's current whistle register which mostly uses vowels feels forced and unpleasant to the ears. This is all just my opinion, I'm not a vocal coach just a long time fan of Mariah's live vocal performances.
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Re: Her voice back (99,190) (99,192) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 16 December 2021; 19:47)
"I will just cherish her first four albums for showcasing her in prime vocal state. She was the vocal queen back in the early 90s." Yes, the same here. I will always cherish her. Her voice during the 90ies was out of this world. There will never be a voice like hers again. Songs from her first albums still bring me to tears because she really touches the heart. It's an experience to listen to her first recordings and always will be. I also love "Daydream", "Glitter" and "Charmbracelet". I'm still waiting for a jazz-album, there's no need for autotune. Mariah could surprise everyone with it.
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Re: Change (99,189) (99,191) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 16 December 2021; 19:22)
"If she had slowed down between '97 and '99, I think Mariah would've saved her voice." That's what I believe as well. All the touring, concerts around the world, too much for her sensitive voice. Plus she was on every tv-show during the time. Mariah was powering non-stop to show the music world she's the one even without Tommy. That's a drama.
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