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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,941) (100,950) by Stacey from USA
(Wednesday 10 August 2022; 06:30)
Hopefully we will get something along the lines of an HD quality recording of their Butterfly Tour duet on The Rarities 2. I'd even love an acoustic recording ala Close My Eyes from the first rarities album. MC's Instagram post was perfect.
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Re: Olivia Newton John (100,947) (100,949) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 23:08)
RiP Olivia. Such a brilliant lady. I just found her Totally Hot (1978) vinyl album last month in mint condition at store.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,946) (100,948) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 20:54)
Truly an icon. RIP. I love their duet of Hopelessly Devoted To You. I can tell Mariah was fangirling on stage and it's so cute to watch. I didn't realize it has so millions of views on YouTube. I get so many emotions watching it. She was a lovely person inside and out.
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Olivia Newton John (100,947) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 20:29)
What a rude shock, I found out when I read Mariah's IG post. Time indeed has flown by in a minute, hasn't it? May she rest now.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) (100,946) by TheWind from England
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 18:18)
RIP to a true icon. She was a supporter of the LGBT community long before it was fashionable too. She will be missed. I'd love Mariah to cover I Honestly Love You. I think she could really do that song justice. However, this post is about ONJ. A true, true icon and star. A class act. Mariah's tribute was sincere and beautiful. God bless Olivia.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,944) (100,945) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 14:29)
I agree, Mariah's tribute post was lovely.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,942) (100,944) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 13:25)
I just read Mariah's message on insta. It is beautiful written. Every word. You can tell the love and admiration by it. Emotionally touching.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) (100,943) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 10:32)
Yes, a bit creepy because we talked about her not long ago. I will always love "Grease" and the duet with Mariah. I always enjoyed the music of the classy woman. (Physical still gets played very often on "my" radio station.) Olivia will be missed. Almost all the "good ones" are gone. So sad.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) (100,942) by MC1989 from Spain
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 09:17)
It's very sad, yes. She was an icon and I remember being obsessed with Grease as Mariah says. And when Mariah released "Around The World" I watched their duet so many times. Mariah has just written a beautiful and heartfelt text on Instagram. Rip Olivia.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) (100,941) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 02:19)
I've always wanted Mariah to cover Olivia's "Hopelessly Devoted" during her prime. Olivia always came across as a genuine and classy person, may her soul rest in peace.
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RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 8 August 2022; 23:16)
Just the other day I wrote how much I loved Mariah's duet with ONJ. So sad to hear of her passing away. I really hope their duet is released in its entirety one of these days. God bless her always.
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I Will Survive (100,939) by Manuel from Germany
(Monday 8 August 2022; 19:50)
Gosh I live for moments like this. Mimi just having fun and slaaaying. Her voice is so powerful when she is relaxed! And the first "go on now, go" is giving me Daydream vibes! Love it.
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Re: Is something going on? (100,936) (100,938) by BFF from United States
(Monday 8 August 2022; 19:15)
My honest opinion is that she needs to give up alcohol completely, especially because she has a diagnosis of bipolar II disorder. Giving up alcohol would greatly help with the severity of her psychiatric diagnosis and would also considerably cut the amount of residual sugar she is consuming. Alcohol use is generally discouraged for people with a BP diagnosis, and it surely cannot help to mix it with whatever medication she is taking.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,934) (100,937) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 8 August 2022; 17:18)
"Deep In Vogue" sounds nothing is prior to Madonna's "Vogue". Stop starting fake news about suing and everything.
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Re: Is something going on? (100,917) (100,936) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 8 August 2022; 16:20)
She fluctuates in weight rapidly. In April right before the Masterclass she seemed to be in great shape sitting in the pool in that skin tight red dress. She hinted towards a project coming out at the end of April (possibly the Butterfly Room). I think something happened that put a stop to her releasing the project. Something beyond her control. I think she spiraled into depression and indulged in stress eating, especially if the powers that be put a stop to the release of her new project. I hope she takes care of herself. It’s too bad that labels will only invest in her Christmas music/projects.
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Kygo feat. Mariah Carey and OSTs (100,935) by MC1989 from Spain
(Monday 8 August 2022; 10:25)
Am I the only one who would love a new Kygo remix of one of MC's classic songs? "Higher Love" with Whitney became a big hit all over Europe, and the remix of Tina's "What's Love Got To Do With It" wasn't as big as Higher Love but it introduced Tina to a new generation. The same would happen to Mariah. Which song would you like to be remixed in that way?

Now that some of Mariah's songs are being used in soundtracks, like "Love Takes Time" and "Anytime You Need A Friend" in Pose, or "Fantasy" in Free Guy, I hope some of her greatest songs in her catalogue are used for soundtracks in series or movies. Just look at Kate Bush and her worldwide success almost 40 years later with "Running Up That Hill", just for being included in Stranger Things.

I wish the general audience would know Maria's songs other than Hero or AIWFCIY, which seems to be the only one she puts all of her efforts in promoting, and most people only know that song of hers. And also I don't like all the memes of "Mariah Carey is defrosting" when the "ber" months come. It's like Mariah is only being known nowadays for that song.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,919) (100,934) by MC1989 from Spain
(Monday 8 August 2022; 10:08)
Yeah, I realized the big absence of Tina Turner too. But considering she performed with her and paid tribute to her in 2008, it's not as striking as not naming Mariah. Maybe it was Madonna or her team who didn't want Maria's name to be included. Maybe it has nothing to do with that, who knows. I would like a Beyoncé - Mariah collaboration. And I totally agree with your thought about the cultural apropiation of the underground ballroom culture. But it's also good that she is naming all of the legendary houses like "House of Extravaganza", "House of Ninja" etc that appear in the legendary "Paris is Burning" documentary.

By the way as much as I love "Vogue", if you listen to "Deep In Vogue" by Malcom McLaren featuring Willy Ninja, which is prior to Madonna's "Vogue", they sound almost the same. Today they will sue her for plagiarism lol.
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Re: Is something going on? (100,917) (100,933) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Monday 8 August 2022; 07:38)
Don't forget menaupose. it can be pretty tough on women and especially for those who don't exercise and don't adjust their diet.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,930) (100,932) by Lady B from USA
(Monday 8 August 2022; 06:06)
Janet and Madonna didn't have 5% of the record, direct quotes back and forth animosity that Madonna and Mariah did. Look up the quotes.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,930) (100,931) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 8 August 2022; 02:24)
I don't think Bey snubs Mariah. I don't know why y'all think Mariah is entitled to another aritst's mention. This forum is such an echo chamber.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,928) (100,930) by T from USA
(Monday 8 August 2022; 00:22)
Janet would've been nixed if Madonna had any say. I guess we can once and for all rule out a collaboration between Beyonce and MC. It's too bad but I think during E=MC2 a song would've hit #1 (Migrate ft. Beyonce & T-Pain).
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,907) (100,929) by Joey from This world
(Sunday 7 August 2022; 22:56)
I read this board everyday but don't post however, I feel strongly about this topic and decided to post. I don't know why Mariah always suck up to Bey and Bey just keep on snubbing Mariah.

When Bey released her clothing line for kids, Mariah was one of the first to promote it on Instagram by letting Monroe model it and she sent a shout out to Bey but got totally snubbed with no acknowledgement from Bey. Last year, Mariah also wished Bey happy birthday and posted a pic of her on her Instagram status but got snubbed again.

I think that Bey thinks that she is better than Mariah and continues to snub her despite Mariah being humble enough and making public attempts to show love to Bey. Mariah has a billion times more talent and class compared to Bey and she should stop making herself look foolish with further attempts because she will get snubbed again.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,926) (100,928) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 7 August 2022; 17:50)
I think everyone is overthinking it - Madonna probably nixed it.
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Re: Is something going on? (100,917) (100,927) by BFF from United States
(Sunday 7 August 2022; 16:05)
My guess is that it's related to a combination of things: poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of quality sleep or irregular sleep schedule, and alcohol consumption. Mariah has a tendency to cycle in and out of crash dieting as well, so I'm sure that has a negative impact on her metabolism.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,912) (100,926) by rob_indo from Indonesia
(Sunday 7 August 2022; 13:12)
Well, Beyonce might think that she is now in the league of Mariah, which is obviously not. Earlier in her career, Beyonce acknowledged Mariah as the reason why she started singing and also acknowledged that Mariah's voice comes from God. Now she started thinking that she is in the same league which she will never be.
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