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Article: Mariah Carey's "Rainbow" gets remastered (106,653) by Tevin from USA
I can't wait to hear the remastered sound of this album. Songs like Heartbreaker sounds good and clear, but other songs on this album sounded like it was recorded in the debut eras woodshop bathroom.

I do hope we get an acapella version of Heartbreaker. I'd love to hear her vocal layering on that version.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 16:23)
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How Much remix (106,652) by Robert-Anthony from United States
You may be on to something. Sony did not want any R&B hip hop infused songs from Rainbow as singles. Remember the Can't Take That Away From Me/Crybaby battle with Sony. Maybe How Much was going to be the original second single after Heartbreaker and Sony said no and released Thank God I Found You instead.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 16:22)
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Article: Mariah Carey's "Rainbow" gets remastered (106,651) by Scott from USA
While I am excited to hear the remastered album and any unreleased material, I am not so sure that I agree with this article's assertion that "Mariah had invested quite a bit in this album". Rainbow was created quickly and in response to delays on the development of the Glitter film. Additionally, it completed her contract with Sony, which I think was Mariah's strongest motivation for putting an album out at the time. She wanted to close that chapter of her life. There are certainly some moments on Rainbow that I love - Heartbreaker is an instant classic, and songs like Petals and Ex-Girlfriend gave us some (somewhat uncharacteristically) autobiographical lyrics about Mariah's life at the time - but overall Rainbow feels to me like Mariah's most rushed work. That being said, it's fun, it's sexy, and it's perfect for Pride Month.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 15:20)
How Much remix (106,650) by BFF from United States
Maybe "How Much" was a possible single from "Rainbow" and they recorded a remix version in 1999 in addition to the JD-produced original version with Usher?
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 14:37)
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Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,649) by MusicfanJ from Germany
It's really hard to choose. I go for the "classics".

1. The roof (Mobb Deep Version)
2. Breakdown
3. I still believe (Pure Imagination Remix)
4. My all (Stay Awhile Remix with Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz)
5. Honey (Remix with Mase)
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 14:15)
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Rainbow 25 (106,648) by jaker20 from US
The vinyl design looks very tempting. I just might get it.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 08:34)
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Celine (106,647) by jaker20 from US
What a terrible take.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 08:16)
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How Much remix (106,646) by Robert-Anthony from United States
I am wondering that too about How Much. The original already samples Makaveli's (Tupac) Me and My Girlfriend. What more could have been done to make it a remix? Maybe JD and MC sped up the tempo with a new verse from Usher.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 05:04)
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Rainbow Tour footage (106,645) by C from United States
We know Mariah won’t release a full Rainbow tour concert for Rainbow25. I wonder if we could get an Around the World type release where we could at least see some HQ, remastered footage? That would allow her to cherry pick footage and vocals.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 01:18)
How Much remix (106,644) by C from United States
I wonder if this [So so def] remix is new (2023-24) or from the actual Rainbow era?
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 01:16)
Celine (106,643) by C from United States
It won't. Why would it? It's "interesting" how so many lambs are suddenly feeling for Celine and seemingly co-opting her heartbreaking condition as a nebulous way to explain Mariah's vocal state. Is it possible that Mariah also has something going on that has impacted her voice? Yes. Is it also possible that improper maintenance is the cause? Yes. The former absolves Mariah of responsibility and places her in a position of being a victim-something I've noticed lambs love, Mariah as a perpetual victim. The latter holds her responsible, at least in part, and that isn't something the lambily likes to do.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 01:12)
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Rainbow 25 (106,642) by C from United States
What is "A Thousand Lifetimes"? Did [Crystal ball] actually get made or was it just a rumor? Lastly, from the way it's been talked about, I never got the impression that the duet version of After Tonight was completed. If that's the case, I'd love to hear demo snippets.
(Thursday 13 June 2024; 01:07)
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Rainbow 25 (106,641) by Robert-Anthony from United States
I like what has been revealed so far, but I am hoping for at least 5 more bonus tracks. What about these rumored tracks recorded for the Rainbow album?

1. After Tonight ft. Miguel
2. Crystal Ball ft. Lauryn Hill
3. Everytime

A Thousand Life Times would be perfect for the Rainbow 25th anniversary.
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 22:17)
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Rainbow 25 (106,640) by BFF from United States
It looks like we will be getting a So So Def remix of "How Much", the new Morales collaboration "Rainbow's End", the live performances of "Heartbreaker" and "Can't Take That Away" from VH1 Divas Live 2000, and an a capella version of "Bliss". Would be nice if she included "There For Me" but maybe she considers that part of the "Glitter" sessions since it was a b-side on the Never Too Far/Hero Medley single?
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 21:43)
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Celine (106,639) by Will from England
I've been watching clips of her interview in the lead up to her documentary, and it is heartbreaking to see her so vulnerable and open about her condition, and demonstrating how it affects her singing so much. SPS sounds horrible and so debilitating, but reminds me of the behind the scenes documentary for her Taking Chances show, and how even then she was battling this condition, without knowing what it was then. I hope, that for us fans, this puts a collective stop to the endless and exhausted debate on not just Celine's, but Mariah's singing voice and state of being.
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 20:23)
Rainbow 25 (106,638) by Nick G from Germany
The anniversary edition of Rainbow will be released on Friday. What do you expect? Tracks 21-23 are known, the normal version only had 14 tracks, I hope we get [There for me] or [After tonight] with Miguel. I'm looking forward to Rainbows End.
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 18:23)
Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,637) by Stacey from USA
You Don't Know What To Do

I even like the "Here we go now... what" lines at the end of It's Like That. I tend to stay away from rap centered remixes and/or album cuts. But these are so good, even I have to give them their due.
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 07:18)
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Forget Rainbow25, what’s the plan for Daydream30? (106,636) by C from United States
I do want Rainbow25 but I really want Daydream30. It’s clear that her bittersweet relationship with that time period inhibits her interactions with Daydream. In spite of that, what do we want for Daydream30?
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 04:22)
Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,635) by Randy from USA
Hey yall. I can't resist a list.
6. Jeezy on Side Effects
5. Jay Z on Heartbreaker
4. Brat on Loverboy
3. Gucci Mane on Obsessed (remix)
2. ODB on Fantasy
1. Mase on Honey
(Wednesday 12 June 2024; 01:46)
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Favorite MC remixes (106,634) by Stacey from USA
Ahh yes, love me a list. I remember my oldest sister gave me an ABMB remix CD-5 for my birthday in 1996. It was the first time I heard the ABMB remix with Xscape and Da Brat. I had no idea Mariah remixed songs as much as she did. It was like discovering a whole new world. I definitely prefer her club versions to her slower R&B ones. Here's my list of favs in no particular order:

1. Dreamlover (Morales Club Mix Edit)
2. ATYNAF (C&C Radio Edit)
3. Joy To The World (Celebration Mix Edit)
4. Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix) & (Club Radio Edit)
5. ABMB (Mr. Dupri Mix) & (Def Classic Radio)
6. Honey (Classic Mix)
7. Butterfly (Meme Club Radio)
8. My All/Stay Awhile (No rap)
9. I Still Believe (Classic Club Mix Edit)
10. Shake It Off (Unofficial Morales Remix)*

*Sounds legit but I can't find it on any official CD release.
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 23:30)
The Boy Is Mine (106,633) by Libra Lamb from USA
I agree with you. Great song. Great album by Ari. Another missed opportunity with MC. Hindsight is in fact 20/20. Ugh.
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 23:21)
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Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,632) by Libra Lamb from USA
1. So Lonely (Twista feat. Mariah Carey)
2. Up Out My Face (Remix feat. Nicki Minaj) Do we still know her?
3. Got A Thing 4 You (feat. Da Brat & Elephant Man) "and you can't pay pay to roll without my AK"
4. Triumphant (feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill) or is it Meek Mill & Rick Ross (feat. Mariah Carey)?
5. The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 23:06)
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Don't Forget About Us (Desert Storm Remix) (106,631) by Billy from Greece
Who else prefers this to the original?
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 21:14)
Top five rap verses on a MC song (106,630) by Robert-Anthony from United States
1. Heartbreaker- Jay Z
2. One and Only - Twista
3. Make It Last remix - Nas
4. You Don't Know What To Do - Wale
5. My All/Stay Awhile remix - Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 03:59)
My top 10 remixes (106,629) by Libra Lamb from USA
It's really hard to pick just 10. But here are a few of my favorite remixes. Sadly, countless gems were left out.

1. Loverboy (David Morales Dub of Love Remix)
2. H.A.T.E.U. (So So Def Remix)
3. Can't Take That Away, (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Harmonica Dub)
4. Heartbreaker (So So Def Remix)
5. Always Be my Baby (Groove A Pella)
6. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination) [Damizza Remix)
7. Joy To The World (Celebratory Mix)
8. Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix)
9. Honey (Mo' Honey Dub)
10. Portrait (Hopeful Child Remix)

(Tuesday 11 June 2024; 03:18)
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