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Re: New cover song (100,644) (100,650) by Randy from USA
(Monday 4 July 2022; 15:06)
Mariah still owes us a cover of My Favorite Things. She said she would cover it in an interview some time ago.
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Re: Some trivia for you (100,648) (100,649) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Monday 4 July 2022; 14:30)
There is nothing special about the Soul Convention Remix of Anytime You Need a Fried. It's available on almost every CD-Single and Vinyl.
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Re: Some trivia for you (100,646) (100,648) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 4 July 2022; 14:18)
Bill, you are wealth of information concerning MC's releases. You are right about Never Forget You.

I was looking for Underneath The Stars as the promotional maxi CD. During the years 1995-97, I was purchasing a lot of MC promotional CDs and vinyl releases (the flimsy paper thin cover that was used a lot for European and Asia releases) from this record store in New York City. The owner would send me a typed out list of MC merchandise everytime I ordered something. That's how I obtained the 3-track Underneath The Stars promotional maxi CD. Maybe I am putting this 3-track Underneath The Stars in the wrong release category.

I was thinking about Anytime You Need A Friend as the double 12 inch vinyl. I found my copy at a local record shop in Chicago 1996 when I moved there for a man. But that is another story for another time. Lol.

I like your response for Caution. MC would probably say, "Instant grats, dahling."

You're are right about The Rarities. It is crazy how much the vinyl compilation is going for on Ebay now. I am predicting with every vinyl compilation release in the future, it will always go for an extremely high price on Ebay.

I was looking for Anytime You Need A Friend - The Soul Convention Mix as the special remix found on cassette only. Maybe I am wrong that is was released exclusively to the cassette release only. It was another great find at a local music store in the U.S. for those of us who remember Turtles Record Stores.
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Re: New cover song (100,644) (100,647) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Monday 4 July 2022; 12:26)
Great question. I love Mariah's covers. I pick "You light up my life" by Debby Boone. I know the original is allready perfect, but I imagine Mariah's voice would also be perfect on it. Evertime I listen to the song I hear Mariah's voice on my mind.
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Re: Some trivia for you (100,643) (100,646) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 4 July 2022; 11:56)
Okay I'll bite.

What MC single was released but a video was never made for the song?
Never Forget You - a standalone single in the US, and as a double A-side alongside Without You in the UK and some other territories.

What was MC's first promotional maxi CD for a song that was never released as single?
Not sure how we are defining a maxi-CD, but technically it would be one of the Merry Christmas releases. Miss You Most was sent to AC radio stations in remixed form as a promotional CD but never released, and Jesus Born On This Day to Christian radio with the same outcome. As we know AIWFCIY was sent to pop radio and Joy to the World and its remixes to the dance stations. O Holy Night would not be issued until 1996 from memory. Might have been 1995. If we're excluding those, then I think it might be something post-Sony, so I will go with The One.

What was MC's first double 12" vinyl?
Okay. So two versions of Emotions were released separately in Europe, one with Vanishing and Vision of Love, another with C&C mixes. If we mean one release comprising two 12" records, I believe it was a promo of Anytime You Need a Friend. Commercially, it would have been Fantasy.

Why was Caution such a commercial failure?
Um... best not I answer this.

What recently released compliation is already a rarity going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay?
The Rarities 4xLP

What single from Music Box had a special remix that could only be found on the cassette version?
From a worldwide perspective, none. All the remixes from that era were available across multiple formats, and none were exclusive to the cassette as far as I can remember.
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Re: New cover song (100,644) (100,645) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Monday 4 July 2022; 11:28)
I would say "How Do I Get You Alone" by Heart. I believe Celine Dion has covered it, but I think Mariah would have covered it with much more heart (no pun intended).
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New cover song (100,644) by Lainsky from Philippines
(Monday 4 July 2022; 05:06)
If you will be given a chance to pick an old classic song that Mariah Carey would be willing to record and release as a single, what would it be and why? I would have it say either "Break It To Me Gently" by Angela Bofill (1981) or "Love Me Like The First Time" by Brenda K. Starr (1985). Well, I believe that these two classics fit into Mariah's vocals like "Out Here On My Own" and her voice can give a whole new life to these songs. I am more biased to Bofill's track since she has done already a tribute to Brenda. What do you think guys?
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Some trivia for you (100,643) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 4 July 2022; 00:09)
What MC single was released but a video was never made for the song?

What was MC's first promotional maxi CD for a song that was never released as single?

What was MC's first double 12" vinyl?

Why was Caution such a commercial failure?

What recently released compliation is already a rarity going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay?

What single from Music Box had a special remix that could only be found on the cassette version?
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,642) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 19:07)
Aside from my post (once again) not being received in proper context, your post was great Bill. However in reference to my post there were so many unfair implications that I have to address.

Once again, I myself am an "OG/ Day One" fan that had the cassettes, CDs, and VHS tapes of Mariah. I remember running to the television to record her music videos on the VCR when they'd come on MTV; so you're preaching to the choir when it comes to the real dedicated fans aspect. I've been through all the phases as a lamb and I'm still here like everyone else. My statement about people missing "the Mariah they fell in love with" was not in reference to her still being in Tommy's dominion. I would hope no one would want her to be in that abusive scenario ever again. That should've gone without saying. Though I have run across post on here where people actually did express preferring her under his control/citing him as being great for her career, so maybe some here do wish she was still under him (for career purposes). To clarify I was specifically speaking to people missing how she came across back then. Nothing I stated was an insult or intended to write off of the "goats". I was simply explaining that this board is the space for some fans (and/or former fans) to all come on to express their grievances and frustrations because let's face it, some on here are not fans of "todays Mariah Carey". They don't like anything about her anymore and even her best efforts aren't enough, which is their right/is fair. Everyone needs their support group.

My post wasn't to prolong a competition between the lambs and "goats" on "who really loves Mariah the most" or who really has her best interest. As I've stated I believe we all do (or did at one point). We may express it differently, but at the end of the day we all logged on because of the same thing (for the most part) and it's not the memes or her tangents. We're all here because of her God given talent and gift that has move each of us deeply at some point of our lives. I must also point out that there's definitely a difference between "showing concern" (which we all do) and straight up bashing her or taking too much delight in harping on her blunder moments.

Some of the post on here have come across as down right harsh and even borderline trolling, which I don't think is a nice way to show concern for a loved one. When I'm concerned about MC, I voice it with compassion and reverence because I personally wouldn't want to sound hateful, resentful, or contemptuous towards her. That's just my perspective "as an OG/day one fan", everyone is different so to each their own.

My original post was just me expressing that we have to come to terms with the reality that MC won't always be perfect, she'll have her tangents sometimes and then she'll knock it out the park other times. I personally feel that some of these moments are forgivable and she deserves a bit more grace sometimes from people on here. That's not the same as being an enabler btw. It's not fair that people are quick to weaponize her mental health situation against her, just because she rambled a bit in my humble opinion (it's just not the most abnormal thing). However, I'm not saying you have to love every moment or can't express true concern when there's a need to. One last thing I want to clarify is that in my original post, which was in response to her Songwriters Hall of Fame speech, I never used the term GOAT. Someone else must've thrown that in the mix with my actual comments which was "OG/Day One" fans. Perhaps that's were this mix up came in because the GOAT reference is meant to be negative whereas "OG/Day One" was not. I hope this clears some things up. I believe this was a case of painting with broad strokes and intent being lost in translation. Whether you consider yourself a lamb, a disgruntle fan, or a GOAT. I wish you all well. Love and light.

I starting to see how MC felt when she had to keep saying "as a songwriter". I hope I don't have to say "as an OG/day one fan myself" after this post.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,641) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 06:18)
Bill, I appreciate that positive energy, really do. Only quip would be I found much of the "well being" posts re: HOF speech a bit pejorative and off the mark. Those who thought it was manic likely have never seen mania firsthand. That was my main issue, along with ad hominem attacks on the queen thinly veiled as "caring". Love is not blind allegiance, in fact often times it's tough honesty, but there are many on this board who are not coming from that place (as you appear to be). Just one person's opinion.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,640) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 05:49)
I'm an OG lamb from Vision of Love days. I've spend endless amounts of time and money towards my love for this lady's music. But not all of us OGs are going to come on here and bash her saying she's an embarrassment and why won't she use her money and resources to get help. That's all some fans do. Bash what's left of this lady and kick her while she is down. And claiming that they do so because they've been there from the beginning is just BS. Not everyone feels that way that is an OG. I rather celebrate what's left and pray she pulls herself out of whatever she is struggling with. She's 50, which is around the same age that Whitney died (48), Michael (50) and Prince who almost made it to 60 (57). If she continues down this path, she doesn't have much time left. Why not pray for her, wish her well. I guess do what you want, but not all OG fans feel the same way.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,639) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 04:20)
Mimi is way more then a [meme] to [anyone] engaging on this forum, that’s a given.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,638) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 1 July 2022; 22:13)
Well said Bill. Absolutely perfect
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,636) (100,637) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 1 July 2022; 13:33)
Yes, he really nailed it (with every single word).
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,636) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 1 July 2022; 12:01)
Amen Bill. I won't add anything to that post. You nailed it.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,628) (100,635) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 1 July 2022; 11:40)
The OG/day one/GOAT fans have been with Mariah since the beginning of her career. I very much doubt any of us long to see her back in the shackles of Tommy, in fact, many of us celebrated her liberation and cite the Butterfly album as her magnum opus. We've watched her grow and were there buying her physical records, clearing out schedules to watch her live on TV, importing CDs from other countries to hear bonus tracks and remixes, calling radio stations to play her songs, phoning MTV to request her videos. Being a fan back then took dedication and money, so to write us off is really insulting. We were there through the amazingly giddy heights of her career peaks, and during the Glitter era through to her glorious emancipation.

We care about her. We know what she is capable of (BET awards, ICON speech), and are concerned for her wellbeing when she is clearly not looking after herself (SHOF). We are not enablers like some here. We love her more than you'll ever know.

She is more than a meme to us.
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Re: GOAT (100,626) (100,634) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 1 July 2022; 11:35)
Cool story. I had a huge MC collection. A couple of my items made it on webmaster's discography. But life got in the way and I sold my collection in 2007. But it was fun for awhile. I met some cool fellow collectors along the way. The one item I didn't part with was a signed copy of Daydream. Hello it's Daydream, my favorite MC album. Carey on.
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Re: GOAT (100,631) (100,633) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 1 July 2022; 11:29)
It doesn't phase me if GOAT is a negative term or a positive one. I've been having fun with the whole topic the last few days. My philosophy in life is focusing on what's real right in front of me, not worrying about what a faceless person on the Internet thinks of me. But you are right, Mariah is a talent no one on earth can match. That we can agree on, a fact that has made me a fan for close to 30 years. Carey on.
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Re: GOAT (100,629) (100,632) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 1 July 2022; 11:21)
You're welcome. I aim to please. I was quoting the webmaster who runs this place, just in case you were wondering. But, I digress. I'm glad you joined me in having some fun. I've been laughing this whole time.
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Re: GOAT (100,626) (100,631) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 1 July 2022; 06:00)
Hahahaha I forgot when Goat was used as a derogatory name for Mariah Lambs who were actually haters before the acronym G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) became mainstream slang in the 2000's. Lets all be real though, the true GOAT is Mariah.
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Re: Betcha Gon Know feat. Kiddyfiddler (100,627) (100,630) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 1 July 2022; 05:51)
I wish Mariah removed that remix before or around the same time that Celine Dion removed "I'm your Angle", which was a huge Christmas hit. R. Kelly's predatory behaviour has been a public joke, wink and nod since he married Aaliyah when she was 15. I count myself amount the ashamed who bought his music and laughed along with all the jokes and pop culture references to his behaviour. I'm the words of Macklemore's thrift shop: "Smells like R.Kelly's sheets, Pis*."
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Re: GOAT (100,623) (100,629) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 1 July 2022; 05:44)
Stacey, thank you for the tremendous laugh. You have no idea how funny your quote is. Have a nice weekend.
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GOATS and Lambs (100,628) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Thursday 30 June 2022; 23:04)
Okay I'm not sure if it was my last message that sparked this great divide or not, but let me just say "first of all we love everybody" and in my last message when I referred to some of you as the "day ones" and "OG fans" it wasn't intended to have negative connotation or be shady.

I'm actually a day one fan, I remember when VOL first came out. Basically I was saying I understand how everyone feels on both sides of the table: the ones that the miss old Mariah (with the big hair, bangs, and flawless voice) that they fell deeply in love with to point that "even though they try they can't let go" and the lambs who have this unyielding unconditional love and reverence for MC for better or worse. We can all agree on one thing, we love MC. I do think this board has essentially become a place/a haven where the self proclaimed GOATS can come and vent all their nuances; while the ones who identify more as lambs has the rest of Social Media to have a more light positive fan experience. That's the way I've grown to see it anyway.

We're all here to stay, lambs and GOATS exist beyond this one platform/medium of all things Mariah.
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Re: Betcha Gon Know feat. Kiddyfiddler (100,625) (100,627) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 30 June 2022; 22:42)
Haha. I am hoping it is gone for good. Never was a fan of the R. Kelly version. The original is epic enough.
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Re: GOAT (100,618) (100,626) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Thursday 30 June 2022; 18:31)
I got a picture sms back in the day from a guy called Per Sundes, a music journalist here in Norway, who I know. The picture was from when he interviewed Mariah during TEOM era, and the text on that picture sms was: "Happy Easter Holliday from Mariah."
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