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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,462) (99,490) by Randy from USA
(Friday 21 January 2022; 09:30)
I really gutted some of these albums.

Mariah Carey - All In Your Mind
Emotions (should be 9 tracks) - The Wind
Music Box (should be 8 tracks) - Now That I Know, I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - (should be 9 tracks) Christmas Baby Please Come Home
DayDream - When I Saw You, Long Ago
Butterfly (I can't tinker with perfection)
Rainbow - (12 is fine) How Much, Crybaby
Glitter - (should be 8 tracks) If We, All My Life, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Want You
Charmbracelet - Boy, You Got Me, You Had Your Chance, Irresistable, Through The Rain Remix
TEOM - (should be 9 tracks) Stay The Night, Get Your Number, Your Girl, I Wish You Knew, To The Floor
E=MC2 - (11 is fine) I'll Be Lovin You Long Time, OOC, I Wish You Well
Memoirs- (13 is fine) Ribbon, Inseperable, Standing O, The Impossible
MCIIYou - (should be 9 tracks) Christmas Time Is In The Air Again, When Christmas Comes, Here Comes Santa Claus, One Child
MIAMTEC - (should be 6 tracks) Dedicated, Make It Look Good, You're Mine, Supernatural, Money, One More Try
Caution - (should be 5 tracks) The Distance, Giving Me Life, One More Gen, 8th Grade, Stay Long Love You
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,487) (99,489) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 21 January 2022; 05:04)
Debut: Prisoner
Emotions: N/A (already 10)
Music Box: N/A
Daydream: I am Free and When I Saw You (slows the album down way to much, very ah la Music Box)
Butterfly: (this one is way to hard): Whenever you call (because we get a better version on #1s), and argh. Breakdown dare I say (I've always seen Breakdown and Babydoll as sister songs for some reason, and I like Babydoll better.) Yikes this one was hard.
Rainbow: How Much, X-Girlfriend, Did I do that, Rainbow Interlude
Glitter: If We, Want You
Charmbracelet: The One, My Saving Grace, Lullaby, Through the Rain (remix), Sunflowers for Alfred Roy (I'm so sorry Mariah, this is only based on song not on personal meaning.)
TEOM: Stay The Night, Get Your Number, Your Girl, To The Floor
E=MC2: LS, LK, T4N, Bye Bye (Heat should have made the final version as the opening track to the album, that leads into Migrate, then TMB into I'm That Chick). The "It's Mariahhhh" opening to Heat was perfect given she was the biggest star in the world at the time and it sums up the summer loving hard hitting vibe of the album perfectly.
MOAIA: Inseparable, Standing O, More than Just Friends, Languishing (which was a hard choice). The remix of UOMF should have been the album version (would have helped with album sales, given this was Nicki's first Billboard entry).
MIAM: Thirsty, Supernatural (again so sorry Mariah, I know it's sentimental), Camouflage, One More Try (even though I love this cover and don't understand the hate, I just like everything else better).
Caution: N/A (but the singles should have gone in this order: GTFO, A No No, Caution, The Distance)
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,487) (99,488) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 21 January 2022; 04:13)
I added it back to my workout playlist. I was kind of digging him and hearing Circles always reminded me of what could have been. I wonder if MC feels the same about Boy (I Need You) and what could have been with Camron. Oops, did I say that?
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,472) (99,487) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 19:44)
Oh my. Haha. I never, ever (all caps) listen to new Mariah Carey music (or new music in general period) with other folk around for this exact same reason. Distractions and opinions that could marr your own thought process and opinions as they form while you're listening, it can be very annoying. For "The Emancipation of Mimi" I took my time and played that album on my discman first using sound blocking earphones for this reason and boy was I blown away. Then the next day sure enough while playing the record, friends in droves came around and everyone kept chiming in opinions, but I had already formed mine over 24 hours before and was even singing along already. Sorry about your "Circles" bad experience. That's one of the most powerful vocals on that record, give it another chance.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,485) (99,486) by T from USA
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 19:18)
You try to make 10 track albums with no missteps lol. In one way there would be some good songs missing sure but on the other hand if her albums were all made to be the best ten tracks with no filler then her discography would be unparalleled.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,462) (99,485) by Dennis from The Netherlands
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 14:50)
Open Arms? UOMF? Camouflage? Seriously?
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You Had Your Chance (99,484) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 13:26)
Another forgotten gem that added nothing to Charmbracelet. However, what it did showcase was that JD and MC could write a club song. The duo perfected the club song in 2007 with It's Like That. And it was a stone cold winner. I have enjoyed looking back at my Mariah papers this week. Tomorrow I am going to talk about another forgotten gem from Daydream. Who can guess what it is? No one ever talks about this gospel influenced ballad. She wrote this song with all of her heart and soul. Walter A's piano on playing is crazy.
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Re: Memoirs (99,482) (99,483) by T from USA
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 02:30)
Memoirs is just such s great listen. I secretly wish it was 12 tracks of just the best songs so it could compete with Butterfly as her all time best R&B album.
1. Betcha
2. Obsessed
4. Candy Bling
5. Ribbon
6. Inseparable
7. Standing O
8. It's a Wrap
9. More Than Just Friends
10. The Impossible
11. Angels Cry
12. Languishing
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Memoirs (99,482) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 20 January 2022; 01:29)
I must say that I love this album. I listen to it all the time. I know that The Dream and Tricky Stewart were bashed for its poor sales, but it was really a well crafted brilliantly produced album. I would love for MC to try it again with another one production team like Mike Will Made It and P-Nasty with Timbaland and Nova Wav sprinkled in. If she only listened to me all the time. Lol.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,477) (99,481) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 19 January 2022; 17:08)
Haha well done. I think originally articles called To the Floor "Tonight" as it leaked around the same time as Say Somethin' did. Personally I think Tonight is the better title.
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Re: Impossible (99,478) (99,480) by Lady B from USA
(Wednesday 19 January 2022; 16:09)
I love that track.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,476) (99,479) by Joachim Agerup L√łkkevik from Norway
(Wednesday 19 January 2022; 14:47)
Randy, it was a success outside USA, not a huge hit, but it actually performed better than the songs on TEOM here in Norway. Also a modest hit in the UK. In Asia it was a huge hit, especially in the Phillipines, there I think it's Mariah's biggest hit of her career.

Back to Norway, people here recognize TTR more often than WBT for example.

Charbracelet came out just after I moved to Oslo to study when I was 19 years old. Have so many memories from that album, when I listen to it, it takes me right back to those times.

I rarely listen to CB nowadays though.
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Impossible (99,478) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 19 January 2022; 13:08)
Why is Impossible such a minimalist sounding song? I remember one critic described it as that type of song. How many other minimalist sounding songs does MC have in her catalog?
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,475) (99,477) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 19 January 2022; 12:46)
Bill, I took your advice last night added Circles to my workout playlist. Hopefully, when it comes on during my rotation, I will keep moving with my cardio. I added To The Floor as well since I can't stop calling it Tonight. Lol.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,461) (99,476) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 23:59)
I can honestly tell you I am befuddled as to why TTR wasn't a success. The video was amazing. She promoted the hell out of it. And that last chorus is one of her best emotional vocals. And on a personal note, there were many mornings that song got me to work. I would be in my car on the way to work on the verge of tears and that song would keep me from having an emotional breakdown. It's infinitely better than Hero and Can't Take That Away in my opinion. Now AYNAF is another of my MC favorites. But what I've noticed is that casual fans love that song as well.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,472) (99,475) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 23:51)
Bobby, don't deny yourself a great Mariah track over one bad encounter with somebody. Reclaim Circles as yours. Absolutely not worth letting somebody like that live rent-free in your head, and to take something that you, by rights, should love. Give Circles another chance and put all that nonsense out of your head and enjoy the song for what it is.

I had the same thing with Never Forget You. I couldn't listen to it for ages because of the line "I should of said I love you, why didn't I just tell you?", those words cut straight through me. Someone I loved very, very much passed away and I spent years wishing I had told them I loved them. I never did and it pained me so much that they died not knowing. Then I thought to myself, they wouldn't want to ever deprive me of something I love. They knew I loved Mariah, and I realised at the same time, they knew I loved them. So now when I listen to that song, as sad as it is, it fills me with a certain joy for the time we had together and the lyrics speak to me in a different way now. Indeed, I'll hold onto the memories and never leave them behind.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,467) (99,474) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 22:18)
Looking at the songs on Billbord that AYNAF was competing with on its chart run, I can understand why it only made it that far. It's not that the song was lacking in anything, it's just that the competition was tough back. The 90's was simply a great decade for music.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,468) (99,473) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 20:02)
Yes, Bill. I always do that when I am talking about Your Girl. Lol.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,469) (99,472) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 20:00)
Lol. Let me give you the backstory as to why I don't like Circles that much. My best friend in Memphis hooked me up with a friend he was counseling through a tough time. So, we agreed to meet at 12 midnight at Spin Street, the local music shop where I would be waiting in line to purchase TEOM when it was released that night. The guy follows me back to my car and we listen to the CD. Circles comes on and MC's voice cracks on "I just keep going round and round." You know the part. And the guy says, "See, she can't sing any more." Well, after that he said that he had to go. I never heard from him again. He told my best friend that I was too pushy. Do you all think that I am too pushy? So, that's why I can't play Circles anymore. It brings back too many bad memories of that crazy night with that guy. And my best friend believed him and didn't even care to hear my side.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,465) (99,471) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 19:52)
I miss those songs too Terna. Yeah, the last true pop ballad. I remember non-fans (most friends of mine) really liked "Through the Rain". The video was a little hit at that time. It was played and wished by many people at music television. Everyone was happy for her, that she's back after the "Glitter disaster" with a typical Mariah song with lyrics people can relate to.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,467) (99,470) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 19:46)
Bill, you are spot on for both.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,464) (99,469) by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 17:16)
Robert Anthony (at least make Circles a bonus track). I love that song.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,464) (99,468) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 17:15)
Did you mean Your Girl instead of Yours? Yours is from Charmbracelet. I agree with this list but would axe Joy Ride in favour To the Floor (which I think you've called Tonight), to give the album more "edge".
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,461) (99,467) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 17:13)
TTR I get not performing well. Mariah's reputation had taken a pretty big hammering, her image was all over the place, and as much as I like the song it wasn't really radio friendly. It had too slow a build to the "money shot" of the bridge and end chorus, and I think it would have done better with live instrumentation, instead of the clinky Casio keyboard, some strings, a choir etc. It was as if the blueprint was there but it wasn't really coloured in.

As for AYNAF, it's a mystery to me how that didn't reach the top ten. It made it to #8 in the UK, following the #1 Without You of course which probably helped its performance. The remixes for that track are some of her best. The manic C&C Club Mix with the scatting at the end, gospel vocals, and then that gorgeous Soul Convention Remix. Beautiful.
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Re: Say Something and I Wish You Knew (or Mine Again) (99,463) (99,466) by T from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 15:27)
The stars aligned and everything worked in Mariah's favour. It's actually a career miracle if you really think about it. It would've been another Charmbracelet in terms of success and who knows if AIWFCIY would've even grown if she never became cool again. A lot can be owed to JD and LA Reid who suggested she go back and collaborate with her friend. Mariah left only to her own devices produces something more along the lines of MIAMTEC or Rainbow.
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