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Re: MC’s Range Media has ties to TM (98,942) (98,943) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 14 November 2021; 19:13)
Tommy's been married to Thalia now for over 20 years and is in his 70s. He's not going to actively try to sabotage Mariah.
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MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,942) by T from USA
(Sunday 14 November 2021; 14:12)
I really wish Mariah would have stayed with Jay's Roc Nation. Their 2019 Christmas campaign was beyond amazing and finally brought AIWFCIY to the top of the charts. I've read that a few of the people at her new management group have ties to her former husband and boss. This guy being the latest, he still works with Tommy Mottolla. Yikes. I hope there won't be any internal sabotage. She should stay far away from anyone affiliated with him.
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Re: Luis Miguel series (98,939) (98,941) by Shezz from Pk
(Sunday 14 November 2021; 13:25)
Thanks for sharing this. They don't paint Mariah in a bad light at all, I wonder what she thinks of her portrayal. Why would you think the song was not "Somos Novios" though? Isn't that why she got so emotional on Idol? Or was it supposed to be an original?
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Re: Luis Miguel series (98,939) (98,940) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 23:55)
Thanks for sharing this. I agree the actress can sing.
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Luis Miguel series (98,939) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 20:20)
So I saw this clip on the breakup of Luis Miguel and Mariah. Interesting is was all over a war of the egos. I mean, if you don't want your voice to be altered because you came to the session unprepared and drinking alcohol while recording of course you are going to sound flat and need "help". Lol. They referred to the producer as David. I have a feeling that's David Foster and the song was "After Tonight". Mariah should have given the rights to the song (if they asked for it). May have gotten it some streams and some cash in her pocket for doing nothing. The actress can really sing. That climax was Mariahesque. Especially the whispers. Here is a clip.
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Re: Mariah at McDonald's (98,933) (98,938) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 12:07)
Myles, I couldn't agree more with you. Nothing wrong with MCs new deal. Champagne, caviar and mermaid dresses makes her unrelatable. There's more to her, she is human. And bottom line it's her decision.

The general public believes lambs live in a bubble and lambs sometimes block her success as *gatekeepers*, and often the first to critique her every move.
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Re: Mariah at McDonald's (98,934) (98,937) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 05:52)
Myles gets it.
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Re: Mariah at McDonald's (98,933) (98,936) by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 04:18)
Exactly. I don't understand all the annoyance toward this partnership. I think it's a smart business move that will benefit both parties. Carey on.
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The Butterfly Lounge (98,935) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 03:13)
Has MC's Butterfly Lounge always been Atlanta? I received my FILAC cd today and it says that Mariah recorded her vocals in Atlanta. Just curious if she is now living in Atlanta. Seems like no one recorded their vocals together. Kirk Franklin and the choir recorded their vocals in Arlington Texas. This is the same choir that sings on his albums. Khalid recorded his vocals in Burbank, California. #Beautiful was the last time MC was actual in the studio with her duet partner.
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Re: Mariah at McDonald's (98,933) (98,934) by Libra Lamb from USA
(Friday 12 November 2021; 21:05)
Thank you Myles, my thoughts exactly and I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's face it, no one here would turn down that kind of a deal. I'm loving the new Christmas song too.
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Mariah at McDonald's (98,933) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 12 November 2021; 17:41)
Oh please! I can't with the haters regarding this deal. This was a huge deal for MC, all the big artists are doing it now. She is not promoting obesity with this deal, that's like saying she is promoting alcoholism with her black Irish liquor. This is a fabulous deal for MC and her marketing team this year deserves all the admiration in the world. Enough with the scrooges please.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,918) (98,932) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 12 November 2021; 15:39)
Mariah and McDonald's, hmm I wouldn't choose it. Her 90ies commercials were cool, I love the japan commercials with the lipstick and Nescafé. Haha. Today it's too much with all that commercials for my taste.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,928) (98,931) by Ciaran from Ireland
(Friday 12 November 2021; 11:59)
Nobody hates Mariah like I do. But McDonald's is probably the biggest commercial sellout ever. Nobody *likes* McDonald's over the age of 16. Everyone who is an adult will just see it as commercial sellout. There's only two possible responses: "Ooh the Mariah Menu sounds amazing I can't wait to try it" or "Mariah Carey is using her popularity at Christmas to make money off of [censored] fastfood and childhood obesity." Not hard to guess which one is likely.
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What's the big deal? (98,930) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 12 November 2021; 04:50)
I honestly don't know what the big deal is partnering with McDonald's. Plenty of superstars across all genres have endorsed Mickey D's. McD is a global company. MC is a global artist who just happens to also dominate Christmas. Seems like a mutually beneficial agreement during the holiday season. It's for what? Ten days of deals? I'll eat healthy and take my kids.
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McNasty (98,929) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 12 November 2021; 02:52)
I just realized that I have never been proud of any of Mariah's endorsement choices after Fresh Air Fund and "Camp Mariah". I think she recently said something supportive that I agreed with about a football player who only got famous when some white guys with money to waste refused to keep paying him to throw their ball to other grown men in public. If that counted as an endorsement then I guess I support that endorsement too, in the most generic way possible.

Mariah's a great pop artist and that is all anyone has the right to expect from her (within reason, of course). I'm always gonna be a fan of her singing and songwriting but the truth is that her endorsement choices are typically trashy and reflect that which is not terribly polite to mention.

I wish I didn't read the entire article containing Mariah saying words about McDonald's toxic garbage. I was actually surprised to hear her admit (whether it is true or not) feeding fast food to her children. I'm not going to judge her personally for doing that, just as I wouldn't stand in judgment of poor people trapped in food deserts. But it is a problem that decent food has become so precarious for working people that what should be a rare treat for little league and junior high athletes after winning a rigorous athletic competition is now a daily feature in the diets of workers and their families around the world. I don't expect Mariah Carey to become Michelle Obama on the issue of food versus chemical trash. But I wish I didn't see her slinging that shit on the proverbial corner either.

It's unfair to say that Mariah is making things worse by endorsing McDonald's. But she is dipping pretty low by commercializing Christmas in this cheap kind of way. The meaning of Christmas has always been obscured by commercialization, superstition, sentimentality, and gluttony. I've tried to be a good sport about Mariah's contribution to Christmas as a commodity. Still, when I consider Mariah's background and the choices that she is making around money today I cannot say that she is being untrue to her roots. But roots are typically best left underground for a reason.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,925) (98,928) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 21:28)
Yes I don't agree with every endorsement but I certainly don't hate Mariah.
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Re: One Sweet Day (98,917) (98,927) by Rene from US
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 20:17)
Thank you. I appreciate it
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Re: One Sweet Day (98,916) (98,926) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 19:44)
Just listen to the Mariah only version of the song available somewhere on YouTube. So many parts of her vocals are much clearer and you can actually hear the different parts she sang.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,920) (98,925) by Lorenz from Barcelona, Spain
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 18:56)
There's a big difference when you dislike and hate [what] Mariah does. She means business and it doesn't hurt anyone.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,920) (98,924) by D from USA
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 18:02)
Hahahaha I love this post.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,922) (98,923) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 17:21)
That's cool RJ I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to stop talking on the topic because I feel like some people are perceiving things as a freak out when it is really just a difference of opinion/preference. It doesn't matter anyway she has done the endorsement. Next.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,919) (98,922) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 16:55)
I thought the Snickers add was brilliant. One of the best SuperBowl commercials that year. As long as the official add is good, you can pretty much sell anything.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,919) (98,921) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 15:56)
I see your point and for the record I didn't like that for Aretha either. Of course she can do it and so can Mariah. Not liking or agreeing with specific endorsement is no different than not jiving with every song or music video. It doesn't make anyone a lesser fan.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,907) (98,920) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 15:27)
Why's everyone freaking out? One minute everyone's worried Mariah is irrelevant, the next is that she's signed a deal with the largest food chain in the world, who would only do a deal that they know will make money (this isn't Arby's, Wendy's or KFC, it's McD's). BTS fans flipped out and loved when they did it, why are we gonna hate on MC for the same? Is it in contrast to her campaign for Jenny Craig after the twins were born. Yes. But, we can acknowledge she's not getting paid millions for this deal by being "irrelevant". I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but in Canada she's still getting lots of play with her non-Christmas music (Obsessed, ABMB, Fantasy, #Beautiful, WBT). I don't think Mariah is unhealthy at all (she won't glow the way she does atm, and we've seen her rough in the past, at a much younger age). McDick's is a nice treat. No one is forcing anyone to do all 12 days of cheap food. If you do, that's up to you to reflect on.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,918) (98,919) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 14:28)
If Aretha Franklin can do the Snickers Diva ad and still have legitimacy, Mariah can do the same.
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