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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,913) (98,918) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 12:22)
Look if you support the Macdonald's deal power to you. It doesn't mater to me how many other celebrities have endorsed Macdonald's. There's something about it that doesn't sit well for me. I feel like she's earned the stripes of a legendary artist and I wish she'd be more decisive about which companies and product lines she represents with her brand. It doesn't mean I'll stop following what she does or supporting her music.
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Re: One Sweet Day (98,916) (98,917) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 11:26)
"And all that I know is I'll wait, patiently to see you in heaven."
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One Sweet Day (98,916) by Rene from US
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 09:06)
I was listening to One Sweet Day. There is a part of the lyrics I can't make out what Mariah is singing. It's part of the ad libs. At the end of the chorus she sings "And now that I know, (something I can never make out) heaven". Anyone know it?
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,906) (98,915) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 08:55)
I'd be happy with either really. I do agree with you that the gospel album ship might have sailed back when it was more effortless vocally for her, and yes, she has always been perfect for a jazz album. The Wind still remains one of her greatest recordings in my view.
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McDonalds (98,914) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 08:45)
Why is this such a big problem? Other celebrities do it so why should the rules be different for Mariah? Times have changed and being an [employer] the way she is (you didn't realize that now did you), you get your coins anyway you can as long as it is legitimate. I see her branching out and capitalizing on "The Queen of Christmas" title (she really is becoming synonymous with Christmas, haha) and going all out, she isn't making any money selling records (news flash no one is) neither is she touring at the moment. So a few millions (best believe she was paid in millions) for a 30second ad, I say go for it. Mariah is not responsible for the [lifestyle] choices people choose, McDonalds was there long before Mariah Carey debuted and will be there long after she's gone.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,912) (98,913) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 02:42)
This isn't a new low but actually a testament that she can still nab an endorsement deal with a major fast food chain. J Balvin, a huge Latin artist, had his meal there, Travis Scott, a big hip hop artist, had a meal with them. Nelly and Anitta have meals with Burger King and Meg The Stalion had sauce with KFC. Only artists with major pull or a proven track record get these deals. I rather an endorsement I can afford rather than an expensive champagne I'm never going to buy. Hopefully her née song will play in the background during the commercial. She should have two versions, the night version should be the ballad and the day version. Should be the gospel part. I hope a shake or ice cream come with her meal and an hi c orange. Lol.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,911) (98,912) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 00:22)
I love Mariah but McDonald's is a big no for me. I'm sad but agree with Eric, it is a new low. Especially when she has branded herself around Christmas Bitcoin and fast food isn't it.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,907) (98,911) by Nicole from US
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 23:29)
I would like to see the positive side of Mariah being associated with McDonalds this holidays. With so much stuff going on in the US especially with inflation, gas prices, supplies stuck in ships, I believe providing her Christmas influence with McDs dollar menus would be kinda like a bright side for a lot of people struggling nowadays. At this point I don't think she cares about whether people see her eating Big Macs or filling herself with junk food but a lot of people just find her only relatable during Christmas. This probably is her and her management taking advantage of getting her paycheck as well as helping everyone in this sort of crisis. Dollar menus, I'll be ok just for December only.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,907) (98,910) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 22:28)
The rumors about Mariah's net wealth have always been internet speculations. When all of us thought she was worth 500M, the court documents that surfaced during her divorce process stated she was worth about 150M. Mariah might not be pulling in money from concerts, but she's doing well, believe me. Only with the royalties from AIWFCIY, she's set for life, and that's just part of the cake. I do agree though that not all money is good money, but at the end of the day, it's business. People'll forget about it just like when Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Destiny's Child and many others did.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,907) (98,909) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 22:20)
We already knew Mariah has no scrupules and will do anything for money. Over the years she has had some questionable business deals (just think of perfumes, shoes, cookies, chips, bitcoins, water, champagne, Irish liquor, sex toys, dating apps, clothing for dogs, hostels), but this is a new low for her.
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McDonald's (98,908) by D from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 19:45)
My first thought was Stella, but Mariah please stop, just stop.
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Mariah McDonald's (98,907) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 17:31)
I honestly thought it was a joke. Mariah's net worth has decreased with 200 million dollars the last few years, and she isn't exactly selling loads of concert tickets while on tour, only pushing a few thousands a show, so I can understand she needs to be creative when it comes to her income. But, why couldn't Mariah promote a bit more healthy life style or a bit more classy endorsments? She has promoted coockies, sweat and creamy alcohol beverage, and now fast food.

We all know that Mariah is living on the unhealthy side of the spectrum, beeing a bit overweight and drinking sparkling wine whenever she can, but is this really a life style she should push on other people?

I just feel promoting a deal for McDonald's is a tad tacky, and not a brand I want to associate with Mariah Carey.

Anyways, Christmas is always a special time, and Mariah has been a huge part of Christmas for me the last couple of decades. I just wished Mariah would keep it classy. All I want for Christmas is a McDonald's free Mariah season.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,900) (98,906) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 16:00)
While the thoughts of a possible gospel album in the works does excite me, I can't help but feel that I wish it were done during the time her voice was more "full". Preferably when Big Jim was still with us. Something during the ATYNAF or JTTW recordings would have been an amazing gospel sounding album or even during the time of FLAB. Maybe the choir in the back is what she is going for now but I honestly wish it were a jazz album at this point or at least a mix. Her voice is like velvet and absolutely perfect for jazz and actually always was. The was she freestyles jazz is unlike any other artist out. Not to mention she could really rock that retro 1940's classic look so well. But who knows, I don't want to jump the gun but still wishing for that jazz album over here.
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Fall In Love At Christmas (98,905) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 14:47)
Okay so I sat with the song for a few days and I have to say: I think it's a cute pleasant little addition to the Christmas playlist. I'll have it placed between "Born Is the King/The First Noel" and (the original version of) "When Christmas Comes". Like someone spoke to it's no "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)", but it's definitely a much better listen than "The Star" and "Little Snowman". So I'm not mad at it.

Oh and I'm definitely ready for a gospel/inspirational album, maybe with a couple of "Vision of Love" esque ballads that are open to interpretation, and a few introspective cuts. I think "it's tiiimmeee". *in my MC voice*
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Mariah signed to RCA UK (98,904) by T from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 14:21)
It does say on the RCA UK website as of 2021 that she signed with them and she is listed on the artist roster. Weird that she isn't listed on the USA website for RCA.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,900) (98,903) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 13:49)
I'd love a gospel album from MC. Even if it was 50% new songs and 50% existing songs I'd be happy (My Saving Grace, Fly Like a Bird, I Wish You Well, Heavenly). Imagine if she re-worked Sent from Up Above WBT Valentine's style. Would be a great project.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,899) (98,902) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 11:39)
Thank you. I have receipts. Go to and it is there about the great news. It was posted November 5th. Maybe Eric you can post the link. I can't post links using my cell phone.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,901) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 09:55)
You just might be up to something here, I recall seeing on IG that she did a song with the Clark Sisters. I look forward to a Gospel album, it isn't a step into new territory as she's written many Gospel songs before but a whole album dedicated to the Most High, I would really love. Now let's also get that proper Lauryn Hill duet while we're at it.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,900) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 03:46)
Kirk Franklin is under the RCA Inspiration imprint as he is a gospel artist so I think that's why it's also included but I would t be mad at a gospel album. She's needed to do a gospel and jazz album for the longest.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,899) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 03:29)
I hope you never lose your unwavering optimism and enthusiasm Robert Anthony.
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Re: Mariah's new song (98,891) (98,898) by Rene from US
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 02:20)
Yes. That I the song I was referring to. The FILAC song reminds me more of Spanish Guitar, more than Mariah's Spanish inspired songs (My all, After Tonight, I Only Wanted).
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,897) by T from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 02:00)
I don't think Mariah has a record label unfortunately. RCA is there because Khalid is signed to them and RCA Inspiration is Kirk's label.
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Re: Fall in Love at Christmas (98,873) (98,896) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 01:05)
Target will be selling the CD single beginning December 3rd. She hasn't had a Target Exclusive CD since Sprung 1 track CD. How many U.S. Lambs remember that?
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,892) (98,895) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 00:46)
It's true. I said it here back during the summer that she would no longer be on Epic Records. I guess I can remain on the board. Lol. Something sounds mighty promising with both RCA and RCA Inspiration backing the MARIAH imprint. I think a gospel album is on its way. It just makes sense because why would she need RCA Inspiration to release a Christmas song. 2022 is going to be huge.
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Re: Babyface (98,887) (98,894) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 9 November 2021; 20:26)
None of the songs he created with Mariah were hits, but they were great. A hit song doesn't necessarily mean a song is good either. At this point in Mariah's career, she should be creating great music, she's had enough hits under her skirt already.
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