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Stephen (36,506) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2012; 2:34)
Lol. I wasn't going to say anything, but I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure a Whitney board would appreciate her list.
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Desiree (36,505) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom
(Sunday 14 October 2012; 2:08)
I wouldn't go on the messageboard of my twelfth favourite female artist. Perhaps this isn't the right forum for you. Just saying.
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My Top 12 female singers (36,504) by Desiree from USA
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 22:17)
1. Whitney Houston - The voice
2. Celine Dion - Love ballads
3. Donna Summer - Disco queen
4. Ella Fitzgerald - The first lady of song
5. Sade - Jazz songbird
6. Anita Baker - Soul songstress
7. Dolly Parton - Country queen
8. Madonna - Risk taker
9. Pat Benater - Rock goddess
10. Sarah Brightman - Modern opera queen
11. Judy Garland - Broadway/movie queen
12. Mariah Carey - Song writer queen
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Triumphant-ly No.1 (36,503) by Lainsky from Philippines
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 13:31)
Now that this single is making noise on the dance chart, I hope IDJ will promote more the no-rap-pop-ly Triumphant (I guess this is the remix) version. A new video and a promo single (discounted price will do since they are doing this with MC's singles eversince) plus singing this version on her every show guesting will make the public notice it and perhaps buy or request it. I still believe it's a great single, this version.
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Rihanna and Obama (36,502) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 11:02)
I think Rihanna can sing, I've heard her live a few times. Sure she's not the best singer or anywhere near as good as Mariah in her prime or Mariah now (well maybe a bit nearer lol), but she's decent enough. If you won't agree that she's decent, well she at least has potential. Just type "Rihanna can sing" on Youtube and listen for yourself. So Obama has Nicki Minaj on his iPod?? Lol. I wonder which songs.
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Triumphant/Obama on MiMi (36,501) by Ryan from the Philippines
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 2:06)
Congratulations Mariah, Triumphant has finally made it to the top of the Billboard chart. It may not be the Top 100, but still it's a feat. I said it before, they should have ventured more on the remixes, especially the Vintage Mix. On the other hand, I won't be surprised if Pres. Obama chooses Mariah over Nicki. I honestly like some of her music, but I think she was just so disrespectful to Mariah. She just bursted out like a child to the point where she looked like a real loser for not handling MC's "highness" lol.
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So sick of #1 talk / Rhianna / divas (36,500) by Nattalie from USA
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 0:42)
I don't care how many number 1's Mariah Carey came out with. I don't care how many Rhianna came out with. A number 1 has no meaning at all on how amazing or how talented you are. You know how many singers there that have great talent and have no number ones. So if Rhianna gets 25 number ones, do yo think that is going to convince me that she is better than Mariah? Like I said, it just shows how are world of music has gone down hill. I'm sorry, it's not Rhianna's voice that gets her to where she is. It is her personality and looks and willingness to do anything it takes to get to the top, weither it's wearing whorish clothes or shaving her head bald or tattooing Chris Brown on her forehead. Glad Mariah never felt the need to do that. Oh and lets all talk about the divas. I guess Patti Labelle is a nobody since she probably doesn't have a billion number ones or all the other gospel singers out there. What about Aretha? Stevie Wonder who can play any instrument? Do these people have to sell hot cakes to be the best? What if these people came out with these same songs we know of today but they never hit anything? Does that mean they are nothing?
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TJ from Norway - Rihanna (36,499) by Lourenço from Portugal
(Saturday 13 October 2012; 0:21)
Hey TJ. Well, concerning the Rihanna subject, I don't believe she has sold 20 million in the UK alone. She has had huge success regarding single sales, but you don't really see her albums getting to the top 5 that much, either in the US or Europe, so it leads me into thinking that despite having 11 singles reaching the top spot, her cd sales have never done as well (except for the "S.o.S" album). Going back to the Whitney topic, I agree with you when you say that most of her hits were prior to 92, still after that point and untill 2000 she kept selling hugely well, either with "The preacher's wife" or with "My love is your love". I mean, only with those two albums she sold more than Ri, who on a personal note, I consider to be talentless. She could pretty well be a porno star and be a great one, but she lacks the talent to be a real singer.
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Oh ok (36,498) by RadChad from United States
(Friday 12 October 2012; 23:50)
We get it now. You are not Mariah's biggest fan (she's not your favorite singer), you just like her in passing (casual fan). That explains alot.
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Another number 1 (36,497) by Zachary from Croatia
(Friday 12 October 2012; 23:35)
I am so happy for her and her success. I'm really looking forward to hear what she has for us.
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Rhianna / Whitney (36,496) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 23:13)
Rhianna is a classic example of how technology can make you sound better than your raw talent suggests. Britney anyone? People said the same thing about Mariah until her Unplugged performance. I wonder if Rhianna would sound the same with all of her songs stripped down to acoustic levels. Doubtful. Sure, Rhianna has 11 #1 hits. But, to put her in the same class as MC or Whitney is ridiculous. There is no denying Whitney Houston made her mark on music. She is amazing. But, to suggest MC would have gotten nowhere without Whitney paving the way is also ridiculous. MC's talent trumps everything. She would have made it regardless of who came before her. Mariah is that good. Look at Celine Dion. She released her first album in the US the same year as MC's debut album. She didn't peak as fast as Mariah, but her talent was present and people eventually started to notice. The rest they say is history. All three singers are amazing and I love each of them for different reasons.
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Rihanna, Whitney (36,495) by Desiree from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 22:32)
I would like to start off saying I am a fan of Mariah Carey, but I always like Whitney better. But I apprecaite what Mariah Carey has done in the music industry. Whitney was the first female to have an album debut at number one and she continued to have hits even after "I will always love you". I'm saying that Whitney Houston had two albums before Mariah came out and both were a worldwide success. Rihanna on the other hand to me is a talent in her own way for she already has 11 number one hits.
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Idol (36,494) by Kim Vandestreek from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 21:52)
Mariah, please don't leave the AI. You deserve to be there more than any person that has been (and will be in the future) a judge. Your longevity in a constantly evolving industry speaks for itself. If I were to ever audition here in Portland, Oregon, it would be because of you and the advice you would give to me. No one is more worthy than you to sit in one of those chairs with the Big A** Coke cups in front of you. Lol. Keep your head up high and remain Triumphant (as you always have).
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Triumphant #1 Dance hit (36,493) by John from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 21:44)
So happy for Mariah. I still don't like the original, but the remixes are pretty good, and I'm so glad they're getting the recognition they deserve. I hope this momentum builds up and helps her when the new album comes out new year.
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My love Glitter (36,492) by John from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 19:53)
I always talk about how awesome E=MC2 was (and my anger for why it wasn't managed properly), but I just wanted to say that I really love Glitter as well. I think Glitter and E=MC2 were her best albums of the 2000s. I actually think Glitter may have been her vocal peak. I remember only liking a handful of songs from it at the time it came out (Loverboy, Reflections, Lead the Way, All My Life), as I felt the rappers took over a little too much. But even If We, Last Night a DJ, Don't Stop, etc. are fun and have great vocals in them as well. Too bad this album was completely taken down with the movie. It really is an overlooked gem.
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Whoo hoo Triumphant (36,491) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 19:21)
Congrats to Mariah for her 16th #1 Club hit. Go MC. Triumphant is plugging along until her new record release.
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Tony/Stacey (36,490) by Nattalie from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 19:14)
Exactly Tony, it's an insult to say that Rhianna can sing. It's like saying my dog is in tune when he barks or something. I just don't understand. Stacey, even though I don't like Rhianna, I wouldn't call her a copy cat in terms of saying she has rap artist in her song as she sings. A whole lot of people in ever genre do it and I doubt they are thinking of Mariah as they do it. It's almost like when people say, I hate it when the gospel industry take the secular routes ideas, knowing that secular music takes ideas from the gospel route all the time ever since and before James Brown. It's just a style, now how you do it is what makes a difference. For example Lady Gaga clearly copys off of Madonna. Not that I care about either of them ,but that's just an example.
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Congrats (36,489) by Will from England
(Friday 12 October 2012; 18:38)
Congratulations to Mariah for getting her 16th #1 on the Dance charts with Triumphant. See, it may not be breaking records on the Hot 100, but it's still adding to her collection of many #1s now.
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Charmbracelet (36,488) by Licia from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 18:17)
Tobby, CB is one of my favorite CDs. It's hard to find fans who appreciate CB. Of all her CDs, this is the one that is close to my heart.
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Charmbracelet (36,487) by T from USA
(Friday 12 October 2012; 15:46)
We're getting close to the ten year anniversary of the Charmbracelet album. I'd just like to say this is one of my favourite MC albums. It wasn't about style or image, it was all about substance. The lyrics are some of the greatest she's ever written and the sound is so soothing. For anyone who hasn't checked out this album, I suggest you give it a go.
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Are you for real? (36,486) by Tony Sciacchitano from Australia
(Friday 12 October 2012; 8:05)
Please, do not insult Whitney, Mariah or Celine by saying Rihanna can sing. Are you for real? If you think she can sing, please don't call yourself a Mariah fan, you'd just be insulting the rest of us.
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Cavewoman haha (36,485) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 11 October 2012; 17:45)
Hilarious Bob! Sometimes I think people take it too far with the "without so-so, there would be no so-so". Whitney Houston was not the first to sing like she did, she was just exceptionally good at it, that is all.
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RadChad/Stacey (36,484) by Geezy from USA by way of NYC
(Thursday 11 October 2012; 14:16)
Well said, both of you could've said it any better.
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RadChad (36,483) by Stacey from USA
(Thursday 11 October 2012; 7:14)
Well said. If anything, Rhianna is a copycat herself, imitating MC by including rappers in her pop songs. Anyone remember Fantasy ft. ODB? Sony thought MC was crazy and gave her static. The song did well and the rest is history. That song was well ahead of its time.
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Desiree re: 36,461 (36,482) by Anonymous from
(Thursday 11 October 2012; 5:45)
Mariah was writing music both on her own and with her brother Morgan in the mid 1980's. She was also learning tricks of the trade from Gavin Christopher at the time Whitney's debut came out. What does this mean? It means Mariah wasn't influenced by Whitney. Sure, I wouldn't doubt she may have picked up a thing or two listening to Whitney, but I wouldn't say she was influenced by her. In fact, if you want to be technical, Mariah's head was filled with music from the "get go" so she was influenced by everyone she's ever heard. From Sinatra, Aretha and Stevie Wonder to Elvis, The Beatles and Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods (who?), she's heard them all. Mariah was blessed to have been born in an era when many of the true greats of music were still around or still heard on the radio so she soaked up quite a bit. No, to say there would be no Mariah without Whitney is a falsehood. You want to be truly realistic, when you think about it, there'd be no female singers today if it weren't for a cavewomen serenading her caveman way way back in the day. Enjoy the day everyone.
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