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Re: Bros and Pride (100,538) (100,540) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 21 June 2022; 03:13)
Oh, I understand now, Marty.
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Great mash up (100,539) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 21 June 2022; 00:12)
Stumbled upon this on YouTube. I know we've all been a bit negative lately, so maybe this will cheer everybody up and highlight MC's talent (and that of the fans).
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Bros and Pride (100,538) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Monday 20 June 2022; 22:09)
It's literally and simply her supporting her friend Billy Eichner's new film "Bros" that comes out at the end of September.
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Re: BET Awards (100,535) (100,537) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 20 June 2022; 21:41)
But aren't you also speculating by saying that she won't be doing anything. Who knows what is coming up?
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,533) (100,536) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 20 June 2022; 20:49)
Have you seen MC's video today that she posted on Twitter with Heartbreaker playing in the background? Why does she make videos like this? It does nothing but make her seem like she is seeking attention. She doesn't have to worry about getting all the attention this week because Beyonce is going to snatch it at midnight for the rest of the week. Lol.
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BET Awards (100,535) by T from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 17:18)
I'm already seeing rumors on twitter and other places that Mariah may perform at this years awards. Honestly, can people just stop speculating. Mariah will not be performing, she will not even be attending. This is how a lot of fans get let down. We will not see Mariah again in a promotional vein until Christmas. Let it go.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,530) (100,534) by Steve from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 15:37)
Guys. I mean she was very loose and conversational, but let's all settle down. She's not having some sort of breakdown or whatever is being insinuated in various posts. She seems completely fine and happy to me. Some of you are saying she's drunk too - is she? She doesn't seem drunk to me at all. Some of ya'll here just love to be negative. I've noticed the pessimistic slant of this particular message board for a while now. It's hard to read.
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,528) (100,533) by T from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 01:45)
You have to admit, she came close.
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Mental illness (100,532) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 22:07)
Just to clarify my perspective: because some of us may have a diagnosed with mental illness, does not make anyone one of us an expert. That's the thing about mental health: everyone's human experience is different; there's no single diagnosis. "We're all the same, for different reasons."
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,531) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 21:13)
I hope she is working with Patricia again, she looked fly in that era. We need another pink dress in time square moment.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,495) (100,530) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 21:09)
"A Beyonce fan gleefully sent it to me at 9AM." I knew this had something to do with those Beyonce insecure fans you insist on hanging out with. Just another weapon to try and shoot down Mariah, to try and undermine her sheer greatness facts (all caps). Beyonce has never, can never and will never be heralded the same way Mariah Carey is. Mariah is the music industry and music personified. Point blank period. Now since you do not have the presence of mind to defend Miss Carey. Here's some shade for those "friends" of yours.
When Beyonce has a Diamond Album, then they can speak, until then. Secondly, "The Emancipation of Mimi" was everything Beyoncé's "Dangerously in Love" album never was and never will be, the album she wishes was hers. You better come correct Randy. Know who you Stan. Beyonce is not the one getting inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, it is Mariah Carey.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,529) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 20:47)
Ditzy maybe, going off on a tangent maybe, incoherent definitely not. But you should also notice she was nervous and aware of the time before she outstays her welcome. I think it is a case of over planning what to say (thus the notes on paper) and then in the real moment, it does not quite go as planned. Lol. Randy you only show up to complain about Mariah, go through your old posts and see if I'm wrong.
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,528) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 19:23)
Yikes, to compare Mariah to Anna Nicole Smith indicates you know very little about Anna Nicole's life and why she walked the path she did. I'll stop here because wow, to disrespect both women at once, is a task. Howard K Steer vs. Stella. Howard was successful in his life ending destruction of a beloved women, Stella not even close.
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,527) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 18:59)
I'm not struggling, lol. I came to terms with my expectations of Mariah vs my own beliefs a long, long time ago. With that being said, I am allowed to express those opinions just like everyone else here. I expressed an opinion, shared some personal insight on a topic and some have a problem with that. Some even mocked those struggles. That is what truly is sad. I'll always wish MC the best and appreciate her for her musical genius. "They can say anything they want to say, try to bring me down, there's a light in me that shines brightly, they can try, but they can't take that away from me." Carey on and chill out. It ain't that deep. Peace.

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing guys out there, including Nick. He's a good dad and co-parents well the twins with MC.
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,526) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 18:00)
She's been bff's with Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love. Mimi is "verse".
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Re: Eddy (100,522) (100,525) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 17:54)
See, that's a card I fogot about, "The Goat Card".
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Re: Expectations vs reality (100,523) (100,524) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 15:58)
You're right on it, T. We all think Mariah's career would take off again if she went back to formula of her debut album of ballads and the total package. However, we get the Mariah who finds singing ballads boring. So, what we get is the hip hop diva MC. If John Legend can work with Ryan Tedder and give the world the brillant Honey featuring Muni Long, then why won't MC call Ryan Tedder or Greg Kurstin up to create her old formula of ballads?
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Expectations vs reality (100,523) by T from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 14:15)
I think what we're all struggling with is what we expect and what we get. And lots of that has to do with Mariah herself. I mean, in many of those Christmas interviews just six months ago she would say that she has her E=MC2 trainer Patricia back living with her. I know I know, that doesn't mean anything but Mariah must know the link the fans will make. The last time she worked with Patricia was right before Touch My Body. It's natural to assume that she would get back into shape with that comment. Then there's all the talk about the voice and being so inspired. Linking her time out of the spotlight like the time she took to write and record Butterfly. Now we here there's no album in sight. We expect Mariah to have a Beyonce career, in reality we are getting something like Anna Nicole Smith.
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Eddy (100,522) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 11:59)
We are now considered goats. I'm so honored, aren't you?
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,514) (100,520) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 08:51)
Thank you for your service. Too funny. But yeah, the speech I heard sounded lime 8 minutes of snippets which seemed very well received by her peers. She was acting over the top, but that's been the norm for a while. It's pretty much her shtick.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,514) (100,519) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 07:55)
I don't know if I'd call suffering from anxiety and depression doing service, but to each their own, lol. As with any person, famous or not, I wish everyone the best. I listen to Mariah's music daily.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,500) (100,518) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 05:55)
I've had nights where I was so glad the sun came up. I've lived through mental illness personally. With my daughter I saw the signs and got her help. What's Mariah's excuse? There is none, especially with the resources she has at her disposal.

I'm not bashing her, crucifying MC for expressing the opinion that she bears responsibility. Geez. And seriously? Blame her for doing it to herself after her hypothetical death? I'll just say this: who shoved drugs down Whitney's throat? At some point you run out of excuses and need to pick up the mirror. Tragically some never do, and it's heartbreaking. All lives are precious to me.

P.S. I've been pretty fair to Mariah over the years so back it up a bit. Ok? Peace.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,508) (100,517) by Stacey from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 05:34)
Exactly. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? It's a lost art.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,514) (100,516) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 04:01)
Exactly. Not popular with some goats here, but the general public and media seemed to have enjoyed it (also see the YouTube likes and comments). Some people here will never be satisfied, which is their prerogative, but let us Lambs celebrate the well earned accomplishment and keep things moving.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,514) (100,515) by Steven Berning from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 02:47)
Preach. Yes.
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