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Article: Mariah Carey discusses revisiting her song "Portrait" (106,503) by Libra Lamb from USA
I love how humble Mariah is on this interview. The most weeks at number one of all acts. She's one of the greatest of all time. She's so sweet and real.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 23:46)
Apple 100 (106,502) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
Apple released their list of 100 best album of all time and while the list is very controversial what's surprising as a lamb is Mariah is nowhere to be seen. This is especially crazy since Mariah has been doing exclusive deals with them which has worked against her because due to these deals Spotify which is a bigger player kept her out of big playlists. So I wonder how Mariah feels about this. I also wonder did she go with Apple because that's the only streaming that wanted to work with her or she had a choice and made a bad decision.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 21:28)
Variety interview (106,501) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
So from her Variety interview it seems her album is nowhere near completion and we can forget about Angel's Advocate ever seeing the light of the day haha.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 21:19)
Portrait (106,500) by Robert-Anthony from United States
The snippet I heard on X is really good. I am okay with the scratchy vocals. At least MC is embracing her current vocals and still releasing new music. Now if we can just get MC16 this year.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 20:32)
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Spanish guitar ballad (106,499) by Libra Lamb from USA
I personally like all the variations of My All that we've gotten through the years only because they are done well. I Only Wanted is haunting and by far my fave. I do hope we get more of these or something with a Latin sound. Curating the next studio album will be tricky as hell and I would not want that job. We know MC has many songs in the vault and she's always creating. More JD collabs too please while we're at it. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. No disrespect to anyone and their opinions , that's just my two lil' cents. The Made For Me remix is kinda growing on me.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 20:25)
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The remix (106,498) by Robert-Anthony from United States
It is still #1 on R&B iTunes chart, Shezz. Billboard just released today an article by MC's unprecedented chart success. MC is on the rise again this year.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 20:16)
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Don't wanna pre-empt anything (106,497) by jaker20 from US
I was also wondering if she's planning on releasing a remixes or duets collection, or both. She's now released so many non-album collabs since Caution and dozens more before that. And in this age of streaming playlists, if they're not bundled up, they are lost having no audience.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 17:52)
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Spanish guitar ballad (106,496) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
To read emotion through text is difficult, I wasn't jumping down your throat, it was just that reading your post gave the feeling if Mariah had actually released a Spanish guitar ballad, and how claustrophobic that would feel, like "get me out of this creative prison Mariah is holding me captive". If Mariah would have written something like that again, she would have hit a creative wall so badly, it would be no turning back.

It was a reply to your message in frustration, but out of love, nothing against you, just very much against your horrible idea.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 17:39)
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Portrait (106,495) by jaker20 from US
I believe that is part of the Amazon Audible Portrait of A Portrait that's being released today.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 17:25)
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Portrait (106,494) by Jamie from UK
So Portrait remixes are being released tomorrow, does anyone know the reasoning behind this?
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 16:49)
Spanish guitar ballad (106,493) by Jamie from UK
Chill out, I never said it had to be a lead single or a single at all, just an album filler. I personally would like it as I like Mariah with that sound. Will I get it probably not but one can hope. No need to jump down my throat for a thought I had.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 16:49)
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Spanish guitar ballad (106,492) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
Can we all agree that Mariah has to do new stuff for her next release? She already made four ballads with a Spanish guitar, do you really think what is going to put Mariah back in the spotlight is making music she did over 20 years ago? No, I hope she never does a ballad like that again. The two she wrote after My All are blueprints of My All.

Mariah has to surprise us and the rest of the public, something we have never heard of or would suspect, but it has to be authentic Mariah. And as we all know, Mariah can't be something she's not, she is unapologetic herself, I just pray she can do something completely different with her music.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 15:19)
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The remix (106,491) by Shezz from Pk
I don't think the song is bad at all Robert Anthony. I think the problem people are having is that it is nothing really new or fresh - it is the same mid tempo/slow RnB that she and JD have done to death. If rumours are to be believed, MC16 will have a different sound - more pop and dance focused which will be good for her to get back into mainstream audiences. The 'Yes, And' remix, had it been the original song it would have surely topped the charts with Ariana's first single pull and with the lambs also being onboard. Adding Mariahisms to older songs on their way out is what people are more against, I feel. I appreciate the fact that Ariana wanted Mariah's voice front and center even though it didn't work out as well as it should have. Shows the love and respect she has for 'mother' as she put it. Lets see if the new rumour about their next collaboration is true. It's supposed to be an original, not a remix. It may be for Ariana's deluxe edition that she is working on or maybe MC16 (one can dream). Funny that you mentioned "Lose Control". I had it on as I was reading your post. That'd be a great direction for her.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 13:28)
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Spanish guitar ballad (106,490) by Jamie from UK
I was just listening to I Only Wanted in the car on the way back from the gym and I was thinking I'd love another Spanish guitar influenced ballad from Mariah. She has some great ones with I Don't Wanna Cry, My All, After Tonight. It's been a while since we have had this style from Mariah and I'm ready for another.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 12:43)
Unnecessary (106,489) by Shezz from Pk
I agree. I think she sounds pretty alright. I don't think she's expecting much from it, it's just in support of JD and Muni. She's barely even mentioned it before or after release. I do believe she elevates the song. Was it needed? Not really. It's not her first single from her new album, it wasn't hyped up to be anything either. It is what it is. I am looking forward to what she cooked up with Solange if they (hopefully) did infact work together. Next whatever we get, whenever - will be original MC16 material.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 04:23)
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The remix (106,488) by Robert-Anthony from United States
I don't know why there are so many thumbs down for the remix. Now I hear that her whistle register has lost its shine too. Maybe I really want this remix to be the one to put MC back on the Hot 100 and I am not hearing what the rest of you all are hearing. MFM is currently sitting at number #1 on the R&B iTunes chart. I have an great idea. Lets have MC jump on a remix of Teddy Swims' Lose Control. Both of their voices would blend so perfectly together on this rising R&B hit.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 03:49)
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Don't wanna pre-empt anything (106,487) by "MariahHater" from Hell
I'm just thinking on the logical decisions of hopping into remixes. I'm kind of feeling that she is testing the waters and creeping the way into mainstream. I see that she doesn't want to just release an album and let it die in the archives and be only spun by less than 50 lambs.

The remixes are indicators of "Hey I am still here" and potentially these are what we will be getting until the next album release. MC40 my best guess lol.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 02:50)
Unnecessary (106,486) by Robert-Anthony from United States
MC sounds really good listening on MFM with headphones on. I can tell that her voice is 75% better than last year.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 01:37)
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New Mariah x Ariana rumor (106,485) by Malcolm from Asia
I don't know if this excites me. I believe the hype and clamor are not there anymore since they released Oh Santa and Yes, And? remixes. I'm sure they are both aware of the buzz for a Mariah x Ariana song much more like in Madonna x Lady Gaga but they didn't craft/plan it well. It's a bit sad that they don't capitalize on that, it should have been a huge promo and build-up for their (finally) collaboration.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 01:11)
The remix (106,484) by Edward from USA
I'm not trying to be negative, but the "Made for Me" remix feels pointless. If this is the best studio magic can do, it's disappointing. Now I understand why there hasn't been any new music for such a long time. In a new album, she would need to bring her voice to the forefront in all the tracks, and that’s what’s missing. What happened to her beautiful whistle tones? They were pristine on MIAM. I'm really sad about this.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 00:07)
Unnecessary (106,483) by Randy from USA
I don't want to always be negative. What is the purpose of jumping on songs past their prime? The remix didn't do much for me in terms of making the song better and she sounds scratchy and far away. Maybe this is to appease her fans to say she's still releasing new music but this is not going to impact the charts at all. And it's not new music. The queen of the remix is not the feature on afterthought remixes?
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 21:13)
Made for Me remix (106,482) by jaker20 from US
I like it. It does have plenty of elements from early to mid 2000s R&B. I'm actually not familiar with Muni's original, so I'm hearing it with fresh perspective. But it's a good addition to Mariah's remixes releases, because I really like the YER more than the original. I feel like she's gearing up for a remixes album. I still would rather her remixing her classics like Dreamlover, Someday, Honey, and the others, the same way that Fantasy was given so many treatments.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 18:50)
The Distance (106,481) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
The verse Mariah is singing in the MFM remix sounds actually almost identical to The Distance.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 18:07)
Muni and Mariah remix (106,480) by MusicfanJ from Germany
Yes, I like it too. Plus I'm happy that this time the lyrics are clean. Lol. For me it sounds like a song that could be on the MOAIA album. So now I'm ready for a real surprise for the next song. Jazz, pop or a song from the Ugly Daughter sessions? However please Mariah only next time.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 17:57)
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Made for Me remix (106,479) by Libra Lamb from USA
I do like the remix, it sounds good to me. Will we see it on the charts? Not likely. But I don't think MC is chasing the chart positions just yet. More like exposure and a reminder of what she brings to the table before we get a studio album. Fingers crossed we get a new album this year. I hope more people like and enjoy this remix than not. It could've easily been a track in MIAMTEC or even Caution. Don't like the blank single cover. Reminds me of I Don't, which I don't listen to very often.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 17:10)
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